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The Food Show Archives - WGSO 990AM THE FOOD SHOW – OCTOBER 2, 2023
Today at 9:02 PM

Today on The Food Show, Mary Ann Fitzmorris reviews where they’ve been eating this weekend.  Mary Ann started their dining experiences at the Silver Whistle Cafe in the Pontchartrain Hotel.

At 3 pm, in our usual guest spot, Mary Ann talks with Bob Arceneaux from Orleans Coffee Company


The post THE FOOD SHOW – OCTOBER 2, 2023 appeared first on WGSO 990AM.

Today at 9:02 PM

Today on The Food Show, Mary Ann Fitzmorris reviews where they’ve been eating this weekend.  Mary Ann started their dining experiences at the Silver Whistle Cafe in the Pontchartrain Hotel.

At 3 pm, in our usual guest spot, Mary Ann talks with Bob Arceneaux from Orleans Coffee Company


The post THE FOOD SHOW – OCTOBER 2, 2023 appeared first on WGSO 990AM.

Dr. PPR with Henry Marken Week 4 RECAP: I was very precise
Today at 9:01 PM

Sunday was absolutely EXPLOSIVE. I must admit, I'm still trying to comprehend it myself, but as a fantasy football doctor, I have the training to break down such a Sunday. Thankfully, there was very minimal malpractice... I'm a good doctor.

Golf Unfiltered Podcast 2023 Ryder Cup Drama and Recap | 422
Today at 9:00 PM

The 2023 Ryder Cup is in the books as Team Europe convincingly defeated Team USA, but it was all the other drama surrounding the event that took center stage. Co-hosts Adam Fonseca and Dan Hauser offer their takes on the madness in Rome from on-course play to behind-the-scenes temper tantrums from elitist players.


The Beanpod - Crypto and Stocks #202 - Get In Early (Three Hot Altcoins)
Today at 9:00 PM

These are 3 crypto projects people need to stat focusing on immediately. With a mix of massive news, new product launches, and incoming catalysts, these altcoins could become very trendy in short order. We break down everything you need to know and why this is the time to pay attention.

College Street Victory Church FALLIN' 4U Episode 5 (I Am Second ft. Vince Perron)
Today at 9:00 PM


數位時代 6 in 5 2023.10.3|新店裕隆城「新北最大無印」開箱!國產材打造、把廚房搬進店,五大亮點一次看
Today at 9:00 PM





AirPods Pro 2聰明升級:對話感知、適應性音訊是什麼?新版耳機解鎖無損音質

OpenAI找上蘋果傳奇設計師Jony Ive,要做AI硬體產品?連孫正義也聞香而來了

iPhone 17恐怕還是得靠高通!為何蘋果數千工程師就是做不出5G晶片?幹不掉高通?


*想看AI主播「魏時黛」,訂閱官方YouTube 頻道

Diary of a Wannabe Comedian Ep545 - Active Listener
Today at 9:00 PM

Monday 2nd October 2023 - I've set my attitude for the day and the rest are observations about my insecurities in comedy. Much love and gratitude, Belle x #northnineteen #markflynn #jeffinnocent

Pridefinder: The Rainbow Road Trip Podcast Kian - Wangaratta
Today at 9:00 PM

Kian (he/him) is a trans, gender fluid male who moved to Wangaratta around 3 years ago.​

In this episode, Kian discusses how he has found community within Wangaratta, particularly at LINE (LGBTQIA+ in the North East). He shares that as a country boy, he found the city to be overwhelming, so having a safe space in a smaller town to connect is really important. Kian also uses an electric wheelchair and so reflects on the ways that regional towns can be both more and less accessible in different ways.

There are no significant trig...

每日聽管理 【每日聽管理】2023.10.3|拿銅牌可能比銀牌更快樂?從心理學看亞運,反思「期望」與「成就」的關係
Today at 9:00 PM

早安!感謝您收聽 2023 年 10 月 3 日「每日聽管理」AI 語音播報服務。



台北車站「東森廣場 K 區地下街」試營運!鎖定年輕人祭兩大策略,一年可創造 6 億商機?

這家訂房網 Q2 獲利大增 51% 卻遭飯店業者指控欠錢不還

職場 5% 菁英,從不刻意學英文!前日本微軟業務執行總監:背後 2 大原因


*觀賞「影音版」每日聽管理,訂閱官方YouTube 頻道


The Friendly Futurist: Make Me Greener How green is my shopping list?
Today at 9:00 PM

We are going through our back catalogue, to give you some of our favourite episodes on green tech. This week Denis from IMPT.

Rarely on this show, we come across a project that ticks all of the boxes. Emerging technology that is good for the planet and You may have heard of carbon credits. You may have heard of green blockchain. But an app that gives you carbon credits as you shop? In this episode, we chat with Denis Creighton, co-founder of IMPT. The planet's loyalty programme.

For more information, visit https...

看不見的設計 職人早餐會EP13 : 人為什麼要放鬆? 紓壓空間 ft.【芳療傳愛 傅碧惠Rose】
Today at 9:00 PM

⟜ 台灣芳療傳愛全人關懷照顧協會 理事長 傅碧惠 Rose

過度的精神壓力是現代人普遍的文明病徵,好壓力、壞壓力,怎樣的調節才可以平衡? 本集邀請 Rose老師從深層的身心靈開始導引,到空間環境的舒壓放鬆,一路體驗說不出口的愛之語言。


1. 身心靈的放鬆,休閒空間的本質

2. 芳香療法Rose精油的功效

3. 亞健康人佔75%,多養身就能少醫療

4. 用錯誤的方式舒壓,反而更傷身傷錢

5. 美國心理學會的舒壓建議方式

7. 居家長照,長輩心理身理面臨的問題

8. 生命故事愛之語,肌膚接觸的按摩

9. 居家空間怎麼改造,加裝照護輔具

⟜ 特別加碼: 【搜尋 Youtube 不可老師】

Rose老師的影片教學,只要10分鐘 ~ 辦公室的芳香嗅吸療法放鬆操,one more, twe more 大家動起來甩掉壞壓力。

⟜ 擔心獨居的長輩居住安全😱設計師從4個面向打造「全齡住宅」|設計白話文 #01 |不可老師 |室內設計|天涵設計 - YouTube

⟜ 𝗔𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 / 不可老師 x 天涵設計





TODAY TODAY 8a: Government shutdown averted. Search for swimmer after possible attack. Mindy Kaling on TODAY. Target circle week on TODAY.
Today at 9:00 PM

Lawmakers come together at the 11th hour to avoid a government shutdown, as the Republican Party puts pressure on speaker Kevin McCarthy. Also, search for possible shark attack victim off California coast. Plus, Mindy Kaling live in studio 1A to celebrate stories from women of color and talk about a new book called “Woke Up Like This” by Amy Lee from her publishing company. And, Shop All Day contributor Chassie Post shares some of the best retail, tech, and home deals ahead of the holiday season.

The Carroll Connection Podcast #155 - Germany Trip Recap
Today at 9:00 PM

On this episode, Jake Wickham rejoins the podcast to discuss our most recent trip to Germany. Jake talks about what his experience was like first landing in Germany and going to town Bamberg. We describe what the town was like and what some of the differences were that we noticed right away compared to the US. Then, we dive into our time in Munich and going to Oktoberfest. Also, we discuss the value of travel and being able to do that with family. Join us in this amazing conversation on international travel, family, and mental health.

每日聖言 Chinese Daily Reading for Catholics 二零二三年十月三日 - 常年期第二十六周星期二
Today at 9:00 PM

讀經 : 將有許多民族來到耶路撒冷,尋求上主。

福音 : 耶穌決意向耶路撒冷走去。




恭讀匝加利亞先知書 8:20-23


萬軍的上主這樣說:「還有許多民族和各大城的居民要前來;一城的居民到另一城去,向該城的居民說:我們快去懇求上主開恩,去尋求萬軍的上主!我也同去。」將有許多民族和強盛的國民,來到耶路撒冷尋求萬軍的上主,懇求上主開恩。萬軍的上主這樣說:「在那些日子裏,十個說異國方言的人將抓住一個猶太人的衣邊說:我們要同你們一起去,因為我們聽說天主同你們在一起。」    —上主的話。 


答唱詠    聖詠87篇1-3,4-5,6-7










恭讀聖路加福音 9:51-56


耶穌被接升天的日期,就快要來到,他遂決意向耶路撒冷走去,便打發使者在他面前走;他們去了,進了撒瑪黎雅人的一個村莊,好為他準備住宿。人們卻不收留他,因為他是面朝耶路撒冷去的。雅各伯及若望兩個門徒見了,便說:「主,你願意我們叫火自天降下,焚毀他們嗎?」耶穌轉過身來斥責了他們。他們遂又到別的村莊去了。  —上主的福音。 

Memphis Continental Wrestling Cast Hamburg All Stars - Preview
Today at 9:00 PM

As a preview for this coming Monday's Hamburg All Stars show, here is some audio from the 23/5/76 All Star Wrestling, for more info on how to receive audio like this then please visit or follow Richard on Twitter @maskedwrestlers

-WWWF All Star Wrestling 5/23/76 (WRGB Albany feed airdate) (taped 3/31/76-original airdate 4/17/76)


Vince McMahon & Antonino Rocca opening

Promo for Albany 5/28 - Vince McMahon interviews Ivan Putski


Joe McHugh intro

Billy White Wolf vs. Bugsy McGraw


Stan Hansen vs...

5th and Dribble #188 Boo-ing Etiquette
Today at 9:00 PM

A little Booing never hurt nobody! Grand final recap, recounts from Lach at the game, troublesome party goers interrupting Matty Bs football time and Sherpa's AFL tangents galore! This plus more from Grand final weekend!
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Breakthrough Marketing Secrets Copywriting: How to get inside the hearts and minds of your readers...
Today at 9:00 PM

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>>> How do you, as the copywriter, get into the hearts and minds of your reader and understand their pain?

Good news: if you’ve been following me for any...

FactSet Evening Market Recap Evening Market Recap - Monday, 2-Oct
Today at 9:00 PM

US equities closed mostly lower in Monday trading. Higher rates were the big drag today after some signs of stabilization late last week. September ISM manufacturing beat, the highest since November, with the report indicating more disinflation momentum and employment back into expansion territory.    

KFSK Midday Magazine Monday, October 2, 2023
Today at 9:00 PM

A landslide in LeConte Bay spilled timber into an area with high boat traffic; a panel of specialists at Southeast Conference highlighted key problems with the Alaska housing market and strategies to fix those problems; an influx of federal funding will mean Wrangell's Forest Service has some busy construction seasons in the years ahead.

Smart Car Cresce l’interesse per i biocarburanti
Today at 9:00 PM

ENI Sustainable Mobility la divisione di ENI specializzata nelle soluzioni di smart mobility, presenta Eni Live, un nuovo brand pensato per fornire servizi e prodotti sempre più decarbonizzati, con un occhio di riguardo ai biocarburanti. Già disponibile in oltre 500 punti vendita, HVO Evolution è un diesel realizzato con il 100% di materia prima biogenica e ricavato soprattutto da rifiuti e materie di scarto – spiega Stefano Ballista, ad di ENI Sustainable Mobility.

Evangelio Del Día Del Hoy -Un Alimento Para El Alma ORACION DE HOY (Martes, 3 de Octubre 2023)
Today at 8:59 PM

ORACION DE HOY (Martes, 3 de Octubre 2023)

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Closing Bell Closing Bell 10/2/23
Today at 8:59 PM

From the open to the close, “Closing Bell” and “Closing Bell: Overtime” have you covered. From what’s driving market moves to how investors are reacting, Scott Wapner, Jon Fortt, Morgan Brennan and Michael Santoli guide listeners through each trading session and bring to you some of the biggest names in business.