22 Episodes

By: Nick & Doug

Grab a coffee and put your feet up as you join your friendly hosts, Nick and Doug, in discussing popular movies, video games, comics, and more.

Episode 22: Chuckin' Dice
Last Sunday at 12:00 PM

There's only one thing in this life that matters, and that's WINNING! Especially when it comes to family board game night. Now, whether you conquered the endless minutia of Chess, slogged through the endless hours of Monopoly or Risk, or shouted until you were blue in the face with Trivial Pursuit, you only had one thing on your mind... winning at all costs. That or it's a stupid game, who cares, it's for nerds anyway.

Episode 21: Where are you, Scooby Doo!?

What were some of your favorite childhood cartoon shows? The ones where you spent your Saturday mornings gorging yourself on Fruit Loops, Poptarts, and Gushers trying not to listen to your soon-to-be-divorced parents argue in the other room. Don't worry, regardless of whether or not you were an accident doesn't matter to your friends on Spongebob, X-men, or  Tom & Jerry.

Episode 20: Bacon's for Burgers!

Wow, I can't believe these knuckleheads made it this far with the show. Let's recap with them about all the special and important things that have happened since they've begun this journey.  Also Pizza.

Episode 19: For the very first time!

King, one of Doug's very first friends joins our intrepid heroes as they discuss their very fond and sometimes regrettable 'Firsts'. Lay back and relax as we slide down memory lane in a beat-up Nissan Maxima with our old girlfriend as we head to the championship game we never actually won. 

Episode 18: Steeler Smack Talk

We have our good friend Terri 'Beans' on for a bit of an NFL preview. We talk about the most iconic names in football, juicy off-season stories, and some predictions for the season to come. 

Episode 17: Pet Peeves

After a minor setback, Nick and Doug have to scramble to find a new topic of discussion! Doug finally upholds his end of a bargain, Nick attempts to talk sports media as if he has any idea of what he's talking about, and Doug talks about what it's like being an extreme pet owner.
That's right cat ladies, we're calling you out.

Episode 16: Bad Habits

Whether it's overeating, spending too much time on social media, or deciding that twerking is an excellent choice for a workout... we all can agree that the Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to develop some interesting new habits. As the Covid-19 pandemic is (hopefully) coming to a close, we take a look at some of the habits that have shaped us over the last two years, good and bad alike.

Episode 15: The Truth is out there.

It's deep dive time as we plummet into the dark world of our favorite conspiracy theories! Or should I say, Conspiracy Truths! It's up to you to determine if the two of us are geniuses or kooks! You might find a little bit more than intended but it will sure be stupendous!

Episode 14: That Disney Stink

Who doesn't love to laugh? Apparently Nick as his inner cynic comes out when we examine the best sitcoms on television. In all seriousness, strap in as we examine Marvel's new show, Loki, a fan favorite boxing movie, The Fighter, and the best star wars content in years, The Mandalorian. 

Episode 13: Not a lot of rubies here

Let's all agree that we need more musicals in our lives. Don't think so? Just ask our very own musical maniac, Doug! He'll tell you all about the great musicals of our time, such as The Natural, The Rocky Movies, and of course Friday Night Lights.

Episode 12: Them beats are FIRE

Have you ever watched someone take the skin off of a fried turkey leg? How about being trapped in your car as your friend insists you listen to their latest mixtape? What about getting a gift that you absolutely know you're going to be re-gifting to someone else? These cringe-worthy moments happen to all of us and we can't help but dig up this comedy goldmine.

Episode 11: Apex Predator-Kevin Spacey

Sometimes it pays to be ruthless and calculating, regardless of whether it's in video games, movies, or basketball. 
This week our unlikely heroes, Nick and Doug, discuss what it takes to be a winner! They have no idea what it's like, but they talk about it regardless.

Episode 10: Paulie's Robot Gal

We all have a different relationship with sports. Some of us are avid fans for our home team, some of us have crippling gambling addictions based on who's got the odds, some of us roll our eyes, and some of us refuse to fall on the ball. This week we share some of our stories and triumphs with the sportsball. 
On another note, Do you ever find yourself in the early 2000s, watching cable tv at 1 am switching between the various different as seen on tv ads until you find that one movie you just can&a...

Episode 9: What's that sound?

We're celebrating music for this episode, talking about our favorite artists, what shaped us as people growing up, and what it means to work in the music industry and how that has evolved over the years.  With that in mind, we're welcoming one of our favorite local musicians, Kevin, to the show! The bombastic and elastic drummer boi for the band Little Lazy won't leave you wanting, that's a fact. 

Be sure to check out this incredible local super-duo, Little Lazy here:
Twitter, FB, & Insta- @littlelazyband

Episode 8: Heroes in their own stories.

Oh, we've got a truly awful and treacherous episode with this one as Porter joins us again to discuss our favorite villains in pop culture! Listen to Doug cackle about his favorite evildoers with Nick coldly dissecting their deeds and philosophies as Porter desperately pleas for a more categorical approach! It's truly time for this Top Ten to be taken to trial. Saddle up Heroes, let's ride!

Episode 7: Buddy Cops

We've got Porter on the show with us as we discuss Roller Coasters, Professional Boxing, and Dynamic Duos! Listen to him cackle as his father, Doug,  offers Nick a deal he just can't refuse. 

Episode 6: Santa is totally real

In this episode, the guys delve deep into the realm of Videogames! We talk about Assassin's Creed, Hitman, Cyberpunk, and other major titles. But don't miss out on our heated philosophical discussions on anime and the kindness of ol' St. Nick.

Episode 5: First round pick

Lets talk about the NFL Draft and best supporting actors! Doug has some strong opinions about both and Nick is trying desperately to google everything he's talking about.

Episode 4: Come over here!

What's the difference between a bad video game movie and a multimillion-dollar franchise? Is there one? Let's find out as Nick & Doug discuss the merits of Pokemon, Mortal Combat, Aladdin, and The Lion King!

Episode 3: Chicken good

Chicken: Good + Bacon: Good + Cheese: Good = #1 sandwich
The Math checks out.

Episode 2: His Name is Sharkboy

Here we go right into the deep end with the Lord of the Rings, American Pop, and the difference between Marvel and DC movie properties.

Episode 1: Batman's Favorite Drink

Hello there friends! This is our brand new podcast where old buddies come together to talk about past and present pop media! Doug is itching to talk about the special edition of Justice league and Nick is just struggling to keep up, but that doesn't stop us from having some good laughs. Thanks for tuning in!