The Front Porch

10 Episodes

By: City of Melissa

The American front porch represents the ideal of community in America. Just like on this community podcast, it’s where stories are celebrated. Welcome to The Front Porch – the official community podcast of Melissa, Texas. On every episode, we share the stories of the people who live and work in this community. We also capture the heart of Melissa, Texas. This is The Front Porch.

S2, E10: Joseph Armstrong - Forward Thinking & Raising the Bar

Season 2, Episode 10: Before jumping into commercial construction and owning/operating a local restaruant, Joseph Armstrong was a former youth pastor. During that season of his life, he learned the importance of focusing on other people. That life lesson continues to have ripple effects across his life, including with his role on Melissa's City Council. On this episode of The Front Porch, we hear Joseph's story, we talk about why he wanted to serve his community and he shares his hopes for Melissa, Texas. #frontporch


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S2, E9: Tammy Davis – Ripple Effects of a Servant Heart

Season 2, Episode 9: Tammy Davis is a longtime resident of Melissa, Texas. She also has a huge heart for giving back. It’s safe to say that Tammy Davis is selfless, and you’ll quickly find out in our conversation where her kind heart comes from. On this episode of The Front Porch, we'll get to know this Godly woman who has a heart for serving others and positively impacting her community. #frontporch


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S2, E8: Bridget Saxton - Talking Up the Heart of Melissa

Season 2, Episode 8: It didn't take Bridget Saxton long to fall in love with Melissa, Texas. As the new communications manager for the city, Bridget has grown fond of this community in a very short amount of time. On this episode of The Front Porch, we'll discuss Bridget's passion for Melissa, and we'll discover how she ended up here. She also discusses some of the challenges facing Melissa, and she talks about her support staff in the industry. #frontporch

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S2, E7: Dana Conklin - Creating Ripple Effects

Season 2, Episode 7: Dana Conklin will be quick to tell you that she is a "victim of her raisin'. " She is definitely a servant leader, and she points to her upbringing for establishing that foundation of giving back. From serving on the Melissa City Council to her involvment with Rotary, Dana is creating ripple effects throughout her community. On this episode of The Front Porch, we get to know this amazing woman with a giving heart. We talk about her love for Melissa, challenges facing this community and the heart of the people who call Melissa home.

S2, E6: Mayor Jay Northcut – City's Growth Leader

Season 2, Episode 6: I bet you didn't know that Mayor Jay Northcut has run 20 marathons. I bet you also didn't know that he loves comic books. On this episode of The Front Porch, we pull back the curtain and really get to know the elected leader of Melissa, Texas. Besides revealing his hobbies on this episode, Mayor Northcut also shares his story, and he talks about how much Melissa has changed since he moved here almost 23 years ago. His heart for this community really comes out on this episode, too. It was his love for this community that sparked...

S2, E5: Courtney Willis - 'It Feels Good to Help People'

Season 2, Episode 5: There is nothing like a good comeback story - a story highlighted by resilience, love and selflessness. This is one of those stories! Our featured guest on this episode of The Front Porch is Courtney Willis. Courtney and her husband founded Mission Regan after the blessing-riddled adoption of their youngest son. They were barreling towards rock bottom, but their faith forced them to surrender and their lives have not been the same since. Courtney Willis and Mission Regan are creating ripple effects across the world, and it's all starting in Melissa, Texas. #thefrontporch

S2, E4: Preston Taylor - Plan Accordingly

Season 2, Episode 4: Preston Taylor and his young family now call Melissa, Texas, home. When he's not blazing a trail in commercial real estate, he is the chairman of Melissa's Planning and Zoning Comission. On this episode of The Front Porch, we will share Preston's impressive story. Spoiler Alert: This guy is an all-star - a real go-getter. But the coolest part of his story revolves around the love he’s already established for Melissa, Texas. #thefrontporch

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S2, E3: Deric Salser – Gateway to Progress

Season 2, Episode 3: Deric Salser and the Salser Development Group are leaving a profound impact on Melissa, Texas. On this episode of The Front Porch, Deric Salser shares the vision and story and expectations of Gateway Village, which is starting to take shape downtown. Maybe you have seen the progress or heard whispers about the project, but Deric Salser tells the story behind this signature development and paints a beautiful picture of what Melissa, Texas, can expect when it's done. #thefrontporch

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S2, E2: Kelton Brewer – The Chance to Pay It Forward

Season 2, Episode 2: Kelton Brewer drowned when he was two years old. Based on accounts from the incident, Kelton said he actually died. But thanks to a neighbor, and Plano Fire and Rescue, he was revived and survived the near-tragic accident. Since that moment, the Melissa High School graduate has wanted to pay it forward. And that's exactly what he's doing as a firefighter and paramedic in Melissa. His journey, which carried him away from Melissa for a short stint, has been lined with countless blessings. Now, Kelton Brewer's goal is to leave this community better than he found...

S2, E1: Chief Erik Stokes – Just the Right Fit

Season 2, Episode 1: Erik Stokes hasn't been the Police Chief in Melissa, Texas, for very long. But he already has a heart for this community – and according to him, it starts with the people. After a long tenure – and working up the ranks – in Farmer's Branch, Chief Stokes finally got the opportunity to put his policing philosophy and his leadership skills to the test. After listening to this one-on-one conversation, you'll see why the City of Melissa hired him as its new Police Chief. #thefrontporch

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