Speaking Tangentially

10 Episodes

By: Cecelia

Host Cecelia discusses her favorite math problems with some friends.


Happy (late) pi day! This is a special episode with another appearance of Arccot Anna. Anna and Cecelia try their best to memorize the first 31 digits of pi while eating some pie!

Season Finale: What is a Math Person?

For this final episode, Cecelia calls some of her friends and family to talk about what it means to be a "math person." This lineup of special guests includes: "Diameter" Daisy, "Mathematics" Mimi, "Hexagon Hunton, "Median" Meredith, "Macro" Miranda, "Maximum" Max, "Arccot/Addition" Anna, and "Denominator" Doug. With ages ranging from 18 to 86 years old, there's a multitude of experience and opinions of the guests to be heard. 

High School: Finishing Up Senior Year Online

On this episode, Cecelia and her a virtual guest, "Jacobian" Jacob, discuss what it is like to learn online during this time, especially at the end of their high school careers. Jacob is currently a senior and taking calculus, but what's really interesting is his idea for a time travel video inspired by Vsauce. Listen in to hear more.

Check out Jacob's podcast "Fellas..." on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/thefellaspodcast 

High School: A Little Bit About the Host

On this episode, host Cecelia briefly talks about her history with math and how she got to where she is today with this podcast.

Numbers: Googols and Googolplexes

This episode was recorded in February and released now to add more voices in this time of physical isolation. Enjoy this episode on Googols!

High School: To Math or Not To Math

Cecelia sits down with her friend Will to talk about how math factors into his life. He has opted out of math his senior year of high school to pursue another interest: sewing. What math carries from the classroom onto the sewing machine? Listen to find out more.

College: Building Blocks

Cecelia’s brother Hunton joins her on this episode to talk about math classes in college. He tells of how his prior math education set him up for calc 1, 2, and 3. Attending Colorado College, he takes his classes one at a time, in an intensive structure called ‘the block plan'. The host and guest discuss the opportunities and struggles that these blocks set up for taking higher math and science courses.

College: Matrices and Water Engineering

Host Cecelia sits down with Gaussian Elimination Gareth who is back from college all the way over at the University of Edinburgh. He discusses the ins and outs of civil engineering, what happens when beams bend, and how important matrices are in higher mathematics. Listen in for a riveting episode on the life of a college freshman studying math! 

College: Calculus and Cosines

Cecelia invites her friend Konrad, who is back from his first semester at college, to share about what it is like to take a math class in college. Konrad goes over his math history and experience, and how the transition was from high school classes to college classes. In his honors calculus class, he is doing many proofs, so Konrad explains what the basic structure of a proof is. 

The Real World: Mom & Paul Verlaine

Cecelia's mom talks about her early misadventures in the world of math and how she now uses math to be a run a business and even make wine! We learn that it is never too late to learn math.