Bringin' it Backwards

10 Episodes

By: Adam & Tera Lisicky

Bringin' It Backwards: podcast – giving driven musicians the invaluable insight they need to succeed in the music industry, by revealing how legendary musicians achieved stardom.

Interview with William Elliot Whitmore
Today at 3:50 AM

We had the pleasure of interviewing William Elliott Whitmore over Zoom video!

William Elliott Whitmore is taking things into his own hands with Silently, The Mind Breaks, his first album released through his newly formed Whitmore Records. He had the following to say of his new venture: "I'm proud to be sharing this with the world through our literal mom and pop shop. I'm excited for people to hear what I've been working on the last few years."

When asked what to expect from Silently, The Mind Breaks, Whitmore said, "Imagine a large expansive landscape. In...

Interview with Nelson Freitas
Last Friday at 10:01 PM

We had the pleasure of interviewing Nelson Freitas over Zoom video!

After teasing us with two sensational singles, the Cape Verdean icon Nelson Freitas has released his long-awaited seventh album Black Butterfly via AWAL.

A revelatory new record featuring a star-studded line-up of producers and songwriters, Black Butterfly is a masterful fusion of the signature sounds Nelson has built a legacy on during his multi-decade long career as a sonic boundary pusher, while also pushing forward with an experimental new sound for the star.

While the Dutch artist of Cape Verdean heritage is no...

Interview with Hunter Metts
Last Wednesday at 9:01 PM

We had the pleasure of interviewing Hunter Metts over Zoom video!

Hunter recently released his new single, "Somehow You're Always There", via Position Music. It will be featured on his upcoming album, out this year.

Hunter says on the track, "I was able to pour my heart into ‘Somehow You're Always There’, finding therapy in crafting a tribute to my best friend's mom lost to the Covid 19 pandemic. The song became a canvas for my grief, and tells the journey of losing a loved one through memories and emotions. Each note and lyric carried the weight of l...

Interview with Hungover
Last Wednesday at 6:47 AM

We had the pleasure of interviewing Hungover over Zoom video!

Orlando, FL-based pop-rock band Hungover has released eleven new tracks as the latest installment in their discography.

Ahead of the album release, the band shared three singles - Out of Body, Reunion, and Shake It Off.

"'When It Touches the Heart, Everything Resolves' evolves the pop-forward rock sound we developed on WILT by exploring new sonic textures that call back to the artists who have informed us. You can expect a more complete and dynamic Hungover on this record." -Marc Cortes, Vocalist of Hungover<...

Interview with WHIPPED CREAM

We had the pleasure of interviewing WHIPPED CREAM over Zoom video!

Multi-genre producer WHIPPED CREAM joins forces with burgeoning rapper Fourfive on hip-hop infused trap single “Who’s Laughing Now” via Monstercat.

Grasping the essence of WHIPPED CREAM is to understand the transformative power of music unbound by genre constraints. WHIPPED CREAM embraces diverse soundscapes, crafting new territories and redefining the perception of what producing music truly is. A master at telling stories through sound, WHIPPED CREAM’s latest EP, ‘Someone You Can Count On,’ saw her channel both masculine and feminine energies, emphasizing the significance of her relat...

Interview with Sinkane

We had the pleasure of interviewing Sinkane over Zoom video!

Sinkane (aka Sudanese-American musician Ahmed Gallab) announces his upcoming album We Belong, out April 5. His first full-length release since Dépaysé in 2019, We Belong is Sinkane’s “love letter to Black music,” tak ing cues from gospel, Afrobeats, 70s funk, foundational soul of the rhythms of Sinkane’s native Sudan and more. Alongside the album announcement, he shares a new single “How Sweet Is Your Love” and its accompanying music video.

The upcoming project We Belong, tells introspective–and sometimes painful–stories of the Black diaspora with an underlying...

Interview with Brooklyn Juliana

We had the pleasure of interviewing Brooklyn Juliana over Zoom video!

Canada-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Brooklyn Juliana, has released his first single of 2023 “Thinking About You,”. "Thinking About You" is a deeply personal and introspective song inspired by Brooklyn Juliana's own experiences, and the communication challenges faced by his generation. Brooklyn not only showcases his powerful vocals on the track, but also demonstrates his versatility as a musician by writing the music and playing the guitar. The single seamlessly combines elements of alternative and pop, with a catchy guitar groove and rich vocals that will undoubtedly resonate with...

Interview with Matiyashu

We had the pleasure of interviewing Matisyahu over Zoom video!

The Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and alternative reggae rock musician Matisyahu recently release his new EP, Hold The Fire, via his own label Fallen Sparks Records.

In his continued support of his Jewish roots, Matisyahu, who has never shied away from speaking his mind about current topics, his religion, and the history of the Jewish people, is also using his platform to speak out about the current war in Israel. He recently made a surprise appearance at the March for Israel in Washington, DC performing his global...

Interview with Michael J Woodward (Returns!)

We had the pleasure of interviewing Michael J Woodard over Zoom video!

Pop R&B singer-songwriter Michael J Woodard rolls out his intoxicating new single "Ruined" and announces his debut EP, WMJ1. Out Jan 12 on Unsub Records. A gentle rumination on the emotional fallout that follows a breakup, Woodard's latest is a melodic earworm with nuance and insight. It is accompanied by a striking video, which conveys the melancholy and yearning of the lyrics.

“Sky is falling, washing over mid-October," he begins over woozy strings. "Maybe next month I’ll get over the idea of losing thin...

Interview with girli

We had the pleasure of interviewing girli over Zoom video!

Alt-pop rising star girli releases her empowering new single, "Be With Me," from her highly anticipated sophomore album 'Matriarchy,' set to drop on May 17th, 2024. “Be With Me” rebels against patriarchal standards, rejecting societal expectations for women and queer individuals, and staying true to yourself. This self-love anthem highlights the uniqueness of being in a relationship with oneself as the ultimate connection. There are no strings attached, no room for jealousy, etc – only the pure and positive chemistry of self-love.

In late 2023, girli dropped "Nothing Hurts...