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Weird Words
Today at 5:41 PM

Morning Conversation – What’s a weird word?

Bridge Piercing
Today at 5:07 PM

A different way to wear eyeglasses…with a bridge piercing.

Duck Hatched
Today at 5:02 PM

A woman bought free-range duck eggs and put one in an incubator.

Baby Born on Plane
Yesterday at 5:38 PM

A woman 29 weeks pregnant gave birth on a flight from Utah to Honolulu.

Airport Conveyor Belt Visitor
Yesterday at 5:33 PM

A boy snuck on a baggage conveyor belt at airport.

Flight Attendant Greetings
Yesterday at 5:29 PM

Why do flight attendants greet passengers as they are boarding?

Trapped In a Porta Potty
Yesterday at 5:27 PM

A tree fell on an occupied porta potty.

Finger Guard
Last Tuesday at 4:12 PM

Brian is good with a knife in the kitchen. Trisha bought a finger guard because she cuts herself.

Smart Faucet
Last Tuesday at 4:11 PM

Is a smart faucet a good idea in a public bathroom?

Last Tuesday at 3:55 PM

Brian & Trisha had a moment when they both recalled gleeking.

PAC Kid Spotlight 5/4/21
Last Tuesday at 12:59 PM

Brian & Trisha talked to Bart Lovins with the Hardin County School’s Performing Arts Center about the PAC Kid Spotlight and things going on at…

211 Parking Spots
Last Monday at 5:17 PM

A guy in London took 6 years to park in every spot in grocery store’s parking lot.

Colin or Tracy
Last Monday at 5:06 PM

In the UK, the names Colin and Tracy come in before Karen as far as complainers.

Last Monday at 4:58 PM

What’s up with this new word called “cheugy”?

AT&T Morning Line – Kentucky Science Center
Last Friday at 1:22 PM

Brian & Trisha talked to Kentucky Science Center CEO Mike Norman about the facility. The center has a satellite location at Mall St. Matthews and…

AT&T Morning Line – AT&T Kentucky
Last Friday at 12:23 PM

Brian & Trisha talked to AT&T Kentucky’s President, Hood Harris, about how the company has worked to accommodate needs in the communities during the pandemic.…

Designated Survivor

Does the public need to know when there are designated survivors assigned for the President?


Researchers say gossip isn’t always bad.

Group Cards

Morning Conversation – When signing a group card, do you read all of the comments before you sign?

AT&T Morning Line – Louisville City FC/Racing Louisville FC

Brian & Trisha talked to Brad Estes, President of Louisville City FC/Racing Louisville FC about the men’s and women’s professional soccer teams. Also talked about…

AT&T Morning Line – The Pressbox

Brian & Trisha talked to Gene McLean from The Pressbox about Derby horses.

Military Height Maximum

The military has height minimums and maximums.

What Does Next Mean?

This may hurt your brain. Morning Conversation – What does the phrase “next Saturday” (or any day for that matter) mean to you? Is it…

Work Zone Safety Week

This week is Work Zone Safety Week. Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 4 spokesperson, Chris Jessie, talked about the importance of not driving distracted. Jessie also…

AT&T Morning Line – Louisville Tourism

Brian & Trisha talked to Cleo Battle from Louisville Tourism about new places to visit in Louisville.

Funtopia – Repurposing Contest

City of Elizabethtown spokesperson Amy Inman talks about a contest the city is doing as they work on repurposing the wood slats previously used to…

AT&T Morning Line – Louisville Mayor

Brian & Trisha talked to Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer about so many things Louisville.

Abound Credit Union – Ray Springsteen

Brian & Trisha talked to Ray Springsteen from Abound Credit Union about the upcoming annual meeting on 5/11/21.

Abound Credit Union – Annual Meeting

Brian & Trisha talked to Ray Springsteen from Abound Credit Union about the upcoming annual meeting on 5/11/21.

AT&T Morning Line – KY Tourism Commissioner

Brian & Trisha talked to Kentucky’s Tourism Commissioner, Mike Mangeot about so many things to see and do in Kentucky and, of course the upcoming…

AT&T Morning Line – KY Governor

Brian & Trisha talked to Kentucky’s Governor, Andy Beshear about the new modification to the mask mandate and the upcoming Derby!

Track Meet Winner Dog

A dog entered a track meet.

Beef Platter #4

Double check details before you get a tattoo.

AT&T Morning Line – Woodford Reserve

Brian & Trisha talked to Elizabeth McCall, Woodford Reserve Assistant Master Distiller.

AT&T Morning Line – Kentucky Lt. Governor Jacqueline Coleman

Brian & Trisha talked to Lt. Governor Jacqueline Coleman about how important Derby is to her and her family. Also talked about her being a…

AT&T Morning Line – Great Steamboat Race

Brian & Trisha talked to Captain Ben Bernstein from the Belle of Cincinnati about the Great Steam Boat Race for the Kentucky Derby Festival.

AT&T Morning Line – Derby Fashion

Brian & Trisha talked to the Director of Branding and Innovation for Today’s Woman, Christine Fellingham about Derby Fashion.

AT&T Morning Line – 2021 Derby Festival Board Chair

Brian & Trisha talk to the 2021 Derby Festival Board Chair, Judy Hess about this year’s festivities.

AT&T Morning Line – Old Forester Master Taster

Brian & Trisha talk to Old Forester Master Taster, Jackie Zykan.

Boone the Raccoon

The Nolin River Wildlife in Glendale is home to Boone the Raccoon. Boone is getting national attention after students at Central Hardin High School made…