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By: CeldomSeen

Welcome 2 tha JohnMuhammad podcast show where we talk hiphop entertainment, politics, religion, music & more.Walk with me as I talk with the most interesting,hardest working entertainers in the game.No topic is to controversial.

JohnMuhammadPodcast Feat:MelindaSantiago Ep12

Welcome 2 tha JohnMuhammadPodcast show. Today my guess is out of the Atl. MelindaSantiago is in the building. She stop by with her friend Dscott to give us the business on how to move in the music industry. She share her story on how she got started and some of the famous ppl shes work with like 112. JHoliday, Next, Bobby Valentino, Scarface & more. She spoke about owning your music & the things your involve with to investing your money the right way. If your getting in the music industry this is the interview to learn from.

JohnMuhammadPodcast Feat:JimmyFlair s1 ep24

Welcome 2 the JohnMuhammad podcast show. Today my guess is JimmyFlair out of GrandRapids Mi. He's the Ceo of RareFlair records and he stop by to talk about his artists, clothing line, and the premier of the movie MissRainbowMagic.Ā  JimmyFlair is making his acting debut so tap in to hear what the future hold for JimmyFlair and RareFlairRecords.

JohnMuhammadPodcast Feat:Hunter s1 ep23

Welcome 2 tha JohnMuhammad podcast show. Today my guess HunterMcdowall came by to talk about the graphic design hes been doing for other artist. Plus we spendĀ  some time on politics and what kind of a job JoeBiden is doing. To his time in college and what he learnt there. Tune in cause Hunter dont pull no punches on answering questions.

JohnMuhammadPodcast Feat:JackDropper s1 ep22

Welcome 2 tha JohnMuhammad podcast show. Today my guess is JackDropper in the building giving us his story from the time he was in high school to getting in trouble during his time in college. He then got married and started up a band and started playing in different venues around Michigan. Listen in as we talk about his faith in God and the condition of the world and what we can do to try to make things better.

JohnMuhammadPodcast Feat:Meridian s1 ep21

Welcome 2 tha JohnMuhammadpodcast show. Today my guess is the five man team Meridian here to share their story of coming up in Dc and how they came together to form this power house group. Our conversation goes from talking about the group and there plans to breaking down why our boys want to be girls and why our girls want to be boys. To why we are so quick to cancel someone we dont agree with and many other subject. Tap in to the one and only Meridian is in the building.

JohnMuhammadPodcast Feat:AntLive s1 ep13

Welcome 2 tha JohnMuhammadpodcast show. Today my guess is the one and only AntLive. Ant has been rocing hiphop since the 1980s. He was discovered by ChuckD of Public Enemy at age 17. Now he joins us and gives us a look into his life of hiphop. From his humble beginning in Detroit when they open up the hiphopshop, the birth place of Eminem,Proof, and GuiltySimpson, to packing up his belonging and moving his family to Texas where he continues with his rap career. Antlive has a long list of names of artist that he has done production for like...

JohnMuhammadPodcast Feat:TravisMandenberg s1 ep20

Welcome 2 tha JohnMuhammadPodcast show. Today my guess is TravisMandenbergĀ  a veteran & film maker. He came to hang out with us and share some of his history being in the war. He explains how women & children are used as weapon in order for their enemy to get a better shot, to where his love for film making firstĀ  came about. This episode will give you an inside look at war & how ugly it can be.You dont want to miss this one.

JohnMuhammadPodcast Feat:Emiliaisemmalee s1 ep14

Welcome 2 tha JohnMuhammadpodcast show. Today my guess is tha one and only Emiliaisemmalee in tha building. She was born in Uganda but raise up in Harlem NewYork, Listen closely as we tackle the tough subject matter that plague our community. Give a close ear to how she breakdown the grade level of the music we listen too and who's fault is it when we see our children killing one another and living in such a way thats sure to bring destruction to their lives. One of my favorite interviews.

JohnMuhammadPodcast Feat:OakdaleBoonce s1 ep19

Welcome 2 tha JohnMuhammadpodcast show. Today my guess is Oakdale Boonce who is ceo of heavygamebizworldwide and goreallagrind. Hes a prosperity ambassador/life coach/data analyst/sr sales and marketing consultant. Today he stop by to let us in on what moves he been making and how his business is going. We also talk about coming up through the crack era and the impact its had on our community. This interview not only discuss the problems we have in our community but we also provide some solution. If you want to hear wisdom and understanding from a man of experience...

JohnMuhammadPodcast Feat Pawz1 s1 ep18

Welcome 2 tha JohnMuhammadpodcast show. Today my guess is Pawz1 out of LosAngeles California. He stop by to give us his story. From doing time in prison to figuring out how to make money in this rap game. He share with us how he was able to get his son (whom prison had separate them) back, to breaking down some of his lyrics and what move him to write what he wrote. He took us through some of the artists and producers he work with, to talking about a good friend of his who pass away from gun violent. This...

JohnMuhammadPodcast Feat McShan s1 ep15

Welcome 2 tha JohnMuhammadpodcast show.Today my guess is tha one and only McShan.He stop by to chop it up with us about his past hits and how he got started in the game with Marley Marl.Check out how he became a member of the JuiceCrew and how he's had some of the most iconic battle in the game with LLcoolJ KRSone and more.He also share with us about his battle with drug addition and how he over came his demon.There is so much we talk about you will have to listen in to get the...

JohnMuhammadPodcast Feat MarcyRockergirl / s:1 ep:17

Welcome 2 tha JohnMuhammadPodcast show. Today my guess is MarcyRockerGirl from Philadelphia.Listen in as we go over her life and examine her career from her songwritting to her time in the wresting ring to putting in work on the movie sets.Dont miss this episode as we provide information on career moves to how young ppl can stay safe in this business.Ā 

DaniK / s:1 ep:16

Welcome 2 tha JohnMuhammad podcast show.Today my guess is DaniK from LA California.This young lady is what we call the plugged.Anytime we touch down in LA she make sure we got everything we need.She also host her own show and run a radio station.She is a jack of many trade.Dont miss this episode full of fun and learning about the music industry.