Taking Off With Treezy

7 Episodes

By: Tre' D. Moore

Lets take off together and discuss the insane topics of the world and life because things are insane and I dont think anyone knows how much. Or the blind eye is completely shut to whats going on.

Black Fashion, Met Galas, and Mortal Kombat?
Last Tuesday at 1:00 PM

Take a journey with me to discover things about black owned fashion companies, the idea and process of the met gala and the feelings about Mortal Kombat 1 that dropped on preorder Sept. 14th.

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The importance of support and a little about me

Taking a dive into the importance of supporting your loved one in their ventures in life and showing people that you care.

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Black knowledge: Broken homes, Defense Mechanisms, and P.T.S.S

Lets get educated on some things in the black community and through the black generations, while talking our shit.

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Therapy, Racism, and Work.. Again lol

Im all over the place with these topics, you know when the good ideas just start flowing and you gotta get them out thats this and they all got out. TAKE OFF

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21 Questions Brother Edition

Get to know a little about me by getting to know a little bit about my brothers and our sibling dynamics.

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Gender Roles and Relationship Rambling

Lets take off and demish these prehistoric labels and ideas of relationships and roles in a relationship. This one gonna shake the table quite a bit and a whole bunch of yall society pawns and sheep, mixed with lazy ass entitled folks are going to be mad at this one ;) and ps i say a lot of bitches and a few hoes lol

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Battle of Alabama/ These Damn Jobs

how setting up my first podcast and getting my equipment was hectic, the fight at alabama and wtf is going on with the world and these jobs