Where The Dark Corners Are

40 Episodes

By: Vina Jimenez

This podcast is for those who like to travel to dark, creepy places, where ghosts roam and ghastly stories were made. It is intended to help you plot and plan your dark journeys to learn about the dank crooks, the curious crannies and the strange places in the world, you know, where the dark corners are.

Cannibalism and the Last Witch of Europe Executed; It's a Swiss Mixer!
Last Thursday at 1:55 PM

Tonight it's a road trip with the Panda!!!!! YEEEEAHHHHH! But instead of talking about a mass murderer or murderers we are going to have a bit of what I call a "Swiss Mixer". Tonight we are going to discuss the strange story of a Swiss Alps cannibal and then we are going to discuss Anna Goldi, the last woman in Europe to be executed for witchcraft. But was she really a witch or was something far more sinister than mingling with Devil going on.

Aliens, Sherlock Holmes and Hitchhiking Ghosts, OH MY! Welcome to Switzerland!

Tonight, we crack open our passports and head to the land of Swiss . . . there you will find chocolates, cheese, Aliens, the death place of Sherlock Holmes, and a hitchhiking ghost . . . wait, what???? That's right! Tonight we head to the H.R. Giger Museum, the designer of the Alien from the movies "Alien" and "Aliens", and his own Alien bar. This is followed by discussing the topic of the Reichenbach Falls, Sherlock Holmes' place of death against the evil Prof. Moriarty. And as this is a paranormal podcast, we will be discussing a few ghost, especially one who like to hitchhike...

The Sacramento Vampire

It's A Road Trip with the PANDA!!!!! Yes!!!! Tonight we leave Sacramento with the killing spree of Richard Chase, the Sacramento Vampire. This guys is way crey-crey and it's hard to keep the language clean, so considered yourself warned!

Mommie Not So Dearest #3: Augusta & Ed Gein

Tonight, with Brutus taking the lead, we close out our Mommie Not So Dearest Series with Augusta Gein, the woman who dominated and pulverized Edward Gein, the killer who would be the basis for such culture classic icons as Buffalo Bill and Norman Bates.

The Landlady of Death: Dorothy Puente

Tonight while still in Sacramento, Ca., I am joined by True Crime enthusiast, Brutus as we discuss mass murderer Dorothy Puente, the Landlady of Death. Dorothy took in alcoholics and drug addicts under the guise of providing a safe home, but no one was truly safe from her murdering ways; not even friends or lovers.

Mommie Not So Dearest Part #2: Mary Ann Cotton

Tonight, I am joined by my gal pal, Jamie as we continue our "Mommie Not So Dearest" series. Together we discuss the "Mommie Not So Dearest", British mum Mary Ann Cotton! Mary Ann Cotton was a dress maker, a wife, a mother, a nurse and a serious serial killer! Seriously, if she could make money off your death, she WOULD!

Spooky Sacramento; a walk down memory lane!

Tonight we visit my old home town, Sacramento, California, and discuss some of my old personal haunts! And what better place to start? Why, Old Sac! There we will discuss the nefarious tunnels and the beautiful Delta King riverboat! From there, we head to one of Sacramento's oldest and loveliest cemetery, Old City Cemetery. Then, on to the theater! That's right! The Sacramento Theater Company! And then, we head south, to South Sac and discuss a haunted fast food place where the tradegy of the horrible murder/suicide repeats it's self!

Mommie Not So Dearest Part #1: Happy Mother's Day

Tonight, I am joined by Da Panda as we celebrate Mother's Day . . . "Where the Dark Corners" style . . . . Tonight we discuss the topic of the tell all book, "Mommie Dearest". Yes, we are pulling back the shiny curtain of Hollywood and exposing what is a serious dark corner of the bright lights and glamour! In Part #1, it's Joan Crawford vs Christina Crawford . . . and "No wires hangers, ever!"

Possessed Dolls! Road Trip with the Panda, YEAAAHHHH

Tonight, with the Panda, we veer off road and discuss a the paranormal topic of Possessed Dolls. Apparently, Possessed Dolls are so frequent, you can even find them on ebay! But this wasn't always the case. Tonight we talk about a doll that kills infant boys, my personal favorite Annabelle, and Ledda, the famous Australia doll who goes on tours with its owner.

The Honeymoon Killer, Queensland, Australia

Tonight, the Panda is BACK! Together we discuss the sad manslaughter of Tina Watson, a newly wedded bride who goes scuba diving with her groom while on their honeymoon and never resurfaces.

The Ghosts of Melbourne, Australia

Joining me tonight, is a special guest! A paranormal hunter, a writer, an excellent ghost tour guide and all-around nice guy, Bill with the Australian Paranormal Society. APS for short. Tonight, as Bill guides us around Melbourne, Australia, we get first hand ghostly experiences from a paranormal investigator who has actually investigated some of these wonderfully haunted places. We discuss the The Windsor Hotel, The Royal Melbourne Hotel, The Melbourne Gaol, and The Queen Victoria Market Place. And Bill's ghost tour has it all: outlaws, Aboriginals, and fruit wars!

The Assassination and Hauntings of President Abraham Lincoln

Tonight is the 156 year anniversary of our 14th President's assassination. For three nights prior, President Lincoln dreamt of his death and even reported having seen his own funeral. But are these the only eerie incidents associated with his death? We think not. Tonight we discuss our first President to be assassinated strange similarities to President Kennedy, our last President to be assassinated. And we discuss how perhaps the ghost of our most dedicated President is still watching over the country he died saving.

Happy Belated April Fool's! Speaking of jokes . . . Crop Circles, Are they the Ultimate Prank?

Tonight, we take a small beaten path down the April Fool's trail and eventually land on crop circles. Oh, yes, the debate goes round and round on this hot topic! Are they the ultimate prank or maybe, just maybe our understanding of them are out of our world?

Amityville, Part 2: The Lutz Family Horror

Tonight. Jamie and I continue Part 2 of the Amityville story with the Lutz family. 13 Months after the Defeo family killings, the Lutz family move into the home of this massacre. However, after only 28 days, the Lutz family flee the home, claiming that they were terrorized by the evil that still lingered there. But is it true? Is the Amityville Horror even true?

Amityville, Part 1: The Murders

In case you haven't heard Ronald Defeo has died! So, tonight, with my horror film bestie, Jaime, we discuss the acrocious murders he committed and why maybe it wasn't the Devil's voices who made him to it . . . But maybe, just maybe, it was him after all . . .

Across this Haunted Island: St. Patrick's Day Special Episode

Tonight we take our rentacar, and hit the road! Because Ireland has so many and diverse haunted places, we discuss a variety of places you can visit to get your paranormal hots on! And we close with a very important statue and it's very touching history.

Mummies, Booze and A Haunted Gaol: Dublin, Ireland

Tonight we travel to one of my favorite countries: Ireland! Oh, yes, that mystical green island. But more specifically, I share my first day travels of Dublin and my unforgettable Starbucks story!

The Moor Murders

Tonight we discuss the vile degenerates, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. Together, they killed 5 British children and buried them in the local Moors. Please be advise, explicit language is used as the hostess grapples with these evil degenerates.

Poisonous Gardens, Vampires, & The slaughter of thousands! Alnwick,England!

Tonight, we head to Alnwick, England. At Alnwick Castle you can visit the Poisonous Gardens planted by Jane Percy. Or the multi-tree house that is a restaurant or get lost in the bamboo labyrinth. And after a lovely day, you can attempt to get some sleep at the exceptionally haunted Chillingham Castle. And "chilling" is just the beginning. This castle was the site where the ruthless bastard John Sage slaughtered thousands of Scottish prisoners of war. The man even axed children to death here! In short, this place is soaked in blood!

Killing Couples: Bonnie & Her Clyde Part II

Tonight, we conclude the love story of the killing couple, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow! Will they or won't they? Is he her lobster? To the bitter end? Or rather, to the bullet's end? Tsk, tsk. To be in love and a killer.

The Black Dahlia, Hollywood's Murdered Starlet

Tonight, we discuss Hollywood's Murdered Starlet, the Black Dahlia! Poor Elizabeth Short. She came to Hollywood, looking to make her memorable mark and sadly, she does, in a big, horrible way.

Killing Couples: Bonnie & Her Clyde Part I

Tonight we discuss the Killer Couple: Bonnie & Clyde, the Original "Ride or Die!" couple . . . Ooohhh llllaaaaaallalalalalla Love and gun smoke is in the air!

Old Hollywood Haunts, Perfect for A Paranormal Date Night

Tonight we head to Hollywood, California! And in honor of Valentine's Day, we discuss several paranornmal places you can go with your love bunny! AND . . we close with a discussion of the best romantic movie, to end your Valentine's Day night with: Casablanca. (Okay, not paranormal, but still an excellent movie!)

Killing Couples: The Lonely Heart Killers Part 2

In honor of February-Slash-Love, every Tuesday, we will be discussing "Killing Couples", you know, couples who are " killing it !" Tonight we finish our first February-Slash-Love Special with the second part of the The Lonely Heart Killers, Raymond Martinez Fernandez and Martha Beck Having used the Lonely Hearts writing club as a means to find their rich victims, things start to go deadly for everyone!

A Haunting in Georgia

Tonight we head to Surrency, Georgia. In the 1870's it's founder Allen Powell Surrency and his family became the target of a well documented and highly witnessed poltergeist. But that's not the only paranormal event happening in Surrency. We will briefly discuss the Surrency Ghostlight also happening. The Peach State is not playing! It's Peachy Paranormal!

Killing Couples: The Lonely Heart Killers Part 1

In honor of February-Slash-Love, every Tuesday, we will be discussing "Killing Couples", you know, couples who are " killing it !" Tonight we kick off our February-Slash-Love Special with a two-parter of the The Lonely Heart Killers, Raymond Martinez Fernandez and Martha Beck These scrupulous folks use the Lonely Hearts writing club as a means to find their rich victims, and well . . . sometimes, things go a little deadly!

The Toll of Death, oh Sweet Savannah!

Tonight, we head south to Savannah, Georgia. In Savannah, the dead are EVERYWHERE! Between the Civil War and multiple Yellow Fever deadly outbreaks, it would seem that there is a ghost story on every corner! Tonight is one of our longest episodes because Savannah has it all! We are talking haunted cemeteries, haunted restaurants and taverns, and the most haunted of them all, The Marshall House! Plus we discuss to awesome local museums, the Graveface Museum, which true crime lovers will appreciate and the American Prohibition Museum, which bootleggers will appreciate. www.americanprohibitionmuseum.com ( http://www.americanprohibitionmuseum.com/ )

The Curious, Strange Case of the Oak Island Money Pit

What exactly is this Money Pit located on Canada's Nova Scotia Island? Is it a hoax? Is it the illustrious pirate Captain Kydd's elaborate prank? Was it the aliens? Tonight, Panda Mike takes the helm as we discuss the history and possible theories surrounding this strange hole in the ground!

What do you do when the ghost call you? Oh, Calgary!!!

Oh, Calgary! Are YOU haunted! What do you do you when the ghost call you? Or how do you to stop the ghost of playful monkey? And what's with that horrible bloodstain on the floor in the attic! Tonight we discuss several of Calgary's haunted former homes, now restaurants . . . AND if you are a true crime fan, we gotta discuss Calgary's Police Museum . . AND calling all Trekkie Fans!!! Do I have a wonderful travel place for you! Basically, Calgary has it all! Ghosts, true crime and Space-- The Final Frontier!

California's Gold & Ghost towns & The Curse of Bodie

Tonight we discuss some of California's awesome abandoned gold mining towns and some of their ghosts! We are talking: Ballart Randsburg Allensworth and a person favorite, Bodie! And oh, yes, we will discuss the Curse of Bodie!

Supernatural San Francisco, BABY!

Tonight, we head to THE CITY. That's correct. THE CITY. And there is only one THE CITY that I know of . . . San Francisco! Tonight we talk about the Golden Gate Bridge, the Golden Gate Park, Alcatraz and few other ghostly, foggy places by the bay!

Forget the mere naughty list . . . Krampus will beat your . . .

That's right, folks! Tonight on our Road Trip with Da Panda, we talk about Krampus, Saint Nicolas's little demon goat buddy. But apparently, Krampus isn't messing around with just coal in your stocking. In short, you better be good or Krampus will beat your ass! And if that's your THING, we will share where you can get your Krampus beating on next year!

A Haunting Christmas Carol

Did you know, there is no better story that combines Christmas with ghosts than Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"? So, tonight, we discuss Charles Dickens, his classic "A Christmas Carol" and the haunted town the 1984 movie version of this story was filmed in: Shrewsbury, England! Using the path set forth by the Spirits of Christmas, we will roam about the town, discussing several haunted Shrewsbury locations and share the tales of such ghastly places. Buckle in Scrooge! Tonight is going to be a ghastly ride!

House of Atrocious Horrors: LaLaurie Mansion New Orleans, Road Trip W/Da Panda

Tonight we take a road trip with Da Panda! And the Panda is leading the show!!!!! Tonight we head to 1140 Royal St. New Orleans and discuss the evil Madame LaLaurie and the horrorible atrocities she committed there! Beware though. This cruel-blackhearted bitch pisses me off and a few f bombs gets dropped.

In the Footsteps of Voodoo, Vampires and Edgar Degas! New Orleans, BABY

Tonight, we head to our second American city: New Orleans! OR Nawl'ns! Tonight, we discus Voodoos, Vampires, the Museum of Death, Edgar Degas (again!) and we take a moment recognized an important World War 2 Museum! Then we will have some beignets and sup at Brenann's Red Room! But we must beware! Or we could get shanghaied Fafitte's Blacksmith Bar!

Let's Talk Turkey, and then the Evils Hiding in The Dark, Dark, Woods . . .

Hello! Tonight, we talk a little turkey fun facts about America's Thanksgiving holiday, and since we are speaking of getting together with family . . . let's talk about going camping in the dark, dark woods. Tonight we discuss 7 Haunted American Campgrounds, while getting some camping hacks/tips from husband Jeff. But what is exactly is haunting these campgrounds? Ghosts, UFOs and Werewolves?!!?! OH MY!

Something Wicked This Way Comes Edinburgh

Tonight we close out our trip to Edinburgh with the true story that inspired the novel "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde", the sad homage regarding the Witch Well and douche-bag King James, the ghost who haunts Holyrood Palace, info on the Beltran Festival, 3 local haunted pubs in the Grassmarket area, along with the beautiful Witchery hotel and restaurant and just story of Maggie Dickson.

Paying the Rent with Murder! Burked and Hared Styled! Road Trip W/Da Panda Ep. 2

Whilst in Edinburgh, we take a road trip down the dingy, dangerous Vault's memory lane and talk about the murder spree of William Burke and William Hare committed all for some spare change! But hey! It's not easy operating a cadaver black market! "Up the close and doon the stair, But and ben' wi' Burke and Hare. Burke's the butcher, Hare's the thief, Knox the boy that buys the beef."

Bagpipes, Poltergeists, and Mary Queen of Scots, OH MY!

WOW! WOW! WOW! Edinburgh, Scotland is a ghost hunter's dream! They have so many ghosts haunting about, it's hard to decide which awesome story to share! But tonight I do my best with stories about a ghost boy playing his bagpipes, the Mackenzie Poltergeist, the ghost of Mary Queen of Scots and the sky terrier Bobby from the Greyfriar's Bobby. This episode is one of three covering Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Phantoms of Transylvania: The Man Vlad & The Legend Count Dracula

In tonight's podcast, our official Halloween podcast, we travel to Transylvania, Romania Tonight we will discuss Vlad the Impaler, all of his haunts and his relationship, if any, with a legendary vampire. And speaking of Halloween's most iconic character, tonight, we will help you learn about the places you can visit in the footsteps of a literally classic: Dracula.