On The Issue

4 Episodes

By: Clayton Weber

Clayton, Steve, and Sara P talk about issues in today's world with a comical twist. Sit back, grab a snack, and enjoy our featured presentation. Feel free to share the podcast with your friends if you enjoy it. Send us questions or comments by emailing us at css.ontheissue@gmail.com Check out my socials on Instagram (@clayton11weber) or snapchat (claytoncarter12) Thanks, and enjoy.

LGBTQ+ and Transgenders
Last Saturday at 6:41 AM

Clayton, Steve, and Sara discuss the LGBTQ+ community and their stance on it. They also add some extra fun stories at the end!

Can You Catch A Whale?

Clayton, Steve, and Sara P discuss recent news activities while keeping it light and comical, with some good stories in the middle, ending with a man vs. a tiger.

Is Abortion Murder?

Clayton, Steve, and Sara P get heated in this week's episode dealing with abortion. They discuss the right to abort, when life begins, and the morals of it all.

Are women equal?

Clayton, Steve and Sara discuss women's rights, pay gap, feminism, with comedy mixed in.