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The Texas Hemp Show is the official podcast for the Texas Hemp Reporter Magazine: The Texas Hemp Show is recorded every Wednesday at from 6 -7pm and is released each Friday. For news and the latest information on the growing Hemp & Cannabis industry in the Lone Star State subscribe to our magazine the Texas Hemp Reporter online and follow us wherever podcasts are available.

Episode # 112 Aaron Owens of Tejas Hemp
Last Friday at 6:36 PM

Aaron Owens farm focuses on premier and unique genetics like CBDV and THCV. Recently, our Texas grown Tejas Hemp Garlic Jam CBDV took the title for Top Outdoor Hemp at the 2021 Taste of Texas Hemp Cup, and recently won again in 2022 for Top Outdoor flower in Texas! The new product is Tejas Tonic water made with CBD & THC and is available at small area liquor stores in central Texas and online at

Episode # 111: Chelsie Spencer & Colt Power
Last Tuesday at 8:19 PM

We learn more about Power BioPharms, their mission is to naturally produce exceptional, small-batch, cannabinoid-rich products which consumers believe, trust and depend on. Chelsie has been recognized as a Super Lawyer in the Cannabis practice area and comes one this week to talk about the DSHS recent enforcement letter and also laws and opportunities in TX cannabis reform with the new 88th Legislative session as lawmakers consider new options with CBD , and other Cannabinoids.

Episode # 110 Lawyer & pot dealer Adam Reposa





Episode #109 - 2Wisted CBD Ryan Ainge

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Episode # 108 - CBD DELIVERY ATX


Episode # 107 Texas TRU Distribution CEO • Ross Tremonte

Texas TRU Distribution is a local distributor that features Craft and Organic spirits and our services include importing/warehousing and logistics. Founded in 2010, our goal is to focus on the growth and development of quality products in the state of Texas.

Episode # 106: Texas Cannabis Clinic Matthew Brimberry, MD

For years, Dr. Brimberry has helped patients navigate the symptoms of terminal cancer, ALS, muscle spasticity, and other severe life-limiting diseases. In 2019, he was one of the first physicians to be certified by the state of Texas to provide access to medicinal cannabis for conditions related to palliative medicine. 

Episde # 105 San A Canna Farms & Blackillac

Episode # 104 - The Texas Hemp Federation Jay Maguire

Jay Maguire, THF Executive Director

Episode # 103 - Growhouse Media - Liz Grow

visit the official website for more details.....

Episode # 102 - The Texas Hemp Summit

 Confirmed speakers are:

Keynote with the Texas Department of Agriculture, Sid Miller A legal fireside chat with Lisa Pittman of Pittman Legal and Cameron Field of Michael Best Overview of Texas A&M University Hemp field research with Dr. Russell Jessup

And more to be confirmed, so check the website for more details.

The event has industry support from: Flex Payment Solutions, Shimadzu, Tejas Hemp, Caprock Family Farms, Sweet Sensi, Drops of Life, Boveda, Agilent, Hemp Industries Association, Hemp Building Ventures, Michael Best, Haus of Jayne, and more who will also be in a...

Episode # 101 - Texas Hemp Harvest Festival

Russell speaks with Jay Maguire of the Texas Hemp Federation. Jay reminds us to be proactive and get out there and vote early and to be aware about the bills that begin to string into the Texas Legislature in late November each year. Karen Fromel calls in to remind everyone to submit products and vote for the Texas Hemp Awards this fall. And . . . . Greg Autry calls in from Ireland to tell us about the Texas Hemp Harvest Festival coming up on Saturday November 19th @ Distribution Hall !

Episode # 100 - Live from Lucky Leaf Expo Albuquerque

Whoo Hoo!!

Episode 100 of the Texas Hemp Show podcast!

Episode # 99 Fall News and Events

New Mexico , MJ Monthly
Special Events  - 

Coming Soon --  Flavor Flav to the podcast

Episode # 98 Susan Hays Democratic Canndidtate for Agriculture Commissioner

In her own words:

I’m running for Agriculture Commissioner because 
corruption is bad for business. No one trusts the 
incumbent to do what’s right for Texas. Find out what 
the Ag Commission does, why the incumbent, Sid Miller, 
needs to go , who I am , where I’m from and what I’m
 going to do when elected Ag Commissioner namely:
--Clean that place up. --Support Rural Healthcare and 
economic development.--Promote economically and 
environmentally sustainable agriculture.And with me you 
get the bonus of a cannabis law expert to le...

Episode # 97 Open Topics

a guest canceled the show this week so Rachel & Russell read news and talk about upcoming events and media around the state and region. Lucky Leaf, TX Hemp Harvest Festival, Texas Hemp Awards and the Texas Hemp Summit are all coming up in October Nov, & Dec this fall.

Episode # 96 Austin Wholesale Supply

We are a wholesale store that supplies products to convenience stores, gas stations, smoke shops and etc.. 
all over Texas! 

New customers can sign up on our website or by phone!    

(512) 382-1165

Episode # 95 Dr. Maks Apthecary

 If you didn’t already know, we have an online store with all of our natural products! Capsules, topicals, teas, and more! Link in bio
Be sure to take advantage of our MPJ XS sale. Use code: MPJRocks22  at checkout. All of our products are first and 3rd party lab tested in 
order to provide quality assurance. 

Episode # 94: Lisa Pittman & The Austinite Cannabis Co.

Lisa Pittman talks with Russell about the current state of cannabis in Texas and why its important to lobby for reform in the Texas Senate. Also discussed are the Texas Supreme Court ruling on manufacturing as well as the need to vote for change in the legislature. Charles and Estella from the Austinite Cannabis Co. talk about their challenges having their business feet in both Texas and Oklahoma

The Texas Cannabis Report: August 24th

Our 3 Minute Report cover Texas Cannabis News. Covering News for Late August 2022. Seeking a sponsor for this new segment.

Episode # 93: Mr Nice Guys Smokeshop

American Helix - also chimed in this show and Check out Will's glass blowing operation.
Visit their Instagram:

mention the Texas Hemp Reporter!!

Mr. Nice Guys!
13201 Pond Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78729

Episode # 92: Live from the Texas Cannabis RoundUp

A Live Remote Broadcast from Dallas Texas Cannabis Roundup - - @ the Longhorn Ice house. Daulton O’Neill • Lisa Pittman • Taylor 4K Pharm • Austin Zamhariri

Episode # 91 / Forty Six & Two Apothecary + Boutique

Rachel Nelson Co Host with Russell this week and discuss her writing with the Texas Hemp Reporter Magazine and the history in other magazines shows collaborated with Russell. Later , Dano & Jennifer call in from Forty Six & Two Apothecary + Boutique located in the adorable downtown district of Taylor,TX. Their boutique features great local vendors with lots of fun items to shop. The apothecary area will showcase great CBD and hemp made products for healthy living.

Episode # 90: Morgan Coffey CSO @ Doctors Hemp Solutions

Episode 90: Morgan Coffey 
@ Doctors Hemp Solutions &
Star Hemp Extraction

Episode # 89: Veterans Scientific Laboratories

ISO Certification • TX Ag Certification •   VETSCILABS.COM • 210.682.9883

Episode # 88 - Music Show Live Remote
Check out K8 and their music!

Episode # 87 - Roach & Budd with RippleFest

Episode # 86: Daulton ONeill with Andrea Hope Steel

Andrea & Dalton discuss the recent rulings on the Smoke-able Hemp Band by the Texas Supreme Court. They also talk about the political climate for cannabis in the Lone Star State as well is the culture of cannabis in our society and readiness for change in Texas laws.

Episode # 85 Jesus Burrola CEO Posible Project & Cannabis Atty. Cameron Field

Cameron F. Field
Senior Counsel
Co-Leader, Cannabis

Cameron focuses his practice on the cannabis industry, where clients rely 
on his legal advice to make strategic business decisions, weigh risks, and 
stay up-to-date in the rapidly changing hemp and CBD arena. He guides 
clients through complicated regulatory processes and advocates for 
their interests in administrative, state, and federal courts. 

Episode # 84: Rocket Seeds

An international seed bank with years of professional experience,
Rocket Seeds provides shoppers with access to inventory from the 
best seed banks in North America. 

Relying on a global network of growers and breeders, the team 

at Rocket Seeds is constantly evolving its base of knowledge, 
sharing that information with each customer to help maximize their 
harvest. Rocket Seeds specializes in auto flower, feminized, regular, 
and CBD seeds for both new and veteran growers.

Episode # 83: Cowboy Diplomacy

Southern gents, here to take it all.

“Their raw yet classic sound has established the band as one-to-watch” -GroundSounds 

"A firm assertion that rock and roll isn’t dead." -All Things Go

"Cowboy Diplomacy...produce big results." -Glide Magazine

“Their brand of grizzled rock has been quick to congregate crowds.” -KUTX

Episode: 82 Sky & Hobbs & the Case of the Missing Hemp


Episode # 81 | Mike Hobble - CEO | THE LOOT
From Topical Rubs, Gummy Candy, Tincture, Vapeable, Cartridges, and Flower. We have it all !!

Oh my! You have to try these flavors. From recipes of past e-liquids and some new. Customers will keep coming back for more. 

The Texas Cannabis Report: Austin Ends MJ Arrests!

 The city of Austin has passed Prop A by vote to eliminate misdemeanor 
marijuana arrests and ban the use of no-knock warrants. 

Episode # 80 Andrea Steel w/ Lee Hemp Seeds & Dr. Ray Altamirano of Good Earth MMJ Clinic

Ray Altamirano MD is a first generation American. His parents came from Coahuila, Mexico to contribute and thrive in this great land. He is native of South Side San Antonio and a graduate of Harlandale High School.




* VA veterans will NOT lose their benefits if they qualify for the registry


Episode # 79: David Sergi & Jay Maguire

David and Jay discuss the growing changes in cannabis abroad the US and here at home in Texas. the two discuss a new case of unlawful seizure of LEGAL Hemp in Navarro County. Sky & Hobbs Organics owner Hunter Robinson’s spent the night in jail and had his crop seized despite having all his legal paperwork.

Hunter himself will be on the Texas Hemp Show soon . . .  stay tuned . . . 

Episode # 78 Cedarstone Industry : Clay Estrada

Clay talks with Russell & Jesse about the products at Cedarstone.

CBD extraction is something we have learned a lot about in recent years. As a company that designs, manufactures, and sells extraction equipment, it is in our best interests to understand the industry our CBD-producing customers are involved in. We have had to learn many of the finer details of that industry. For instance, did you know that CBD and hemp seed oil are not the same thing?

Episode # 77: Happy 420 / with Texas Premium CBD

Texas Premium CBD was established in 2019 . We take great pride in the CBD products and services that we offer to the public. We take great pride in everything about our product being 100% Texas. 

The Texas Cannabis Report for April 20th

The 420 News report for Texas this April 20th