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By: Kay, Khaki and Greg

Two lifelong besties (and their trusty engineer) adventure through the vast constellations of Star Trek's decades on TV, especially the lesser-loved stories. But instead of bitching about why they’re bad, we’re going to find the joy in each of them, because everybody loves the great episodes, but it takes dedication, insight, and hard-working fools to love the clunkers too. And by Jove, we are those fools! Positive, inclusive and optimistic (though not uncritical!) we try to find the brilliance even in the least-loved episodes of our favorite TV shows!

The Loss (TNG S4 E10)
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The Loss (Star Trek: The Next Generation, S4 E10) was recommended by Leslie, She/her, who said: Deanna Troi is my favorite TNG character, because she's a senior bridge officer, counselor to the Captain/ship, has a special ability, loves chocolate, is gorgeous, and she's in an on again/off again relationship with First Officer Will Riker. She's a likeable, strong female character in a male-dominated universe (at least at that time in Star Trek). I like this episode because it gives us insight into Troi's job as counselor to the ship's personnel. It's a "day in the life"...

Acquisition (ENT S1 E19)

Acquisition (Star Trek: Enterprise, S1 E19) was recommended by nazzy she/her, who said: The Enterprise crew have to take back their ship from a bunch of Ferengi pirates, and it's just plain funny. There are some great comedy beats, everybody gets to be clever, and Trip spends half the episode in his underwear. (if, you know, you're into that sort of thing)

Acquisition first aired on March 27, 2002, written by S : Rick Berman & Brannon Braga, T : Maria Jacquemetton & Andre Jacquemetton, and directed by James Whitmore, Jr.

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Fair Haven (VOY S6 E11)

Fair Haven (Star Trek: Voyager, S6 E11) was recommended by James (he/him), who said: I keep it a secret but I really like Fair Haven from ST:Voyager. I’m a huge Janeway FAN and she is really human in it (even a little vindictive when she says “computer: delete the wife”).

Fair Haven first aired on January 12, 2000, written by Robin Bernheim, and directed by Allan Kroeker

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Stardust City Rag (PIC S1 E05)

Stardust City Rag (Star Trek: Picard, S1 E05) was recommended by Khaki (he/him), who said: After an off-putting opening scene, the episode unfolds into something we get far too little of in Star Trek: a costumed caper! The stakes are high, the emotions are profound and the hats, oh god, the hats!

Lauren Rivers she/her, An obsessive Star Trek nerd from Texas., recommended PIC 105 Stardust City Rag, saying:

"This episode was just so much fun. Not only did we get to see Picard really ham it up in his undercover disguise, but we...

I, Mudd (TOS S2 E12)

I, Mudd (Star Trek: The Original Series, S2 E12) was recommended by Pico, he/him, who said: TOS's intentionally zany moments are often a blast, and this one's chock full of them. Watching the crew dance/act absurd to confuse the androids is one of my favorite moments in the entire series.

I, Mudd first aired on November 3, 1967, written by Stephen Kandel, and directed by Marc Daniels

The Joy of Trek is hosted by Khaki & Kay, with editing & production by Chief Engineer Greg and music by Fox Amoore (Bandcamp | Bluesky)

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One Little Ship (DS9 S6 E14)

One Little Ship (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, S6 E14) was recommended by Lt. Commander Sheev Palpitine (Papa palps is fine He/Him), who said: As a child of the 80s it’s no surprise the Disney movie honey I shrunk the kids made a big impact on me. So if you combine a concept from my youth with technobabble about what one would need if you wanted to breathe the air as someone small and you’ve got yourself a great episode. Star Trek going full on camp is the best, it’s like a break from we gotta...

Night Terrors (TNG S4 E17)

Night Terrors (Star Trek: The Next Generation, S4 E17) was recommended by Rob MacWolf (he/him), who said: It comes so so so close to being that point where space opera crosses over into cosmic horror, but then in a rare example of the REVERSE twilight zone twist veers away at the last second.

It ALMOST even invents a cosmic horror trope, now commonplace, DECADES in advance of Night in the Woods which much more widely disseminated it, the "the thing you thought was a feature of the landscape all along turns out to have been some...

Subspace Rhapsody (SNW S2 E09)

Subspace Rhapsody first aired on August 3, 2023, directed by Dermott Downs Dana Horgan & Bill Wolkoff

The Joy of Trek is hosted by Khaki & Kay, with editing & production by Chief Engineer Greg and music by Fox Amoore (Bandcamp | Bluesky)

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Skin Of Evil (TNG S1 E23)

Skin Of Evil (Star Trek: The Next Generation, S1 E23) was recommended by Mark Nixon, who said:

This was one of my earliest experiences of horror and ultimately proved formative in the developments of my tastes and values as a storyteller. At that age I saw Riker as the coolest, bravest guy I had ever seen, and to see him being helplessly dragged by some invisible force while screaming for help? Chilling stuff indeed.

Plus Picard gets to *really* Picard, in a season that gave their captain less opportunities to be the hero in a...

JOY018 The Thaw (VOY S2 E23)

The Thaw (Star Trek: Voyager, S2 E23) was recommended by Tonks Moriarty (they/them) , who said: Quite frankly, I love malevolent clowns, the idea something that is outwardly supposed to be joyous or happy is actually twisted and evil. This episode is so surreal, and strange, and weird and it isn't /afraid/ to be that. The Fear Clown establishes himself as a threat, and his interactions with Robert Picardo are fantastic. This also reinforces a very important character trait about Janeway, you don't f*** with her crew.

NoWay recommended The Thaw, saying:

"I honestly dont...