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By: Détroit La Comtesse & A Mr. He Slasher

Why's the cauldron gotta be black? Join your two favorite witches, Selma [Détroit] & Salem [Mr. He], as they select an iconic blaxploitation flick to discuss each month. Hosted by drag queens this podcast is meant to make light of difficult topics and shine a light on issues portrayed through films that have seemed to be forgotten.Celebrating the creativity, ingenuity, and importance of Black Cinema.

Horror, Possession, & Numbers: J.D.'s Revenge [1976]

In this witching hour we are discussing the 1976 horror film: J.D.'s Revenge

"Although notorious New Orleans gangster J.D. Walker (David McKnight) is shot and killed in the 1940s, his spirit remains restless for three decades, until a hypnotist's supernatural nightclub act allows him to take over the body of Isaac (Glynn Turman), a mild-mannered law student. After inhabiting Isaac, Walker decides to hunt down the Rev. Elija Bliss (Louis Gossett Jr.), a former criminal who helped the authorities find and assassinate the mobster years ago."

As mentioned in the episode - here...

Crime, Action, & Blaxploitation: COFFY [1973]

Welcome to Selma & Salem.
This month we're discussing COFFY.
The film that created thee superstar: Pam Grier.

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