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Welcome to the What Fulfills You? Podcast, a weekly show where your host, Emily Elizabeth Duong dives in to deep topics revolving around living a fulfilled and well-balanced lifestyle through balancing a professional career, health and wellness, relationships, and so much more.

Instead of "Hot Girl Summer", Consider This Approach For Summer Season
Last Friday at 8:49 PM

#224: "Hot Girl Summer" is a phrase that became popular over the years and often emphasizes on living your best life, looking and feeling your best, and most likely, doing all of that while being single. But just like any season, it's just an energetic shift that you need to tap into and on this episode, Emily shares what she's focused on in this upcoming season of life and how she's choosing to focus on 2-3 specific areas of life, instead of being focused on silly nuances.

How can you make progress in what's important to you and...

The Secret to Getting What You Want: Higher Consciousness and Letting Go
Last Tuesday at 1:58 PM

#223: The irony in getting what you want is an absolute paradox--because it involves letting go of the desire itself. What most of us don't realize is that the more we want something, the more we create resistance and friction to get it. We are subconsciously telling ourselves that we don't have it and as a result, we approach it from a feeling of scarcity and fear.

This concept applies in all areas of life; from romantic relationships (especially the early phase), professional work, personal goals, etc. Emily shares on this solo episode how she has used the...

Finding the Sweet Spot in Friendship and Business, Truth About Cheap Spirits, & Theories on Marriage with CEO of Spirited Media

#222: At a moment when social media was at the forefront of culture and virality was a priority, Sam Richards partnered to form Spirited Media - a marketing collective, to ensure minority and family-owned brands had the same support and opportunities to their larger counterparts.

Spirited Media is a female-founded business, operated solely by women, and as the managing partner, Richards has found the right outlet to put her entrepreneurial spirit, relentless work ethic, and leadership skills into the spotlight. She has also been able to use her expertise to help clients leverage social media as more than ju...

4 Tips on Networking Effectively for Job Opportunities and Maximizing Career Options in Your 20s

#221: What does networking effectively look like? How do you find an opportunity to connect with the right people face-to-face? On this solo episode, Emily shares her personal tips on how she found job and internship opportunities during college, how she maximized career paths in her early 20s, and much more that you can also apply in your own approach.

Topics discussed:

Why you should be willing to work for free/very little pay, depending on the type of opportunityFinding the balance between making money and building new skillsets and experiencesThe importance of trying...

Finding Balance and Turning a Wellness Passion into a Career with Founder of RENEW with Riva

#220: Riva G fell in love with yoga after walking into her first class over 18 years ago. Her desire to share this passion led her to become a certified Yoga & Pilates teacher and a contributor to health & wellness publications, both as a writer and model. The natural progression to Creative Director ensued after filling the role for many of her photo shoots.

By combining her passion and creativity, Riva is dedicated to capturing unique and memorable images through the beauty of yoga. Riva has been featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Daily Burn, Yoga Journal, and has regularly contributed t...

Emily's "3 Bucket Theory" to Financial Security and Balance as a Woman

#219: For many years, Emily had this "3 bucket theory" when it came to financial security and balance. These three buckets are the following: Your own wealth, Partner's wealth, and Family wealth. If you get lucky in life, you'll have all three. But the most important key to know in this "3 bucket approach"? The most reliable bucket is YOUR OWN.

This concept and thought process came about as Emily observed in her upbringing and young adult years the way it impacted women's lives when women over-relied on their male partner to provide a certain lifestyle or material goods, instead...

Founder of SLT on Paving Your Own Path in Your Career, Romantic Life, and Having Children

#218: Amanda Freeman is the Founder and CEO at SLT - www.sltnyc.com. SLT (Strengthen Lengthen Tone) is celebrating 12 years of delivering the most effective and efficient results-driven workout. SLT is a boutique fitness studio business with 17 studios in NY, NJ, CT and MA and more on the way. SLT offers an innovative and challenging Pilates-inspired, high-intensity workout on The Megaformer. It's a heart-pumping, music-thumping, sweat-inducing, low impact workout. 

Amanda is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Stretch*d – www.stretchdspace.com. Stretch*d is the premier one-on-one assisted stretch business. With locations in NYC and Westchester, NY, and...

Mini Adult "Life Hack" Guide: Helpful Tips to Know in Your Early 20s on Personal Finance, Travel, and Adulting

#217: Do you ever sometimes wish you had an actual "life guide" to navigating your 20s? Whether you're in college or a few years out, we all face similar struggles. From learning to pay rent and budget, understanding credit cards and which ones to get, who to actually go to for feedback and "advice", and more.

Emily dives into her personal version of an adulting "life hack" where she shares her approach and reflection on how she shifted from early to mid 20s and other specific hacks like how she sometimes travels for free through points earned from...

Raw Talk with Natalie Barbu | Getting Over Insecurities, Being Honest vs. "Playing Games", and Impact of Social Media on a Relationship

#216: On this raw talk segment, Emily brings back Natalie Barbu, Founder & CEO of Rella and YouTube creator, to the podcast. Instead of diving into similar topics like past conversations, such as entrepreneurial journeys and building their businesses, Natalie and Emily sit down to have an open chat (just like they usually do at dinner) about their current thoughts on dating, relationships, friendships, and much more.

Topics discussed:

How to recognize when you're self-sabotaging and creating stories in your head about something that isn't trueRemoving jealousy from relationshipsThe grief of losing a best friend...

3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Make Better Decisions and Actually Gain Quality Feedback

#215: We are the average of the five people we surround ourselves with most - and that includes the people we go to when seeking advice or feedback.

Have you ever reflected on who you are seeking feedback from? Do these people help you rationalize the thought process and balance it with your emotions? Do these people always side with you, giving you confirmation bias? Or do they help you think outside of the box and look at a situation from a different angle?

It's so important to be mindful of who we are going to...

The Reason Why We Attract Casual Sex and Flings vs. Meaningful Relationship

#214 (REPOST): After overhearing an intriguing and insightful conversation between Nick and a friend at a coffee shop in NYC, Emily decided to approach Nick to invite him to be on the podcast for a more in-depth conversation around human dynamics, why we do what we do in today's dating culture, the types of expectations (or lack of) that we should have around whether the man or woman pays, Tinx's Box Theory, and more.

Nicholas Schommer has been in the entertainment industry ever since he graduated from UW-Green Bay back in 2017. Since then, he has gone on to to...

The Breakup: Feelings of Grief, Unresolved, and Loss

#213: A full raw, honest, and vulnerable solo episode from Emily on the dark feelings she been experiencing emotionally over the past 6 months and the reality behind how she has been feeling, despite often having a smile on her face and keeping the "needle moving forward".

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Knowing When To "Walk Away" and Move Forward vs. Practicing Patience

#212: A lot of times in today's culture, we've become almost desensitized to how quick we move on to a new person, job, or opportunity. The classic "on to the next" mentality or the "oh there's plenty fish in the sea".

But at what point does that framework become dangerous and actually not helpful in your life? Whether it's sticking it through with a person in a relationship, your teammates in a work setting, the job that has been making you feel stressed, etc. There are multiple scenarios in life where this thought process becomes pertinent and Emily...

How to Build the Mindset and Self-Discipline to Create Your Dream Life with Charles D'Angelo

#211: At 16, Charles D'Angelo was 360lbs, bullied, eating lunch alone, and unhappy. Following a health scare, he took his life into his own hands and turned the very thing that he was bullied about into his own empire. He lost 160lbs, went to college, and created a life for himself. During his own weight loss journey, Charles dug deep, figuring out why he chose to find solace in food and make himself a victim, rather than live life with the hand that he’d been dealt. Learning to take the emotion out of food pushed Charles into a new way of living...

6 Valuable Insights and Lessons I've Learned in My 26 Years of Living

#210: In honor of Emily's recent birthday and turning 26, she sits down to share 6 major lessons and/or reflections she has had over the years and why each one of these have been significant in contributing to her personal growth, as well as her overall approach to life.

Some of these lessons may be valuable for you and provide insight from an "older sister" perspective.

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Raw Talk with Caroline: What We Would Share to Our Younger Selves on Relationships, Dating, and Breakups

#209: On this raw talk conversation, Emily sits down with one of her very close friends Caroline, to chat all things relationships, dating, and break-ups from their current perspective after reflecting on their prior years of all the "fun dating". From real committed relationships, difficult breakups, and the good ole fun flings, Caroline and Emily touch on it all and also share specifically on what they recognize matters more now that they may not have realized in their early 20s time.

Topics Discussed:

Our biggest "aha" moment or realization on relationships looking back now...

CEO of HEYWEAR on Taking Strategic Risks in Your Career, Long-Term Thinking, and Importance of Having Values

#208 (REPOST): Jaclyn Pascocello is the CEO at HEYWEAR, a walk-in optical studio where you can get an exam and prescription eyewear in minutes without an appointment or vision insurance. Jaclyn has spent her career in hospitality, leading the development of operational strategy across industries from large scale restaurants to experiential retail. Prior to HEYWEAR, she was a founding member and COO of Spacious where she was integral to the launch of a network of drop-in workspaces that utilized otherwise wasted real estate in urban cities like New York and San Francisco.

Topics discussed:


Positive Comparison: Biggest ROI From Moving to NYC and How to Use Comparison To Your Advantage

#207: People often talk about comparison in a negative way and often times, it isn't healthy for our mind. However, as humans, it is natural to compare ourselves to our social circle and our surroundings, so how can we use it to our advantage?

On this episode, Emily shares the biggest "return on investment" in her move to New York City and how she has utilized "positive comparison" in a massive way to help drive her success in her career, financial standing, and also, in preventing her from upgrading her lifestyle when she doesn't need to.


How to "Figure Out" Your Career Direction in Post-Grad Life and Early 20s

#206: "Figuring it out" seems daunting and uncertain. Where do you begin? What's the right path? Does it pay well enough? How much does the salary matter to me?

Questions and obstacles we all face as we approach post-grad life and navigate the natural ups and downs of life in our 20s. On this episode, Emily shares how she approached "figuring it out" from college to the years following that led to where she is today at the age of 25.

Topics Discussed:

Questions to consider asking yourself before you apply for jobsHow...

What I Wish I Was Told When I Was in My Early 20s | Prioritizing Self, Love, and Connection

#205: Sometimes, we just need to have the "aha" moment ourselves and learn from our own personal adversity. In Emily's case, this was exactly what she experienced at the age of 20.

Imagine going through a breakup with a partner while living with him, "co-parenting" (lol) a dog, AND transferring to a new university with a blank start and no close friends.

Yeah...it can feel pretty tough. A bit lonely. But also, the biggest opportunity to learn how to not self-neglect, prioritize oneself, and know how to cultivate a healthy balance between friends, a romantic partner...

Maintaining Friendships After College, Creating Your Own Reality, and Not Letting External Noise Affect You with Annemarie Chase

#204: Annemarie Chase is originally from Anchorage, Alaska and has been a YouTube creator since 2012. After graduating from University of Southern California in 2018, she embarked on her journey from balancing YouTube, exploring her curiosity with coding, mental health practices, and more.

In 2021, she was part of the NYC creator house, "Your Mom's House" and since then, has explored living between Alaska and NYC.

Topics Discussed:

How to maintain relationships after college in your 20sThe reality of working with friends in a business partnership (Your Mom's House)A practical approach to creating and...

3 Mindful Atomic Habits to Incorporate in Your Weekly Wellness Routine

#203: What does your current wellness routine or habits look like? How do you currently feel, like really feel?

On this episode, Emily shares her personal habits that she incorporates into her own daily and weekly wellness routine and how it has positively impacted her over the past 6-8 months.


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From Mental Health Depression and Feeling Stuck in Career to Making $20K for 4 Hours of Consulting with Eric Z. Yang

#202: Eric Z. Yang is an entrepreneur born and raised in Paris, France but currently residing in Bangkok, Thailand. After feeling burnt out by his former Virtual Summit Agency business, he experienced a 2-year lull of career slump and other personal adversities that led him to feeling depressed and in a phase of low mental health.

After finding new personal hobbies and creating balance outside of his entrepreneurial ventures, Eric began to find a connection with a new venture where he pursues solo consulting with the ability to charge $20,000 for 4 hours of his time.


Should I Stay in This Relationship or Can I Do "So Much Better"?

#201: Bonus episode - in past conversation, Emily was asked by a friend on advice for whether she should stay in her current relationship or leave. This person was feeling torn about what to do, especially as she lives with her current partner and Emily shared her thoughts on how to best "objectively" evaluate whether that partner is an aligned fit or not.

Emily also warns about the idea of "you can do so much better" - because the question is...what does "better" really mean? And can you create that in your current relationship?


A Mindful and Practical Approach to Starting the New Year: Intention, Vision, and Direction

#200: Do you ever feel slightly overwhelmed starting in a new year, especially when you feel like you should have certain goals and an idea of "what you want to accomplish" for the year? And when everyone is talking about new habits, routines, etc.?

If so, then this episode may be helpful for you. Emily sits down solo to share her mindful and practical approach for 2023 and how she breaks it down from taking it one day and one month at a time, as well as how she incorporates a practical long-term vision of 1-3 years out that...

Just Because He's Not Texting You as Frequent, Doesn't Mean He's Not Interested

#199: On this last episode of 2022, Emily sits down for an extremely open and raw talk discussion with a close friend, Elia Canu, who was previously on the podcast on episode 187. This conversation was sparked by a "full circle" experience from a time in August 2021 where Elia planted the seed around Hawkins Scale of Consciousness and tapping into a consistent "loving vibration". As Emily has expanded her practice through mindfulness in this past year, she's recognized how she utilizes the science behind frequency and consciousness, to enhance her practice of mindfulness to show up as a loving person each day.<...

Secrets to a Healthy Long-Term Relationship and Marriage and Overcoming Differences With Your Partner

#198: Rich Heller is no stranger to conflict. Rich grew up in NYC, is a child of divorce, has been divorced, and successfully remarried. He and his partner Katherine have been married for over 20 year and launched five children into the world. He attended Vassar College for his BA and Hunter School of Social Work for his MA. Rich is also a trained mediator and parent coordinator, Professional Certified Coach, and an ELI Master Practitioner.

Topics Discussed:

Why Rich left his first marriage and how he overcame the difficulty of divorceThe two core reasons...

How Mindfulness Shifted My Life and Taught Me The Truth About Love, Compassion, and Empathy

#197: Have you ever found yourself with some sort of "mental block" due to overthinking or overanalyzing a situation? Aka maybe you're sometimes just "too in your head" but you haven't figured out a way to shift into being attuned to other parts of your mind and body.

On this bonus episode, Emily dives into the incredible impact of her practice with mindfulness and how it coincides with her desire of being in a constant "loving state" and "love vibration", which she often struggled with because she previously did not know the foundation of remaining consistent.


Personal Q&A: Love Languages, Attachment Style, and Solo Travel Tips

#196: On this episode, Emily Elizabeth picks out two questions submitted from listeners to answer and discuss on this solo Q&A. She dives into her personal attachment style in relationships and how this realization has helped her work towards a more "secure" attachment style, her love languages and how important it is to be aware of potential differences in love languages with your partner, and lastly, the best "travel advice" she's ever received and her personal tips on maximizing your travel experience, whether it's with friends/partner or solo.


Raw Talk | How to Cultivate a More Secure and Healthy Mindset in Your Relationship and Dating

#195: On this raw talk segment, Emily sits down with a close friend (and former co-worker) Jordan Voth to chat about all things having a secure and healthy relationship. Emily often asks Joran about her approach and perspective around her nearly 4-year relationship and notices that she has a very secure and confident framework, while also enabling herself to "live her own individual life" in her early-mid 20s.

Tune in to this episode to hear a unique perspective from a fellow 20-some year old on how you can shift your framework to develop healthier behaviors in your romantic...

How to Adapt to Major Change in Your Life and Leave Your Comfort Zone (Like Moving to a New City)

#194: (REPOST EPISODE) We all go through various changes in life and at certain times, we are faced with the choice of taking a leap and leaving our comfort zone (maybe like your hometown, current job, etc.) or living with the question of, "what if?"

On this episode, Emily dives into her personal experience from leaving her hometown of 8,000 people to move to Southern California by herself at the age of 18 (plus leaving that comfort zone and heading to NYC), how she overcame the fear of the unknown, and the specific questions she asked herself in order to...

Mindful Reflections To Consider | Instincts vs. Logic, Investing in Relationships, and Learning to Stay in the Present

#193: On this bonus episode for the week, Emily sits down to share some mindful reflections and thoughts she's had over the recent months, especially as we come to a slow end to another year.

These reflections focus on main lessons or realizations she's had in 2022 and how some of these may apply in your own personal life and how you can navigate the tough obstacles - from learning to trust your instinct or your rational thinking, creating time for relationships even when you are heavily focused on your career, advice from those in their 60s around love...

How Attachment Styles Impact Your Relationships and Communication with Jessica Da Silva

#192: Jessica Da Silva is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Attachment Coach helping adults end their unhealthy dating patterns and create strong, secure relationships using the Attachment Theory Framework. 

Jessica fell in love with all things attachment styles because she knows the difficulties that come with having an insecure attachment style and she wants us all to experience more freedom and satisfaction within ourselves and our relationships.

Topics Discussed:

The four different attachment stylesHow we are on a spectrum, not simply fixed in one spotWays we can move from our cu...

How to Be More Compassionate and Understanding Towards Others, Even When You Think They Don't Deserve It

#191: How often do you catch yourself feeling bothered, annoyed, and maybe even angry because of others, or even worse, towards other people?

Perhaps it's because you feel as though they caused your pain or suffering, but what if you re-framed the situation in your mind? What if you considered the fact that they are human (that makes mistakes) and that they didn't know any better in the moment?

Or better yet, consider being more compassionate with a deeper understanding for another person's perspective. On this episode, Emily shares her recent implementation of mindfulness from Buddhist...

From Community College to Yale Ph.D., Reframing the Fear of "Wasting Time", and Improving Your Communication Skills with Kaelyn Grace Apple

#190: Kaelyn Grace Apple is an aspiring scholar and second year Ph.D. student in History and African American Studies at Yale University. In addition to her work as a doctoral student, Kaelyn is also the Founder & CEO of Accepted Consulting , Co-Founder & CEO of Accepted Society, and the creator behind @TheRedHeadAcademic.

As a former professional equestrian and community college alumnus, Kaelyn also aims to support students seeking to reach their full potential while charting an unconventional path to success through the formation of her three businesses.

Topics Discussed:

The reality of going b...

Navigating Tough Mental Blocks and Personal Adversity with Mindfulness

#189: On this episode, Emily opens up about her recent (and somewhat current) internal struggles and how it relates to a similar feeling she felt during a low period of life many years ago.

While sharing these mental and emotional blocks she is currently facing, she touches on how she notices the immense push for personal growth, something she needed for awhile, and how she utilizes the practice of mindfulness from Thich Nhat Hanh and how it may also be helpful for you in "getting out of your head" and learning to see things in a more objective...

How to Improve Your Financial Habits and Behavior with Co-Founder of Nav.It

#188: Maia Monell is devoted to closing wealth gaps perpetuated by a system not built for most of America and believes financial wellbeing is integral to creating a healthier and more equitable society. Through her work as a founding team member at BridgeAthletic, a performance technology using prescriptive AI for fitness coaching, training, and reporting, Maia saw firsthand the detrimental effects poor financial and mental health could have on one’s physical performance. 

Maia took her overall health and wellness obsession and aimed to tackle financial fitness. Maia’s passion lies in changing the narrative around money to be inc...

Understanding Male Psychology in Dating and Maintaining Control of Your Emotions with Elia Canu

#187: Understanding ourselves is already difficult enough, but understanding others (especially the opposite sex) can be even more tough. Emily sits down with a close male friend who specializes in human dynamics, social psychology, and relationships to discuss the deeper topics of sex on the first date, understanding chemistry and compatibility, how to keep your emotions in control, and more.

Note: This episode was previously recorded in August 2021 and is a replay.

Topics Discussed:

Whether having sex in initial encounters with a potential partner changes their (male) perception of the femaleUnderstanding human...

How to Be Mindful in Which Friends You Take Advice From and Best Ways to Think From Another Perspective

#186: Do you ever feel conflicted in drawing boundaries with which friends you go to for advice and opinions? Maybe you've come to notice that some friends are always siding with you and that what you really need is an objective perspective and maybe even a little "tough love" to help with your continuous growth and improvement.

On this episode, Emily shares her perspective and thoughts on how she mindfully selects certain people to ask for opinion and insight (outside of her therapist) and what she considers before actually asking those specific friends and peers.


Best Relationship Habits, Influencer Marketing, and Brand Strategy with Arrae Co-Founder Siff Haider

#185: Siff Haider was working in the beauty space as a blogger + podcaster and found herself struggling with her own health issues. She ultimately turned to natural remedies as a last resort and began troubleshooting with her own combination of herbs & vitamins and found herself feeling better than ever. She quickly realized that holistic remedies had the power to address women’s toughest day-to-day health issues and began building Arrae, with her husband, Nish, to share these solutions with others.

Topics Discussed:

The creation of Arrae and building brand equityMindset behind cr...