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A Milwaukee-based pro wrestling podcast for old-School and new-school wrestling marks. Fantasy booking, predictions, all-time lists, and current happenings in the wide world of professional wrestling.

Episode 127 AEW Double Or Nothing 2023 Prediction Show
Last Friday at 4:38 PM

On this episode of Keep the Kayfabe the boys get together for another one of their renowned prediction shows to see who will be the next King Booker following AEW's star studded PPV, Double or Nothing. Taking place this Sunday in Las Vegas Nevada the card is always packed with interesting match ups and stipulations, but their can only be one King Booker. Play along at home and see how our picks shake out. Also a tribute at the top of the show to honor the life and career of Superstar Billy Graham following his passing.

Episode 126 The Million Dollar Man, Ted Dibiase

On this weeks episode of Keep the Kayfabe we continue our deep dive series on living legends that will be attending Crusherfest this June 3rd and 4th located in South Milwaukee. He's the man you love to hate, the Million Dollar Man, Ted Dibiase. Renowned as one of the greatest heels of all time with world wide star power, Ted's career is astounding. Dibiase had pivotal roles in some of the most monumental face turns, heel turns, and most watched PPVs of all time and not to mention breaking in some of the biggest names in the business in their...

Episode 125 Greg "The Hammer" Valentine

On this weeks episode of Keep the Kayfabe we continue our deep dive series on the legends that will be featured at South Milwaukee's, Crusher Fest this June 3rd and 4th! And we couldn't be more excited to talk about the life and career of one of our favorites, Greg The Hammer Valentine. A man who has never held the highest championships, but his role on the card could be described as the fulcrum to any great wrestling show. Valentine is someone who knew the value in the right combinations of wrestlers to generate the most heat in the territory...

Episode 124 Cowboy Bob Orton

On this episode of Keep the Kayfabe the boys announce some very exciting news that they will be taking the show on the road and will be heading to South Milwaukee's spectacular event, Crusherfest! A bi-annual celebration of pro wrestling that honors the home town hero, Reginald Lisowski, better known to his fans as The Crusher. The best part is the event invites living legends to come hang out and tell stories from their great careers, one of the invitees is the spot light of this weeks deep dive, Cowboy Bob Orton. Maybe one of the more notable unsung heroes...

Episode 123 The Bushwhackers

On this episode of Keep The Kayfabe the gang does a deep dive on the lives and careers of one of maybe wrestlings most misunderstood and not talked about tag teams, The Bushwhackers. On the surface if you're a long time WWF/WWE fan they may have just been some mid-card cartoon character like tag team, but if we take a closer look into their history, they're pretty hardcore. In fact, some may argue that they invented hardcore and way ahead of their time. Who were they before they were the Bushwhackers and how did two kiwis wind up in...

Episode 122 AEW Dynamite: Milwaukee

On this episode of Keep the Kayfabe the boys found themselves in a very unique situation where half of the co-hosts of KTK watched AEW Dynamite live in Milwaukee and the others at home who unfortunately could not attend the event. Hear how the production translates between a live audience in house and what we typically see at home. Also is there a way to improve upon the format of AEW tapings. The show itself had a little bit of everything with great reveals, returns, promos, and like any show, some dud moments. All this and more on Keep the...

Episode 121 KTK Take-Over: Legendary Announcers and Referees of Wrestling

On this weeks episode of Keep The Kayfabe we have a Take-Over episode tag teamed by co-host Stevie G and very special guest, Gary. The boys take a deep dive into legendary referees and announcers spanning past decades all the way up to current day. These are the unsung heroes of the business and the fellas give them the shine they so rightfully deserve as they are pivotal pieces to any and all wrestling federations. The wrestlers are the men in women that go down in history and who are remembered, but with out the presentation, pump up, and drama...

Episode 120 The Re-Bar Mitzvah

On this episode of Keep the Kayfabe the boys recap AEW Dynamite and the highlight being MJF's, Re-Bar Mitzvah. Starting the show we saw MJF up to his usual weasely arrogance, but his party was crashed by three other wrestlers referred to as, "The Pillars of AEW", Sammy Guevara, Jungle Boy, and Darby Allin. Was this a good look for AEW and who might get the first shot at the title out of the three? Taya Valkyrie showed up to step to Jade Cargill, but will she be able to topple the Queen of AEW? There's a new segment that...

Episode 119 AEW Revolution 2023 Result Show

On this weeks episode of Keep The Kayfabe the boys recap a stunner of PPV that may have exceeded expectations on multiple levels, AEW Revolution. The boys revisit their picks from the prediction show and see who is the next King Booker. Also major entertainment superstar visits the pod and offers their opinions as well. All this and more on Keep The Kayfabe

Episode 118 AEW Revolution Prediction Show

On this weeks episode of Keep The Kayfabe it is time once again for our famous KTK prediction show for the upcoming PPV, AEW Revolution. How it works is the boys run down the card and predict the outcomes of the matches slated for this Sunday fantasy book how the night will go. The person with the best overall record with extra credit points in stipulations will ultimately become King Booker. Find out who picked who as we wait to see how the chips fall for this exciting PPV.

Episode 117 KTK TakeOver: Lanny Poffo

On this bonus episode of Keep The Kayfabe Co- Host Steve Grobschmidt takes an in depth look at the life and legacy of Lanny Poffo along with friend of the pod Gary. The boys focus on his early years when he tagged with his father and some of his earliest rivalries against foes that will leave you astounded. Lanny was not just a man that repetitively put others over before himself, but he was also an innovator and trail blazed a skill set that is standard for almost all pro wrestlers today. His eliquent speech and rhymes is something...

Episode 116 Elimination Chamber Montreal Screw Job?

On this weeks episode of Keep The Kayfabe the fellas converse over the events that took place this past Saturday at WWE Elimination Chamber. The enthusiasm for the match that gives this PPV its name would be fallen on deaf ears because all of Montreal were going ballistic for the Habs chosen one, Sami Zayn in the main event against Roman Reigns. Was there ever fa glimmer of hope that the WWE would be a buddy and give the people what they paid money to see claim the championship? Mercedes Mone is your new IWJP Women's Champion and what...

Episode 115 Jerry Jarrett

On this episode of Keep the Kayfabe the fellas get a chance to sit down and look at the life and legacy of Jerry Jarrett who recently passed away. His lasting impacts on wrestling today can not be understated through his work as a professional wrestling promoter and a visionary in the business. Also Christian Cage makes a surprising return reigniting a feud between Jungle Boy, Jack Perry. Was their enough juice in the women's main event to close the show? Speculations over who will headline Wrestle Mania and how will the match at Elimination Chamber between Roman Reigns...

Episode 114 Lanny Poffo

On this episode of Keep The Kayfabe the boys pay their respects to Lanny Poffo who recently passed away and remind each other of the impact that this man had on wrestling. Also who could have foreseen the ending of the main event on this week's dynamite coming? Is this the right move for the tag team titles in AEW? Plus what is MJF talking about and who might Liv be? All this and more on Keep The Kayfabe

Episode 113 Marks Are Gonna Mark

On this episode of Keep the Kayfabe the boys wrap up the highlights of the 2023 Royal Rumble. The Bloodline story thickens as a massive turn of events occurred to close the show and what may have saved a lack luster PPV. What where the high spots and who was feeling the Pitch Black Match? All this and more on Keep The Kayfabe.

Episode 112 Could WWE Be Good Again?

On this weeks episode of Keep the Kayfabe the boys get some chatter going about what's up with the Royal Rumble happening this Saturday. What might WWE be up to when it comes to setting up Wrestlemania and who might show up unexpected if anyone? AEW dedicates their newest episode of Dynamite to Jay Briscoe with a main event in honor of Jay. Why was it such a big moment for Mark Briscoe and AEW? All this and more on Keep The Kayfabe

Episode 111 Jay Briscoe

On this episode of Keep The Kayfabe we share the sorrow of the wrestling world after hearing the tragic news of the passing of wrestling phenom, Jay Briscoe. The incident happened this past Tuesday leaving so many stunned and saddened. We share our thoughts and some fond memories of the man and his accomplished career. All the best to his family during this difficult time and his daughters who are in stable condition at this time. Also we compliment the high points of AEW Dynamite, Bandito and Bryan Danielson gave the audience in attendance and all those watching at...

Episode 110 KTK Season 4 The Boys Are Back

On this episode of Keep the Kayfabe the boys are back after a long winters nap and there is LOTs to catch up on! Season four starts out with a bang as the boys run down the headlines that is shaking up the wrestling world. The boss of all bosses, Vince McMahon makes his way back into control as CEO of WWE after a short layoff for legal allegations. What does this mean for the company and was there ever a chance that there was a deal in place with Saudi Arabia to sell the WWE? We recently saw...

Episode 109 Welcome To The MJF Era

On this episode of keep the kayfabe the boys are stunned by the shocking turn of events that took place on AEW Dynamite. What looked to be a promising relationship between MJF and his lordship William Regal, that would reign supreme over the federation for days to come came to a screeching halt. To say the deeds done by MJF were very uncouth would be a disgusting understatement. Has the veil been lifted on CM PUNK and have we been getting worked this whole time? What the hell is going on with twitter and hear how Matt got over...

Episode 108 AEW Full Gear Results Show

On this episode of Keep The Kayfabe we recap the awesome PPV that took place this past Saturday, AEW Full Gear. This card was stacked with just the right amount of swerves and high spots. The boys give their takeaways as well as where some of the stories are going. Also who is our King Booker after this PPV, you don't want to miss it!

Episode 107 AEW Full Gear Prediction Show

On this episode of Keep the Kayfabe the boys have special guest on the show sitting in for Charlie during his absence, long time listener of the program and good friend, Gary. Full Gear just might be the hardest to predict PPV AEW has ever put on and judging by our picks, everyone is walking their own path it seems in their quest to become King Booker. With 11 matches to cover and whole lot of debate this show is one you don't want to miss.

Episode 106 Full Gear Just Got Interesting

On this episode of Keep the Kayfabe boys are buzzing over the latest AEW Dynamite as the federation is FINALLY throwing their fans a bone to get excited about their upcoming PPV, Full Gear. Yes, in our humble opinion we agreed that there wasn't that much enthusiasm being built so close to its air date, but with with unreal promos from Jon Moxley, MJF, William Regal, Saraya, Britt Baker, and Jeff Jarrett on last nights dynamite, dare we say we are excited! Wardlow finally gets the match he's been needing and could the Elite becoming back at Full Gear...

Episode 105 Feeling Ucey

On this episode of Keep the Kayfabe the boys have the whole gang back together and everyone is feeling pretty Ucey. Is the Blood Line one of the best things happening going in wrestling today? Is this the best gimmick that Sammi Zayn has possibly ever? Full Gear is upon us and could we see The Elite come back from their suspension to boost enthusiasm towards a PPV that has been a slow burn to say the least. What is grinding Steve's gears and could MJF possibly have a new mouth piece to compliment his cunning personality and laser...

Episode 104 Firm Chance This Is A Work

On this weeks episode of Keep the Kayfabe the boys give their two cents on the current state of wrestling and its storylines. MJF gets stabbed in the back by The Firm on Dynamite so close to when he may need them most heading into a Championship fight between Jon Moxley at Full Gear. But could this all be a work? Has the women's division improved with an interim champion in Toni Storm? Is there a recipe to rekindle the excitement for AEW TNT title? All this and more on Keep The Kayfabe

Episode 103 Give Us Back Our Scissors

On this weeks episode of Keep The Kayfabe the boys actually have some positive things to say about WWE. As this weekend's PPV Extreme Rules concluded a new face has come back to the main roster in a very creative fashion. Also AEW has some big matches set up after they put on a tremendous show in Toronto. Will MJF cash in his chip at the conclusion of the Jon Moxley and Adam Hangman Page championship match in Cincinnati? Smart Mark Sterling thinks he's so smart by taking away The Acclaimed scissoring gimmick, how long could he be getting...

Episode 102 Happy National Scissors Day

On this weeks episode the boys celebrate National Scissors Day with a round table discussion of the latest episode of Dynamite. The Acclaim crushed their speeches on Capitol Hill celebrating National Scissors day and will they go down in history as one of the greatest tag teams of all time? The drama between Sammy Guevara and Andrade is heating up and the punishments seem a little lop sided. How does Sammy keep getting away with his childish antics? The first title defense for Jon Moxley is set versus Adam Hangman Page. Does Hanger have a shot to reclaim the...

Episode 101 The New Champions of AEW

On this episode of Keep The Kayfabe the boys are back after a little time off to rest, recharge, and refocus and there is A LOT to catch up on. Since AEW Grand Slam there has been a frenzy of title changes, debuts, and budding stories to cover that impact the landscape of AEW with the absence of some of their biggest names. Who's stepping up and pulling the rope for the company? Find out what big name was added to the women's division and what your role may play to shake things up. All this and more on...

Episode 100 Baxter Belafonte Part 2

We Did It! We made it to 100 episodes here on Keep The Kayfabe! The boys are in high spirits and reliving how it all began for KTK and so many good memories in between. We appreciate all the support and listenership over the years and to celebrate, the boys invite back one of their favorite wrestlers, Baxter Belafonte. A lot has happened with Bax since the last time he has been on KTK. Hear how the Luxurious Ones rose to Heavy Weight Championship glory, hilarious stories from the road, and an unexpected guest who needed to set the story...

Episode 99 AEW All Out Result Show

On this episode of Keep the Kayfabe the boys review their picks to see who will claim the title of King Booker after amazing PPV this past Sunday, All Out. A big congratulations to KTK co host Matt on his matrimony this past Saturday and the fellas talk about all the good times that were had at a their wedding that was simply Glorious. Mike and Charlie ventured down to Hoffman Estates where the PPV took place to take in the festivities live and they share several pro tips for listeners who think they would like to attend in...

Episode 98 AEW ALL OUT Prediction Show

On this episode of keep the kayfabe the boys gather to discuss their thoughts and predictions to this weekends heavily anticipated PPV, AEW ALL OUT. Hear Charlie's experience at this past Dynamite at the Now Arena and he along with mike will be attending All Out. more importantly, who will be KTK's next King Booker? The card is stacked, but how will these star studded matches shake out? All Out always has some swerves and surprises, but will we see any of them coming? Hear what we have to say and send us a note on our social media...

Episode 97 Gunner Wixx

On this episode of Keep The Kayfabe the fellas get a chance to sit down with one of Milwaukee's best up and coming stars, Gunner Wixx. Wrestling with several promotions around the Mid-West, Brew City Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling, All Heel Wrestling, to name a few Gunner is carving out quite the career and is still in his infancy. A man who brutalizes his opponents in the ring and an awesome dude outside of it, it was an absolute pleasure to hear his story. He has all the tools and the right attitude to be the next one man...

Episode 96 The Return of Kenny Omega

On this episode the boys rejoice over the return on Kenny Omega and the cherry on top, Don Callis. As Kenny enters the fray and teams with the Young Bucks, how does this shake up the bracket moving forward towards All Out and the Trios Titles picture? Is CM Punk working us all by calling out Adam Page during his promo this past episode of Dynamite or is it personal? Is there any way Jon Moxley beats Punk for the Unification Championship match taking place next week on Dynamite and who will the winner face at All Out? It...

Episode 95 Summerslam and Flair's Last Match Recap

On this episode of Keep The Kayfabe the boys get breakdown a Summerslam that...dare I say, was surprisingly good. Its been a long time since there has been a memorable main event on Summerslam or a Lesnar vs Reigns match for that matter. What was the difference and what made it historic? A match that some of us may choose to forget would be Ric Flair's last match, but there were some bright spots and the boys touch on those highlights as well as Charlie breaking down the undercard as well as future stars to watch out for...

Episode 94 Vince McMahon "Retires" From WWE

On this episode of Keep the Kayfabe the fellas get together and discuss the sudden retirement of Vince McMahon. The layers of this story are very intriguing and there is still so much more yet to come out. Is the house of cards falling for VKM and what does this mean for the future of WWE? Also the boys recap the highlights of Ring of Honor, Death Before Dishonor. Is it safe to say FTR are in the greatest of All Time category at this point and do the Briscoe Brothers have a future with AEW? Also there is...

Episode 93 Ric Flair's Last Match and Death Before Dishonor

On this episode of Keep the Kayfabe the boys get together and talk about your new AEW Champions Swerve In Our Glory, Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland. This will really shake things up this summer and what does this mean for AEW and a handful of tag team championships leading up to All Out and Death Before Dishonor? Ric Flair is yet again having a Final match and the contestants have been announced. Does anyone truly want to see this match happen? The undercard could be the real story during SummerSlam weekend. Ring of Honor is shaping up to...

Episode 92 This Week In Wrestling

On this episode of Keep The Kayfabe the boys discuss an array of topics involving AEW, ROH, and WWE. Wardlow is your new TNT champion, but what will his reign look like and where is AEW going with him? Ring Of Honor has a PPV coming up in a few weeks time, Death Before Dishonor and there already is some very intriguing matches announced that will for sure have fans feeling excited. Could Sasha Banks and Naomi be heading to AEW anytime soon to help out a floudering womens division? Matt does a quick run down of Money in...

Episode 91 Forbidden Door Result Show

On this episode of Keep The Kayfabe break down the card of Forbidden Door that took place this past Sunday. Charlie has the inside scoop as he attended this historical show with fans from all around the world converging onto Chicago to see the greatest collection of wrestlers on the planet. Who got the biggest pops and get all the highlights of night. Also who will become King Booker on such a unique card. All this and more on Keep The Kayfabe.

Episode 90 AEW Forbidden Door Prediction Show

On this episode of Keep the Kayfabe the boys regale of their evening attending AEW Dynamite live and in person in Milwaukee. A killer promo delivered by Christian Cage that left fans of all ages feeling heated. The boys discuss the upcoming PPV, Forbidden Door taking place in Chicago this Sunday. With a match card that's as wild as there has ever been, who will become King Booker? Find out who has it dialed in and who has their head in clouds. All this and more on this episode of Keep the Kayfabe.

Episode 89 Get Well Soon, Jeff

On this episode of Keep the Kayfabe the boys cover a story that happened outside the ropes recently related to Jeff Hardy and his recent run with the law. Find out what happened and we wish Jeff Hardy well and all his loved ones supporting him on the road to recovery. Also a major wrestling star debuted on Dynamite this past week. Find out who it was and what this means for AEW as a whole as well as inching closer to, Forbidden Door. A new belt was debuted also on Dynamite, who is excited about it and who...

Episode 88 MJF Pipebomb

On this episode of Keep The Kayfabe the boys share their reactions to MJF's massive promo he delivered on the recent episode of AEW Dynamite. The boys sort through when this started as a work, where it sits now, and what could prossibly come next for AEW's disgruntled mega star? Also the AEW Championship belt will be changing has much sooner than expected. Find out why and what are the stipulations? Also Cody Rhodes, Hero or Ego maniac? The boys cover his match against Seth Rollins at Hell In A Cell. All this and more on Keep the Kayfabe<...