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Calvary Baptist Church Between A Rock and A Hard Place - 2
Today at 6:37 AM

Calvary Baptist Church What Will You Do
Today at 6:35 AM

Di Morgonkoll Lättnad inför Fed – storbank spår ytterligare prisfall på bostäder
Today at 6:32 AM

Det är fortsatt lättnadsrally i Asien när marknaden väntar på Feds räntebesked ikväll. Handelsbanken spår ytterligare prisfall för svenska bostäder. Lyssna på Di Morgonkoll med Alexander Klaar.

The Bounce Back Journey Podcast The Bounce Back Journey - Nicky & Sharon
Today at 6:32 AM

In this episode Sharon and Nicky set the scene for this podcast series, sharing the story of how the need to help our loved ones started a movement by way of our social passion project.

They share the ideas, the steps they took and where the journey led them...and it's not over yet!

Code Brew Labs No.1 Mobile App Development Company Dubai | Code Brew Labs
Today at 6:32 AM

Looking to leverage the power of app development Dubai solutions? Code Brew Labs, the leading mobile app development company Dubai, is always here to assist you. Our mobile app developers will create cutting-edge mobile applications to help you stand out from the competition. Contact us immediately to get the finest app development Dubai team for your business.

amazing people - Vorbilder. Vordenker. Macher. #142 Die Umwelt braucht eine Verpackungsrevolution, an der wir bereits arbeiten
Today at 6:32 AM

Wenn es um Verpackungen geht, ist Glas ein Material, das oft als umweltfreundliche Alternative zu Kunststoff angepriesen wird. Doch nicht alle Glasverpackungen sind gleich, und es ist wichtig, die Unterschiede zu verstehen, um wirklich nachhaltige Verpackungslösungen zu schaffen.

Ein Hauptfaktor, der Glasverpackungen unterscheidet, ist das verwendete Glasmaterial. Es gibt verschiedene Glasarten, darunter Borosilikatglas, Kalk-Natron-Glas und Bleiglas. Jede Glasart hat ihre eigenen Eigenschaften, und einige sind umweltfreundlicher als andere. Borosilikatglas zum Beispiel ist chemikalien- und temperaturbeständig, was es besonders langlebig und widerstandsfähig macht. Kalk-Natron-Glas hingegen ist das am häufigsten verwendete Glas für Verpackungen und h...

Geometrium School Дизайн интерьера в России и за рубежом - в чем отличия? / Опыт Екатерины Алекьян
Today at 6:31 AM

Гибкость и широкий кругозор — навыки, без которых не может обойтись дизайнер интерьера. Особенно если он берется за проекты в других странах. Екатерина Алекьян, практикующий дизайнер интерьера и куратор Geometrium School, не понаслышке знает, какую роль в работе играют предпочтения и менталитет местных жителей.

В этом подкасте Екатерина поделится опытом работы с зарубежными заказчиками, расскажет:

- Чем отличается зарубежный рынок дизайна интерьеров от российского.

- Какие планировочные решения могут показаться нам непривычными.

- Как дизайнеру интерьера продвигать свои услуги за рубежом.

Слушай подкаст и не забудь подписаться на наши соцсети, чтобы ежедневно получать полезные подборки и советы по ремонту и дизайну:

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alloymetalsco 3Speak Podcast The Advantages of Choosing a Local Steel Supplier in Los Angeles | Alloy Metals Distributor
Today at 6:31 AM
Looking for steel supplies in Los Angeles? Choosing a local steel supplier can provide you with a variety of advantages, including faster delivery, better customer service, lower transportation costs, supporting the local economy, and access to local expertise.

In this video, we'll explore the benefits of choosing a local steel supplier and provide tips for finding affordable steel supplies in Los Angeles. We'll cover how comparing prices and exploring options, bulk purchases, and choosing a local supplier with quality products can help you save money and time.


Radio Bilbao Rivera: "El 5-N celebraríamos la primera vez que votaron las mujeres y uno de los mayores fraudes en el escrutinio electoral del siglo XX"
Today at 6:31 AM

Capitol City Baptist Church Passing on the Blessing
Today at 6:31 AM

Expired Feed - Treehouse We're very sorry, but this feed is no longer available.
Today at 6:30 AM

We're very sorry, but this feed is no longer available. Please visit to find out about our other available feeds.

The Guide To Wellness How social media is impacting our body image and insight into disordered eating with Mia Findlay
Today at 6:30 AM

Welcome to another episode honeys! This week I was joined by Mia Findlay who is the founder of 'beyond body coaching', which is an eating disorder recovery practice. Mia and her team work globally to offer guidance on disordered eating habits, body image and cultivating a healthy relationship around food. In this episode we spoke about: The impact social media has on our body image, the impact of the pandemic on eating disorders, how eating disorders develop and how to improve our body image and create a healthy space on our social media apps. I hope you enjoy!


ITSPmagazine Chat GPT Conversations Series | Unleashing AI: Privacy, Possibilities, and Perils | A Conversation With Arjun Bhatnagar and Sean Martin | Redefining Society Podcast with Marco Ciappelli
Today at 6:30 AM

Guest: Arjun Bhatnagar, CEO of Cloaked - a consumer-first privacy startup dedicated to bringing humanity back to the internet.

On LinkedIn |

On Twitter |

Guest: Sean Martin, Co-Founder at ITSPmagazine [@ITSPmagazine] and Host of Redefining CyberSecurity Podcast [@RedefiningCyber]

On ITSPmagazine |

Host: Marco Ciappelli, Co-Founder at ITSPmagazine [@ITSPmagazine] and Host of Redefining Society Podcast

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Captivated You’re Going to Make It with Lysa TerKeurst
Today at 6:30 AM

In today’s podcast, Stasi enjoys a conversation with best-selling author Lysa TerKeurst as they discuss Lysa's new devotional, You’re Going to Make It, and her desire to offer others a healing rhythm of receiving from God and releasing to God when in a season of suffering. Friends, God is after our true hearts, and we are safe to be honest with him. He will meet us in our tears and ache, offering us hope for today. With God, healing is possible, and we're going to make it.


Mark 14...

FEMture - wie Frauen in (die) Zukunft führen | female leadership Sustainable leadership - Interview mit FidAR Vorstand Süd Heike Leise |41
Today at 6:30 AM

"Nachhaltigkeit im Vertrieb ist nichts Punktuelles, sondern ein ganzheitliches Konzept.“

Wie bekommen wir den Spagat zwischen wirtschaftlicher Tragfähigkeit und verantwortlicher Nachhaltigkeit in dieser von Veränderungen geprägten Zeit hin, ohne dass eine Seite leidet oder dass wir den Anschluss verlieren? Das kann uns in dieser Episode Heike Leise beantworten, aktives Mitglied bei FidAR und Leiterin des Regionalvorstandes FidAR Süd. FidAR - Frauen in die Aufsichtsräte e.V. - ist ein gemeinnütziger Verein, der sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, Parität bei der Besetzung von Top Management-Positionen (Vorstand, Geschäftsführung, Aufsichtsrat) zu erreichen...

The GlowJo Podcast 95. Krista Williams on Honoring Your Energy as a Deeply Feeling Empath
Today at 6:30 AM

Life as a deeply feeling person can be a beautiful thing…

But without effective tools in place, it can also feel very challenging.

This week on The GlowJo, your host, Leanne Kallal, is joined by Krista Williams, the Co-Founder and Co-Creator of Almost 30, a top 50 podcast and global online community dedicated to helping people fuel their conscious evolution, and she’s also the creator of Life Edit and The Law of One.

On this week’s episode of The GlowJo, Krista and Leanne share their best tools for navigating life as deeply feeling, highly...

The Weekly Juice | Real Estate, Personal Finance, Investing Leaving a $350k/year Job to Pursue Your Dream Life with Mid-Life Entrepreneur Jamie Gruber
Today at 6:30 AM

In this episode we are joined by Jamie Gruber, a seasoned coach, entrepreneur, speaker, podcast host, and real estate investor who is on a mission to help individuals build both fulfilling careers and lives.

Jamie is the founder of Emerge, a coaching and consulting firm, and a member of GoBundance, a mastermind community of high-performing millionaire entrepreneurs. Throughout the interview Jamie shares his incredible story of leaving his $350,000 job behind to pursue a life of living out his passions on his own terms.

We discuss the importance of mindset, personal development and surrounding yourself with...

Talk Is Jericho Serial Killer Larry Hall – Blackbirds, Burnsides & Bloodshed
Today at 6:30 AM

Paul Walter Hauser won the Golden Globe for his portrayal of alleged serial killer Larry Hall in the AppleTV series, “Black Bird.” Larry is suspected of killing 50 girls in the Mid-West between 1981-1994, yet was never convicted of murder! John and Jamie from True Crimecast return to break down the real-life case of Larry Hall, and offer more details about how Jimmy Keene was recruited by the FBI to help keep the alleged serial killer behind bars. They also discuss the numerous victims, explain why Larry’s confessions never amounted to a murder conviction, and what specifics Larry shared with J...

Scared To Death A Haunting In The Hills
Today at 6:30 AM


Dan's first story takes us to Maine - set in a remote farm somewhere near the 100 mile wilderness area of the Appalachian Trail. Rural isolation adding to the horror for one very unlucky family.  Then, the short story of the the Delhi Purple Sapphire, also known as the Cursed Amethyst - an allegedly haunted object. Lynze tells us three tales. The first two are real head scratcher's and will leave you with questions. The final tale is so creepy- just wait for it! 

Fotografie Neu Denken. Der Podcast. #113 »Ich mache handgefertigte Fotos.«
Today at 6:30 AM

Prof. Marcel Van Eeden. Freier Künstler und Rektor der Staatlichen Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Karlsruhe.

Prof. Marcel Van Eeden. Freier Künstler und Rektor der Staatlichen Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Karlsruhe.

Zitate aus dem Podcast:

»Neben Schriftsteller wollte ich früher Fotograf werden. Künstler eigentlich nie.«

»Ich kann gar nicht zeichnen. Ich kann nur ein Foto abzeichnen.«

»Ich mache handgefertigte Fotos. Mit der Hand nachgemachte Fotos.«

»Viel später habe ich realisiert, es sind keine Zeichnungen, es ist Fotografie.«

»Es geht immer um (Farb)t...

1001 Nights | ألف ليلة وليلة الليلة ٧٦: الأعجمي الذي هرب من الوزير
Today at 6:30 AM

تروي شهرزاد في هذه الليلة قصّة بيت بعيد في بغداد، تسكنه ثلاث فتيات صاحبات عزّ ودلال، أدخلن بليلة من الليالي ٦ رجال على بيتهنّ بشرط واحد: ألّا يسألوا عمّا لا يعنيهم، فيسمعوا ما لا يرضيهم.

هذه الحلقة من إعداد معاذ شناف، ومن تحرير وإنتاج جنى قزاز، ومن التدقيق اللغوي خالد سليم. الهندسة الصوتية لحسام علي.

شارك في الأداء الصوتي كل من: أروى الخواجا وحازم شاهين وضحى حيفاوي.

بودكاست «ألف ليلة وليلة» من إنتاج صوت.

صفحات صوت على وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي:

للانضمام إلى عضويّة صوت بلس

Newtons Nuggets MentalTheft Day, Business Coaches and Inspirational people - Newton's Nuggets
Today at 6:30 AM

We announce that we are looking for people to sign up for free to MentalTheft Day: 

Danie Evergreen is Business Coach who helps people to work out what is holding them back, check her out here:

See Jess Roper here:

Watch Jess's championship winning fight here:

Check out Susan Hayward, mental health expert:

We also have merch on our brand new w...

Notiziario locale Notiziario Regionale del 22 Marzo 2023 07:30
Today at 6:30 AM

В предыдущих сериях Почему «Покерфейс» — новый «Коломбо», но без полицейского
Today at 6:30 AM

В чем создатели «Покерфейса» опирались на сериал «Коломбо»? Как мастер детективного сюжета Райан Джонсон выстроил структуру сериала? Почему почти все жертвы — положительные герои? И как характер Чарли (Наташа Лионн) вписывается в сюжетные повороты? Лиза Сурганова и Иван Филиппов обсуждают (со всеми спойлерами!) сериал Peacock «Покерфейс» с Наташей Лионн. Чарли Кейл путешествует и расследует необычные убийства благодаря способности распознавать ложь. В рубрике рекомендаций от слушателей (присылайте свои в чат-бот — сериал «Зачистка» — британская комедия об уборщике мест преступления Поле Уикстеде, которому каждый раз приходится общаться с людьми, связанными с убийством. Сериал «Зачистка» можно посмотреть на Кинопоиске по подписке Плюс по этой ссылке — В следующий раз Лиза и Ваня расскажут о драмеди Apple TV+ «Терапия» с Джейсоном Сигелом и Харрисоном Фордом. Терапевт Джимми переживает личную трагедию и начинает говорить пациентам все, что на самом деле о них думает. А еще у нашего подкаста есть Telegram-канал с очень активным чатом! Называется «В предыдущих сериях» — подписывайтесь: Отзывы и пожелания можно писать на почту:

Toile Sananas, pionnière de l'influence
Today at 6:30 AM

Cette semaine dans Toile, EnjoyPhoenix a le plaisir de recevoir l’une des plus célèbres Youtubeuses françaises capitalisant plus de 3 millions de followers : Sanaa, alias Sananas. Qui est cette passionnée de mode et de beauté ? Quel est son rapport aux réseaux sociaux après presque 10 ans de carrière dans ce milieu ? Et quelle est sa vision de l’influence aujourd’hui ? C’est ce que vous allez découvrir aujourd’hui.