Who's Becca Stan?

24 Episodes

By: Becca

Follow Becca's experiences as she teaches English in the heart of Central Asia- Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Each episode she analyzes What's she's excited about? What's she's puzzled by? And how long she plans to stay? Becca uses her unique, quirky, whit, to bring to life Uzbekistan with gratitude and relatability to people from all walks of life.

Episode 25 No school and Flipflopping
Last Saturday at 7:19 AM

Winter hoilidays extended and everything that led up to the decision. It's hard to follow which end is up!

Episode 24 Pool and Concession

Learn about Becca's new hobby and her thoughts on returning to class after the holiday.

Episode 23 Breaks and Mindset

What's Becca doing for her winter break and what barriers has she run into with mindset.

Episode 22 Christmas and Suckage

Hear about Becca's upcoming Christmas plans and hear why Becca's favorite phrase is "that sucks!"

Episode 21 Textbooks and Social Cues

Learn why Becca is celebrating having a textbook and explore how to read social cues in an expat setting.

Episode 20 Special Guest- Antony Jennings

Learn about Antony's journey to Uzbekistan and his other travel experiences that led him to write a guide to living abroad successfully!

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Episode 18 Expat Helpfulness and Cleaners

Learn about helpfulness of other expats and a theory about why students are so bad at putting their trash in the trashcan!

Episode 17 Snow and Imports

The seasons are changing. And learn about which franchises are in Tashkent or not!

Episode 16 Theme Song Debut! And mountains with no trails!

In this episode hear the reveal of the theme song for the podcast! And learn about Becca's recent trip to the Tian Shan Mountains just outside of Tashkent.

Episode 15 Discord and Hard Beds

In this episode learn about Becca's fascination with an app called Discord and hear about her saga trying to find a suitable mattress pad.

Episode 14 The Smallest Big City and Digging Heels in!

Learn about the small town feel of Tashkent and some bizarre cultural experiences Becca is having.

Episode 13 Diversity and Language Bombardment

In this week's episode hear about the foreign community in Tashkent and hear Becca's thought on the neurological effects of being in a multi-lingual setting!

Episode 12 Teacher's Day and Clothing

Hear about Becca's first Teacher's Day in Uzbekistan and what she's wearing now that the season is changing!

Episode 11 Musicians without Venue

Becca has finally found some musicians but will there ever be a place for them to perform!

Episode 10 The Weather and the Signatures

In this episode we learn about the weather and change of seasons in Tashkent and we learn how many attempts it took Becca to properly sign her teaching contract!

Episode 9 Culture and the Doctor

In this episode hear about the art and cultural offerings of Tashkent, Uzbekistan and hear about a trip to the doctor!

Episode 8 The landlord and the Schedule.

Tune in to learn about Becca's landlord in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and hear about the quirks of the school schedule or "timetable" as it's locally known.

Episode 7- Uzbek Hospitality and Uzbek Prices

In today's episode Becca shares her recent experiences with Uzbek hospitality and her mission to find a rice cooker and a fan!

Episode 6- ARRIVAL

5 months after Becca decided to go to Uzbekistan, she finally arrives! She is excited about everything and puzzled about communication styles. Tune in to hear the details!

Episode 5- The Countdown is On!!!

In this episode Becca discusses the impending transition from "labor to adventure!" and COVID frustrations!

Episode 4 The Prequel Part 4- It's getting real!

Becca's plans on moving along with her preparations to move to Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She excited for a new chapter. She puzzled about business practices in the US and as always keeps tabs on her prediction on how long she plans to stay!

Episode 3 The Prequel Part 3

Tune in to see how the plans are coming along for Becca's move to Tashkent, Uzbekistan to teach English. What's she excited about? What's she puzzled by? And how long does she plan to stay!

Episode 2- The Prequel Part 2

In the episode here the latest on Becca's transition to Tashkent, Uzbekistan. What's she excited about? What's she's puzzled by? And how long she plans to stay!

Episode 1- The Prequel Part 1

In the inaugural episode of "Who's Becca Stan?" Learn the back story to how Becca ended up accepting a teaching position in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. What's she excited about? What's she's puzzled about? How long does she plan to stay? as she reflects about how one's best laid plans rarely turn out like we plan. And other steps in the process in shutting her American life down and opening the Uzbek adventure.