Super Hoopers: An NBA podcast

40 Episodes

By: Blue Wire

A not-so-serious discussion of the week's NBA news. Special guests, and voted best NBA Intro Song by every set of ears that listened to it.

Preseason Predictions + Kyrie Bad + Can I Haz Job?

The Hoopers are back and they gotta talk about that idiot Kyrie Irving for a little (a lot). Then they do their preseason predictions halfway through the season. Pick the Bucks! Jon finally watches a Sixers game and finds a perfect trade target for Doc Rivers. Then the Hoopers find out one of their friends gets a new job and tries to hop on that wagon. It's pathetic!

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Trades! Trades! Trades!

The Hoopers guess the over under on Doc's firing. Matt details his NBA bets, and then Jon reveals some amazing trades that need to be aggregated. Where's KAT going? And who's getting Durant?

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Draymond Punch + Security Guard Millionaires + Legoland Weekend

Draymond Green punches Jordan Poole in the face and no one knows the leaker???? How rich are these security guards? So rich they could never be bribed? What's a Legoland weekend like? How many legos are needed for happiness? And some NBA talk as well!

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N sync is better than Prince

Jon is leaving the country for 10 weeks, so before he goes, Matt and Jon get together to let off of their worst takes. They talk--

-90s music

-Ime Udoka


-Mitchell Trade

-Better Call Saul

It's one crazy take after another culminating in agreeing that N Sync is better than Prince. We guarantee you will be angered, sad and disappointed.

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Warriors Win the Championship + Man Lands on Moon!

What's happened since the last time we podded? Turns out a lot. It's just Jon and Dave this month as Matt is home sick playing with his Legos. The Hoopers run through the offseason and it's been awhile....

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LeLoser, Durant logging on, Matt Lego-ing

Where will KD go? Is LeBron the biggest loser ever? KD Twitter beef? How old did Matt turn? Did we say Knicks for clicks?

tune in for the answers and more.

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Super Hoopers Back! + Windy Slander + Offseason Sucks

Super Hoopers back! After months off, the guys join forces from across the country to record a halfass pod. Matt's in Omaha searching for Windhorst and forgot how to use a microphone. Dave is chilling at his new crib pretending Obi and Grimes are better than Donovan Mitchell. And Jon is being mean and angry in Philly after a crazy night of poker that we can't talk about on the pod! Not a great episode folks!

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Durant Predictions and the Best Offseason Signing

The Hoopers make their Durant prediction and name their best off season signing.

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Finals Game 2 and Which Movies deserve statues

Jon and Matt ponder which movies deserve statues and then react to the NBA Finals. Jon had Dubs in 5, Matt had Boston in 5, who is feeling worse after game 2?

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Super Hoopers Return!

It's been awhile.....!!!! The Super Hoopers are back baby! We got too many jobs and not enough time. But this week we're talking about the Celtics vs Heat and Warriors vs Luka. Who will win? What's up with the Sixers? Should we be worried? Also Matt takes many L's with the return of his family!

Check out Jon's movie:

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Josh Duhamel + NBA Playoffs + RIP to the Homosapien

The second round of the playoffs are about to start and the Hoopers look back at the first round. Jon and Dave are going to a concert and Matt wasn't invited. Which teams will be better or worse next year? Has Jon recovered from the Embiid news are did he drink his sorrows away?

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Playoff Hoopers

Which young team should you root for? Who is the real MVP? Who should the Nets trade Simmons to?

Check out the pod!

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Playoff Pool + Jon's Questions

The Hoopers are picking their playoff pools this week! We catch up on who won the league this year and what to expect come playoffs. Then we answers some of Jon's NBA Questions before some Shoutouts and Beefs.

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BlueWire Comedy Tour Rides Again!

The Blue Wire Comedy Tour featuring Borelli the Roku Guy rides to town and roasts the eliminated teams.

The Knicks, Zion and flailing Jazz are also discussed.

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Miami Fight Too Much + NBA Player Quotes

They be fighting in Miami! Jimmy Butler is at it again this time fighting two elderly gentlemen. Will this cause the Heat to fail? Should the Sixers and Boston tank to avoid the Nets? Plus a new game of Who Said That? where we have to guess who said that. Trust me, you'll figure it out. Plus only a little talk about Winning Time this week!

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Bron Scoring, Chet?, Wooves surging, and juvenile murder

The Hoopers scope out Chet Holmgren, then talk about LeBron's scoring and the surging Wooves. But most importantly Dave reveals how he almost murdered someone as a child.

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Sixers Lose to Nets + Harden Not Clutch + Jokic NOT the MVP

Sixers lose to the Nets! How terrible is James Harden really? Will he go down as a non-clutch player? Matt takes on the Media Hacks that want Jokic as the MVP over Joel Embiid.

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Drag and Brag plus the flailing Warriors

The Hoopers Brag about their best takes and drag themselves for their worst ones.

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Super Borelli + Which Teams Suck + Harden is a Sixer!

It's Borelli Pod! Joe Borelli, formerly of some other podcast, is hosting this week as Dave is gone off to New York to kidnap Julius Randle. Should the Suns be worried? What about the Lakers and Celtics? And how good is James Harden on the Sixers? Will this work out?

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Dunking on the Dunk Contest

The Hoopers break down All Star saturday night and reveal two new characters: Adam Silver's Mom and DJ Khaled's accountant.

Then Matt tries to get Jon to apologize for his takes and it goes awful. But all is right with the world as the Hoopers reveal Dave's new secret.

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Bum Simmons is Gone + Adam Malamut

He gone! Game of Zones creator Adam Malamut joins us to discuss the Sixers traded Ben Simmons for James Harden. Is Morey a mad genius? Or did he get lucky? What's up with the Kings trading Tyrese Haliburton? Are the Kings being the Kings? Also, no Matt this episode.

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Blow Up, Load Up, or No Up + Harden to Sixers + With Joe Borelli

This week Dave off is off so we bring in replacement level podder Joe Borelli! We go through the league in a game of Blow Up, Load Up or No Up to see what teams need to make moves. Then we break down the latest James Harden to the Sixers trade rumors. It's a epic podcast as always.

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Small Markets, Big Mad

The small markets are big mad about Wiggins, Mitchell and Cade! Then the Hoopers play Guess the Avi before talking about... sigh... Simmons.

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NBA Trades + Daryl Morey's Crazy Radio Interview + Two Rooves

This week the Hoopers break down a bunch of possible NBA trades heading into the deadline. Daryl Morey gives a crazy radio interview on Philly radio and says he's probably not going to be able to trade Ben Simmons. And what's better than one roof? Having two rooves. Matt tells us about a leaf blower found in his attic.

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Robbery in NYC, Dame Down and Klay Sprays

Knicks fleeced the Hawks, Dame is out, Klay is in and of course, we gotta talk Ben Simmons.

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NBA Panic Teams + Is This a Real Player + New Years New You

It's time to panic! Which NBA teams are in serious trouble? We ask reddit for the answer. We go down the list of recently added NBA players and guess if they are real or not. The results are shocking! And then the Hoopers go through their New Year's resolutions.

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NFTs and Web3

In a bonus episode of Super Hoppers, Adam Malamut joins Matt and Dave to talk NFTs and DAOs.

-Top Shot vs. NFTs

-The speed of NFT world

-Are they scams?

-what are they useful for

-What’s a DAO?

-DAO use cases

-Valid critiques of Web 3

-Advice for getting involved

Additional links


Stanta Claus, Miracles and More

Which team and player is Joe sick of? Which Chirstmas Miracle will occur? And who is the real Stanta Claus?

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Blazers, Pacers, and the Beatles!

The Hoopers talk Dame and Portland, Knicks losing to the Pacers. Then they do a deep dive on the Beatles doc.

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Puke Walton Gone + Klutch Shill + Beatles and Shrooms

Hoopers back! There's been a ton of stuff that happened these last weeks. A Kings fan couldn't take it and puked. Vivec couldn't have that and fired Luke Walton. Jon joins the Klutch Academy payroll and plays the game Take City with LeBron, John Wall, and Ben Simmons. Then a Guess the Avi and some Beatles and Shrooms talk. Another EPIC episode.

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Contender, Pretenders, Fenders and Special Sauces

Borelli joins the pod to talk terrible decisions by stars. Then the crew debate which teams are contenders, pretenders or fender guitars.

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NBA Fight Week + Lego Factory No Nut November

The NBA turned MMA this week as the Jokic Brothers tried to fight the Morris brothers. The new rules got the league going violent and it's awesome. We take a trip to the standings page and finish up with some Knicks vs Sixers comedy!

No Matt this week! Enjoy!

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Sarver Bad + Blackmail Good?

Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver is a very bad man and ESPN has written an article about it. Whole thing sucks! Plus we talk about Matt embarrassing himself in front of the Ringer's own Kevin O'Connor. Then in a Super Hoopers VC's first, we have blackmail!

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NBA Wins Pool and Headlines

The Hoopers draft teams for their annual wins pool and then the return of headlines. Plus, Matt unveils a new game.

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Who's the Worst? + Which Comes First?

Jon's back! That's right, no need to worry. The least washed Super Hooper has returned from his two pod suspension (it's a private matter and he'd like to keep it private) and saves the pod from right in time for the season.

The Hoopers play a game of "Who's the Worst?" where they judge which player is worst, Kyrie Irving or Ben Simmons?

Then a classic game on "Which Happens First?" in which Jon gives three topics and the Hoopers must guess what happens first.

Plus shoutouts to Aaron Franklin's BBQ in Austin...

Preview Pod w/ Borelli

The Hoopers preview all 30 teams as only they can!

Then Matt reveals his best over under bets for the season. He's gone 23-8 over the 5 years of the Hoopers, listen to the man.

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Recasting Movies with NBA players featuring Andrew Claudio

Andrew Claudio from Final Review joins the pod to recast: The Dark Knight, Pulp Fiction, Raiders, and Goodfellas with NBA players.

Link to Andrew's podcast:

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Extramarital affairs and who will be a bust in 5 years

The Hoopers discuss the Rosas situation in Minny and reveal if any of the Hoopers have dabbled outside the confines of matrimony, then they go to Zion in Nola and Simmons in Philly.

Find out who will be the biggest bust 5 years from now: MPJ, Zion or Simmons.

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One Pod Suspension

It's just Jon and Dave this week as Matt serves a one pod suspension for being extremely "mad online." It's the best for all parties.

Alex Rodriguez fires Minnesota's GM Gersson Rosas and promotes a Hinkie guy in his place. Could Elton Brand leave the Sixers for the Timberwolves? Would Jon nut too hard if that happens? And of course, more Ben Simmons talk!

Then Jon and Dave go over some new music from Nice Rec and a bunch of new stuff they've been listening to. Enjoy!

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Half a Good Episode

The Hoopers do NBA Soprano comps before devolving into an utter landfill fire of an episode.

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