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By: Kate Flemister

Welcome to the More Sunsets Please Podcast. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live debt free, sell it all and live small, travel the country full time or raising animals and growing your own food as a self sustainable family? My name is Kate and these are just some of the stories of those who have jumped outside the box and are living life on their terms. I interview couples and families who have found ways to live life outside the box, along with key players who can help you succeed once you've found a way.  Fr...

18: Our Story - How We Left Canada To Start Fresh In America

In the final episode of season one of the More Sunsets Please podcast, the host, Kate Flemister of @NeverTooKate, shares her family's journey of moving into a travel trailer in Canada and crossing the closed US border during the pandemic. 

From nerves to relief, their border crossing marked the beginning of an incredible journey. But little did they know, there was an unexpected twist waiting for them. What could it be? Keep listening to find out.

In this episode, you will be able to:

Discover the highs and lows of living the nomadic RV l...

17: Leap of Faith: Pursuing Dreams and Family Togetherness with Boundless Bronnekes

Attention families seeking adventure and change! Have you heard these common myths about pursuing your dreams and making a lifestyle change? Myth #1: It's too risky to leave stability behind. Myth #2: It's impossible to make a change with a family in tow. Myth #3: You have to be wealthy to make your dreams a reality. But don't believe everything you hear! James and Kestra, from the Boundless Bronnekes, are here to share the truth and prove that it's never too late to chase your dreams and create a life of excitement and fulfillment for your family.

My special guest...

16: Molly's Journey to a Life of Freedom & Spontaneity, We Plus Threee

Join Molly, a determined mother tired of the monotony of her old life, as she embarks on a full-time RV journey with her family and faces the challenges and joys of life on the road.

In this episode, you will be able to:

Discover the benefits of embracing full-time RV living and fostering meaningful connections.Learn the significance of deschooling on the journey to homeschooling success.Unleash the perks of incorporating flexibility and spontaneity in your RV travel planning.Understand how embarking on RV life can have a transformative impact on relationships and family bonding.Recognize...

15 - Finding Home, Starting a Business, and Focusing on What Really Matters, With Meighan Tyas

After experiencing a series of challenges and moving 27 times, Meighan and her husband, Paul, finally found their dream home in Sarnia. But just when things seem to be going well, a difficult decision and a surprising revelation leave them questioning their future. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles and find a way forward?

In this episode, you will be able to:

Reinforce family bonds and cultivate intentional living for life enrichment.Unveil the hidden potential of homesteading for a self-reliant existence.Dive deep into the process of evaluating traditions and exploring truth in your...

14: Embracing a Flexible RV Lifestyle as an Active Duty family on Base with Sam from Bourn To Go

Meet the military family who traded conventional living for a debt-free RV journey, gaining flexibility and forging unforgettable memories along the way.

Meet Sam, a military spouse and mother to two adventurous children, who has found a unique and fulfilling way to live debt-free: RV living. Sam and her family have spent over a decade in Jacksonville, Florida, where they first started their journey to embrace the RV lifestyle. As an active camp host at a military base, Sam knows the ins and outs of RV park living, from cost savings to the perks...

13: Going Full-Time: Life on the Road with Kaylee and Steve from Exploring Outside the 303

Are you tired of the daily grind? In this episode, Kate talks to guests Steve and Kaylee from Exploring Outside the 303. They discuss how they left their house and embraced full-time RV living, while both maintaining their full time jobs, the challenges they faced, and the highlights of their travels across the US. They share their favorite destinations, the benefits of their lifestyle, and the importance of intentional traveling. You'll learn about the joys and pitfalls of RV life, as well as tips for those interested in trying it out. Don't miss out on this exciting and insightful podcast!<...

12: RV Living: A Journey of Adventure and Creating a Family Team with Follow Those Rogues

Join Kate and Renay in the More Sunsets Please Podcast, where they travel across the US in an RV with their families! The podcast starts with Kate's inquisitive questions about Renay's travels across different states, how following her dreams led to her RV adventure, and the challenges of living on the road. They share their experiences of adapting to living in an RV, forming communities on the road, and pursuing their passions amidst the chaos of this adventure. 

Listen in as they share stories of their lowest lows, highest highs, and provide tips on how to make t...

11: Navigate Freedom: Overcoming Challenges & Finding Community in Full-Time RV Life

Just Quitting Is Not An Option - Lessons from Jess and Travis

Welcome back to More Sunsets, Please! Our latest episode features Jess and Travis about their life on the road. Today, we're taking a look at one of the key lessons from the episode: persistence pays off.

Jess and Travis admit that during their first year on the road, there were times where they wanted to quit.  But the couple persevered, and after hitting the one-year mark, they realized how truly awesome their experiences have been.

Here are three tips from Jess a...

10: Rollercoaster Life on the Road: Gabe & Rocio's Wild Van Life Journey

Impulsive and determined, Gabe and Rocio go from a paid-off truck and minimal payments on a fifth wheel to more expensive payments and starting van life, striving to reach their goal of exploring all of the National Parks, and conquering their toughest challenge yet: Alaska.

You will learn:

1. How did Gabe and Rocio go from an apartment to RV life in one month? 
2. What is the experience of living and working in an RV Van like?
3. What is the ultimate goal of Gabe and Roccio's RV journey?

Gabe and Rocio are a...

09: "Leaning Into the Suck": Weldon & Lorianne's Journey to Travel Full Time

When Weldon and Lorianne decided to leave the comfort of their home and community to embark on a life of full-time travel, with the goal of finding joy in their journey, chasing people not places and a place to call home.

Weldon and Lorianne are a family of six who have been living on the road for almost three years. They sold their house and embarked on an adventure to explore the country, meet new people, and find a permanent home in Montana.

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