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The Maverick Top Pick Female Sprinters To Break The World Record 40.60
Today at 12:00 AM

A Ray Of Hope- No Legs 🦵 No Problem
Last Tuesday at 5:00 PM

Taiwan Is Surrounded By Chinese Warships & Warplane~Gravitas
Last Tuesday at 3:00 AM

The World Banks Predict Global Debt Storm Is Coming

Crypto World Bitcoin Briefly Drop Below $30000 While Terra/luna Plunges 45%

In this episode explains why the down spiral of the cryptocurrency Market 

Stepping Razor Mutabaruka Exclusive Interview With Entertainer TripppleX

In this interview mutabaruka speaks with tipppleX of wht is causing the down spiral of dancehall music 

Unfair & Irrelevant Criticism Of Olympic Champion Elaine Thompson Herah

In this episode the maverick talks about why  people should leave Elaine Thompson alone and her not being articulate in interviews nor good English grammar will not  make her break a new record.. she’s the best of what she does(Olympic champion) 
Stay strong and keep focus 🧘🏿‍♀️

Veteran Journalist Barbara Gloudon Has Died In Hospital

In this episode of the archives Barbara gloudon died in hospital Wednesday night.. 
RIP MISS Gloudon
my grandmother use to listen her every time she’s comes on the radio 

Farmer Ex Police Speaks Against The Corruption Within The Jamaica Constabulary Force

In this episode of the archives expolice officer give young police advice as why they should leave Jamaica if they have the chance to..

Jamaica’s Next Generation Of Sprinters Still Not Being Manage Properly~THE MAVERICK

In this episode of the ARCHIVES The maverick speaks on why many of the young talented sprinters May burning there self out 

National Water Commission Strike In Rural Parishes~Tvj

Bounty Killler Speaks On Why Dancehall Artists With Massive Entourage Are Unprofessional And Paranoid

Fannie Mae Just Admitted A Recession Is Coming

Credits to The “minority mindset” for share such an informative info
Check out their videos at https://youtu.be/-MD0I6j2uSc

How To Invest In A Recession And Why The Stock Market Begins To Plummet

In this episode Stephen graham shares his strategy on how to invest in a recession 

Big Race Shelly Wins, MBOMA Injured And Sha’carri Missing

MBOMA Will Embarrass World Athletics ~ OralTracey

In This Small Clip The Maverick Speak of the unique Situation Of Controversial Female Sprinter MBOMA And how she’s Could compromise the integrity of female sprinting.. 

Credits to the maverick for always sharing his creditable opinion https://youtu.be/RDdksram4y8

A Short Docufilm On “The Power Of Big Oil” How The Warnings Grew About Climate Change While Corporations & Politicians Missed The Opportunity To Mitigating The Problem

The US re-emerge as one of the world s biggest oil and gas producers while the fossil fuel industry work to delay the transition to renewable energy sources which includes promoting natural gas as a cleaner alternative..

Credits to PBS FRONTLINE for this informative documentary https://youtu.be/R8UOJqs5F9Q

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Russia Target Supply Routes As The US And NATO Allies Distribute Weapons In The Ukraine

RAW&UNCUT~Trippple X Upsettingly Speaks On The State Of Dancehall And Why DJs/Selectors Are Not Being Creative

In this interview with the fix Triple x speak to WHY songs for females are not being played at parties 

How Mark Zuckerberg Lost His Fortune~ Gravitas

Supreme Court strikes Down Roe V. Wade, Leaked Opinion Shows~TrevorDailyShow

The Real Don For The Deadly G City Gang “ Fredman” PolitricksWatch

How Music And NFT Combine Could change The Relationship Between Artist And Fan With Blockchains ~ Garyvee

Top Ten Greatest PolitricksWatch Videos Of All Time

In this episode PolitricksWatch review his top ten videos of all time with The peoples vote 

USA Found Their “Usain Bolt” In Erriyon knighton ~ OralTracey

The Maverick Speak of the Talented 18yr Old American Sprinter  Erriyon Knighton 

The White House Correspondent Dinner With Your Host Trevor Noah

Reggae Singer Sanchez Son Gets Killed In August Town Triple Murder~ PolitricksWatch

“Environmental Racism In The US” How Both Government And Industry Are Failing People Of Color ~ John Oliver

“The Pandemic Is Over” What Happened Last Week In The US ~ “Elon Mush Buys Twitter” ~ TrevorDailyShow

What’s Driving The Craze? Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency And Blockchain

Who’s Pressing The Reggae Girls Button And Why? OralTracey

The Biggest 116 Octane To Get Caught In Jamaican History Leebert Ramcharan~PolitricksWatch

This video explains why the country of Jamaica getting worst and worst with Corrupt Officials In Power…

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 Protoje  “bloody money” https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4zVPl7W3k1lNBmaeJi7hKd?si=6zYHyoGNTZit25732WS3RQ

The Explosion Of Cryptocurrencies And The US Regulation..

Terro Don Clear His Name And Tells Ja Radio To Apologize

Plane Carrying 133 Passengers Crashes In China

The Psychology Of Dark World MegaChurches~Short Documentary~James Jani

The Jail Bird Don Who Wipe Out 6 Relatives In On Night “TURBO” PolitricksWatch

Terro Don Tries To Clear His Name With Receipt And Proof

Ja Radio Expose Terro Don “CHOPPED” Silk Boss (Proof Included)

Silk Boss Returns Onstage With Winford Williams New Song Debut “Surgery”