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it's a vampire diaries thing Anybody Capable of Love Is Capable of Being Saved
Today at 4:45 AM

Welcome Back! This week we are diving right into the hunt for the cure! The gang will finally learn the truth about Professor Shane, but they lose one of their own in the process.

Ganj e Hozour Telephone messages Ganje Hozour audio Program #888_1
Today at 4:45 AM

برنامه شماره ۱- ۸۸۸ گنج حضورrnاجرا: پرویز شهبازیrnrn۱۴۰۰ تاریخ اجرا: ۲۲ اکتبر  ۲۰۲۱ -۳۰ مهر

The Lord Is My Strength with Eric Kampmann and Chuck Davis The Lord Is My Strength - October 23
Today at 4:45 AM


CHITTALK What's the Deal?
Today at 4:43 AM

With it being just over three years since the legalization of marijuana in Vancouver, Annika and Rithu talk about stereotypes and stigmas surrounding recreational drugs.

They uncover the cultural differences between countries and their vast perceptions of drug use. But there is no denying the rise of CBD, and microdosing mushrooms or LSD within our society; so what’s the deal with drugs?

MoodToday 音樂日記 【日常篇 23】- 尚氣
Today at 4:41 AM

【日常篇 25】-《尚氣》觀後感想

EP19: 這是從9月11號的IG直播中,跟觀眾聊天的內容。

【日常篇】是從小編森信 每週的IG直播中整理岀來的內容。

當中的內容以 小編森信的日常生活的分享為主。

IG @moodtoday_music @mt.samp

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The Diehards with Anthony Pepe & Friends 10/22/2021 The Diehards Hour 2
Today at 4:40 AM

Spanish Sermons on SermonAudio Cristo cumplirá Su promesa
Today at 4:40 AM

A new MP3 sermon from Iglesia Biblica Monte Horeb is now available on SermonAudio with the following details:

Title: Cristo cumplirá Su promesa
Subtitle: Aniversario
Language: Spanish
Speaker: Paco Orozco
Broadcaster: Iglesia Biblica Monte Horeb
Event: Sunday - AM
Date: 10/17/2021
Bible: Matthew 16:18
Length: 42 min.

TIRC Top 20 Countdown Week 33
Today at 4:38 AM

Counting Down Texas' Top 20 from the Texas Internet Radio Chart each week. We have a station panel of 20 Monitored Texas Internet Radio Stations spinning and supporting the best in Texas Red Dirt & Country Music!!!

If you like what we are doing please click our donation button to help fund our podcast and the work we are doing in the Texas music scene!!! Thank you for your support!!!

人生を豊かに★週末はユタカに 【土曜競馬配信】富士S3頭勝負! from Radiotalk
Today at 4:36 AM


Cucks for Christ It Ain't Brainwashing if You Use the Right Soap (ft Amelia and Charlie Watkins)
Today at 4:35 AM

We are joined by two sisters from ICA. They share their consecrated life stories. Particular friendships, lesbianism, fake therapy, it's all in this episode.

devyswan1 3Speak Podcast Sauteed Cassava leaves with Anchovies
Today at 4:33 AM

Hello Everyone!
How are you? I hope everyone is well!
I want to share the recipe for sauteed cassava leaves with anchovies. This recipe is quite common in Indonesia. Hopefully this can be useful for those of you who come from other countries.


Cassava leaves 3 cloves garlic 5 cloves shallot 2½ tablespoon salt 1 teaspoon powdered broth 1 tablespoon sugar Chilies ( according your taste ) 2 tablespoon Cooking oil water Anchovies

How to cook it? Please watch t...

Contrapoder, con Jorge Ramos Unidas Podemos convoca la mesa de crisis de la coalición por una “injerencia” de Calviño en la reforma laboral
Today at 4:33 AM

Unidas Podemos convoca la mesa de crisis de la coalición por una “injerencia” de Calviño en la reforma laboral by #noticias #news #noticiashispanas #boletin #boletininformativo #ultimahora #rd #elpais #thanksgiving #navidad #gifts #holidays

Today at 4:32 AM

"Escucha, Israel: El Señor, nuestro Dios, es solamente uno"

Today at 4:31 AM

"Proclamad conmigo la grandeza del Señor, ensalcemos juntos su nombre"

Ferrall on the Bench 10/22/21 Hour 2
Today at 4:31 AM

Mike Carver and Brian Ciano continue to follow Game 6 of the ALCS, finish previewing the weekends College Football games and preview Week 7 of the NFL

Good Morning by shirly Morning beauty
Today at 4:30 AM

23 October

Today at 4:30 AM

"Los que buscan al Señor no carecen de nada"

You can never be safe enough! The Geek Squad: Dil Maange More
Today at 4:30 AM

You can never be safe enough! In the digital world, you are always a target; someone somewhere is looking for your data. The Geek Squad shares an insight into the maddening digital world where cyberattacks are a common thing. Cyber Hijacks is an episode that talks about ransomware becoming a ‘booming industry’ and how dangerous is the consolidation and storage of data in a ‘safe place.’

Champs & Chums Champs & Chums - Episode 26
Today at 4:30 AM

Anthony and Ashton go behind the Mic with Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Sports Broadcast Star, Lisa Bowes. FatherSon FunTalk with creator of the best-selling Lucy Tries Sports book series and who also starred on TSN, CTV, CBC, The Score and the Olympic Games. Also on the Show, they award Gold, Silver, Bronze for Halloween-inspired Athlete names. The Show concludes with All-Pro Go and a salute to their Champs & Chums.

c’t uplink Hacking-Tools für Heim und Handwerk | c’t uplink 40.2
Today at 4:30 AM

Landläufig gelten Hacker als Kapuzenpullis tragende Kriminelle, die ohne Erlaubnis in fremde Computersysteme einbrechen. Doch viele Hacker nutzen ihr technisches Können dazu, die IT-Sicherheit zu verbessern. Entweder in ihrer Freizeit, oder als angeheuerte Sicherheitsexperten, klopfen sie Software und Computer-Systeme auf Sicherheitslücken ab. Ganz gleich, ob aus edlen oder verwerflichen Motiven: Hacker bedienen sich vieler praktischer Werkzeuge, die ihnen ihre Arbeit erleichtern und Angriffe automatisieren. Viele der Tools sind Open-Source-Software. Sie sind frei erhältlich und laufen oft auch unter Windows. Warum also nicht in den Hacker-Werkzeugkasten greifen und selbst damit die eigenen Systeme prüfen oder das verge...

Moon Money The SEC GameStop Report (What No One Is Talking About)
Today at 4:30 AM

The SEC GameStop Report (What No One Is Talking About)RISK WARNING: Trading involves HIGH RISK and YOU CAN LOSE a lot of money. Do not risk any money you cannot afford to lose. Trading is not suitable for all investors. We are not registered investment advisors. We do not provide trading or investment advice. We provide research and education through the issuance of statistical information containing no expression of opinion as to the investment merits of a particular security. Information contained herein should not be considered a solicitation to buy or sell any security or engage in a...

Today at 4:29 AM

"El espíritu no fue lo primero - dice-, primero vino la vida y después el espíritu». "

COURAGEOUS PARENTING Leading well with younger siblings
Today at 4:28 AM

At age eleven Ethan has three younger brothers in our large family. He shares three tips to leading well which include ways to encourage your younger siblings, the importance of including them when playing with your friends and leading by example to get tasks done well together. Tune in to this short buy powerful kid episode. All show notes, scripture references, and resources mentioned are found at COURAGEOUSPARENTING.COM.

Nitro Power Hour Episode #26 Let's Go Brandon
Today at 4:28 AM

Been gone for bit, I found some time and wanted to jump on and give some motivation to everyone. Sometimes I do this for you and sometimes I do this for me. Not sure who this one was for. 

Let's Go Brandon 

You can find me on IG @thenitrocollective and GETTR @_kciN and via email @ 

I am soon transitioning to new platforms of social media and will hopefully will finish the 4th quarter strong with a new video version of the podcast coming out...

The Rutabaga How dumb were we to think that immortality meant never dying - The Rutabaga Season 3 Episode 9
Today at 4:28 AM

The Rutabaga debate the Snail Problem for thirty minutes. That's it. We think through what would happen if you were immortal and had a ton of money and there was an immortal snail that was hunting you down. Our high school's mascot is a snail. We also mention Deadpool, Twilight, the nature of pain, MK Ultra, disclaimers, offending people, kickball, a forgotten Ariana Grande scandal, and other fun stuff.