Mom’s Murder Madness

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By: Jessica

Mom’s Murder Madness, true crime stories that mom likes to clean to.

A Murderous Wed: When your wife wants to play with handcuffs and a knife | Sheila Davalloo Anna Lisa Raymundo & Paul Christos

Sheila Davalloo and Paul Christos married in the year 2000 and moved into a condominium on 21 Foxwood Drive, Pleasantville, New York. 

Sheila used her degrees and education to get a high paying prestigious job as a research scientist at Purdue Pharma in Stamford, Connecticut.

That’s where she met fellow worker Nelson Sessler.

Now Sheila’s first marriage may have been pressured upon her by her traditional family and she married him to appease them. So okay she made a mistake with that marriage, and did the wrong thing...

Murder Of School Teacher Melinda Pleskovic By Daughters’ Boyfriend Jeffrey Scullin | The Motive

 police interrogations

On the evening of October 23 2017 20 yr old Jeffrey Scullin called 911 in a panic because he had just found his future mother in law, Melinda Pleskovic, bloody on the kitchen floor

He and Melinda’s husband, Bruce Pleskovic, had just returned to the home they shared with Jeff’s fiancé (their daughter Anna), their young baby girl, and Melinda and Bruce’s disabled adult child Kyle who has Down syndrome and is nonverbal.

Bruce and Melinda Pleskovic raised their children in the quiet town of Strongsville, OH.

Melinda was a pillar o...

Starved To Death By Parents | The Devastating Murder Of Tayla Aldeman

Child neglect can lead to multiple issues when it comes to the development of the children involved, with the most extreme cases, resulting in a child’s painful and gruesome death.

Tayla Aleman was born at Martin medical in Stewart Florida in 2015 weighing 9 pounds at birth. She was a perfectly healthy baby with no birth defects or illnesses.

She’s was the 10th child born to Alejandro Aleman and Kristen Meyer Aleman

The family came to Florida from suburban Chicago, their other children were ages...

TW: The Worst Case Of Child Abuse: Takota Collins Murdered By Father, Al Muhatan McLean FULL BETTER AUDIO

Extreme trigger warning - severe child sexual and physical abuse and torture 

@crimechamps for crime scene photos @bluedotcrime for police interrogation 

Al Muhatan had had full costody of takoda since 2013 when his mother Robin Collins was struggling from a drug addiction. 

Al and Dakota didn’t live alone however - there was Als girlfriend 27 year old Amanda Hinze and her sister along with mcleans 3 year old brother whom McLean had recently gained custody of as well

What should have been a happy blended family was anything but, rather for 10 year old Takot...

The WORST Mom In The World | The Murder Of 6 YR Old James Robert Hutchinson By Brittany Gosney & BF

Brittany Gosney was Born on February 2, 1992 when her parents, Betty and Charles Gosney, were still married - she was the middle child with 2 sisters. Her parents divorced in the late 90s and her dad left them to fend for themselves 

While still very young Brittany was dumped with her dad and step mom- essentially now feeling abandoned by her mother. 

Inexplicably a male babysitter was hired to watch the kids, he promptly began raping Brittany regularly 

Emotional avoidance is a common reaction to trauma Avoidance refers to any action designed to prevent the occ...

“I Didn’t Mean To Do It” 2X Convicted Sex Offender Murders 12 Year Old Child Naomi Jones

On May 31st Shantara Hurry called 911 in a panic because her 12 year old daughter Naomi Jones was nowhere to be found.

Naomi walked her dog with her brothers in her apartment complex in Pensacola Florida and Everyone came back inside but Naomi went back outside one more time and Shantara thought the kids were just playing hide and seek.

Naomi never came back in.

After a short time Shantara started looking outside for Naomi but she was nowhere. Naomi left her phone and Shantara started messaging her friends via Naomi’s social media. 

A Party To Die For: Teen killer Tyler Hadley Parricide Double Murders

Teen Killer Murders Parents So He Can Throw House Party

Shortly before 5:00 p.m. Tyler popped 3 ecstasy pills before silently sneaking up behind his mother with a hammer in his hand Mary-Jo, as she worked on her computer in the family room.

With the claw end up he began relentlessly bashing in Mary Jo’s head

Hearing the screams and chaos, his father rushed out of the bedroom to see what was happening. Blake saw Tyler attacking his wife and froze in shock

Immediately Tyler attacked him as well continuously bashing hi...

TW: The Worst Case Of Child Abuse: Takota Collins Murdered By Father, Al Muhatan McLean PART 2

Extreme trigger warning - severe child sexual and physical abuse and torture 

Starting January 5, 2015, at age 7, Takoda entered Horace Mann elementary school.

Now there was no way that the school officials could’ve really known the deaths of Dakotas abuse at home because normal people can’t wrap their head around something like this 

But when Dakota was in school the teachers and school officials did notice that he could benefit from some assistance

No there was no records or reports of Dakota ever having issues using the bathroom properly at school...

The Worst Case Of Child Abuse: Takota Collins Murdered By Father, Al Muhatan McLean

The Worst Case Of Child Abuse: Takota Collins Murdered By Father, Al Muhatan McLean

Extreme trigger warning - severe child sexual and physical abuse and torture 

In the late afternoon of December 13th 2019 29 year old Al Muhatan McLean dialed 911 in a panic Because his 10 year old son Takota Collins was laying in the floor unresponsive with vomit around his mouth.

What proceeded from this event was a thorough investigation that uncovered years of physical, mental, and sexual abuse of the child. Al, his girlfriend, and her sister were all complicit in the boy’s t...

Anthony Todt Family Murders: The Real Motive | Disney World Massacre True Crime

The Disney World Family Massacre In Celebration Florida - Todt Disney world is often called the most magical place on earth. 

While Celebration maybe considered the most magical place on earth for Disney lovers to reside for one family it was the deadliest. 

This is moms murder madness 

At some point an investigation began into Anthony’s clinic. 

Early January 2020 friends and family of Megan began to become concerned as no one had heard from her in several weeks. 

The Todt family was last heard from via text me...

Florida Man Gets Away With 4 Counts Of Cold Blooded Murder For 22 Years

Between the years of 2005 and 2016 Robert Hayes Murders at least 4 women that we know of. He was known as the Daytona Beach Serial Killer.

A criminal profile was made of the killer investigators believed he was a white male which would turn out to be wrong who had a partner in his life home he hated and resented they believe the killer was letting out his hatred on the women he killed.

The The public also had theories on the Daytona Beach killer some believe he must be ex military or even a cop while...