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By: Bill Graff, Michael Olsen, Jonathan McCollyer, Amy Hao

Pealing back a layer in geopolitics, searching through the lessons of history, comparing and contrasting culture, and reading between the lines of "great power competition", China Watch Radio delves into the past, present and future of US/China relations while balancing a critical eye for humanitarian abuses and authoritarian structures with a genuine hope for our shared humanity.

Nathan Su Explains US Taiwan Position
Last Friday at 12:49 AM

Epoch Times senior reporter Nathan Su joined us today to illuminate the nuances of the the "three joint communiques" which form the foundation of U.S. and PRC relations with regards to Taiwan.  The team also discusses and, at times, heatedly debates a variety of issues ranging from BlackRock's White House influence to the G7's new international development proposal, the BRICK's nations new proposed alternative to the dollar and the strength of the Chinese navy.

Is Your Pension Fund Helping Arm The Chinese Military?

If you were Blackrock CEO Larry Fink and you had to chose between the US, China or one of your yachts, which would you chose? Listen as we discuss a pantheon of topics ranging from US investments (like those managed by Blackrock) supporting Chinese military related industries, to drone swarms and the role of postmodernism in institutional decay.

Taiwan: Why The Belligerence?

In a meeting of top US and Chinese military brass PLA Defense Minister Wei Fenghe said, “If anyone dares to split Taiwan from China, the Chinese army will definitely not hesitate to start a war no matter the cost”. Join us for a deep dive discussion regarding the potential for a military conflict over Taiwan as we ask the question, "why the bellicosity?"

Zero Covid Policy: Incompetence, Politics or Preparation For War?

The policy of reducing all cases of COVID to zero is being aggressively pursued in China through severe lockdowns, daily testing and quarantine camps.  Given the impossibility of preventing the spread of a disease that most of the world has accepted as endemic, we ask why this policy persists. Is it through incompetence or an attempt to "save face"? Is it a tactic to punish Xi's political enemies? Is it a way of preparing the nation for war? or perhaps all three? Find out in this episode of China Watch Radio.

China's New Aircraft Carrier, Lockdowns, Food Security & Globalization

Will China's grain hording feed the starving millions in the coming food crisis or has most of it rotten or disappeared due to corruption? Is Shanghai finally coming out of lockdown? U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet just took a real soft tone on the Genocide in Xinjiang. 10 Pacific Nations get cold feet on Chinese security and economic deals. China has just launched its new Type 003 aircraft carrier for sea trials. A leaked video appears to show Peoples Liberation Army Top Brass discussing the "normal to war transition". The end of free trade may be the...

A War Like No Other, But Not Without Precedent

Whether it be "unrestricted warfare" of a cultural or economic nature, the push and pull between great powers or the contest between authoritarianism and Liberalism, it is clear that relations between the U.S. and China are at an inflection point.  Are we the victims of a clandestine war we didn't even know was being waged against us? To what extent have our military and economic policies created the current climate of animosity?  Is China moving to secure strategic relationships in the South Pacific? Has the US left a power vacuum? Find some detailed information and diverse opinions in th...

Our Special Guest Blows The Whistle On The Shocking Situation in Xingjian

In one of our most extraordinary shows, Nury Turkel, human rights attorney serving on the US Commission on International Religious Freedom and author of the book "No Escape: The True Story of China's Genocide of the Uyghurs", joins us for a whirlwind two hours detailing the horrors forced on the Uyghur population of Xingjian China by the CCP. Nury explains in various ways the physical, psychological and spiritual abuse not even Orwell could have dreamed of. Don't miss this episode and don't let the topic rest, as 3 million of our human brothers and sisters are interned in massive forced...

Chinese Internal Politics Are At A Boiling Point

It's easy to think that the CCP is a political organization of 90 million people that uniformly agree on any given policy, but the reality may be far more complex and illuminating.

The first major faction after the reign of Deng Xiaoping was the Hu Jintao's coalition of peasant farmers. Their sometimes rivals, sometimes partners were the elitist Shanghai coalition, with all the wealth and foreign connections that go along with being "coast elites". The coastal elites, under the leadership of Jiang Zemin, rose above their rivals when Jaing's faction advocated for the Tienanmen Square massacre in 1989. At...

While A Wave Of Foreigners Leave China, Is Blackrock Sending Your Pension To The CCP?

As questions about CCP related corruption hang over the Biden Admin's recent appointment to APEC, Michael Olsen describes the scenario in which our investment fund dollars, with a focus on pension funds, end up in China. Bill Graff relates the opening of Tesla's factory in Shanghai, Amy provides some perspective on the ongoing lockdowns and Jonty describes an apparent exodus of foreigners from mainland China.

Taiwan's Kinmen Island Vulnerability, Disinformation, Nukes & Student Poetry

Rather than invade Taiwan's main island of Formosa, Xi might decide to score a quick victory over Taiwan's smaller islands much closer to the mainland. Wang Wenbin, the CCP's Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, makes the case that the US is "the master of disinformation."  Peter Zeihan things mainland China will face "dissolution" by the end of the decade.  Dissident Chinese poets write things like, “The pandemic has made everything into necessities. … Alas, the world of humans is full of unnecessary things.”