Video Clerk Confessionals: raised by the 80's

9 Episodes

By: Barby and Ray

Throwing it back to a magical time...picking out your favorite movie on a Wednesday or Friday night at a video store. Discussing the movies that helped to define our personalities.

Episode 9: The Shining

In today's episode we review "The Shining". Join us as we mix up the book and the movie and throw in a little Simpson's reference for good measure.  

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Episode 8: Back To The Future

Geek out with Barby and Ray as they discuss hover boards, slap bracelets, the betrayal of marketing and the infamous car scene at the Enchant Under the Sea dance. 

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Episode 7: Harry and the Hendersons

Seriously though, can someone confirm if there is actual photographic evidence? I'm skeptical.
Join Barby and Ray while they forget actors names and just straight up change character's names in today's podcast about Harry and the Henderson's. (1987) 

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Episode 6: Weird Science

In today's episode we stroll down memory lane and pop over to the late John Hughes' favorite fictional town Shermer, Illinois. An 80s movie that inspired 90s (and beyond) pop-culture references, and...brought us the villainous 80s mall guy as portrayed by Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. 

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Episode 5: The Lost Boys

Discussing drinking games, a tale of two Coreys, bleach blonde hair, and the silly saxophone wiggle. Ah, the 80s were a magical time. 

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Episode 4: Dead Poets Society

We dive deep DEEP in this episode of the Video Clerk Confessionals as we analyze and breakdown the movie Dead Poets Society. 

Trigger Warning: this episode discusses suicide.

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Episode 3: My Best Friend is a Vampire

In this episode we talk about the dreaded Sunday morning work shifts and the importance of Star Trek connections. 

My Best Friend is a Vampire.

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Episode 2: Cocoon and The Neverending Story

Egg in a juice cup and green apples.... sign us up!

Cocoon and The Neverending Story.

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Episode 1: Labyrinth and The Watcher in the Woods

Join us for a dive into the world of working in a video store, and of course talking about the movies that shaped the "adults" we became.  Whether we are talking about how Jim Henson ruled the 80s or just your typical family horror film... we hope you'll be entertained. 

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