Shooting the Scheisse

28 Episodes

By: Kevin

One man takes on his mic, trying to keep it cool! Check it out, hopefully weekly updates. Going to try and dissect some news articles and keep the record straight. Headlines say one thing while the body of an article says something completely different. Let’s keep up with it!

Holy Work Episode!
Yesterday at 10:21 PM

Well, trying to get some stories in and talk about some things related to the CDC and health, but work definitely did me in today!  So much that I actually just left it recording. It was a mess trying to get all of these files together, but I got it. Hopefully it’s not the worlds worst!  

Broken Ribs and Sunshine is the Cure

Talk about insanity. That is what my day was today. Tune in, check it out. Give me some feedback if you’re out there listening!

He got the virus in him!

Is it a punctured lung?  A broken rib?  Just a big wuss?  Find out what happened in today’s rant!  Had a short weekend and I’m back at it on a Monday!  Enjoy the work Week y’all. 

Emilia’s Checkup

Today I ramble on about my daughters 1 month checkup and a good conversation I had with her doctor. Stay tuned for more!

A Scheisse Update!

After taking a few months off, I’m back, and I’m by myself. Tune in to get an update on the Scheisse, where the podcast is at and where it’s headed!  

Public Rant 1

After a long time of publishing, I take a quick minute sitting in my work truck and blow off some steam! More to come.

Episode 18 - Merry Christmas!

Its been a couple weeks, but today we get together and talk about a bunch of random topics!  From Christmas movies, Santa, food accidents and more. Its a good time for podcasting as the world continues to be locked up...check us out and leave a review.

Bonus! Kev Joins the Scheisse

Today, Kev joins me for a bonus episode of Shooting the Scheisse! We play a little game where Kev and I build our dream "Minecraft style house' and we have a fun discussion father-son style!  Tune in today and have some fun with us!

Episode 17 - Belshnickel Baby!

Today, we get together to talk about home repairs, Belshnickel, electrical work and much more.  Some discussion about how people think, what drives us nuts, confirmation bias and music by All Taken!  Check it out and leave us review.  

Episode 16 - Freaking Austria and Thanksgiving!

Today, we catch up after a couple week hiatus.  Graves tells us about his secret door in his bedroom that apparently brings sickness, we talk thanksgiving meals and more.  Plus we play an old song by Chris Cornell and Andrew Wood at the beginning!

Episode 15 - Halloween

Today, we get together to discuss the election and halloween.  We discuss the election, we discuss who likes who, who's the favorite candidate and who we think "stole the election."  Just kidding.. we know there isn't really an election.  Anyways, we talk about taking our kids trick or treating, we discuss some music and books, vacation cheeseburgers and more.  Join us in our nonsense and fun!  

Episode 14 - Smells like mistakes

Graves and Kevin get together for the 3rd Sunday in a row in a record breaking week!  We discuss everything from dinosaurs, celebrities, the band All Taken and much much more.  Thank you to anyone that might listen, leave us a review or get at us on twitter! @splinteredspace and @scheissethe!

Episode 13 - Is a hotdog a sandwich?

For the second week straight, Graves and Kevin get together to answer some serious questions...or not so serious.  We discuss food, horror movies, space wars, hotdogs and much much more.  Join us for a couple laughs and probably too much talking over each other.  

Episode 12 - What would you do with a million dollars?

Today we discuss having a million dollars handed to us, living on an island, meeting celebrities and more!  We haven't been together for almost a month to do a show, so catch up with us!  There is a little lag during the show, we seem to get it together for the most part, but bear with us!  Thanks for tuning in!

Bonus 2 - Kev and Kev catch up!

My boy and I go over the past few days and discuss life as it is.  Graves and Kevin have had a hard time getting together so we drop another bonus episode!

Episode 11 - Lots of Questions and Story Time

Graves and Kevin answer questions from the listeners for the majority of this podcast.  They go off on tangents, forget what they're talking about and tell some stories.  They do not discuss anything controversial and tell some interesting stories. Check into this weeks episode for a fun conversation!

Episode 10 - Back to the basics

Today, Graves and Kevin talk after a couple week layoff.  We delve into every day topics and forget what we were talking about a couple times.  We answer a good question from Scott, and leave it all on the table!  

Episode 9 - **Listen at your own risk**

We heard what you've said, and we will start straying away from the controversy after this one.  Graves and Kevin get a little heated, express some frustration and do some venting.  Listen at your own risk!

Episode 8 - Cancel Culture and Pissed Off People

For this episode, Graves and I get together after a couple weeks of layoff.  We discuss the nonsense going on in the world, listener questions and more.  Things get a little heated as the world is just accepting things how they are, and people are giving in to the powers that want us fighting!

Episode 7: Masks, idiots, and more!

Today we talk about plenty of different subjects, ranging from our work history, to stories about our lives and things that happen.  We dive into masks, get a little heated and talk about what movie we want to live through!  Check out the latest from Shooting the Scheisse to hear a couple friends talk about the latest issues and resolve nothing.  

Addictivist Steve, selling your soul to the devil and more!

We have our first guest on the show and talk about drugs and addiction for the first time!  Steve shares some insight into addiction, his work, and we share some laughs!  We also discuss selling our soul to the devil!  

Episode 5 Epic and Casual Failures!

We meet today for the first time in a couple weeks and try to introduce a couple new skits to the show, at an epic failure.  We have a great time catching up!

Bonus Episode (better audio)

Re-release with even audio.  Still working out the kinks.  

Bonus - Kev joins me on an adventure!

Kevin Jacob joins STS and discusses some of his favorites.  We talk about our amazing day, talk about some of his favorites and go in to detail on one of his dreams!  With Graves out this week, we wanted to deliver some content and we hope you enjoy.  It was something else to get Kev to record with me!

Our introduction to music in our lives!

Today, Graves and Kevin discuss where music came in to their lives and the bands that helped!  Enjoy the opinionated conversation regarding what bands turned us on to music, and the difference in our personalities!  We went into this completely blank and had a great conversation!  

Father's Day!

Graves and Kevin navigate family and kids, discussing they're latest adventures and some book recommendations!  Tune in for an unfiltered, fun conversation between two friends many states away.  

Phase 3, the reopening!

We talk today about where we grew up, Joe Rogan leaving YouTube, marijuana maintenance and much more!  Graves and Kevin dig in on a beautiful Sunday to share a wonderful conversation with the world.  

Memorial Day Convo!

We sit down for the first time and hit record.  Nothing planned, and we had never spoken to each other before outside of social media!  Sound quality and content will improve as we work out the kinks.  Thank you for listening!