Roasty Toasty Ghosty

7 Episodes

By: Lauren & Mattias

It's a weird title to a weird podcast hosted by a couple of weird people talking about weird things.

#72: Fancy Kind Of Violence
Today at 8:00 AM

In which Lauren & Mattias discuss their inner frustrations that make them burst. They discuss their recent movie night films, and Lauren comes back with a history lesson about the Titanic.


OpeningPeople making fun of dumb peopleApologyWeekly check inJackie Chan: My Story & My StuntsMovie Night 3 year AnniversaryKicking storyMovie On!Enter the DragonThe Wizard of OzA Fistful of YenIntermissionPeople who rapBad things about MattiasHistory Lesson: TitanicWrap up:LimerickAdvice

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đź”’ [Outtakes] #71
Last Wednesday at 6:00 PM

Subscriber-only episode

Ever wondered if your jokes are actually landing, or are you just amusing yourself? Join us as we dive deep into the rabbit hole of self-deprecating humor and existential comedic crises. In our 71st escapade, we do some serious soul-searching about the hilarity (or the lack thereof) of our own banter, and debate if our singing voices are hidden gems or better off buried like pirate treasure. It's a rollicking ride full of hypothetical face collections, multilingual renditions of "The Little Mermaid," and a smattering of good-natured ribbing that'll either have you chuckling along or...

#71: The Man Without Fruit

In which Lauren & Mattias talk about everything Jackie Chan in celebration of his 70th birthday! They wrap up their Jackie Chan era for movie night and discuss everything from their favorite movies to quizzing each other on lesser known Jackie facts.


OpeningBatteriesJackie Chan theme!Weekly check inMovie on!Movie day:Cannonball RunCannonball Run 2HopWho Am IDisenchantedIntermissionLauren’s top 10 Jackie Chan moviesMattias’ bottom 5 and top 10 Jackie Chan moviesJackie Chan quiz by Mattias: swedish titlesJackie Chan Quiz by Lauren: Lesser known factsMad Libs with Jackie Chan themed wordsWrap upLimerickAdvice

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đź”’ [Outtakes] #70

Subscriber-only episode

Ever found yourself wondering how the Easter Bunny became associated with a holiday steeped in religious tradition? We sure did, and that's exactly the rabbit hole we tumble down in our latest podcast episode. As we gear up for recording, you're treated to the raw and unfiltered moments that usually remain off-air. You'll be privy to the quirky Easter customs that bridge the United States to Sweden, and even discover the shadowy past that lurks behind our beloved holiday practices. But that's not all; we also find ourselves musing over pop culture icons like the...

#70: So Help Me Guy

In which Lauren & Mattias chat about Easter traditions, Swedish versus American. They review their recent movie night films, and discuss the downside of loving food and being a messy cleaner.


OpeningWeekly check inLoving to eatEasterMovie day:SlyMovie on!Wheels on MealsEnchantedIntermissionBroken backEasterSwedish traditionAmerican traditionEaster themed Mad LibsLive Mad Libs on Twitch (@roastytoastyghostypodcast) April 9, 2024, 2pm EST/8pm CETWrap upLimerickAdvice

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đź”’ [Outtakes] #69

Subscriber-only episode

Ever found yourself red-faced while trying to articulate a content warning for something explicit, only to end up in a fit of giggles? Well, buckle up, because that's exactly where we kick things off this week, giving you a raw peek at our pre-recording antics. We chat about the curious numbness to sex scenes in films, a sentiment I've personally come to know quite well, and we tease apart the reasons why steamy screen moments don't always translate into real-world titillation. But it's not all about the explicit; we also tiptoe around the edges of...

#69: Breaking Bed

In which Lauren & Mattias completely let loose and drop all filters and go through the less discussed parts of life. They break down their recent movie night films, and dive into periods, swears, and our favorite kind of joke: sex.

Warning! Explicit/ inappropriate and possibly triggering content may apply. If you are uncomfortable with the human body, sex, and profanity, then this episode is not for you. We do not discriminate against anyone in any way nor do we condone violent behavior. Simply put, not a single word spoken in this podcast should be...