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Joe Hicks and Evan Kelly present good faith discussion of news, policy, and culture.

Defund the Conservatorship
Last Monday at 1:50 AM

This week Evan and Joe discuss the pending end of Britney Spears' conservatorship and a revisit on Defund the Police


This week Evan and Joe dive into the Jeopardy hosting drama and the pending cut in federal pandemic unemployment insurance enhanced benefits

Best Of - Why We Are Polarized

This week we’re looking back at one of our best episodes from the past, when Evan and Joe discussed Ezra Klein’s book “Why We Are Polarized” As always if you have any thoughts or insights don’t be afraid to email us at and recommend us to your friends

Worse Than We Thought

This week Evan and Joe take on two topics that are areas where things are going worse than we would have thought. We start off exploring the current state of the movie industry through the lense of Scarlett Johansson's lawsuit over profit sharing. Then we go into an exploration of the fall of the Afghan Republic at the hands of the Taliban.

The Malice in the Planet

This week Evan and Joe talk Netflix's new documentary "Untold: Malice in the Palace" and the IPCC's new report on the climate. The Game the NFL wants you to for get: David Roberts Substack:

Max Vax Fax

This week Evan and Joe discuss the COVID -19 vaccine, the history of vaccines, and vaccine hesitancy. Vaccines: A Measured Response

Biles and Biden Both Withdraw

This week Joe and Evan discuss Simone Biles withdrawing from events at the Tokyo Olympics and Biden withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.

Community Risk: A New Era

This week Evan and Joe discuss how COVID is effecting the Olympics and what's going on with the Delta Variant

The Cuban Lotus

This week Evan and Joe discuss HBO's new series "The White Lotus" and what's going on in Cuba

Critical Britney Theory

This week Evan and Joe try out a slightly different show format. We start by talking about the ongoing story about Britney Spears and her restrictive conservatorship. Then after that we go into Critical Race Theory, a line of academic thinking that is benign in it's own right but has began to become the boogey man for talking about race in any way.

Just Say No? NO!

This week Evan talks about "Who I Smoke", Joe talks about the Netflix Documentary "Crack: Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy". Then the two respond to a listener's question, talk the Cheerleader Supreme Court Case, and the new season of Rick and Morty. It's a Classic Adequately Informed episode. Evan's Piece about Rick and Morty

Where is the Community

This week Evan and Joe talk about finding community, inspired by the communities in Mare of Eastown and In The Heights. They then discuss rewatching old media and how amazing holidays are.

A Little Bit of Something, Some of the Time

This week Evan discusses Bo Burnham's new special "Inside" and Joe explores representation in relation to Mare of Easttown

The Big Lie

This week Evan and Joe talk about the Big Lie and what it means in our current political landscape

The Israel/Palestine Conflict

This week Evan and Joe do a one topic special on the Israel/Palestine Conflict. We hope to give you a background on the conflict going all the way back and our thoughts on the conflict in the present.

Golden Globes and Sugar Free

This week the two do some follow up, Evan talks Golden Globes, and Joe provides an update on his ongoing fight with sugar

One Weird Supreme Court Case

This week Evan talks about a current Supreme Court case that isn't clear cut, and Joe rambles just generally going into new territory that the podcast has never gone before!

Is Twitter Good? It's complicated!

This week Evan presents some musings on social media and Joe does a lecture on the current state of the restaurant industry labor market

Think Subtraction

This week Evan discusses a study on how humans add complexity to solve problems while Joe shares some thoughts on victimhood.

56 - Nomadland and Nonesland

This week Evan gives a preview of the Oscars and Joe does a book review of The Nones by Ryan P. Burge

The College and Culture Wars

This week Evan a Joe discuss the documentary Operation Varsity Blues and the current state of the Culture Wars

Fears of Inflations and Reparations

This week Evan talks a new program in Evanston attempting reparations, and Joe rambles on about inflation

Finite and Infinite Games

This week Evan and Joe discuss the reality tv show Survivor and an interesting position paper about infrastructure in the United States. Paper:

It's Tough, We Don't Know!

This week Evan and Joe discuss the hazing death in Bowling Green and a follow up to the George Floyd and Jacob Blake incidents from last year

Just Give People Money

This week Evan and Joe explore giving people money. This is not a discussion of the book of a similar title by Annie Lowry, but is of themes reminiscent of the book. This discussion is about the results of a UBI experiment in Stockton and the COVID relief bill that just passed the Senate and will likely become law.

Covid is actually getting better

This week Evan and Joe talk Covid, the relief bill, and lightly hit on the coupe in Myanmar.

To Sum This Up

This week Evan and Joe discuss the conversation had by Ezra Klein and Heather McGhee had about her book, "The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together." We then use that to springboard into a broader conversation on race, building on what we discussed last week. And then we answer listener questions

The Color of Law

This week Evan and Joe discuss the book "Color of Law" by Richard Rothstein, an exploration of the extent of housing discrimination in 20th century and how it has effects even today

What to do about small towns

Evan and Joe are back this week discussing why small towns used to have economic uses and why it's changed, often using Galesburg IL as the prism at which to look at the issue. Also due to connection issues the conversation is cut short so we will get to the listener questions that we have accumulated next time. HOpefully on a weekly schedule.

The Insurrection Attempt

Evan and Joe discuss the recent attempted coup at the U.S. Capitol building and the vaccine rollout

We're All Hypocrites

This week Evan and Joe are back to talk sports COVID bubbles, section 230, and Big Mouth Season 4

Joe Biden Won, Now What?

Joe and Evan discuss the election of Joe Biden and where we go from here

43 - one BILLION americans

This week Evan and Joe briefly discuss the upcoming election and delve into One Billion Americans by Matthew Yglesias Please email us, I pay for this email:

42 - A (possible) Crisis in Democracy

As we get closer to the election there are several converging factors that may cause this election to seem illegitimate to large swaths of the public. Joe and Evan pick those factors apart and got into what could end up happening. Electoral College Video: Concerns or any stray thought, send it to:

Two Guys and a Conversation

This week we try out a looser format, talking as the conversation goes hitting briefly many subjects. We decided to try something new and hope you enjoy it. If you do or don’t, email us at

A Good Citizen with Discretionary Income

This week Evan and Joe scale back a bit with just two personal topics, but they're extra large. Evan discusses the nuance of voting in the United States and Joe explores discretionary income as a possible economic indicator of the future. As always if you have anything to add or let us know contact us at

From Kenosha

This week Joe and Evan discuss the events that have happened in Kenosha, and the death of Chadwick Boseman. If you have anything you’d like to share, email us at

Did you guys know an election is coming?

We certainly didn’t. This week we have a standard array of topics with a smooth presentation. Evan looks at the state of COVID in the MLB, Joe takes on paying for college, and together join forces to discuss the various topics concerning the election in November if you hadn’t heard.

Down at the Farm

The boys are back at it again. Evan discusses Rastignac’s Dilemma, Joe throws down on Deposit Schemes, and together take apart Farm Reform. As always if you want to contact us

Getting Money Out of Politics w/ Mike Monetta

This week is a special episode! We interview Mike Monetta, the National Director of Wolf-PAC, an organization fighting to end the influence of money in politics through a constitutional amendment. We delve into how money is corrupting in American politics, what a constitutional amendment would possibly look like, and much more. After that Joe and Evan finish up with a discussion about schools opening back up in the Covid-19 pandemic. Mike’s Book Recommendations: Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us - Daniel H. Pink Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future - Ashlee Vance Th...