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A look back at the day that was in the NFL. Mike Florio will also include conversations with top names and newsmakers in Pro Football. Mike is highly regarded in the world of the NFL with his wildly popular website,, his morning radio show on NBC Sports Radio and his role on the #1 rated ‚ÄúFootball Night in America‚ÄĚ Sunday nights on NBC. The PFT PM Podcast lets Florio update his fans on breaking news and story lines that take place during the day and prepare listeners for what is coming next. Nobody has more knowledge about the most impo...

NFL Week 13 Picks with Chris Simms
Last Thursday at 6:28 PM

(4:50) TNF: Bills at Patriots

(9:30) Steelers at Falcons

(13:30) Broncos at Ravens

(18:40) Packers at Bears

(20:50) Jaguars at Lions

(23:35) Browns at Texans

(26:45) Jets at Vikings

(30:55) Commanders at Giants

(34:30) Titans at Eagles

(39:15) Seahawks at Rams

(41:00) Chargers at Raiders

(43:25) Dolphins at 49ers

(46:25) Chiefs at Bengals

(51:50) SNF: Colts at Cowboys

(53:05) MNF: Saints at Buccaneers

(55:15) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

NFL Week 12 Picks + Jets bench Zach Wilson

(4:50) Broncos at Panthers

(7:45) Buccaneers at Browns 

(10:45) Ravens at Jaguars

(12:50) Texans at Dolphins

(15:50) Bears at Jets

(21:40) Bengals at Titans

(25:30) Falcons at Commanders

(27:40) BREAKING NEWS: The Jets bench Zach Wilson

(31:30) Chargers at Cardinals

(34:35) Raiders at Seahawks

(38:15) Rams at Chiefs

(41:00) Saints at 49ers

(43:30) SNF: Packers at Eagles

(47:15) MNF: Steelers at Colts

(50:10) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

Thanksgiving Picks with Chris Simms

(1:55) Bills at Lions

(9:10) Giants at Cowboys

(17:10) Vikings at Patriots

(23:30) Best Bet

NFL Week 11 Picks with Chris Simms

(4:15) TNF: Titans at Packers

(8:15) Bears at Falcons

(11:10) Panthers at Ravens

(13:40) Browns at Bills

(17:00) Commanders at Texans

(21:00) Eagles at Colts

(24:50) Jets at Patriots

(28:00) Rams at Saints

(33:30) Lions at Giants

(36:40) Raiders at Broncos

(41:50) Cowboys at Vikings

(45:45) Bengals at Steelers

(48:50) SNF: Chiefs at Chargers

(51:15) MNF: 49ers at Cardinals in Mexico

(54:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

Peyton Manning Interview

Florio chats with Peyton Manning about his work in the media, Jeff Saturday taking over as Colts HC and if he would ever consider becoming NFL Commissioner.

NFL Week 10 Picks w/ Chris Simms

(6:00) TNF: Falcons at Panthers

(9:50) Seahawks vs Buccaneers in Germany

(14:20) Vikings at Bills

(19:30) Lions at Bears

(21:40) Jaguars at Chiefs

(24:20) Browns at Dolphins

(28:00) Texans at Giants

(30:15) Saints at Steelers

(34:20) Broncos at Titans

(37:00) Colts at Raiders

(39:40) Cowboys at Packers

(43:55) Cardinals at Rams

(47:00) SNF: Chargers at 49ers

(50:30) MNF: Commanders at Eagles

(53:40) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

Colts fire Frank Reich

Florio & Myles Simmons react to the news that the Colts have fired head coach Frank Reich. Then Florio reacts to the crazy news of Jeff Saturday hired as interim coach.

NFL Week 9 Picks with Chris Simms

(6:55) TNF: Eagles at Texans

(13:30) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Chargers at Falcons

(16:20) Dolphins at Bears

(19:50) Panthers at Bengals

(22:00) Packers at Lions

(24:45) Raiders at Jaguars

(29:40) Colts at Patriots

(31:50) Bills at Jets

(36:20) Vikings at Commanders

(40:35) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Seahawks at Cardinals

(44:10) Rams at Buccaneers

(51:45) SNF: Titans at Chiefs

(55:10) MNF: Ravens at Saints

(57:30) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

NFL Week 8 Picks w/ Chris Simms

(5:20) TNF: Ravens at Buccaneers

(10:15) LONDON: Broncos vs Jaguars

(13:10) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Panthers at Falcons

(16:00) Bears at Cowboys

(19:15) Dolphins at Lions

(23:10) Cardinals at Vikings

(26:45) Raiders at Saints

(30:00) Patriots at Jets

(33:00) Steelers at Eagles

(36:00) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Titans at Texans

(38:20) Commanders at Colts

(44:15) 49ers at Rams

(47:00) Giants at Seahawks

(51:15) SNF: Packers at Bills

(53:20) MNF: Bengals at Browns

(55:30) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

Interview with John Brownlee of Holland & Knight Law Firm

Florio chats with John Brownlee, legal counsel for the Washington Commanders, on where things stand with the Commanders investigations.

Week 7 NFL Picks with Chris Simms

(3:50) TNF: Saints at Cardinals

(8:00) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Browns at Ravens

(10:50) Buccaneers at Panthers

(13:30) Falcons at Bengals

(16:15) Lions at Cowboys

(18:40) Giants at Jaguars

(21:20) Colts at Titans

(23:15) Packers at Commanders

(26:10) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Jets at Broncos

(29:30) Texans at Raiders

(31:25) Seahawks at Chargers

(35:10) Chiefs at 49ers

(37:35) Interlude: Simms has some green conspiracies about paper & cotton

(43:00) SNF: Steelers at Dolphins

(48:10) MNF: Bears at Patriots

(52:15) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith

Florio is joined by NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith to chat about the current state of the league. Smith talks about the possibility of a collusion claim over full-guaranteed contracts. Plus, Smith discusses where things stand between the league and the NFLPA in the aftermath of the Tua injury.

Week 6 NFL Picks with Chris Simms

(3:10) TNF: Commanders at Bears

(6:40) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: 49ers at Falcons

(8:50) Patriots at Browns

(11:15) Jets at Packers

(15:00) Jaguars at Colts

(17:50) Vikings at Dolphins

(21:15) Bengals at Saints

(23:45) Ravens at Giants

(27:20) Buccaneers at Steelers

(30:20) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Panthers at Rams

(32:30) Cardinals at Seahawks

(35:50) Bills at Chiefs

(44:00) SNF: Cowboys at Eagles

(50:30) MNF: Broncos at Chargers

(53:10) Best Bets &  Folsom Prison Blues

Panthers fire Matt Rhule

Florio & Myles Simmons react to the Panthers firing head coach Matt Rhule after only 5 games

Week 5 NFL Picks w/ Chris Simms

(4:10) TNF: Colts at Broncos

(7:20) LONDON: Giants vs Packers

(10:15) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Steelers at Bills

(14:00) Chargers at Browns

(16:50) Texans at Jaguars

(19:40) Bears at Vikings

(23:20) Lions at Patriots

(26:00) Seahawks at Saints

(28:50) Dolphins at Jets

(32:20) Falcons at Buccaneers

(34:20) Titans at Commanders

(35:45) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: 49ers at Panthers

(40:00) Eagles at Cardinals

(42:40) Cowboys at Rams

(46:00) SNF: Bengals at Ravens

(50:15) MNF: Raiders at Chiefs

(53:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

Week 4 NFL Picks w/ Chris Simms

(2:20) TNF: Dolphins at Bengals

(6:20) LONDON: Vikings vs Saints

(10:50) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Browns at Falcons

(15:20) Bills at Ravens

(18:00) Commanders at Cowboys

(20:20) Seahawks at Lions

(22:40) Chargers at Texans

(26:10) Titans at Colts

(29:45) Bears at Giants

(32:50) Jaguars at Eagles

(36:20) Jets at Steelers

(39:30) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Cardinals at Panthers

(42:40) Patriots at Packers

(44:50) Broncos at Raiders

(47:40) SNF: Chiefs at Buccaneers

(50:30) MNF: Rams at 49ers

(52:50) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

NFL Sunday Week 3 + Two GOATs battle it Out

00:00 Ravens def Falcons 37-26

08:41 Packers def Bucs 14-12

21:40 SNF Recap

30:43 Week 3 Superlatives

39:07 Titans def Raiders 24-22

42:57 Bengals def Jets 27-12

45:12 Week 3 Sunday Statement

Week 3 NFL Picks with Chris Simms

(2:15) TNF: Steelers at Browns

(7:00) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Saints at Panthers

(11:15) Texans at Bears

(13:40) Chiefs at Colts

(17:00) Bills at Dolphins

(20:30) Lions at Vikings

(24:00) Ravens at Patriots

(26:40) Bengals at Jets

(28:45) Raiders at Titans

(31:25) Eagles at Commanders

(34:25) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Jaguars at Chargers

(37:10) Rams at Cardinals

(40:00) Falcons at Seahawks

(42:20) Packers at Buccaneers

(46:00) SNF: 49ers at Broncos

(50:30) MNF: Cowboys at Giants

(54:50) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

Bills WR Stefon Diggs on win over Titans

Florio chats with Stefon Diggs fresh off his 3 TD night in the Bills win over Titans. Plus, Diggs discusses how he has changed his playing style this season and his connection with Josh Allen.

Week 2 NFL Picks with Chris Simms

(2:10) TNF: Chargers at Chiefs

(7:00) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Dolphins at Ravens

(12:40) Jets at Browns

(16:10) Commanders at Lions

(19:20) Colts at Jaguars

(23:00) Buccaneers at Saints

(26:45) Panthers at Giants

(30:20) Patriots at Steelers

(33:15) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Falcons at Rams

(36:20) Seahawks at 49ers

(39:40) Bengals at Cowboys

(41:30) Texans at Broncos

(44:10) Cardinals at Raiders

(47:00) SNF: Bears at Packers

(50:10) MNF: Titans at Bills

(52:30) MNF: Vikings at Eagles

(54:30) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

Week 1 Picks with Chris Simms

(2:20) KICKOFF: Bills at Rams

(7:45) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Saints at Falcons

(10:50) Browns at Panthers

(14:00) 49ers at Bears

(17:10) Steelers at Bengals

(20:10) Eagles at Lions

(22:10) Colts at Texans

(24:30) Patriots at Dolphins

(28:00) Ravens at Jets

(30:45) Jaguars at Commanders

(33:30) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Chiefs at Cardinals

(35:40) Raiders at Chargers

(38:00) Packers at Vikings

(40:30) Giants at Titans

(42:35) SNF: Buccaneers at Cowboys

(46:15) MNF: Broncos at Seahawks

(48:35) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

Deshaun Watson suspended 11 games

Florio & Myles Simmons react to Deshaun Watson's 11 game suspension and $5 million fine that was settled on between the NFL and NFLPA.

Dolphins lose picks for tampering, Stephen Ross suspended

Florio reacts to the discipline handed down to the Dolphins and owner Stephen Ross for violating league policies relating to the integrity of the game.

Kyler Murray gets a new deal, what does it means for Lamar?

Florio reacts to Kyler Murray's new deal and discusses what it means for Lamar Jackson, plus reaction to Big Ben's recent comments, Rams SB rings, latest on Daniel Snyder and a PFT mailbag.

Jimmy G landing spots, Next wave of big QB contracts (starting with Kyler)

Florio breaks down potential landing spots for Jimmy G, the next big wave of QB contracts, Derek Carr saying no one believes in the Raiders, should the NFL worry about a LIV-golf style competitor and a PFT Mailbag.

Sean Payton's future, Latest on Daniel Snyder, Watson & Jimmy G

Florio discusses Sean Payton's recent comments on a return to coaching, plus the latest regarding Daniel Snyder, Deshaun Watson and Jimmy G, and he answers your questions with a PFT Mailbag.

Deshaun's plan if he gets one year, Latest on Kyler & Lamar's contract situations

Florio breaks down what Deshaun Watson plans to do if he gets a yearlong suspension, the latest on Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson's contract situations and a PFT Mailbag.

Vikings expectations, Texans settlement, Franchise Tag contract deadline

Florio discusses expectations for the Vikings offense, the Texans settlement with Deshaun Watson accusers, reaction to the franchise tag contract deadline, and answers questions from the PFT Mailbag.

Sean Payton, Lamar vs Pollard, and the White Bengal

Florio discusses Sean Payton's future coaching prospects, the Lamar Jackson-Bernard Pollard feud, Daniel Snyder's yacht, and the Bengals new white helmets

Patriots trade N'Keal Harry

Florio reacts to the Patriots trading away N'Keal Harry, the latest with Daniel Snyder, and answers questions from the Mailbag.

Baker Mayfield introduced in Carolina

Florio talks about Baker's intro in Carolina, the blowback from Steelers fans to the new stadium naming rights, and why did Washington leave off RG3 and Trent Williams from the 90 greatest players in team history?

Lamar, Jimmy G, and the Mailbag

Florio chats about the latest with Deshaun Watson, where Jimmy G might end up, another Lamar Jackson mini-controversy, and takes a bunch of mailbag questions

Latest Deshaun developments, Raiders hire a new president

(00:00) Latest Deshaun Watson developments

(20:14) Raiders hire Sandra Douglass Morgan as team President

(24:44) Daniel Snyder is willing to testify

(27:33) The future of Sunday Ticket

(33:36) PFT Mailbag

Baker Mayfield traded to Panthers, Deshaun Watson latest

(00:00): Baker Mayfield traded to Panthers

(16:44): Deshaun Watson latest

(24:40): Are Seahawks sale rumors legit?

(28:38): Demaryius Thomas suffered from CTE  

(34:40): PFT Mailbag 

Deshaun Watson hearing Day 1

Florio breaks down Day 1 of the Deshaun Watson disciplinary hearing and answers questions from the PFTPM Posse

Watson hearing underway, Baker ready to move on

0:00 - Deshaun Watson disciplinary hearing underway 3:20 - Texans sued for enabling Watson 10:20 - Bakery Mayfield ready to move on 13:50 - PFT Mailbag -- Answering questions on Watson punishment, Daniel Snyder, the USFL and more

Deshaun hearing set, plus Kaepernick, Payton, and Roe vs Wade

Florio reacts to the news of Deshaun Watson's hearing set for Tuesday, will the NFL make a statement regarding the overturning of Roe vs Wade, and why Warren Sapp's comments about Colin Kaepernick's workout is misleading

Alvin Kamara's looming suspension & Deshaun Watson latest

(0:00) When will NFL make decision on Deshaun Watson? (3:40) Alvin Kamara bracing for 6-game suspension, eventually (6:50) Tyreek Hill received death threats over comparing Tua to Mahomes (11:15) Is Deebo Samuel nearing a new deal? (12:35) PFT Mailbag -- Answering questions on the WR market, Kyler Murray's contract, Arch Manning, and more

RIP Jaylon Ferguson & Tony Siragusa, Commanders latest and more from around the NFL

(00:00) Remembering Jaylon Ferguson & Tony Siragusa (2:08) Commanders complain about criticism (7:36) Deshaun Watson reset (10:50) DeAndre Hopkins hoping suspension will be reduced (14:26) Pacman Jones accompanies Chris Henry’s son on college recruiting visits (16:55) PFT Mailbag

Roger Goodell testifies at Congressional hearing

Florio reacts to Roger Goodell's testimony at Congressional hearing on the 'hostile workplace culture' at the Washington Commanders.