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By: Margo Donohue

Hosts Margo and Sonia chat about Creeps. We talk about Creeps of the past and the present: It's the who's who of who's the worst. Do you have a story about one of the Creeps we covered? Email us at whatacreeppodcast@gmail.com.

Diamond Annie and the 40 Thieves/Elephants (A Very British Creepy True Crime Story)
Last Saturday at 12:55 AM

What a Creep
Season 18, Episode 2
Diamond Annie & the 40 Thieves/Elephants
Ladies Who Thieve

Peaky Blinders is a popular show on Netflix about a group of thieves and gangsters in 1920s London. Many people do not know that there were gangs of women considered the best shoplifters and thieves of the wealthy that ran from the mid-19th century up into the 1950s. The most notorious of these was the “Forty Thieves/FortyElephants” gang, run by tough women who master criminals.

Diamond Annie (born Anne Diamond) was labeled as such for her ferocious punch with...

James Dobson, Focus on the Family, & NON Creep Kevyn Aucoin (Shreveport, LA)

What a Creep
Season 18, Episode 1
James Dobson, Focus on the Family & Family Research Council

James Dobson is an evangelical Christian author and founder of Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council, ​​which the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated as a hate group.

In the 1980s, Time Magazine ranked him as one of the most influential spokesmen for conservative social positions in American public life. He’s written more than 30 books on family issues, specifically parenting and marriage. Dobson frequently appears as a guest on the Fox News Channel.

James Dobson...

Lana Turner and the Murder of Johnny Stompanato

What a Creep
Season 17, Episode 10
The Murder of Johnny Stompanato

Lana Turner was one of Hollywood’s most alluring (and controversial) actors in movie history, with star turns in the original The Postman Always Rings Twice, Imitation of Life, and Peyton Place. She was blonde, sexy, and a supposed “maneater” with eight marriages and several lovers. In 1958 she dated the former war hero and current mob hooligan Johnny Stompanato who supposedly treated her terribly.

Her only child, Cheryl Crane, at 14, stabbed Johnny to death after her mother tried to break off their relationship. Cheryl...

Megyn Kelly & NON-Creep Nellie Bly

What a Creep
Season 17, Episode 9
Megyn Kelly

The Advocate
The Cut
The Daily Beast
Media Matters
Media Matters
New York Post
Rolling Stone
USA Today
USA Today

Trigger warnings: Racism, sexism, sexual harassment, and debating the race of Santa

Megyn Kelly wasn’t just one of the beautiful blond talk show hosts at Fox News. She was THE beautiful blond talk show host at Fox News. Her show “The Kelly File” was on...

John List, Netflix "The Watcher," & Westfield, NJ

What a Creep “John List”
Season 17, Episode 8
Creepy Westfield, NJ

The sleepy New Jersey town of Westfield has been overrun with tourists eager to check out the “real” homes featured in the Netflix series The Watcher, which tells the true story of the Broaddus family, who a stranger sent creepy letters for years. The series takes many liberties with the details of what happened to the family and what happened in Westfield in the past.

The murderer John List, a family annihilator who spent over 17 years on the run from justice, is truly th...

Alfred Hitchcock (October 2020 Replay)

What a Creep

Season 4, Episode 10

Alfred Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980) was the master of suspense, the creator of some of the best (and scariest) films of all time, a famous director, and, at times, a world-class creep. (Ask Tippi Hedren!) In this episode, we talk about his childhood and how he became a legend we all still talk about 40 years after his death and discuss some of his best films and his worst behavior. Enjoy! 

Our sources for this episode:

Telegraph "Alfred Hitchcock Sadistic Prankster"

The Guardian: Tippi Hedren "A...

The Murder of Betty Gore by Candy Montgomery

What a Creep
Season 17, Episode 6
The Murder of Betty Gore by Candy Montgomery

Candy Montgomery was just another bored 70s suburban Texas housewife when she was tried for committing a crime so heinous people still have difficulty making sense of it. The murder of Betty Gore was the subject of a TV series starring Jessica Biel and Melanie Lynskey on HULU called Candy. It will also be adapted into an HBO series starring Elizabeth Olsen and Jesse Plemmons next spring.

What is so unusual about a murder in 1980 (which was also adapted into a 1990...

Jimmy Savile: One of the Biggest Creeps in the History of the U.K.

What a Creep
Season 17, Episode 5
Jimmy Savile

Trigger warnings: Sexual assault and sexual abuse

Jimmy Savile was a British DJ and television and radio personality who hosted a bunch of BBC shows, including Top of the Pops and Jim'll Fix It, for decades, making him a household name. He was known for his platinum-dyed hair and, later his tacky tracksuits and cigars. He was also a well-known good samaritan, raising millions for charities all over the country.

But, after he died in 2011, he was revealed to be one of Britain’s most se...

The Stanford White Murder & NYC's First "Crime of the Century"

What a Creep
Season 17, Episode 4
The Murder of Stanford White

Architect Stanford White was one of New York’s most revered architects who built the second Madison Square Garden & the Washington Square Arch, which stand today. In public, he was a bon vivant who moved with old school wealthy and the nouveau riche. He was also a creep who participated in the sexual assault of several young women as part of a group of entitled men in New York’s high society. A Creep, Harry Thaw, killed him on June 25, 1906, because of one such assault on actr...

Tony Robbins (Creepy Giant & Motivational Fire Walker)

What a Creep
Season 17, Episode 3
Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a motivational coach, speaker, and author. He’s famous for his infomercials, seminars, and self-help books.

He has worked with four U.S. presidents and top entertainers (Oprah Winfrey, Aerosmith, Green Day, Usher, Pitbull, Hugh Jackman, Kim Kardashian), and athletes and sports teams, including Serena Williams, and the NBA’s Golden State Warriors. He’s worked with Salesforce.com founder Marc Benioff, Mandalay Entertainment CEO Peter Guber, and real estate developer and creep Steve Wynn. He currently boasts an estimated net worth of $500 million.

Rock Creeps: Ryan Adams, Win Butler, Ike Turner, and Morrissey

What a Creep
Season 17 Episode 2
“Quartet of Creeps”
Ryan Adams, Arcade Fire’s Win Butler, Ike Turner, & Morrissey

Margo & Sonia talk about a quartet of Rock Creeps in this episode celebrating our 17th season. From the early days of rock to modern rock, we talk about four Creeps who may have lit the music world on fire but personally--they have some really Creepy behavior to answer for.
Trigger Warning: Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Racism
Ryan Adams
The Age
LA Magazine
The New York Times

The Port Chicago Disaster 1944 (Creepy U.S. History)

What a Creep
Season 17, Episode 1
The Port Chicago Disaster July 1944

On Monday, July 17, 1944, at just after 10 pm, the Northern California town of Port Chicago had an explosion of two ships that took the lives of over 320 sailors and injured almost 400 others. For two years, the US Navy shipped munitions around the clock at the naval base that consisted of a segregated outfit (the entire military, with FDR as its Commander in Chief, was segregated.) Everything from bullets to bombs weighing thousands of pounds was brought in and shipped in 24-hour shifts with white officers in charge...

Pete Rose (Baseball Creep)

What a Creep
Season 16, Episode 10
Pete Rose

Pete Rose, also known as “Charlie Hustle,” is a former professional baseball player and Major League Baseball manager. He was a huge star in the MLB, playing from 1963 to 1986, and was named Player of the Decade (1970–79) by The Sporting News. Pete Rose was a big deal! Which is why it was a big deal when he got banned for life from Major League Baseball for gambling in 1989. OH AND, he’s been credibility accused of having sex with girls as young as 14 during the height of his baseball fame.

Elvis Presley (Replay) The King of Rock and Creeper on Teen Girls

What a Creep

Season 16, Episode 10

Elvis Aaron Presley
Elvis Aaron Presley is one of the biggest rock stars of all time and is known as “The King of Rock & Roll.” Beginning with his meteoric rise in the mid-1950s to his sad decline in the 1970s, Elvis is still one of the most popular celebrities in the world with his estate earning $80 million in 2018.

He remains the best-selling solo artist in recorded history. He has had the most songs charting in Billboard magazine's top 40. He has the record for selling the most albums on t...

Colonel Tom Parker: The Creep Who Created & Destroyed The King

What a Creep
Season 16, Episode 9
Colonel Tom Parker

There is no way to talk about Elvis Presley without talking about his manager/agent/public relations officer and overall CEO, CMO, and COO of all things for Elvis Inc--Colonel Tom Parker. I recently caught the Baz Luhrmann version of Elvis and was shocked at Tom Hanks’ version of Parker--a Stay Puff Marshmellow Man who seemed more annoying than a malevolent Creep who was part of the reason his only client died an early death and could have been far more secure in financial manners. Today we will di...

Director David O Russell & NON-Creep Author Jennette McCurdy

What a Creep
Season 16, Episode 8
David O. Russell

David O. Russell is the director of such movies as “Three Kings,” “The Fighter,” “American Hustle,” and “Silver Linings Playbook.” He’s been nominated for five Academy Awards and has won four Independent Spirit Awards and two BAFTA Awards. He’s also a man-baby who throws on-set tantrums and has been accused of groping his own niece. Perhaps the “O” in David O. Russell stands for OH MY GOD what a creep.

Sources for this episode
The Cheat Sheet
Chicago Tribune
The Daily Beast

Kim Fowley (Rock Creep) and Non-Creep Kesha

What a Creep
Season 16, Episode 7
Kim Fowley
Rock Creep

When Kim Fowley died of bladder cancer on January 15, 2015, most headlines read that he was an underground rock and roll/LA legend who managed “The Runaways” in the 1970s. He was a tall, peculiar eccentric who never had the fame he craved but had a cult-like following of slavish fans who will miss him. Some outlets, like, NPR, mentioned he was a Svengali who seemed to prey on teenage girls.
In reality, everything you have heard about (and will hear today) about him is true. He w...

Matt Gaetz (Creep) & NON-Creep "Gen Z for Change" #OliviaJulianna

What a Creep
Season 16, Episode 6
Matt Gaetz

Matt Gaetz is a garbage human being who is also the U.S. representative for the first congressional district of Florida.

When he’s not kissing disgraced former president Trump’s ass and sending bad tweets, this sentient can of Axe Body Spray is voting against laws fighting sex trafficking while being investigated for sex trafficking.

Sources for this episode:
Business Insider
The Daily Beast
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The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire NYC March 25, 1911) Creepy History Ep.

What a Creep
Season 16, Episode 5
The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
March 25, 1911

One of the biggest workplace disasters in New York City happened on March 25, 1911, in a factory on the Lower East Side which would be described as a “sweatshop.” Hundreds of women jammed together in one large room at sewing machines creating the fashionable “Shirtwaist” blouses that were made on the cheap to make them affordable to the masses.
The fire began on the 8th floor and eventually took over several floors in the building with doors locked, no sprinkler system in place, and fire lad...

Scott Baio "Happy Days & Charles in Charge Creep" & NON-Creep Henry "The Fonz" Winkler

What a Creep
Season 16, Episode 4
Scott Baio

Scott Baio was a teen heartthrob in the 70s and 80s. He starred in “Happy Days,” its spin-off, “Joanie Loves Chachi,” and “Charles in Charge.” His face was on all those Teen Bop/Tiger Beat-type magazines. But he’s also a Trump-supporting creep who has been accused of abuse and sexual assault.

The Daily Beast
E! Online
Hollywood Reporter
Nicki Swift
Scott Baio’s Twitter
Scott Baio’s website

Burt Pugach Obsessive Creep & "Crazy" Love Story

What a Creep
Season 16, Episode 3
Burt Pugach

Burt Pugach made headlines in 1959 when he was convicted for stalking and blinding his girlfriend Linda Riss who dumped him over his lying and selfishness. 14 years later, they got together and were actually married for decades afterward. Here is the true story about one of New York’s strangest crime cases.
Sources for this episode:
· Burt Pugach Wikipedia
· Burt Pugach NY Times Obituary
· Burt Pugach 1961 Trial NY Times
· The Daily Mail UK June 2022
· Crazy Love by Dan Klores & Fisher Stevens on Amazon Prime

Terry Richardson (Photographer & Creep) TW: SA

What a Creep
Season 16, Episode 2
Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson is a fashion photographer. He’s worked for H&M, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, and Tom Ford. He’s done work for magazines such as Rolling Stone, GQ, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar, and Vice. He’s directed music videos for Miley Cyrus and Beyonce.
Terry Richardson famously said, “it’s not who you know, it’s who you blow. I don’t have a hole in my jeans for nothing.” So, it’s not surprising that this guy is a super creep.
Sources for this episode:<...

Reality TV Creeps: Erika Jayne, Omarosa, "Mystery" & Puck (Real Housewives, The Apprentice, The Pickup Artist & The Real World)

What a Creep
Season 16, Episode 1
“Reality TV Creeps”

Margo & Sonia celebrate season 16 with a quartet of Creeps from the Reality TV world--Erika Jayne (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,) “Mystery” Erik von Markovik (The Pickup Artist,) Omarosa Manigault Newman (The Apprentice,) and “Puck” David Rainey of The Real World San Francisco.) We are not saying they are all terrible and beyond help--but they have done really creepy things on their show and with their fame and this is how we process things. Thank you for staying with us!

Sources for this episode

Erika Jayne<...

The Chippendales Murder: Steve Banerjee & The Murder of Nick DeNoia

What a Creep
Season 15, Episode 10
The Chippendales Murder

Somen “Steve” Banerjee grew up in Bombay (now known as Mumbai) and came to California in the 1960s hell-bent on becominga success story. Starting with owning a gas station and then a nightclub in Los Angeles, his prospects seemed underwhelming until a club customer turned friend encouraged the shy, competitive Banerjee to play disco music and attract and female crowd. What started with female mud wrestling by future Creep subject Paul Snider turned the Destiny 2 club into -Chippendales-the first premiere spot for male exotic dancers. Once Banerjee brou...

Ted Cruz (Political Creep) & Canadian NON-Creeps "The Kids in the Hall"

What a Creep
Season 15, Episode 9
Ted Cruz

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is anti-abortion, but pro-death penalty and against Obamacare. He opposes same-sex marriage and civil unions, which he has described as tyranny. He’s against the legalization of marijuana and immigration reform. He is in favor of gun rights. He voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act in 2014, AND he voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act.

Two days after the murder of 21 people in his state of Texas, he spoke at the NRA Convention, claiming that only a good guy with a...

Creepy Santa Cruz History: "Murder Capital of the World" Edmund Kemper, Herbert Mullin

What a Creep
Season 15, Episode 8
Creepy Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is one of those wonderful, sleepy destinations in the mountains of Northern California. Known for its Boardwalk and being close to the Redwoods--it is both a travel destination and the home for over 270,000 in a truly diverse population. The tension between the Mexican heritage and modern “progress” is a part of the culture that really changed when the University of Santa Cruz opened there creating a youth population in the 1960s which changed the area from being seen as a tourist destination in the summer and a re...

Belle Gibson (Aussie Cancer Fraudster) & Helen Reddy (Aussie Signing Goddess)

What a Creep
Season 15, Episode 7
Belle Gibson

Belle Gibson is the creator of The Whole Pantry app and author of its companion cookbook, “The Whole Pantry.” She had claimed that she had been given only months to live after she was diagnosed with an incurable form of brain cancer. But she was able to skip chemotherapy and cancer treatments and heal herself with “nutrition and holistic medicine." You’ll be surprised to learn that’s not true. She’s such a creep.

Sources for this episode

The Cut
Elle Magazine

What a Creep: Charles Starkweather (1958 Spree Killer from Nebraska)

What a Creep
Season 15, Episode 7
Charles Starkweather
Charles Starkweather was 19 when he took his 14-year-old girlfriend Caril Ann Fugate through Nebraska and Wyoming in January 1958 on a murder spree that ultimately took 11 lives (including her baby sister). Starkweather was obsessed with James Dean and loved the media attention and infamy this brought him. Caril Ann maintains to this day that she was an innocent victim of a psychopath.
Charles was executed on June 25, 1959, and Caril Ann served 18 years in a Nebraska prison. Their story has inspired films like Badlands, Kalifornia, and Natural Born Killers. Today we...

Josh Duggar (Quiverfull Creep) & NON-Creep Sister Rosetta Tharpe (Guitar Queen)

What a Creep
Season 15, Episode 6
The Duggar Family

You probably know the Duggar family from their various shows on TLC, including “17 Kids and Counting,” “18 Kids and Counting” and - you guessed it - “19 Kids and Counting” where they were portrayed as a loving, hard-working, religious family.

The Duggars are creeps for a lot of reasons. They’re homophobic and transphobic, and for over two decades, the Duggar parents dismissed their eldest son Josh’s sexual abuse of his younger sisters and a babysitter, choosing faith-based programs over counseling and failing to do really anything about it.

Comedy Creep Chris D'Elia & NON-Creeps Jen Kirkman & Alice Hamilton Plus, Max Landis (Replay)

What a Creep
Season 15, Episode 5
Max Landis (Replay,) the Amazing Jen Kirkman & Alice Hamilton with a Smidge of Chris D’Elia Grossness (Enjoy!)

Today's ep is an update show because one of our former Creeps put out a video about another Creeps return to stage. Comic Alice Hamilton recently released her comedy special on You Tube called “Cex Kriminal” about Chris D’Elia and wow, does he have reasons why you should ignore his history of being accused of booking up with teenage girls using social media.

Jen Kirkman just released her last full on stand...

The Pied Piper of Tucson (Charles 'Smitty' Schmid) & NON-Creep Gabby Giffords

What a Creep “The Pied Piper of Tucson”
Season 15, Episode 4
Charles “Smitty” Schmid

Life magazine wrote a cover story about Charles “Smitty” Schmid in March 1967 describing teenagers as basically animals that race, do drugs, have sex, and will never “snitch” on anyone--even a 22-year-old pedophile Creep who wears heavy makeup and killed one of their schoolmates. This story is about a man dubbed the “Pied Piper of Tucson” who acted like a murderous Wooderson.

Trigger warnings: murder, sexual assault, and animal abuse

Sources for this episode:
Life Magazine March 4, 1966, http://altsclass.weebly.com/uploads/3...

Kid Rock "Rock Creep" and Non-Creep "What's Your Limp?" Jordan Walker Ross

What a Creep
Season 15, Episode 3
Kid Rock

Kid Rock sucks, and we're not just talking about his new music. When he's not dropping homophobic slurs at his concerts and slut-shaming famous women, he's kissing disgraced former President Trump's ass and singing the praises of the Confederate flag. What a creep!

Sources for this episode:
The Guardian
Rolling Stone
USA Today
USA Today timeline

Trigger warnings: Homophobia, misogyny, and shitty music

Be sure...

Elizabeth Holmes "Theranos CEO & Creep" (Replay from season 1)

What A Creep
Elizabeth Holmes
�Hey everyone!
It’s time to get creepy! It’s season 1, episode 3 of “What a Creep” starring Elizabeth Homes, the former CEO of the totally bullshit-worthy company Theranos. There is so much creepiness to go around here. Including her former COO and boyfriend Sunny Balwani as well as the plethora of older men who had no problem throwing millions at her and never seeing a prototype of the Edison or the MiniLab. (Geniuses!)
This week Margo is the presenter and here are her main sources:
Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silic...

What a Creep: "The Kitty Genovese Murder"

What a Creep “The Murder of Kitty Genovese”
Season 15, Episode 2
The Real Details & the Aftermath of One of the Most Famous Murders in New York City

The murder of 28-year-old Kitty Genovese made national news when The New York Times on March 27, 1964, claimed that 37 people watched as she was stabbed to death and did nothing to help her. The expression “Bystander Syndrome” was developed partly because of her crime and her death became a symbol of apathy and a lack of community on the rise. None of what we were taught turns out to be true. Today, I...

What a Creep: "Loveline Creeps" Adam Carolla & Dr. Drew

What a Creep
Season 15, Episode 1
Loveline creeps: Adam Carolla & Dr. Drew Pinsky

Adam Carolla is a radio personality, comedian, actor, and podcaster. He’s also a poster boy for toxic masculinity and is a misogynist creep. Dr. Drew Pinsky is a doctor, addiction medicine specialist, and media personality. He’s also kind of a creep who recommends drugs without disclosing he’s on the big pharma payroll.

And these two creeps used to host a popular syndicated radio show called “Loveline.”
Eventually, they left “Loveline”, and they did creepy things apart, but they still like to...

What a Creep: Hugh Hefner (Playboy Founder & Creep) TW: SA

What a Creep: Hugh Hefner
Season 14, Episode 10
Playboy Founder & Creep

On September 17, 2017, Hugh Marston Heffner died at the age of 91. He was hailed in the press (for decades) as being solely responsible for the sexual revolution of the 60s, a champion of civil rights, a First Amendment warrior, a philanthropic activist, and a hero to women who would still be stuck home with sexless lives were it not for his brand Playboy.
It was just a few weeks afterward that the ‘Me Too” movement began with the first articles about Harvey Weinstein being played out in t...

What a Creep: Jerry Lewis (Comedy Creep) & Our Non Creep Hal Sparks!

What a Creep
Season 14, Episode 9
Jerry Lewis
Jerry Lewis was a comedian, actor, and director whose goofy comic style made him one of the most popular performers of the 1950s and ’60s. You might also know him as the guy that hosted the Muscular Dystrophy Association telethon that ran from 1966 until 2014.

But he was also difficult, cruel, and an insecure egomaniac who couldn’t keep it in his pants. He was a sexist creep who sexually harassed and assaulted many of his female co-stars.

Sources for this episode:

The Hollywood Reporter

What a Creep: "The Zoot Suit Riots" & "The Sleepy Lagoon Murder"

What a Creep: The Sleepy Lagoon Murder
Season 14, Episode 8
The Murder of Jose Gallardo Diaz & the Zoot Suit Riots

On August 2, 1942, Jose Gallardo Diaz (22) was found unconscious in an area known as The Sleepy Lagoon. He had multiple head injuries, was stabbed at least twice, and had a broken finger. He died at Los Angeles Hospital, and a complete sweep of Mexican Americans by the LA cops captured the media's imagination. Though mostly from future Creep William Randolph Hearst) kids that were Zoot-suiters were seen as a dangerous element and causing a crime wave. The phrase...

What a Creep: Clarence Thomas (Supremely Creepy Justice of the Supreme Court)

What a Creep
Season 14, Episode 6
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas is a justice on the Supreme Court of the United States. He’s only the second African-American to serve on the Court, after Thurgood Marshall. Since 2018, Thomas has been the longest-serving member of the Court, with a tenure of 30 years. He’s also a creep with a history of sexually harassing women. Oh, and his wife, Ginni Thomas, is a creep, too.

Sources for this episode:

The documentary “Anita”
ABC News
Mother Jones
The Nation

What a Creep: NFL Creeps (Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Rae Carruth, & Lance Rentzel)

What a Creep: NFL Creeps
Season 14, Episode 6
Tom Brady, Rae Carruth, Lance Rentzel, & Ben Roethlisberger
In honor of the upcoming sports ball competition that involves football (we are not supposed to say Super Bowl because of evil overlords,) Margo & Sonia are talking about a quartet of NFL Creeps. Grab some chips & dip and enjoy!
Trigger warnings: Murder, Sociopathy, Sexual Assault, & General Assholery!
Rae Carruth
Rae Carruth Muderpedia
Rae Carruth New York Times
Sports Illustrated “The Boy They Couldn’t Kill”

Lance Rentzel
Lance Rentzel When All the Laught...