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By: Neuralle, Jordan Michaelides

Uncommon is a show that asks the Why on Business, Media, Current Affairs and Sport. Hosted by Jordan Michaelides, previous guests include Wil Anderson, Dr Karl, Stephanie Miller, Justin Dry, Jeff Kennett and Jonathan Hallinan. To learn more about our guests, head to neuralle.com/uncommon.

Dr Amantha Imber: Organisational Psychologist & Founder of Inventium
Last Friday at 12:30 AM

Dr Amantha Imber is an organisational psychologist and founder of Inventium, a behavioural science consultancy. Amantha also co-created the Australian Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies list and the AFR BOSS Best Places to Work list.
Amantha’s new book ‘Time Wise: Powerful Habits, More Time, Greater Joy’ Is available for pre-order now!


00:00 – Welcome to Uncommon
00:35 – Living in Elsternwick
02:20 – Earliest childhood memory
04:30 – Childhood acting aspiration
10:10 – Parents careers 
11:00 – Why Psychology?
14:00 – Organisational Psychology 
16:25 – Starting Inventium 
23:10 – Explaining expertise to clients 
26:05 – Important factors as a founder
29:30 – How I work podcast success

“Ultra Flexible working environment” - Amantha Imber
Last Thursday at 7:30 PM

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Genevieve Day of Day Management & Next of Kin

Genevieve Day is the founder of influencer talent agency ‘Day Management’, as well as ‘Next of Kin’, a specialist agency focused on the family sector of talent. She currently leads the overarching strategy for both companies, focusing on the future for her talent.


00:00 – Welcome to Uncommon.
00:35 - Past two years.
02:40 - Changes after growing.
08:50 - Pitching ideas / Brand deals.
13:05 - Finding bigger deals. 
14:00 - Saying no.
17:50 - Next of Kin.
22:00 - Running a Talent agency. 
25:30 - Choosing niche agencies. 
28:30 - Trends in the industry.

Running a specialist talent agency - Genevieve Day

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Dylan Buckley: former AFL player, host of Dyl & Friends, and Founder of Producey

Dylan Buckley is a former AFL Football player for Calton and the  Greater Western Sydney Giants. He is the founder of the video/podcast company Producey, and host of the ‘Dyl and friends’ and List Cloggers podcasts.


00:00 – Welcome to Uncommon.
00:35 - The name Producey.
05:30 - Getting into AFL.
09:00 - AFL performance and self worth.
10:20 - Becoming consumed by Footy.
14:20 - Injuries.
18:50 - Transitioning from Footy to other things. 
25:40 - Life after playing AFL.
36:00 - Melbourne / Sydney mental health.
39:20 - Producey ‘agency’.
42:00 - What does the fut...

The Impact of AFL on supporters - Dylan Buckley

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Jase Hawkins of Jase & Lauren

Welcoming Jase to his second appearance on Uncommon!

Jason ‘Jase’ Hawkins is a co-host of the Jase & Lauren show on KIIS 101.1. Known for his comedic wit and vibrant personality, Jase always has something insightful to say.

Jase & Lauren can be heard each weekday morning from 6am with best bits replayed across the KIIS Network from 8pm.



00:00 – Welcome to Uncommon

01:11 - Buying an office instead of a house

05:20 - Buying a house via Zoom

08:00 - Moving to QLD in the future?


Jase Hawkins on Jase & PJ ending

This clip is from our episode with Jase Hawkins, radio co-host from Jase & Lauren on KIIS 101.1. Stay tuned for the ep...coming soon ;)

Adam Ferrier of Thinkerbell

Adam Ferrier is one of Australia’s leading consumer psychologists as well as the Founder of ‘Thinkerbell’, a top agency that represents the coming together of scientific enquiry and hardcore creativity.

Adam has authored two books, “The Advertising Effect: How to Change Behaviour” as well as “Stop Listening to the Customer: Try Hearing Your Brand Instead”. 

Adam’s expert understanding and knowledge on consumer psychology often results in him delivering talks, and making television appearances on the subject.


00:00 – Welcome to Uncommon

00:40 – Exiting a Cult

01:50 - Psychology of Cults<...

Becoming a Consumer Psychologist - Adam Ferrier

This clip is from our episode with Adam Ferrier of Thinkerbell. Stay tuned for the full episode.

Athan Didaskalou of July luggage

This is the 2nd time we’ve had Athan from July on. If you’re new here, Athan Didaskalou is the Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of July -  a luggage and travel accessory company built for a new generation. 

We last caught up with Athan just a month before the pandemic started, so this was a nice catch up on everything that happened in between. 


00:00 - Welcome to Uncommon

00:30 - 95% drop in revenue 

03:35 - Expanding into the US market

08:00 - Production 

10:10 - Setting up...

"How our luggage company survived a pandemic" - Athan Didaskalou of July

This clip is from our episode with Athan Didaskalou of July luggage.

Alex Tyson of Found—Space

Alex Tyson is a health educator and business leader located on the Sunshine Coast. 
Alex is the CEO of Found—Space - a company that creates Infrared Saunas in addition to empowering experiences for health, energy and life. 

Alex is committed to creating at-home experiences that can address the fundamentals of health and wellbeing. 



00:00 - Welcome to Uncommon

00:40 - Queensland vs Melbourne 

02:30 - Early Memories 

07:52 - Leaving University 

09:00 - Life-changing Saunas 

11:27 - Why Saunas?

17:19 - Alzheimer's


Alex Tyson on creating an Infrared Sauna company

This clip is taken from our episode with Alex Tyson from Found—Space, a company that creates Infrared Saunas in addition to empowering experiences for health, energy and life.

Will Gibb, Comedian & Creator

Will Gibb is an Australian Comedian and content creator originating from Sydney NSW, his satirical comedy style depicting the everyday lives of Australians has garnered him a strong following on TikTok of over 1 million.

Will has been working with Neuralle on his newly released Spotify Podcast ‘Ok, But What If? With fellow friend and actor Tim Franklin - head to the links to listen and follow.


00:00 – Welcome to Uncommon

01:10 – Cinema or Football?

06:20 – Lessons from parents

10:20 - Cocker Spaniels

14:30 - Not being overtly gay


Will Gibb on getting an early start in comedy

This clip is taken from our episode with comedian & creator Will Gibb, where he tells us all about his early start in comedy. Tune in soon for the full ep!

Rory Lowe, Rockstar Comedian

Rory Lowe is an internationally touring stand-up comedian, animator and presenter based out of Sydney Australia. 

Rory’s skills have seen him perform alongside Netflix comedians such as Bert Kreischer and Andrew Schulz, as well as opening for Grammy award winner Tame Impala.

Rory is an outgoing, fun, and bubbly individual who has the ability to push the envelope of comedy to new heights through his storytelling comedy style.



00:00 - Welcome to Uncommon

00:59 - Dreadlocks 

03:27 - American Holiday 

06:10 - Coming to Austra...

Booking crazy comedy shows with Rory Lowe

This clip is taken from our episode with comedian Rory Lowe, talking about the different types of comedy shows he's experienced.

Leo Alhalabi of LGT Digital

Leo Alhalabi is the Founder and CEO of LGT Digital, an E-Commerce Digital Marketing Agency.

Leo began his journey as an entrepreneur after leaving his engineering degree to start a business, since then he has built his company ‘LGT Digital’ into a successful seven-figure digital marketing agency with a prosperous future.

 Leo is passionate about the future of the digital ecosystem; he wants to be personally involved in the future of the ‘Metaverse’ and the promising world of NFT’s.

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Life if I hadn’t left my Engineering degree? - Leo Alhalabi of LGT Digital

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Kieren Barber Wilson & Walt Mather of Dynamic Visuals & Sharegear: take 2

Kieren Barber Wilson and Walt Mather co-owners of video production company Dynamic Visuals and production hire company Sharegear.

Kieren and Walt are good friends of the show and previous guest, so we thought we’d catch up with and see how they’ve been getting on since the pandemic was so harsh on the production and creative industries.

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The customer from hell - Kieren Barber Wilson & Walt Mather of Dynamic Visuals and Sharegear

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Swag on the Beat: a few funny fellas

Diamonds form under pressor is a fact that rings true for Swag On The Beat: a comedy trio from Melbourne’s north who formed during the midst of the pandemic.

Swag On The Beat are known from their absurdist but relatable style of comedy – from the clueless American down under, to the shady dealings of buying black market Rapid Antigen Tests.

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00:00 - Welcome to Uncommon

00:30 - Guest introduction

00:44 - Do any fans know...

Swag On The Beat on finding comedy and their writing process

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Dan Monheit & Nic Hodges: fan favourites

Dan Monheit of Hardhat and Nic Hodges of Blonde3 are collectively 6 time return guests and close friends of the show. 

We catch up with Dan and Nic to see how they’ve been getting on, their predictions for consumer and societal trends, and yes, NFTs too (despite what Nic wants).

Get all the links mentioned in the episode:  bit.ly/252-Dan-n-Nic


00:29 - Guest introduction

00:58 - A couple of millennials chatting Wordle (ofc)

04:45 - Why Nick was born in New Jersey

06:14 - How’...

Dan Monheit & Nic Hodges on how the pandemic has (not) changed media & brands

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Danielle Weber: now in NEW NFT form!

Danniele Weber, Melbourne based artist, owner of Pinot and Picasso Malvern, and NFT enthusiast & creative.

We’ve had Danielle on the show yeaaaaars ago and thought it best to catch back up with her about everything she’s been up to - especially since the last 2 years have been nothing short of turbulent for the arts industry in particular.

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00:00 - Welcome to Uncommon

00:24 - Guest introduction

00:36 - Catching up, moving up & family

Why “working for exposure” is complete nonsense - Danielle Weber

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Frenchy: Comedian

Frenchy, a comedian bursting out the ‘Gong, is more than just a funny man, he’s a deep and varied individual. A connoisseur of fine speed dealer sunglasses and mullets as well as arbiter of taste, only consuming the best the entertainment industry has to offer in Cobra Kai.

This is a hilarious episode, so get ready to enjoy some proper big belly laughs!

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00:00 - Welcome to Uncommon

00:34 - Guest introduction

01:40 - What...

How Frenchy met Tom Armstrong - The Brains & The Brawn

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Troy Osinoff of JUICE

Troy Osinoff is Co-Founder of JUICE, Peachy, and Stealth and is a General Partner at Magic Fund.

Troy has always been drawn to the digital world, starting his own website building business when he was just nine years old, so it’s no surprise that he would go on to work heavily in digital companies including Buzzfeed before kicking things off with JUICE.

His interest in the digital world also spans into the DeFi and crypto space, something which he is extremely passionate about, being very active in the community.

Get all the li...

Crypto horror stories, early days, and winters with Troy Osinoff of JUICE

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Chantelle Otten: Sexologist, Author & Founder of AISSM

Chantelle Otten is a Psycho-Sexologist based out of Melbourne, Author of The Sex Ed You Never Had, and founder of AISSM: Australian Institute of Sexology and Sexual Medicene.

Chantelle's career is bursting at the seams with achievements. Having written two journal articles, being an ambassador for multiple sexual health organisations, a consultant for Bumble Australia, being one of the first Australians to be recognised by the European Federation of Sexology, and a certified Psycho-Sexologist by the European Society of Sexual Medicine, It's safe to say that Chantelle is a true expert in her field!


Love Languages, changing your partner, sex therapy, and variety with sexologist Chantelle Otten

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Stepmates and silly mates

Regular guests and friends of the show, Mark Nicholson and Seb Peart of Stepmates, are back again for round 3!

This time around, Jordan catches up with the boys over a few too many drinks. Mark and Seb go into detail about the reception of their animated television series Regular Old Bogan and they explain how they were approached by One Nation to create the now infamous Pauline Hanson cartoon that has been circling social media and making twitter mad.

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The Pauline Hanson cartoon: the concept & public reaction - Mark Nicholson & Seb Peart of Stepmates

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Jeff van de Zandt of Workshop Creative & TikTok content creator

Jeff van de Zandt is a creative through and through: graphic designer by trade, Co-Owner and Director of Workshop Creative: a company dedicated to advertising theatre and live shows; and viral TikTok content creator.

Jeff, having worked in large agencies, was over and overwhelmed by the fast paced, grind-centric environment he had spent much of his twenties in. He would leave and found his own agency in Workshop Creative with Ash, his best mate, tagging along shortly after. Under their Co-Ownership, Workshop Creative has been responsible for promoting various live shows including School of Rock: The Musical...

What marketers miss about TikTok - Jeff van de Zandt of Workshop Creative & TikTok content creator

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Detch Singh of Hypetap and AiMCO

Detch Singh is the CEO of technology driven influencer marketing agency Hypetap and Chair for Australian Influencer Marketing Council (AiMCO): an organisation that seeks to establish and maintain best practices for the influencer marketing industry.

Coming from a finance background, Detch found the influencer marketing industry through a former partner who had found some success in posting on Instagram. He realised that his partner wouldn’t always post about the products that brands were sending her and saw this as an opportunity to help build a service to help these brands better maintain their professional relationships with in...

The issue of professionalism in the influencer industry - Detch Singh of Hypetap & AiMCO

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