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If you don't like it, don't listen, because I don't conform, which doesn't make me entirely incapable of learning, but stubborn as shit just the same! I don't regurgitate talking points and shit here. I don't compromise either. If you don't like it, don't listen, because I don't conform.

Best of Stan the Jokeman Show w/ a Brand New Makin' Friends in the Restroom!
Yesterday at 8:02 PM

Taking the day off to spend with my family, BUT that's not to say I ever REALLY take the day off! That's why over the weekend I managed to bang out a brand new Makin' Friends in the Restroom at the Tulsa State Fair!

PLUS, though the show is only 8 months, I've managed to put together a few decent parody songs and bits! ENJOY! I'll be back on Wednesday!!!

THANK THANK THANK YOU for giving this show the time of day! thanks very much.

Ashton Kutcher Craps With the Door Open!
Last Friday at 4:49 PM

Tulsa State Fair is here and I have a short list of a few things you might not want to see on midway!

I think I know what might have killed Coolio!

Why I don't play the blues!

Ashton Kutcher Craps with the door open according to Mila!

Robin Williams shouldn't be dead! I'll tell you why!

Let's jet ski to the Bahamas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Save Money!!!!!!

Shit Storm Tips That Don't Do Shit!
Last Wednesday at 4:29 PM

The latest tips from Florida officials regarding hurricane Ian, is that THERE ARE NO GODDAMNED TIPS! At least none that work. You're on your own.

How did the Green Bay Packers beat the Buckineers? Jumbo Poop Stain!

Asia Argento is a freakin' black widow according to Anthony Bourdain's final texts! She didn't hang him, but she practically bought the rope for him!

Terry Bradshaw is saying a heartfelt 'goodbye' to his beloved Oklahoma ranch!

Katie Couric has breast cancer. That touches us all personally, I think.

Sarah Jessica Parker's...

Oklahoma Annexes Texas

You're not dreaming folks! It's happening and we even have a brand new name for our great BRAND NEW UNION!!!

There's a new band of terrorists operating scooters in downtown Tulsa! I'll give you the latest news and A GOOD SOLUTION you can use to deal with it!

Ukraine War TRUTH UPDATE for the listeners in Moscow WITH AUDIO YOU NEED TO HEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vladimir Putin is dreaming of his VERY OWN STALINGRAD!!!!!

Blackenstein aka Black Frankenstein! I watched it! Movie Report with audio!


Male & Female Fan Mail & Today's Top Headlines Kind Of! I'm in Pain Today.


I love mail! Don't give two shits for male, but I love mail and particularly FEMALE!

Forgive me but my body is so sore! HOW SORE ARE YA?

I'm so sore, every time I need to go to the kitchen, the cockroaches offer to go for me!

Poontang In Need of 300,000 Swinging Peckers & New Oklahoma Liquor Laws!!

Vladimir Poontang has called for "partial mobilization'!

NEW OKLAHOMA LIQUOR laws might be on the books soon!

STD 's continue to rise amongst seniors citizens in Oklahoma and Monkey Pox surges amongst gay men!


The Effortlessly Charming Agnes McAlester!

Agnes has the best tips for making you more likeable!

The show has brand new listeners at a possible bombing range!!!

Bam Margera was lost, but now he's found!

Goodbye Dear Queen Elizabeth!

King Chuck Part III! He's tidying up the Royal Palace in more ways than one!

Oklahoma college football kicks total ass!

A look at a couple of NFL games over the weekend

Lady Gaga truly loves her fans! Proof is in the tears she sheds!

Good News Possible Butt Missionary Impossible When Sodomizing Sheep!

Let me grab the paper and try to put together a positive show! Trust me, it's not gonna be easy!

OKC has a brand new North Korean fried chicken joint comin' to town! I'll tell you when!

Driving through Colorado is no walk in the park folks, regardless of the season!

Here in Oklahoma I guess we've begun taking part in the favorite family past time of handing down body parts from past dead relatives and shit! IT HAPPENED HERE!!!!!! I have the details!

Terrorizing already terrified immigrants! UN-Christian & UN-American!

Ryan Reynold's Ass Is In Distress & Russia Put Out a New Military Recruiting Video!

There's a new Russian military recruiting video that promises the world, but falls short on actually delivering ANYTHING!

We have to chat about meatloaf and Meatloaf!

Ryan Reynolds had to get his butt worked on last night! I have the scoop!

Has anyone buried the Queen yet?

Porcupines KILL Pitbulls! No shit folks! A MUST HEAR FOR PET OWNERS!

The very first joke I EVER TOLD AS STAN THE JOKEMAN, re-written and told again for another funny scenario! Can you spot it?

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell...

Pickin' & Grinnin' On a Crappy Monday! Takes the Sting Out!

Well folks, some are going to jobs today and some are looking! I'd like to offer some good advice for those who might be puttin' their resume together!


Pickin' & Grinnin' continues around the haystack with the gang, spreading gossip

Tom Brady, please shut up and get your ass off the field! Hey Dak, you break a nail or something?


I did it with Kirstie Alley One Night! I'll tell...

BIG DADDY KING CHUCK! King Charles Part III "Chuck Goes To Hell"!

Make way folks! It's time for Big Daddy King Chuck!

The great message UK's Queen left for us all, but mainly young folks.

Clint Eastwood IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS THE QUEEN! I'll tell you why!

Natalie Wood Mystery Solved!!!!!

Fart to Fart! One of the 80's most exciting dramatic crime series to ever air!

Tweaking Darth Vadar!

Top Signs You Need to Start Putting New Employment Feelers Out there!

There's only 1 boss in Harryland!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the Dirty Ass Church!

The message has been lost when it comes to religious music folks!

Kung Fu Farting is for real!!!!

Pornography made both Ted and Kanye do it! THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE!!!

Royal Caribbean Cruise has opened a brand new 'All You Can Eat' buffet!

Protecting the furor AND YOUR NUTS continues!

The Henryetta Labor Day Celebration! Green Country's Oldest WITH ACTUAL AUDIO!

It's where the Stan the Jokeman Show broadcasts from, and just so happens to be the GREATEST TOWN IN AMERICA, and I can prove it!!!!


Migraine Headache Cure! It May Very Well Exist & An Oklahoma Woman Found It!

A nearby doctor believes he finally found what's causing migraines for millions of Americans and has actually cured a Tulsa woman!

Gisele Buttcheek is going to kill Tom Brady! I'll tell you why!

Free sex toys for all the city workers in Dallas!

NEW FEATURE: Pickin' & Grinnin!


"Hey Stan, What's For Dinner?" Thirsty Bird! I'll give you the Labor Day recipe!

The Mar-a-Lago Molie Molie Molie! I'm Sure I Know Who It Is!

A direct message from Senator Lindsey Graham, who wants us to 'believe' he gives a shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are 3 basic levels of Top Secret. I'll explain.

I know who the mole is in the Mar-a-Lago Club!

Mikhail Gorba what the hell is dead because of Vladimir Poontang!

Cleveland Browns are mentally deficient! WTF?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leo DeCaprio and his squeeze of four years have called it quits for the WRONG reasons!

Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top is definitely one of the coolest most down to earth people ever, and we...

F**king Joe Biden! Too Old & a Dollar Short, Maybe?!

HEY, I graduated from Youtube University!!!!!!

A pedophile livestreamed his crappy suicide attempt on Facebook!

The Baltimore Ravens Mascot Poe is a Pussy!!!

Richard Simmons is still alive and sends his best!

Charlie Sheen has a tainted pecker and is paying for being one too!!!!!!!!!!

Just Sam is just in the damned hospital and no one knows why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ozzy Osbourne is moving his bat eating ass back to England!

Prepare to be carded for Whip Cream!!!!!!


According to Ivanka Trump, her sissy husband will sign his new ghost written book, if you give her father $75! I'll give you the details.

For once, Governor Stitt and I agree on something! The execution!

Governor Stitt is a piece of shit! I remastered an old tune commemorating it!

If you live in Houston and love Hooters, YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS STORY!

Dead body in the motel swimming pool. It happened in Nebraska!

Maria Shriver has GOT to back off on the plastic surgery!


Boobs, Bottomless Busey, Bad Judgement & a Direct Message to Moscow!

I love protesting as long as it's legal! Speaking of legal, there's a GREAT method of protesting that should probably be legalized! I'll tell ya.

FORD got hammered with a serious judgement after yet another defect, BUT THEY'RE DEFECTS FROM '17 AND BACK MODELS. Listen.

Elon Musk's Shit Don't Stink and it's pissed off the Bay area!

Gary Busey's pants are off in Malibu

and Vladimir Poontang has a gun to the head of the world!

I'll talk to Moscow about it, for the sake of Moscow and probably...

Happy Monday I Quit BYE!

The hot new trend of 'quiet quitting' is rising faster and faster, BUT it's NOT what you might think! Personally, I think it's a management problem. I have the whys and hows

The Bombers are blowin' it and Boone is tearing shit up! I have the audio!!!

Gary Busey is in jail again. I'll tell you why, WITH audio!

Super hot performances coming quick to Oklahoma! I've got the list with audio

Your Vagina Looks Like Richard Ramirez the Night Stalker!

Labiaplasty has been around for a long time, but new 'designer' choices being offered to women in New York have made vaginas VERY TRENDY!

Brad Pitt beat the shit out of his jet airplane.

Liz Cheney's complete un-edited concession call! What the Joker's wife said Liz said, and what Liz actually said. You decide.

IT'S GETTING EASIER AND EASIER for seniors to get life insurance! I have the details!

AMBER LYNN alert!!!!! Someone stole the world's most extravagant vibrator!!!!!

Nostradamnit Is Full of Shit & Capri Sun Is Full of Wild Cherry Windex!!!

I'm okay with Nostradamus! My problem is with Nostradamnit and his panic attack! Are you in the 'Bang Zone'?

Capri Sun and their recall! I have the details!

LADIES! Here's your chance! Liz Cheney would make a fantastic Madam President because she has bigger balls than any of the sissy boy repubics!

Mr. & Mrs. Ben Affleck are having a huge marriage celebration for the friends and families this weekend! I have the details!

Motley Crue killed my only fan in Indianapolis last night! I have the details!

Martha Stewart Loves Her New Peter!

Word on the street is, Martha is getting jack hammered by Pete Davidson! The pictures don't always lie!!!!!!!!!

The Constant Release of Methane from Your Fat Child is Destroying the Planet!

Scientists have linked the warm climate to farting fat children! Sure. I can get behind that, but I disagree with the study's explanation! I'll tell you what I think.

Teddy Ray died, but we don't have too many details! It may very well have something to do with James Hetfield of Metallica's divorce. I think James and Britney Spears should hook up!<...

Tom Lee's Pecker Portrait Studio

Andy Griffith was a sex maniac & Barney Fife a fuckin' killer! I have the scoop!

Is there a cut off point for dick pics? My personalities will discuss.

Goodbye Anne Heche?

Without getting too crazy, I'll give you my take on what's happening once again the Trump shit show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Governor Stitty Britches, Donald Dump, Yea & Kung F**k Master Steven Seagull!

Listen up Oklahoma! Stitt 's getting deep around here! He's accusing Tulsa Public Schools of stealing money! No all? I've got the one on one!

I also have the very latest on Donna Trump and the Oklahoma leaders who put him above the country!

Kanye West has a new name: Yea!!!! Well, Yea is trying to re-connect with his old sugar mama Kim, but she's not biting!

Dumb Ass Steven Seagal is in UKRAINE!!!!! I've got the scoop!

Anne Heche: Beautiful Burnt & Bat Shit Crazy!

The Joy of passing counterfeit money and the best places to do it!

Russia is ready to send Britney Griner home, IF...........

Britney Spears has pretty much been abandoned by her own family. I know why.

PLUS, Stan the Jokeman Show has it's very first sponsor!!! Linam Up Grill Food Truck!

Exploding Butt Monkeypox and What You Need to Know!

When it comes to Monkeypox, this show is your authority on what symptoms you should be looking for! I'll let you decide which symptoms I give are actual symptoms.

Alex Jones can' back up his bullshit, so he'll pay for it!

The Britney Griner verdict is bullshit! Would you be surprised to learn

Judge Poontang has a hand in that verdict! I'll tell you why!

Would you take a bullet for Lady Gaga's dog and if so, would she owe you a gaga?!

What the Chinese sanctions against Nancy...

Monkeypox Song by Stan the Jokeman

All over me, the itching runs

All over me, scratching far from done

Something 's knocked me on my ass

Where you'll find the the itchy scabbing rash

All over me, a fever runs

HEY!!! Monkey, monkey, monkey

Don't you know that you, GOT THE MONKEY, monkey pox


The Pelosi Pecker Slap!

It has been confirmed, NancyPelosi & Liz Cheney have the largest balls in D.C.

LIV golf. Take the money and run or no? Tiger Woods said, "Fuck NO!"

Road House is back, minus Swayze, add a Jake!

Would you kill for McDonald's shitty new french fries?

The truth behind Ashley Judd being left out of Naomi's will

50 Cent may very well be screwing Bennett's wife

& the Britney Spears upcoming wedding will be nowhere near white, obviously!

Stan the Jokeman's "Abort the Court" song!

Well, I guess it would be nice, if we still had Scalia/Ruth

Who ruled by way of truth, because they had back bone

Well, they woulda thought twice, before they threw your rights away

Pregnant, bi, straight or gay, they left Americans alone!

But these new decisions takes us back fifty years now

Your freedoms being carefully stripped away!

If you're looking for honor in that joke of a court now,

well please let me have the floor, so I can be the first...

War = Inflation = Anti Theft Boots on Spam!

Funny how inflation and theft always seem to follow the same trend! Because of that, stores are starting to nail shit down!!!!

NEWLYWED UPDATE: Lindsay Lohan was seen with her new husband and you'll never guess what she was wearing!! PLUS: Mr. & Mrs. Ben Affleck's marriage has been given a short six months by J Lo's ex!

TRUMP 's talking again..........the question is, why?

Ukraine Grain is flowing folks and America is watching CLOSELY!!

and the big question, "Are all artists dirty philanderers?" and did Robert Wagner MURDER Natalie Wood?<...

LIV Golf & Breaking History Showcasing America's 24 Karat Pussies!

I have just about had my fill of millionaire/billionaire pussies who just cannot wait to sell this country and their wives down the river to the highest bidder! Proof is in the pudding folks!

BRAD PITT is working REAL HARD at ducking Angelina Jolie's Black Mamba team of process servers! I'll tell you why!

Moscow update for the folks caught in the Matrix and a whole lot more!!!

I Like It In the Butt Style!

Why do Walmart have the partition in front of the pharmacies for the Covid boosters?

Tony Dow Lives, REGARDLESS of what the woman who claims to 'love him' says!

Robert Gamez Needs to keep his hands to himself!

Speaking of handsy, Andrew Cuomo's brother is working again,

and a whole lot more!!!!!!!

That Old 76 Takes Diesel!

Is Vin doing Helen?! Way to go Helen Mirren, ya naughty cougar! She's in Italy with Diesel filming ANOTHER sequel to Fast and the Furious!

Crackheads have a new line of income that is SO SHOCKING you HAVE TO HEAR IT! PROTECT YOUR FAMILY AND FALLEN!!!

How would you feel about the Elton John, Motley Crue, Ozzy Farewell tour?

and lots, lots more!!!!

it's none of your business

Fake Problems, Spoiled Brats, Dishonor, Fascism, 3rd Place America, Stalkers and Quarantined Pioneer Women!

Welcome To Hell's Truck Stop!

The heat is the top of EVERYONE'S mind, because IT'S UP YOUR HOT ASS!!!!!

I have a few things to say about the heat around the world and while we're out, we'll swing by Russia for a quick 'Truth Update'!

PLUS! Is Ricky Martin doing his nephew or not?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Transgender Jail Babies Will Rule the World!

Did you hear about the transgender woman who had to be moved to a male facility because she's knockin' up all the girls in the women's prison! I HAVE THE STORY!

Great apartment window cleaning tips and ways to keep the house cool!

Ice Cream & Cool Whip recipes to help beat the heat!

and a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT! Bennifer is Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the details!

Jaws Is Gay, Bigfoot Is Hungry, the Panther Is A Baker & Tom Brady Is A Crappy Dad!

More shark attacks folks, but it's obvious they don't like the taste of gay!

An Oklahoma man murdered his friend so as not to be fed to Sasquatch!

Tom Brady is so rich he's a shitty father, Baker Mayfield has a new home

and Vladimir Poontang is looking for a new one! THIS IS THE SHOW YOU DON'T WANNA MISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liz Cheney For President! She's the Only One With Balls!

Jessie James and Eric Decker's son posted some nudes of dad on Instagram! Whip the child or not?

The January 6th Hearings, and what they say about the pussies who've hijacked the Grand Old Party!

PLUS, Britney Spears has a new husband AND A NEW STALKER!!!!

A Cruise to Wimbledon & the Forbidden Love!!!

Tom Cruise wants to pork Duchess Kate Middleton so bad he can't see straight! At least, that's what I'm guessing!

Celebrity relationships are in the shitter everywhere, but me and Good Morning America's Rob Marciano have some FANTASTIC therapeutic tips you can use to help unplug and relax a bit! REAL HELPFUL TIPS!!!!!!!!!!!

Brad Pitt Doesn't Know You, Poontang Wants Alaska Back and Greg Needs Tips on Cooking Ribs!

Brad Pitt is looking at you, but doesn't have a clue who in the hell you are!

Vladimir Poontang wants Alaska back, and listener feedback at Jokeman Productions LLC on Facebook! Sure appreciate it!