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By: Kate Flemister

Sharing interviews with those who have "flipped the script" and created a way to live life on their terms.Welcome to the More Sunsets Please Podcast. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live debt free, sell it all and live small, travel the country full time or raising animals and growing your own food as a self sustainable family? My name is Kate and these are just some of the stories of those who have flipped the script and changed their lives. Welcome to your freedom podcast, sharing those who have broken free from the mold...

Ep 10: Rollercoaster Life on the Road: Gabe & Rocio's Wild Van Life Journey
Last Sunday at 4:00 AM

Impulsive and determined, Gabe and Rocio go from a paid-off truck and minimal payments on a fifth wheel to more expensive payments and starting van life, striving to reach their goal of exploring all of the National Parks, and conquering their toughest challenge yet: Alaska.

You will learn:

1. How did Gabe and Rocio go from an apartment to RV life in one month? 
2. What is the experience of living and working in an RV Van like?
3. What is the ultimate goal of Gabe and Roccio's RV journey?

Gabe and Rocio are a...

Ep 11: Navigate Freedom: Overcoming Challenges & Finding Community in Full-Time RV Life
Last Sunday at 4:00 AM

Just Quitting Is Not An Option - Lessons from Jess and Travis

Welcome back to More Sunsets, Please! Our latest episode features Jess and Travis about their life on the road. Today, we're taking a look at one of the key lessons from the episode: persistence pays off.

Jess and Travis admit that during their first year on the road, there were times where they wanted to quit.  But the couple persevered, and after hitting the one-year mark, they realized how truly awesome their experiences have been.

Here are three tips from Jess a...

Ep 09: "Leaning Into the Suck": Weldon & Lorianne's Journey to Travel Full Time

When Weldon and Lorianne decided to leave the comfort of their home and community to embark on a life of full-time travel, with the goal of finding joy in their journey, chasing people not places and a place to call home.

Weldon and Lorianne are a family of six who have been living on the road for almost three years. They sold their house and embarked on an adventure to explore the country, meet new people, and find a permanent home in Montana.

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Ep 08: Living Life On Their Terms Through God's Lead with Kristy Janzen

"Experience the miraculous journey of a family of five who move forward in the fog, discovering God's ordained path along the way."

Kristy Janzen is a homeschooling mother of three and wife of a firefighter who sold it all and now learning to let God lead and see where He takes their family.

Struggling to break free from the mundane grind, Kristy Janzen and her family take a leap of faith and embark on an "crazy", life-altering adventure, where unforeseen obstacles threaten to derail their dream of finding true freedom.

In this...

07: From Military Life to Full-Time RV Living & Exploring the U.S. with Patty from Gills on Wheels

Patty Gill, wife of an Air Force veteran and RV enthusiast, embarks on a journey to explore her own backyard despite the disbelief of her family and friends, determined to prove that life is too short to wait for retirement for such an adventure.

You will learn:

1. Exploring the world with the military: What is it like to travel the world while in the military?

2. Going full-time RVing: What challenges and opportunities arise when going full-time in an RV?

3. Raising military “brats”: How do the challenges of moving around the world shap...

06: From Suburbia to RV Life to Self-Sufficiency - Brenda's Homestead Journey

Experience the thrilling journey of a suburban couple as they leave their comfort zone and build their own homestead in Texas.

Here's what I cover with Brenda in this episode:

1. How did Brenda and her husband make the transition from suburban living to RV living?
2. How did Brenda and her husband navigate the difficulties of finding and purchasing land in Texas?
3. What have they been learning while they build their homestead?

Brenda is a Texas-based homesteader who moved from the suburbs of Denver and Arizona to south central Texas. She and...

05: Retire & Travel Together! Making the most of their Marriage: Chasing The Cashes - MSP Podcast

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04: How One Family Left Renting for a Life on the Road -Sarah from Left The Right Coast

When Sarah's family decided to move out of their rental due to a difficult landlord, she takes a leap of faith to embrace the RV lifestyle with her large family and two autistic sons, only to find herself unexpectedly embracing the freedom and flexibility of the open road.

You will learn:
1. How a California family of ten with two autistic boys made the decision to go full-time RVing in 2020.
2. The unexpected places they found to be most enjoyable on their travels.
3. The realities and lessons learned of RV life and living with a large...

03: The Life-Changing Adventure of Living Full-Time in an RV with Kim Graham from Canadian Caboose

When Kim Graham's gut tells her to trust her intuition and leave the farm they always wanted and venture out on the road with her family, she must confront the central conflict of sacrificing stability for experiences.

You will learn:
1. Exploring the Benefits of Single-Sex Education: What is the power of single-sex education and why do many parents opt to send their children to single-sex schools?
2. The Journey of Trusting Your Gut: What are the steps to trusting your intuition and what can it lead to?
3. The Benefits of Slow Travel: How can we...

02: Nurse Fired, Now Free - Corrie Bignell's Story of Freedom

This week on the podcast, Corrie Bignell and I sat down to talk about selling everything and leaving Canada into the unknown of what was next. Corrie was a nurse, working in many departments over her career. Working through Covid-19 shifts at the very start unsure of what to expect with this brand new virus to being fired for not meeting injection requirements after surviving, healthily, the entire time prior.

With this push out the door, Corrie made some pretty "gnarly" decisions to choose debt-freedom and leaving Canada, instead of adding more debt and uncertainty to stay.<...

Introduction - Gotta Start Somewhere

A quick introduction to share why I'm starting this podcast and where I plan to go with it.

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01: Living Outside the Box: Janessa Marcos' Journey to Financial Freedom

After Janessa Marcos and her husband Jamey are inspired by desperation to double their income, Janessa's dreams of becoming a successful influencer are threatened when her account is hacked and their only means of income is suddenly gone.

You will learn:
1. Doubling Income and Quitting Jobs: How Janessa and Jamey went from working full-time jobs to almost doubling their income in just two months by applying simple strategies.
2. Surviving Account Hackers: How Janessa's Instagram account got hacked and her experience of being extorted for money to get it back.
3. Overcoming Fear and Finding Confidence...