Hackberry House of Chosun

40 Episodes

By: Bob Faulkner

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The Greater Reset, 11
Yesterday at 7:00 PM

Reading from the words of the prophets with only little commentary, let me show you what the GREATER RESET looks like. Some Bible teachers rob these passages, twist them, and try to make them apply to today. Doesn't work. Here is the actual truth about the Christian's future.

The Greater Reset, 10
Last Thursday at 7:00 PM

What nations will be around in the last days- Will the United States- China- Russia- How about European nations-

The Greater Reset, 9
Last Wednesday at 7:00 PM

A kingdom must come before antichrist. It may be in the process of forming as we write, if socialism gets its way in America. Antichrist will simply take over this kingdom that was ready made for him. All this is in Revelation 17, and a whole lot more...

The Greater Reset, 8
Last Tuesday at 7:00 PM

We move now to Reset 2, the antichrist Kingdom that shall follow the coming together of the nations into a one-world government, ruled from -Babylon.- Revelation 17 is our focus now.

The Greater Reset, 7
Last Monday at 7:00 PM

Continuing from part 6, the false prophets and their prophecies. Then a look at -Dominion- theology. The new world order that certainly is coming will be aided and abetted by many in the evangelical part of the church. Oh beware-

Poems of the Lord, 3

Stookey, Haven, Melody 4, Good Twins, Gaither... they all love singing about Jesus in their own way. Here is some of the poetry they have given us.

The Greater Reset, 6

Not only Rome is paving the way for globalism, the falseness that is in much of the -Protestant- world -which does not protest any longer-- lends a hand too. Consider the false prophets among us that were dead sure that Trump would be sitting in the White House by now.

The Greater Reset, 5

What does the Roman Pope have in common with all the world leaders crying out for a reset- Everything-

The Greater Reset, 4

Clinton, Kissinger, Obama, all calling for a New World Order. Then Trump throws a monkey-wrench into everything. Make America great. Let the world take care of itself. Christians need to step back and see the battle of the ages being waged in heavenly places now. Satan's masterpiece, a global reset with himself in charge, is close to appearing.

The Greater Reset, 3

From Virgil's inscription on your dollar bill, to Wilson, Bush, and beyond, America has dreamed of a New World Order, and will keep dreaming of it, though men who love this nation will try to stem the flow of destiny. Oh, it's coming. And God's Reset is coming too...

The Greater Reset, 2

Where the idea of a world government began. It's in your Bible.

Poems of the Lord, 2

More of the great lyrics of songs we used to sing... thankfully many churches still rejoice in these old hymns. Much good is coming forth in our own day, but we don't want to forget our great heritage...

The Greater Reset, 1

Reset. New World Order. Globalism. Are we entering a new phase of the Planet's existence, as America may be toppling to Socialism- What plans does God have to reset- Part one of a series.

Free Grace (2, Final)

Striking illustrations to drive home the point- Grace is all of God and none of you.

Free Grace, part 1

There is absolutely positively NO reason within man for man's salvation. The work is entirely and fully a product of the grace of God. Spurgeon could not be clearer.

A Study of Galatians, 20 (final)

Paul sums up his feelings about the subject at hand in very emotional terms, and issues a final warning to the Judaizers. Final of Galatians series.

A Study of Galatians, 19

The -practical- portion of Galatians continues with a study of burden-bearing, and support of the church of God.

Poems of the Lord, 1

Bob reads the lyrics of classic songs and hymns created over the centuries by God's people.

A Study of Galatians, 18

What the Holy Spirit will produce in your life when given full sway. The Spirit will have you keeping the essence of the Law from the inner man.

A Study of Galatians, 17

The solution to Galatia's problems- The walk in the Spirit. First, a look at the works of the flesh. Warning- you and I are both in this list...

A Study of Galatians, 16

Severe warnings to those who play around with works salvation. Moses cannot save- Period.

A Study of Galatians, 15

Possible to lose your salvation- To -fall from grace-- To be -severed from Christ-- Frightful topic here.

A Study of Galatians, 14

What means Paul regarding a freewoman and a bondwoman- Help in his explanation from Isaiah, Martin Luther, and Harry Ironside.

A Study of Galatians, 13

Paul expresses motherly care for these straying Galatians. He warns his -children- about the deceiving ways of the false teachers, how they excite to zeal, but for all the wrong reasons.

A Study of Galatians, 12

The laws concerning heirs. Eternal Sonship of Jesus. Our sonship is sure. The foolishness of going back to Moses.

A Study of Galatians, 11

Why two covenants- Enter the schoolmaster. Slaves vs Sons.

A Study of Galatians, 10

What is the Promise of the Father- Christ- The -Seed-- Salvation- The Holy Spirit- A study of the Law vs the Spirit.

A Study of Galatians, 9

Abraham is brought into the discussion to show how we are to believe and in whom. The utter inability we have to keep the Law. The promise of God that comes before the Law. The curse of the Law. Jesus becomes a curse for us.

A Study of Galatians, 8

Definitions of -fool- in the Bible's sense. And -bewitched-. Why are these terms being applied to the Galatian church-

A Study of Galatians

Paul confronts Peter- We conclude eventually that the Gospel of Peter and Paul and even James in his book, are one and the same. Saved by grace through faith to produce God's works.

A Study of Galatians, 6

The Jerusalem Council. The testimonies. The arguments. The letter. For all time, the issue is settled- saved by grace through faith-

A Study of Galatians, 5

The Council of Jerusalem begins. Paul speaks privately to the leaders. Then come the Judaizers. Luther's reaction to all of this and comparisons to his own day.

A Study of Galatians, 4

Paul is not trying to please men. He shares some of his testimony as proof of his intentions and motivation. How the church reacted to the new Saul, now Paul.

Men's Zoom meeting!

Announcing Zoom meeting for men.

A Study of Galatians, 3

The Gospel that Paul preached and now defends is found in Acts 13, a sermon very similar to Peter's Pentecost message.

A Study of Galatians, 2

We study now the greeting of Paul to the Galatians, the calling of apostle, and Paul's shock at what is happening to his dearly beloved converts.

A Study of Galatians, 1

First in a study of Paul's epistle. Background information, introduction to epistle. Entire study available as PDF, and as book -click on store-.

Resurrection With Christ

The dead can do nothing. The spiritually dead must be raised by Christ before they can live. Ephesians 2 never had a finer exposition. The illustrations in this message will stay with you a long time-

Speak My Language! 13 (final)

A few more examples of the archaic, then a final exhortation to find a Bible that communicates God's truth in today's language.

Speak My Language! 12

We begin a trek through the KJV New Testament, humbly suggesting that there are many words that need to be -and have been- updated, for a fuller enjoyment of God's Word.