INPowering Thoughts

40 Episodes

By: Garland McWatters

Inspirational and motivational quotes with commentary by Garland McWatters, author and storyteller.

Solidarity means protecting each other
Last Monday at 7:00 AM

When it’s time to stand your ground you also find out on which side you stand and what you are willing to risk in that cause.

Imagine being someone else

The imagination is an amazing self-help therapy and can serve as an empathy-builder or a compassion-generator as we try to relate to the circumstances of others.

Ask, “What if?” before it turns in to “If only.”

Every what if question is challenging you to take a leap of faith, instead of letting your doubtful mind win out one more time.

Let your mind wander, then follow it.

As soon as the analytical practical side of us says, "that's silly," that's when we are being invited out to play, to wander around, to take the side trip into wonderland.

Imagination is the gateway to everywhere

Through that gateway we find an ardent desire for something we believe in, and so the fantastic voyage of enthusiastic action is launched, and it must inevitably become reality.

Stand boldly for truth

When you start lying to others—or to yourself—you become a slave to the lie.

Treat another person’s opinion as their truth at the time

An opinion is a personal judgment. It must be accepted as sincere, regardless of whether we agree..

Go find out

Go find out. The willingness to go find out implies the willingness to accept the observable, verifiable truth.

Truth promises freedom, but not comfort

Truth is accepting the fact of verifiable circumstances—the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's liberating.

Chip away what is NOT you

Chip away what is not you. You can say NO to many distractions and refocus your creative energy to reveal your passion and sense of purpose.

Love is a no-strings-attached gift

Love is a no-strings-attached gift. Love takes the initiative. It does not have to be coerced or manipulated or shamed into action.

Practice intentional kindness

When we perform acts of kindness, our levels of oxytocin, the love hormone, increase. We often feel more energized and better about ourselves when we are kind to others.

Seeking is being open to possibilities

The promise to all is that if we seek, we will find. The question for all is, for what are you seeking? Love? Health? Wealth? Meaning and purpose? Fortunately, we can find INCouragment and INLightenment on these quests.

Trendsetters don’t use focus groups

A trendsetter offers their creative self-expression without apology or explanation. Whether or not it becomes a trend is not even the point.

Rest with a thankful heart

Rest better with a thankful heart. count my blessings no matter my immediate circumstances, and right now for me that’s in the throes of a health pandemic and economic downturn. Yet, I am thankful simply to draw a breath and to rest in the love of my family and friends.

Let’s get real

Let's get real. The presumption is that once we get real about a situation, that gives us a framework for maintaining it or changing it.

We choose our destiny

We choose our destiny. Every decision—without exception—every decision has a consequence, no matter how much or how little time we spend contemplating it before making a choice.

Brave is thinking for yourself

Brave is thinking for yourself. Some of my best ideas are the ones that come third, fourth, and fifth generation from the original idea because someone challenged me to stop and think further, or because they embellished my idea with some innovative thoughts of their own.

Where you can be forever young

There is no physical reason why anyone should become set in their ways. The brain is pliable and regenerative. Everyone can think young.

Focus on the changeable

Our culture seems to reward the illusion of self-improvement by emphasizing the cosmetic over the authentic. Lasting change and authentic beauty begins on the inside.

Don’t let fear turn into hate

Don't let fear turn into hate. Some people misuse our fear response. They tell us we should be afraid of certain groups. They are the enemy. It's us versus them. We should hate them.

Know what moves you

Know what moves you. To know what moves you is a way of saying, "what do you care enough about that would cause you to make the smallest change or to take minimum action?"

Find yourself a labor of love

Find yourself a labor of love. A labor of love is not a duty, not a chore, not an obligation. A labor or love is any act to which you devote your creative energy.

Engage in radical imagination

WE live in a world where it is time for radical imagination in how we can come together and let love abound. Radical imagination stirs the spirit and feeds the soul and unleashes our creative energy.

Keep your promises

Keep your promises. If you are unclear about what you will or will not do, others will assume that you will live up to their expectation of you even though you know nothing about what they expect.

Time for a new path

The INPowered often realize that in order to make things better, someone will have to step out on a new path for the first time, and they are willing to be that trailblazer.

Rehearse the character you want to become

Think of the qualities for which you want to be known? Name them. Describe how you would be different if you possessed them. Then practice those qualities. Rehearse yourself doing what it takes for that change in character to become your authentic character.

Willpower finds a way through

The INPOwered will find the way, no matter how tough or discouraging. They dig deep into their bottomless well of creative energy and unleash its unfathomable power.

Opportunity is in the eye of the beholder

Some of our greatest inventions came because visionaries refused to accept things as they are. The INPowered see through the obvious into the possible.

Do just one more

The INPowered act to make things better by the principle of just one more of whatever it takes at a time. Just one more.

No one knows exactly where they are going

We’re big on planning and knowing exactly what outcomes we want. But how many of your plans work out exactly as you planned?

Activate yourself

Become an activist for something that you believe in. Don’t wait for an invitation, Activate yourself. It’s a good thing.

We are the stories we tell

Whichever story you tell yourself is the one you live. We tell the story we believe to be true about ourselves. And it turns out to be a self-fulfilling narrative.

The only direction is Forward

We walk into the future where we want something better than what was before. More prosperous, more healthy, more safe, more just.


Remember, you were born with a heart and a mind from which you grow a conscience and the courage to follow it, use them both.

A mistake just means you tried

A mistake means the result of our action did not measure up to the expectations we had when we took that action. Therefore, we can ask a few important questions as we learn our way out of our mistake.

During the storm, renew yourself

:ook for constructive ways to use this pause that mother nature provided to give you reprieve from the distractions, the hustle and bustle, the frenzy that you had let happen to you.

Accountability is the essence of INPowerment

Accountability is he essence of INPowerment. Choice is the ultimate freedom; therefore, accountability is the ultimate responsibility.

Learn the dance of life

Control is a man-made illusion. Life is not choreographed; it is expressed. It’s a freeform dance not knowing the next step until it presents itself.

Old dogs, new tricks

No matter the obstacles, the adaptable will learn the necessary new tricks, and we will survive and thrive.