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By: Anna Olcese

Anna's "Let's Talk Real Estate" podcast helps to educate listeners about a variety of real estate-related topics, local and national market conditions, and how the area’s growth and opportunities compare to other cities nationwide. New episodes are released every Friday and feature guests from both the Gainesville area and nationwide.

28. Let’s Talk Commercial Lending with Clopton Capital
Last Friday at 2:45 PM

At the helm of commercial lending brokerage firm Clopton Capital since its founding in 2010, Jake Clopton has worked on hundreds of transactions involving everything from apartment buildings to self storage facilities. Based in Chicago, the firm works with clients nationwide and focuses on private investors whose loans typically range from $1-$40 million. Clopton Capital helps these small to middle market entities invest in commercial, industrial, and multifamily real estate that includes a multitude of property types, including factories, warehouses, mobile home parks, self storage facilities, retail malls, and offices. Jake shares not only how Clopton Capital works with these...

Let’s Talk International: The Fairytale Region of Italy’s Le Marche with Andrea Mattetti

Italy’s Le Marche region, by all accounts, sounds like a fairytale. With Medieval castles and villages and the stunning Apennine Mountains outlined by stretches of pebbled beaches on the Adriatic Sea, this little-known - but quickly growing - region on Italy’s east coast rivals its larger and better-known sister cities in geographic beauty, charm, and history. A train ride or quick flight from Rome or Milan, and just a ferry ride away from Croatia, its proximity to new and old tourist destinations is fueling its popularity among Europeans, who have found it to be a terrific place to p...

Let’s Talk Real Estate Basics With Jessica Hochhalter of RG Title

What exactly does the title company do? Many involved in the real estate transaction process may not be able to give a clear answer, and we’re not just talking about buyers and sellers. Sometimes, title work can seem too complicated or possibly not “sexy” enough to discuss, but it's a crucial component of the real estate sales process. From running title searches to ensure that someone can buy a house without the fear of ownership issues to ensuring that all the numbers are correct when it comes time to sign those closing docs, title companies have a lot of behind...

Let’s Talk International: London Architecture and Interior Design with Tarek Merlin

We crossed the pond this week and headed to London to talk to Tarek Merlin, who is Director and Co-Founder of Feix&Merlin Architects. We initially connected with Tarek on TikTok, where he takes us Behind Closed Doors of some very cool buildings that the public wouldn’t otherwise be able to see. A proponent of renovating and repurposing old buildings and maintaining both a structure’s and a neighborhood’s character, Tarek designs for the present with the past - and the future -  in mind. His stunning work spans the residential and commercial spectrum, as well as cities...

Ep. 24: Let’s Talk Architecture and Interiors with James Blythe

James Blythe, Principal at Gainesville-based LEVEL Architecture + Interiors, chatted with us about the importance of user-centric design, repurposing old buildings, and the changes that they’re seeing in commercial design projects since the beginning of 2020. With a special place in his heart for a decrepit furniture store-turned-ax throwing establishment that has gained surprising popularity during the pandemic, he shares why sustainable design and repurposing is so important for our communities.

Let’s Talk About The Crazy Housing Shortage

It’s almost like every article or podcast about real estate is on repeat: it’s a seller’s market...multiple offers...bidding wars...etc, etc, etc. Home prices are up, demand is higher than ever before, and it feels like inventory couldn’t be lower these days (because it’s never been!). The housing situation wasn’t this competitive a year ago, so what in the world is going on? Today, we dive into what has caused the housing demand frenzy during pandemic-fueled financial uncertainty and how this housing boom is different than the one that led to the financial cr...

Let’s Talk North Carolina with Kristyn Gavazzi

In the midst of the pandemic, dental hygienist, mom, and military wife, Kristyn Gavazzi, decided to change careers and jump into the world of real estate. Admittedly naive about what it takes to actually be a real estate professional, Kristyn has quickly learned and has used her network, authenticity, and tenacity to hit the ground running. Since her start in January 2021, Kristyn has done more than many who have been in the industry for years. Today, she took time between contracts to chat about why she loves the Ft. Bragg and Southern Pines area of North Carolina and why relocation...

Let’s Talk Selling Later and Consumer Advocacy with Wendy Gilch

Wendy Gilch wants buyers and sellers to know. Know what? Know everything about real estate and the intricacies of the industry, as well as the scams that can turn the experience from a dream into a nightmare. Frustrated by the process as a consumer years ago, Wendy set out to shed light on what is often a process that keeps consumers in the dark. Between referral services that claim to connect consumers with the “best” agents to companies that sell consumers’ info to agents, mortgage brokers, and others in the industry, most companies that make millions from the business of real e...

Let's Talk Interior Design with Sarah Cain

Designing our spaces has become more necessary than ever before, between having to make our homes vacation spots AND offices, we crave for environments that work perfectly for our needs and wants. Today, Sarah Cain, a top-notch interior designer and owner of Sarah Cain Design, discusses the importance of creating a truly personal space that blends a client’s unique style and specific use. It’s all about creating a luxury experience for every home or business owner, from where to place a chair, right down to where and how someone prepares their morning coffee. Listen to Sarah as she disc...

Let’s Talk Dispelling Florida Myths

When one of our most recent TikToks elicited some...ummm... strong reactions from viewers, we thought it would be fun to discuss the topic on the podcast. The topic in this case was reasons to move to Florida. Anna and fellow relocation specialist, Angela Foote, read through some of the comments and addressed them with honest answers about what life in Gainesville is like and how it’s a little different than the rest of Florida. Listen as we dispel myths, confirm others, and discuss how humidity may very well be your best friend as you get older. What preconceived id...

Let’s Talk About Discipline and How To Kill It In Sales with Nancy Tran

Nancy Tran may be new to real estate, but she’s not new to sales or to the discipline that is needed to succeed in the business. This episode is a must for new and veteran agents alike as Nancy shares her habits, daily routine, and clever prospecting ideas that have helped her succeed during her first year in the business, even amidst a pandemic! Her awesome attitude, self-confidence, and growth mindset will inspire you, even if you’re not in real estate sales. She’s also quite funny and genuine, and you might want to follow her on TikTok, which...

Let’s Talk Up-and-Coming in Austin with Matt and Cass

While we mostly feature agents who have been in the business for a while, every few episodes we like to highlight up-and-comers who are the future of real estate. We first “met” Matt and Cass on TikTok, which is where we’ve initially connected with many of our other guests. Austin native and trendy brokerage Realty Austin agent, Matthew Turnage, is a relative newcomer to the real estate business, but he’s nevertheless seen a lot in a short time. His partner, Cassandra Pineda, who is working on getting her real estate associate license and will surely be making many deals so...

Let’s Talk Boston with Jackie O.

With 16 years in the business and vast experience working in the residential real estate market with buyers, sellers, and many investors, Atlanta native and former flight attendant Jackie O’Connor has experienced the ups and downs of the real estate market both in Ann Arbor and Boston. With a career that has seen the housing market go up and down more than once, through the financial crisis, a pandemic, and the latest housing boom that we’re in now, Jackie has remained strong and steady, and today she runs the Jackie O. Real Estate Team at Keller Williams Boston Metro. In t...

Let’s Talk About My Move to Engel & Volkers with Carrie Cason

Just when I thought there wouldn’t be too many more changes in 2021, I decided to move from Keller Williams to Engel & Volkers. Why? I couldn’t resist the brokerage’s culture and ideals, which emphasizes that luxury is an experience, not a price point. All customers deserve a luxury experience, and I’ve always worked to make that a reality. Today’s conversation with Carrie Cason, Broker/Owner of Engel & Volkers Gainesville, covers why Carrie chose to open an EV shop in Gainesville, what attracted her to EV, and her predictions for the future of the brokerage in Gainesville. We also to...

Let’s Talk Hollywood with Blake Stargel

Blake Stargel is making it big in Hollywood...Hollywood real estate, that is. After moving to California from Nebraska, where he had traded college life for Realtor life, Blake started hitting the real estate world and social media hard. In this episode, Blake tells us what it was like to move to LA and then transition to a new brokerage, what the continual grind to get business is like, where he is today, and where he sees himself and the market going during the coming year. Plus, he gives us the scoop about some Million Dollar Listing celebrities, who he...

Let’s Talk Investing in Multi-Family Properties with John Stoeber

John Stoeber, a Principal at Kronos Investment Partners, is barely out of college yet he knows more about investing in real estate than most seasoned professionals in the industry do. A self-proclaimed number cruncher, he oversees underwriting, market analysis, and financial reporting at Kronos, which is a private equity firm that buys cash-flowing and under-performing multi-family properties in the U.S. In our discussion, we touched on house flipping’s pros and cons, how house hacking can let you live rent-free, and why BRRRR is a great investment strategy. There’s even a golden nugget of investing advice for real esta...

Let’s Talk About Real Estate’s Future with Ari Rastegar

If there were a prize for Most Energetic Guest, then Ari Rastegar would win it hands-down. Founder and CEO of Rastegar Property Company, Ari is a force to reckon with due to his business acumen and overall dynamic personality. His innovative, technology-driven investment strategies have made him a thought leader in real estate, where he specializes in recession-resilient real assets and multifamily real estate developments, building portfolios designed to reduce risk and maximize capital appreciation potential. Today, Ari took time from his incredibly busy schedule to discuss President Biden’s sustainability plans and how they will affect the future of ou...

Let’s Talk About Being a New Agent in the Big Apple with Justin Diamond

Justin Diamond has a proven track record in the social media industry, working for large companies in the New York City metro area for years. Now, as a new real estate agent, Justin is using his digital media expertise to his advantage as he dives into the world of New York real estate. We met Justin on TikTok, where his helpful and instructional videos showcase both properties and areas of town. He’s quickly becoming a go-to broker for young professionals who are looking to live in the city, sometimes from as far away as California. While as a new ag...

Let’s Talk Mortgage Madness with Kristin Hawkins

For months, we’ve been trying to get Kristin Hawkins, Sales Manager and Mortgage Loan Originator at FBC Mortgage, to join us on the podcast. The holdup? The crazy busy lending business! While 2020 brought a lot of unpleasant surprises, it also brought a flurry - make that a blizzard - of activity in the mortgage industry. With interest rates lower than we’ve ever seen, potential homeowners were snatching up 2.5% interest rate loans and existing homeowners took advantage of the historically low rates to refinance their mortgages. With the busiest and best year in her career (so far) in the book...

Let's Talk Nashville Real Estate Growth With Josh Anderson

Originally from Nashville, Josh graduated from Louisiana State University in International Trade and Finance. Josh served 8 years in the U.S. Army, including a 10-month stint in Bagram, Afghanistan, during Operation Enduring Freedom. These experiences, coupled with the education he received from Louisiana State, have molded him into a focused, disciplined, and strong willed individual. Josh Anderson can best be described as a man of high energy with a passion for Nashville real estate. He is a business savvy professional with a strong desire to cater to his clients' particular needs. Client satisfaction is paramount! Josh's market expertise coupled with...

Ep. 8: Let’s Talk 2020 Real Estate Roundup and Lessons Learned

Was 2020 awful or did it provide some growth opportunities? What did it do for the real estate industry? What did it do for our business? How did it affect us? What did we learn? Deviating a bit from just talking real estate, Anna addresses all of these, provides some personal insights, and a bit of advice as to how we can go into 2021 with a better mindset, and yes, a few real estate stats too. Our next episode will air January 8, 2021. In the meantime, keep up with Anna and the Segway Group team on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook at @segwayre...

Let’s Talk Emerald Coast Real Estate with Beau Blankenship

Let’s Talk Appraisals

Did it appraise or not appraise? That is the question! Everything can be going right during a transaction...the price is agreed upon, the inspections go well, the survey is done, the lending process is well underway, and the title search has started. But this one seemingly minor item, yet incredibly important component, can make or break everything, oftentimes days before closing. Today’s episode answers some questions about the appraisal process, the purpose of the appraisal, and what can happen when it goes wrong, and why.

Let's Talk Parade of Homes

The Builders Association of North Central Florida brings you the The Parade of Homes, a twice-a-year showcase of homes built to impress, and usually no detail is spared. From futuristic home automation systems to the latest in lighting, paint, and building materials, builders pack a punch in every home they build. The Parade offers a wealth of information for those looking to buy or build. If a custom home sounds like a dream, then meeting the area’s builders and assessing the pros and cons of a number of neighborhoods will help make that dream a reality. The Parade of Ho...

Let’s Talk Nashville Real Estate with Brandon Carver

Nashville-area native and Realtor Brandon Carver joins us to discuss the city’s booming market. As America’s music capital, Nashville has always been filled with energy, attracting entertainers and creatives for over 200 years. During the past 20 years, it has seen tremendous growth and there are no signs of it stopping. In fact, the pandemic has made it all the more attractive to big-city folks who are migrating to areas that give them a big-city feeling at an affordable, smaller city price.

Let’s Talk About the Gainesville Area Luxury Market

Recruits and those relocating usually have an impression of Gainesville that is quite different than the reality. Luxury housing not only exists in several areas of town; it’s on the rise and in major demand. Whether you’re moving here from NYC or San Francisco, or you’re a local looking to upsize now that home has to be your vacation destination, you’re sure to find a stunning luxury home in Gainesville. And if you can’t find it, then you can definitely build it. In fact, why not do just that? You might as well make your forever ho...

Let’s Talk About the New York City Real Estate Market with Melissa Leifer

Melissa Leifer, a real estate broker at Keller Williams Tribeca, is a native New Yorker who has been in real estate for over 18 years and has seen its share of ups and downs, including 911, the financial crisis, and Covid. Melissa shares what the housing market was like in NYC before the pandemic, during its challenging first months, and what she predicts will happen in the next couple of years.

Let’s Talk with John Darr about Insurance for Pre- and Post-close Occupancies

In our Season 2 opener, we sat down with rockstar agent and partner at Darr Schackow Insurance, John Darr, to discuss the importance of insurance policies for both buyers and sellers when entering into post- and pre-closing occupancy agreements. Buyers and sellers alike usually don’t amend their Insurance policies when entering into these commonly used agreements, but John warns that not doing so it’s a big - and possibly very costly! - mistake. Listen as he and I chat about this topic, as well as soaring insurance rates in 2021, and John’s local music celebrity status.

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A new season of Let's Talk Real Estate With Anna Olcese.

Ep. 30 Let’s Talk Mortgages and Low Mortgage Rates

Today‘s episode is a rebroadcast of one of our very first, which was released early in 2020 and was recorded in late 2019 before all of the madness. The “madness” - surprisingly - is NOT COVID. It’s the crazy low interest rates that we’re seeing lately. All time low, in fact! If you decide to take advantage of the low rates, then listen to refresh your memory about the different types of mortgages that are available.

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Ep. 29 Let’s Talk Custom Building with Advanced Building Concepts

Custom building a home can evoke feelings of stress, panic, and outright rage in those who have gone through the process or have heard nightmare stories from others who have. Today, Bob Butts and Mike McDonald of Advanced Building Concepts, a custom building company in the Gainesville area, describe how they approach the process, why every detail matters, sticking to the client’s budget, and how they build every home as if they were going to live in it.


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Ep. 28 Let’s Talk Property Taxes with Susan McQuillan

Property taxes are a necessary evil that every homeowner has to deal with. However, there are many nuances to property taxes and the amount that the homeowner pays varies depending on a number of factors. Today, Susan McQuillan, who is a Realtor running for Alachua County Property Appraiser and has decades of experience in a variety of real estate-related sectors, gives us the run-down about property taxes and what exactly the county’s property appraiser’s job is all about.

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Ep. 27 Let’s Talk About Finding Your Ideal Home

As a Realtor, Anna has worked with hundreds of buyers and throughout the years has realized that buyers oftentimes don’t know exactly what they must have in a home, which can make it challenging to find “the one.” While buyers usually have a general idea of their likes and dislikes, sometimes their “must haves” and “would like to haves” are interchangeable and even major criteria like location and price range can change during the buying process. In today’s episode, Anna shares the top questions and requests that she has for buyers before they even step foot inside any home and how...

Ep. 26 Let's Talk Pros and Cons of Joining a Real Estate Team with Kathleen Weinert

Rockstar Segway Group team agent, Kathleen Weinert, joins us today to talk about her huge success in 2020, the pros and cons of being a single agent vs. a team agent, and why being on a team has skyrocketed her career. During the first six months of 2020 alone, Kathleen has helped over 20 families buy and sell homes and has done this while being a mom to two young boys, a wife to a stay-at-home dad, and a Realtor during a pandemic. It’s all about the right mindset, and Kathleen definitely has it!   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/segwayre/ Website: https://seg...

Ep. 25 Let’s Talk Home Maintenance with Kevin Groff of A Reliant Home

Consider Kevin Groff your home’s “check engine” light. His company, A Reliant Home, was created to help homeowners identify small issues before they become big ones. As homeowners, we’re often too busy to scan our homes on a regular basis and check for potential problems. And sometimes, we’ve had problems so long that we forget they’re even there! Admit it, there may be more than one missing fire alarm in your home as a result of the dreaded 3am chirping wake up call that leads to us yanking it out of the wall and tossing it into the...

Ep. 24 Let’s Talk Condo and Renters Insurance

Mike Cotton of Cotton’s All Lines insurance is a 47-year insurance industry veteran. He knows the ups and downs of every kind of personal insurance, and his agency is one of very few that specializes only in personal lines instead of personal and commercial. What does that mean to us, the consumers? It means that this guy really knows what he’s talking about and can simplify even the most complicated insurance issues. Listen as Mike tells it like it is, shares some interesting insurance stories and fiascos, and gives us the scoop about the importance of condo insurance and...

Ep. 23 Let’s Talk Questions for Sellers

If you search for “Selling a Home” you’ll often find articles that cover the top questions that sellers should ask their agents. What you usually don’t find are questions that a good agent will ask a potential seller. These questions are key to helping the agent best serve as a consultant to the seller and to understand how much money the seller needs to net from the sale, the seller’s timeline and motivation, the seller’s expectations, and more. In this episode, we cover several questions that we at Segway Group ask sellers before we list their homes...

Ep. 22 Let’s Talk Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance is one of those topics that we can all find really confusing...and probably really boring. However, insurance on your home is a must if you intend to get a loan, and it’s strongly suggested even if you pay cash. Insurance adds a small cost to homeownership while also saving you thousands of dollars should something go wrong. From floods and fires to someone tripping and falling in your home and so much more, insurance is a small price to pay for the major peace of mind it provides. In this episode, 20-year insurance agent Kim...

Ep. 21 Let’s Talk Inspections with Josh Hellstrom

Inspections aren’t sexy but they’re absolutely necessary. If you’re buying a house an inspection is imperative, and a good inspector can mean the difference between buying your dream home and a nightmare. Selling? You can also benefit from a home inspection before listing so that you can take care of any potential issues and your home can sell for top dollar. Learn all about the ins and outs of the inspection process and why an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as we chat with veteran inspector Josh Hellstrom.

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Ep. 20 Let’s Talk Homeownership with Semi-Retired Millennials

Lauren and Steven Keys describe themselves as middle-class millennials who, at the age of 29, essentially found financial freedom at a time when most people find themselves buried in a mountain of debt. With just a few tweaks to their spending and saving habits, this young couple managed to save enough to buy their first home for cash in their mid-20s, quit their full-time jobs, and proceed to travel like a pair of retirees. Their blog, Trip of a Lifestyle, offers a unique take on personal finance and adventure that can help you save money, travel more, and live...