Dramatic but Valid

4 Episodes

By: Heather Daye

Unpacking all of our oh-so dramatic but totally valid thoughts about the world we live in together. Written and hosted by Heather Daye and Trei VenClaire.

Initial Thoughts on the Murder of Tyre Nichols

In a special episode of Dramatic but Valid, Heather Daye and Special Guest Host Allison discuss their initial thoughts on the murder of Tyre Nichols.

S1E3 - If You Can Tell Me What to Do, You Can Tell Me What to Do!

S1 Episode 3 - If You Can Tell Me What to Do, You Can Tell Me What to Do! We discuss the Netflix documentary 'Take Your Pills: Xanex,' mental health in the Black community, old school mentality on marriage and more. Make sure to follow Dramatic but Valid for more episodes uploaded weekly!

Dramatic But Valid-Episode 2.0-Season 1.0

Episode 2 of 'Dramatic but Valid' with Heather Daye and Trei Venclaire discusses Chrisean Rock and Blueface's toxic relationship, the Zeus Network, NYC Subways, Inflation, Spirituality Vs. Church, and of course our Dramatic but Valid thoughts and feelings for this week. Comment, Like, and Subscribe Below!

Dramatic But Valid-Episode 1.0

Our first Episode of Dramatic but Valid. Heather Daye and Trei Venclaire talk Tyler Perry, SZA's new album, Tory Lanez Trial vs the State of California, Twitch & mental health, and our Dramatic but Valid Thoughts for the week.