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AdventuRetired is a podcast for retired people to share ideas and information about trips, hobbies, and the many things that can be done to have an amazing retirement. Hosts, Cindy and Curt, tell about some of their adventures as well as interviewing guests who have their own retirement adventures. Please subscribe and join us!

Wandering With Deb & Tim!
Last Saturday at 7:00 AM

We are excited to introduce Deb and Tim Graf to you! This great retired couple have a wonderful retirement journey living and traveling abroad.  Not afraid of a challenge or new journey they sold all their belongings, packed their bags. and now live a wonderful life traveling around the world!  

Nashville Birthday Bash!

We have all experienced how the Covid-19 virus has affected our families, businesses, schools, and retirement travel plans for the past two years, so Curt and I decided to get our "shots" and start living our best retired life and start traveling as soon as we felt comfortable.  What better way to celebrate travel again then by starting a new tradition that we now are going to call "Happy Birthday to Us!"  Yes, we have decided from now on to spend our birthdays (I'm three days older, but ya know I lo...

Arizona Snowbirds!

Today we talk to Dorothy and Roger Graff about their second home in Arizona.  These active retirees are living their best retired life and enjoying their little piece of Arizona to the fullest.  While many people retire to Arizona, these two found their second home in Green Valley!  Sounds like a great place to beat the cold mid-west winters!  Hope you join us!

Harvest Hosts - RV Heaven!

In this episode we visit with Harvest Host CEO Joel Holland and learn about his  wonderful company that supports RVers and small business owners at the same time.  That's right, a company that supports small businesses all over the US and at the same time gives RVers and retirees a wonderful stay away from the crowded campgrounds!  Over 2,800 Harvest Host spots are found at wineries, breweries, golf courses,  museums, and farms!  RVers can stay for free at these spots and their support benefits the host! Learn about this wonderful company in this episode!

Packed into a Prius!

Today we are joined by Mel and Pat Schlesinger who packed their belongings in their Prius and started their retirement journey!  Wow! Can we say downsized!!!   Mel and Pat love the freedom of visiting a new places and putting down temporary roots and before you know it, they are up and gone to the another new destination! We were able to track them down to Mazatlan, Mexico to hear about their great retirement journey!  Thanks for joining us!

One Light at a Time!

Retirement paths vary as much as the people who experience them.  Today we talk with Bruce Moilan from Wylie, Texas and learn about his retirement trips and work as a missionary in Africa.  Not everyone travels this far to volunteer, but after talking to Bruce we are sure glad he did.  What a great mission Bruce!  

The Wild Handicapper!

In this episode we interview author Francine Falk-Allen from the great state of California.  Francine, whom contacted polio as a child, talks to us about living your best retired life no matter what your mobility concerns.  She loves to travel and is quite good at it!  Traveling all around the world and in the United States, Francine has stories and tips for everyone! 

We loved her newest book, No Spring Chicken: Stories and Advice from a Wild Handicapper on Aging and Disability.  This award winning book is keeper and a great resource for all o...

Laughing at Retirement in Italy!

Ciao beautiful Italy!   We have all dreamed of dropping everything and moving to romantic Italy and this couple did just that!  We interview Chip Stites and his wife Shonna Kelso and learn about their wonderful retirement in Italy.  You will be ready to move after listening we bet!  Arrivederci!

Port Aransas,TX! Beach, Sun, & Tons of Fun!

Ask Katie and Pat Hagen where their happy place is in retirement and they will tell  you that there is no better place the Port Aransas, Texas!  This fun loving couple enjoy the Texas beach town of Port Aransas for six weeks each winter and love what Texas offers! Beach walks, hog hunting, surf fishing, golf,  shopping and wonderful restaurants top the list for them.  We would have to agree! Curt and I have been visiting Port Aransas, Texas for the past 5 years!  Join us and learn about their great retirement journey!

Family Matters!!!

In this episode we talk to an expert on "all things family!"  Genealogist, Clytee Gold from Salt Lake City, Utah, knows how important it is to record and document all those wonderful moments in history.  She teaches us that through family history, we can learn the important stories that we want to pass down to future generations as we learn about ourselves.  

Many retirees have this same passion, to record and pass on family stories and traditions, but feel overwhelmed and lost as how to start.  Clytee has some excellent tips to start recording your hist...

"Masters" his Golf Bucket List!

Ebikes! Keep on Riding!

Do you dream of the wind in your hair as the miles sail by?  Do you reminisce about the fun bike riding filled days of your youth?  Maybe you have always harbored a secret dream to ride a trail for miles while enjoying the beautiful country side.  If this is you, this episode is spot on!  We interview Rhonda and Tom from Tennessee as they tour on their ebikes.  The ebike world has changed  retirement for many bikers.  Owning and riding an  ebike is a fast new trend in the United States that is making riding a bike a fun and...

Less Mess, Less Stress!

One of the many jobs retired people take on is downsizing their homes or the homes of their elderly parents either when they move into a senior living center or when they pass away. 

This can be an huge undertaking with lots of stress.  

What do we keep?  What do we throw away?  Who gets what?  Who wants what? Does someone want this antique dresser from Great Uncle Fred? Who wants or where do I leave my favorite collections?

 These are just a few...

Relax at Lake of the Ozarks!

Dave and Kelly love spending time in the Ozarks!  Kelly, a retired teacher and Dave, an electric troubleshooting lineman (who is still hard at work, but is feeling this retirement thing would be a good gig) love their lake life!   Lake of the Ozarks is a happening place with everything a retiree needs to relax and enjoy their days!  Join us as we talk about the Ozarks as a retirement journey!

Moving, Micros, & Travel Tips

Happy Anniversary to AdventuRetired!!

Happy anniversary to us!
Hard to believe that just one year ago our first podcast episodes dropped into the podcast libraries of all major podcast hosts !  Our vision for this podcast has always been  to inspire others at or near retirement age to  "Live Your Retired Life" !  We appreciate our guests who  share their retirement journeys to help in this inspiration!     We never dreamt that we would have so many downloads in one year and be in the Top 20% of podcasts due to these numbers and we have never advertised or earned a dime...


So, is retired-ish a real word?  It sounds like the title of a new TV sitcom! It is a great question for sure!  Michael and Sofia Rohr from Hawaii  live this lifestyle  and they do very well at it!

Our new definition of retired-ish is :  where one spouse works full time and the other spouse works at keeping the first spouse happy!  Retirement journeys are all different and unique and  being retired-ish suits this great couple perfectly.

After visiting with Sofia and Michael we realize that retirements can ins...


Do you have a passion or a pet peeve that is a driving force in your retirement?  In this interview we meet Jody Naquin Ritner from Virginia who shares a passion of ours!  No, not traveling....which is a big passion of ours.... but picking up trash!  

Retirement Reboot in Bulgaria!

Where is your retirement path leading? Do you see yourself retiring and living in a foreign country? Retirement can be a new beginning for sure! In this interview we meet a recent retiree from the educational field who took a huge leap of faith when he moved to teach his final years in Kuwait. Richard Barbree, retired from one career in education and moved to Kuwait to teach in an American school there. In Kuwait, he met his future wife and eventually they retired together in her homeland of Bulgaria! Enjoy!

All Inclusive Resorts Spoil You!

Meet Del and Pamella Kissinger our wonderful Iowa friends who are definitely living their best retired lives!   This fun couple loves to travel and when they do they go to "all inclusive resorts!"  We met Pam and Del in Cabo San Lucas a couple of years ago at Rui Palace Baja California (a wonderful all inclusive resort) where Del was sitting in a pool relaxing with a cool tropical drink wearing a Iowa Hawkeye cap!  You can bet this caught Curt's eye ( we are Iowa State Cyclones)  and we soon became fast resort frien...

Frequent Floaters!

Is becoming a cruise connoisseur in your retirement a dream?  Well, then you need to meet Roger and Jani Burnham of McAllen, Texas!  These expert cruisers have enjoyed 15 cruises in their retirement and they are not stopping until the seas drive up! Unfortunately, the pandemic has slowed them down a bit, but you can bet they will be right back on the seas as soon as the cruise lines reopen!

Roger and Jani book 2-3 cruises a year and love the off season to travel.  They tell us some of their great cruise knowledge...

Park Hostess with the Mostess!

We have often felt that becoming a Park Host at one of our country's wonderful state or national parks would be the best job in the world...and would bet that we are not alone!  Today we interview Diane Newberry, a Minnesotan, who does just that!  She is  a park host for Minnesota state parks and we met her camping one weekend this fall!  

Camping brings out the best in people.  Whether you are there for the fresh air, quiet relaxation from a busy job, exploring a new area, or just there...

Let's Play Pickleball!!

Pickleball is the fastest growing new sport in America.  People of all ages are beginning to play and enjoy the benefits of this active sport.  Today, tennis courts are being revamped into pickleball courts and the sound of a whiffle ball hitting a racquet is heard from many sport complexes,  gyms, and retirement parks!
Please join us as Craig Lewis tells us about Pickleball and his newfound passion for the game!

Grandma Goes to Disney!

Ask any child where their favorite place to vacation  in the United States is and I'll bet they say Disneyworld!  If you are lucky you might get there once or twice in your childhood with your parents...but what about Grandma and Grandpa?  If it involves grandchildren having a blast and a ton of fun, they might just plan it!   Today we interview a grandma that didn't just tag along...she planned it!  And it took 15 years of saving to accomplish her goal!

Retired on $1000/month in Mexico!!

What??? Live on a $1000 a month?  Yup, you can retired friends, however, you need to leave the USA for sunny Mexico!  In this interview, we talk with Janet Blazer, author of  Why We Left: An Anthology of American Women Expats.  Curt found Janet on MSN and reached out to her.  She was a delightful guest and gave us some great advice and the lowdown of leaving the USA for Mexico in retirement.  Her book was hard to put down, 27 women tell their experiences of moving to Mexico...each with different expectations and dreams...

Bon Voyage to Antarctica!

Janine and Dr. Steve Havener break down this grand voyage, stop by stop, and in great detail for us.  Janine keeps a detailed  travel log that gives us a realistic and vivid look into their great adventure.  As an avid photographer, she takes thousands of pictures to document their voyage.  One really believes that they are traveling along with the Haveners as they explore beautiful vistas and new exotic lands. 
Janine was a wealth of cruise knowledge!  Her detailed lists will help all of us planning cruises in the future!  We...

African Safari and Elephant dung!

This episode is about a 21 days adventure in Africa by Chris and Laura Bertelson.  They do have a personal connection and love to Africa from Laura's Peace Corp days and Chris has many Rotary Club International water projects in Africa which he supports, but today is about the safaris and African travel!   Thank you for join us!

Shifting Gears

Where do you see your retirement journey taking you? We meet Californian Richard Haiduck in this episode as he navigates new retirement waters as an author.  His book, Shifting Gears , tells about the retirement paths that others have taken.  He has interviewed and condensed hundreds of pages of transcripts into a thought provoking collection of retirement stories.  

Richard's book delves into the multifaceted path of retirement that deals with leisure, retirement locations, volunteering, and personal motivation.  He looks into what inspires and drives a successful retirement.  He talks to retirees who are...

Camping the back roads! We dig up beauty!

Do you dream of the open roads, blue skies, and paths to places that are scenic?  How about a canoe trip down a river or exploring a quaint town from border to border?  If this is your dream in retirement, this is the episode for you!   Pat and Jane Sallee of Guthrie, Oklahoma, do just that!  Their son, Dustin, reached out to us after listening to one of our podcasts and encouraged us to contact his parents who have some amazing retirement camping adventures.  So we did just that and now we are itching...

Go take a Hike!

Face Book can be a wonderful way of keeping old friends connected...but that's not all! It is also a wonderful way to meet new friends!  That's exactly how I met this episode's guest!  We both belong to a face book group called "cool retired women"  because that is just what we are!!  Cathy Funk Kelly is a fascinating retired lady with an amazing athletic ability to hike!  Yup, she is one of those people who actually loves to walk...and walk...and  walk some more!  She has hiked to the base...

The Cape Cod of the Midwest! Door County, WI

Have you heard about Door County, Wisconsin?  Curt and I were totally surprised to learn about this wonderful place that is only a couple states away from Iowa!  Door County sounds just like the kind of vacation that I adore, shopping, relaxing, beaches, eating, REPEAT!
In this episode we talk to Joyce and Pat Schrauth of Bancroft, Iowa, who have a second home there and a deep love for this beautiful area in Northern Wisconsin.  

Scotland - Links, Castles, Fairies pools, & one broken Toilet!

Visiting Scotland was a dream come true for both of us! Curt got to knock off  his bucket list to see and walk on the "Old Course" at St. Andrews and I got to experience some of the most beautiful castles ! You need to visit this beautiful country at least once in your lifetime!

Pack your bags and a Thigh bone... We Retired in Ireland!

Does the idea of retiring in a foreign country sound like something you'd like to do? Meet our wonderful guests, Celine and Glen Collins, who decided that is just what they dreamed of doing.  After retiring from high level, fast paced careers, this couple packed up two suitcases each and moved to beautiful Kilkenny, Ireland.  They enlighten us with the story of their downsizing for their big move, and the reasons they picked Kilkenny to live their best retirement story.  We were blessed to meet up with them when we visited Ireland last fall and now...

The Luck of Beautiful Ireland!

Ireland, the beautiful, windy, and wild country  has always been top on my bucket list.  Like so many others who have visited this beautiful land, to spend time here is a step back in history.  Curt gave in and we planned for a wonderful trip here in October 2019 to visit castles, ruins, and the gorgeous Cliffs of Moher.  Along the way, we were immersed in history and romance and met some wonderful new friends.  Everyone needs a little Ireland in their soul!

NOMADS... a volunteer adventure!

Have you ever wondered what your retirement adventure would look like? Maybe you thought you'd travel, or maybe you thought you'd volunteer some. Both are  exactly what this retired couple from Maryland do in their retirement.  They volunteer for NOMADS.

NOMADS stands for Nomads on a Mission Active in Divine Service and is a ministry of the United Methodist Church.  When Rodney and Tammy Ripley retired, they knew that volunteering  was going to be part of their retirement journey.  As we learn in this episode to be a NOMAD all you need...

Add "Micro Adventures" to your retirement!

Are you as tired as we are of the phrases, "in these uncertain times"  "now more than ever"  and "the new normal"???  Blah, Blah, Blah!!!   We decided to take back our retirement the best way we could for now with a " micro adventure."  What exactly is a "micro adventure" and "how can I sign up" you might ask?  It's easy, just draw a circle on a map that encompasses about a 100 mile radius around your home and look for somewhere or something new to discover! This type of adventure can last...

Can you smell BBQ?!?!

Maybe you don't  dream of BBQ ribs or brisket smoked on a grill of pecan or mesquite wood...but Curt and I sure do.  BBQ joints in Texas are some of the best, and every weekend ordinary  men stand around their precious  pits grilling!  Grilling over coals and wood is a right a passage for many young men (and a few good women too).  Many men are judged by the size of their BBQ pit!   When we moved to Iowa to retire, we brought two grills with us! One can never own...

Retired on a School Bus! aka Skoolie

Join us on this podcast episode as we interview Keri Gailloux and her great retirement adventure as a "Skoolie"!  What exactly is a skoolie? A skoolie is a person who lives and travels in a converted school bus! We read about Keri on (our first celebrity interview) and checked out her fb page to learn more about her and her exceptional retirement adventure. Keri's bus is beautiful and her interview enlightening. So join us, and learn about becoming a "skoolie"!

Crusing Alaska

Our first cruise in retirement we went to Alaska!   What a great way to treat ourselves!  The ship was beautiful, food was great, our friends were awesome, and Alaska was amazing!

Retirement Super Downsize!

In this episode we talk to Jaime and Martha DeLeon who in semi-retirement moved from a 2500 sq. ft. home to a 33 foot long trailer  Wow!!!!!   Can you imagine???   They said they purged a lot of "stuff" and we are so proud of them for simplifying their lives so much.  I think we can all learn a thing or two from the DeLeons!