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103 - The Spiders Episode (w/ Jo Firestone)

In the third episode of It’s The Larry Sanders Show’s Show, Jason and Max continue their history lectures with a rundown of Rip Torn's career before he became Artie. Then they chat with Jo Firestone, who worked on late-night talk shows while pursuing stand-up in the New York alternative comedy world. Finally, they break down The Spiders Episode and its anti-comedy scene-by-scene and disagree on whether it’s the best episode of the season. It's sure to get tense!

Jo Firestone is a comedian, actor, and writer. Her work has appeared on Joe...

102 - The Promise

Buckle up for the second episode of It’s The Larry Sanders Show’s Show! Your hosts Jason and Max follow up with a history lesson about Jeffrey Tambor, who was nominated for four Emmys for his portrayal of Hank Kingsley on The Larry Sanders Show. Then they break down The Promise scene by scene wondering about this alternate reality where David Spade is a famous stand-up rather than being on SNL and revealing what real-life actor inspired Larry and the writers’ prank on William Shatner. Finally they sum up their opinions of The Promise by giving it a new ti...

101 - The Garden Weasel (w/ Kevin Nealon)

Welcome to the premiere episode of It’s the Larry Sanders Show’s Show! Your hosts Jason and Max explain why two non-famous people who aren’t even obsessive fans of Larry Sanders are hosting a watchalong podcast about it. They give a history lesson about Garry Shandling and then speak with Kevin Nealon, longtime friend of Garry. Kevin talks about his memories of Garry, his guest appearances on the show, and how Garry’s success on The Tonight Show prepared Kevin for his own nerve wracking first appearance. Then Jason and Max break down The Garden Weasel scene by scene...

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