The Pro-Life Guys Podcast

40 Episodes

By: Pieter Bos and Cameron Côté

We’re two guys who are passionate about ending the killing of pre-born children in Canada, and this is a podcast dedicated to giving you the tools you need to change minds and save lives from abortion. We work for a pro-life organization called the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR), and together with our colleagues have reached millions of Canadians with the truth about abortion.Join us as we discuss all the pro-choice justifications for abortion and share how we navigate them on the streets with clarity and compassion. We'll also talk to leaders in the movement and experts wi...

96: Apologetics That Reach the Heart
Last Tuesday at 1:52 PM

So often while doing pro-life outreach we talk to people who are reluctant to make any sacrifices for those around them because few if any have ever made sacrifices for them. We discuss a conversation that Cam recently had where this idea came up and we walk through how to walk through these types of dialogues.

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95: The MSM is Helping Us Change Minds

A lot has happened on the abortion war front lately with the leaked Roe v. Wade draft ruling, the retrieval of 115 aborted babies and the topic being resurrected once again in Canadian politics. We discuss these current events and highlight how they affect our street-level conversations.

The episode from The Mark Harrington Show on the retrieval of the aborted babies:

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94: How to Survive in the Pro-Life Movement | Mark Harrington

Mark Harrington, Founder and President of Created Equal, has committed his life to the fight against abortion. Having been active for several decades, Mark joins us to share how we can prepare to fight for justice over the long haul. He talks about how we can thrive, support a family, keep our sanity, respond to hostility, and more.

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93: Why Leslyn Lewis is the Best Candidate for Prime Minister | Alissa Golob & Scott Hayward

The Conservative Party of Canada is in yet another transition as it seeks to elect yet another leader. We are joined by Alissa Golob and Scott Hayward of RightNow to talk about the hopefuls seeking the leadership position and why Leslyn Lewis is the best option for Canadians.

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92: Support After Abortion | Lisa Rowe

With approximately 20% of pregnancies ending in abortion, the volume of post-abortive mothers and fathers in our communities is truly breath-taking, and it is essential that we are equipped to speak with clarity and compassion to heal past wounds and prevent future ones.

Today, Pieter and Cam are joined by Lisa Rowe, CEO of Support After Abortion, a group whose mission is to end the demand for abortion by healing those impacted by abortion, to talk about tools for how to effectively engage post-abortive mothers and fathers.

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91: Abandoned Babies in Calgary Are a Tragedy of the Past | Jordan Guilford

After reading about several infants tragically abandoned in Calgary, Alberta, Jordan Guilford decided to launch Hope's Cradle, an initiative dedicated to placing cradles in fire halls across the country to make this an issue of the past.

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90: The WORST Pro-Abortion Arguments

While the majority of pro-abortion arguments demand a wholistic and human response, some times the arguments are intended to trick, confuse, or otherwise cause us to stumble, rather than presenting an actual argument or experience.

In this episode Pieter and Cam talk through some pro-abortion arguments that pro-lifers may struggle with not because they are well formed, but more because they are well worded.

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89: Publicly Speaking on Abortion with Clarity and Charity | Daniel Gilman

Daniel Gilman is the founder of the Centre for Public Speaking, an advocate for pre-born children and countless others on the margins of society, and a great friend of the program. He joins us today to talk about how we can deliver effective public presentations on abortion.

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88: Just Do Something: The Pre-Born Still Need You | Fr. Tom Lynch

Fr. Tom Lynch is the President of Priests For Life Canada and has been directly involved in advocating for the rights of the weak and defenseless for the past 30 plus years. He join us to talk about his journey in the movement, which includes some arrests, and the Christian call on pro-lifers today.

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87: Where Are the Men? Here’s Our Theory!

The pro-life movement often has a tough time recruiting young men to join the ranks and fight against the greatest injustice of our day. Why is this? While there may be many reasons, we highlight some of the main ones we've concluded during our time in the movement. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments.


- Strength to Fight:

- Fight the New Drug:

- The Van Maren Show Episode 105: Dating after porn and how to beat an addiction: https://thebridgehead...

PULSE: Roe Will Not Be Codified Into Law; Abortion Pill Reversal Procedure Continues To Work; and more news items

Welcome to our monthly roundup of abortion related news from around the world for February, 2022, brought to you from a pro-life perspective.

0:00 - Introduction

2:26 - The US Senate has defeated what has been called a “pivotal abortion rights bill,” the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA)

8:50 - Alberta Premier Jason Kenney just released three pro-life policies in his Throne Speech, to the ire of Canada’s top pro-abortion activists

12:45 - An orchestrated campaign to end work of a UK doctor for prescribing the abortion pill reversal procedure has failed

17:50 - Presid...

86: Our Culture’s Cheap Attempt at Empowering Women | Maaike Rosendal

Today is International Women's Day - an internationally recognized day that has almost become synonymous with the desire for worldwide abortion access on demand without restriction and with no apology. We sit down with our colleague Maaike Rosendal to talk about how pro-lifers can recognize and celebrate the women in their lives - properly!

85: Mobilizing the Waking Giant | Jonathon Van Maren

In light of Canada's Freedom Convoy, Pieter is joined by Jonathon Van Maren to discuss how so many conservatives are mobilized to fight for what they're passionate about, and how that passion should include the killing of our children. Also, don't miss Jonathon answering some rapid fire questions at the end of the conversation.

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The Many Reasons You Should Intern With Us

With a new year comes new programs, including one of our favourites -- the summer internship. Every year, we host multiple 4- and 2-month internships throughout Canada where we equip and mobilize pro-lifers. Learn more in this short episode.

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84: Are Pro-Lifers Inconsistent for not Focusing on Frozen Embryos?

How would you respond if an abortion supporter argued that you are inconsistent in your worldview because you don't focus on frozen embryos as much as abortion? Cam and Pieter lay out the argument and share how they respond when confronted with this.

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Strange and Unusual Responses to Pro-Life Laws, and more news items

Welcome to this month's roundup of abortion-related news from around the world brought to you from a pro-life perspective.

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0:00 - Introduction

1:53 - Abortion was the leading cause of death in 2021

7:50 - Democrats accidentally fighting the sexual revolution

11:33 - Texas men getting vasectomies over pro-life laws

17:00 - Israeli Abortion Rates are Still Declining

22:10 - California preparing for Dobbs v. Jackson Whole Health

29:40 - Conclusion

83: Don't Use These Pro-Life Arguments, Part 2

We discuss three more weak and/or bad pro-life arguments that we think pro-lifers should not use.

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82: FAQ's About Abortion Victim Photos | Dr. Monica Miller

Dr. Monica Miller is a nationally-known pro-life leader, founder and director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, and has been active in the pro-life movement since 1976. She is the author of Abandoned--The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars. She joins us to talk about the vital role of abortion victim photos in pro-life outreach and to answer some common questions.


Images of abortion:

Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars:

81: Healing After Abortion, Sexual Abuse, Prostitution, and Drugs | Kelly Lester

Kelly Lester joins to share her profound and difficult journey to becoming a pro-life Christian, which includes being raped as a teen, several abortions, taking and dealing drugs, homosexuality, prostitution and more. Today, Kelly is the mother of 6 children and is currently a client advocate for LoveLine Ministries, Director of Outreach for And Then There Were None and Pro-Love Ministries, and a board member for Village Ansanm: Living Stones Ministries.

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80: Back to the Basics: When Does Life Begin?

How many people in your church or community know how to discuss when life begins? Are your contacts going to school or work with no idea how to defend this crucial fact? On this new segment, we go back to the basics to share concise and simple thoughts that will help you have those effective conversations on abortion.

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79: The Last March for Life Before Roe is Overturned | Jeanne Mancini

The US March for Life is a bucket list item for many pro-lifers, and today, we are joined by Jeanne Mancini, President of the US March for Life, to talk about what to expect in this year’s March.

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78: Relational Apologetics to Change Minds | Josh Brahm

Basically everyone can get behind the idea of winning people and not just arguments, but what does that actually look like? Pieter and Cam are joined by Josh Brahm, President and founder of the Equal Rights Institute, to take a look at the value of building rapport within conversations and what that can look like when talking with friends, family members, or complete strangers.

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77: Abortion Is Prevalent Because Churches are Silent | Seth Gruber

Seth Gruber is a nationally renowned pro-life speaker with Life Training Institute and host of the podcast Unaborted with Seth Gruber. We talk to Seth about the state of the church and what is necessary for abortion to be rooted out from society.

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76: Saving Babies As Part of Your New Year's Resolution

Every year we set resolutions to exercise more, eat healthier, and all sorts of other goals for personal growth and improvement. What about resolving to make our world more pro-life by committing to changing minds and saving lives from abortion? We discuss how and why pro-life outreach should be a part of your New Years Resolution.

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75: How We Reached Millions About Abortion: 2021 in Review | Jonathon Van Maren

We are joined by our colleague Jonathon Van Maren to talk about our work at the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform reaching millions of Canadians with the truth about abortion.

To all our listeners, financial partners, and friends and colleagues in the movement, thank you for a great year!

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HPLM 39: Unity in the Pro-Life Movement | Jacinta Robin

In the past half decade, Jacinta Robin has worked and volunteered for a variety of prolife organizations, and though each has had a particular mission she shares today about how they are all pieces of the same puzzle.

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74: Christmas: The Abortion Industry's Ideal Pregnancy | Dr. Calum Miller

Dr. Calum Miller, medical doctor, philosopher, and ethicist, joins to talk about the ultimate crisis pregnancy situation that is the Christmas story. We discuss the circumstances surrounding the conception and birth of Jesus, how the Christmas story speaks into abortion today, and the hope the story gives to active pro-lifers.

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HPLM 38: Children's Book Author Writes on Life Before Birth | Keziah Hofmann

Passionate about protecting pre-born children, Keziah is in the process of authoring a beautiful and age-appropriate children's book helping kids understand the beauty of life before birth. Motivated by the pro-abortion book What's An Abortion Anyways?, Keziah hopes to inspire a love of life amongst children which will take root and resonate through their entire lives.

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73: Christ Came for the Pre-Born, Too | Fr. Frank Pavone

We are joined by Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director for Priests for Life, who shares how the Christmas message affects the abortion conversation.

HPLM 37: Using Her Experience for Counseling and Education | Linda Menon

Since recovering from her own abortion, Linda now shares her experience and passion for protecting pre-born children and their families to educate the general public, counsel parents considering abortion, and support parents seeking hope and healing after abortion. Involved in all three wings of the pro-life movement, Linda is a truly inspiring pro-life leader helping so many navigate the abortion question at all stages of the journey.

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72: Exposing the Hidden Scandals of the Abortion Industry for 40 Years | Mark Crutcher

Today we talk to Mark Crutcher, President of Life Dynamics, about the incredible work he has done in the pro-life movement. The work of Life Dynamics have led them to be labeled “the CIA of the pro-life movement." Listen to his stories and hear how he uncovered some of the hidden and terrible scandals of the abortion industry.

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PULSE: Abortion Pill-Related ER Cases Increases Over 500%, and more news items

Welcome to The PULSE (November 2021), a monthly round-up of abortion-related news told from a pro-life perspective.

0:00 - Introduction

1:23 - The US Supreme Court has started hearing a case that directly challenges Roe v. Wade

5:02 - A new study shows that abortion-pill related ER visits increased over 500% since 2002

11:58 - The city of Portland is providing bereavement leave for employees who have had an abortion

16:12 - Some good news from around the world

23:32 - Some bad news from around the world

28:17 - Conclusion

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71: How Effective Fundraising Can Grow Your Group

Regardless of the size or mission of your group, money is almost always a constricting factor for the scope, and ultimately impact, of your initiative. Fundraising is often viewed as a necessary evil, but today we challenge the idea that it’s an evil, showing how it’s an opportunity for involvement for many others. If you work for a pro-life ministry, this is an episode for you.

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HPLM 36: High School Students are Becoming Pro-Life Because of Her Presentations | Michelle Caluag

When Michelle Caluag went to university, she was too nervous to join the pro-life club. However, once she did, she realized the real change she could make on the streets, and quickly became the club president. Today, Michelle is the Executive Director for Toronto Right to Life, changing minds on abortion in high school classrooms and on street corners and equipping campus pro-life club leaders to be the most effective in their activities.

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70: Here's What We'd Say to That, Part 6

Today we share how we would respond to the challenge that viability determines the rights of the pre-born, discuss whether embryos that divide into twins means life begins after fertilization, and talk about how to respond if the mother is an addict.

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HPLM 35: Architect of the Movement | Gwendolyn Landolt

When Gwendolyn entered the abortion war nearly 50 years ago she saw painfully little pro-life infrastructure, and immediately set to remedying that shortcoming. In the decades since she has been a magnanimous leader, establishing several local, provincial, and national entities to enable the pro-life movement to effectively engage our culture and save the weakest and most vulnerable.

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69: The Terrible Comedy of Saturday Night Live

With thousands of babies being saved because of Texas' new abortion legislation, SNL decided it was time to try and make a mockery of it all. They failed miserably. Dressed as a clown and being as unfunny as possible, Cecily Strong makes some absurd claims during this recent sketch, like the idea that women need abortion access to pursue great opportunities and that illegal abortion means we will see a spike in dead women found in dark alleys, leaving us wondering if anyone could possibly nod along with this sketch that screams of underlying pain and brokenness. We talk...

HPLM 34: Social Media Allows Everyone to Make an Impact in the Abortion Conversation | Pilar Collin

Changing seasons in life may mean that you're not able to participate in pro-life outreach on door steps and street corners, but as this week's guest Pilar Collin explains, social media means that you can make a profound impact regardless of your season of life.

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68: Effective Social Media Outreach | Quiana Casamayor & Blaise Alleyne

The online social media world has become a new public square, whether we like it or not. Ideas are presented, conversations are had, and worldviews are shaped by the content we’re putting online. Our conversation today is all about how you can be an effective advocate for the pre-born in the unique online spaces.

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PULSE: 40 Days for Life is Saving Hundreds This Fall, and more news items

Welcome to The PULSE (October 2021), a monthly round-up of abortion-related news told from a pro-life perspective.

Time Stamps:

0:00 - Introduction

1:10 - A brief overview of abortion news in the West

8:49 - Stories and stats from 40 Days for Life

14:50 - Abortion and Canada’s Summer Jobs Program

22:35 - Conclusion

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