Hackberry House of Chosun

40 Episodes

By: Bob Faulkner

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The Scroll of Revelation, 12
Last Thursday at 7:00 PM

A series of announcements of events that are about to happen. An introduction to the final judgments. Once more a return of Christ is pictured. Chapters 14 and 15 are covered.

The Scroll of Revelation, 11
Last Tuesday at 7:00 PM

The woman in the wilderness. The antichrist. The false prophet. Critical chapters 12 and 13, close-ups of material covered in the seals and trumpets.

The Christian in Complete Armor, 33
Last Sunday at 7:00 PM

Admonitions about spiritual pride. Every sentence of Gurnall seems to be loaded with truth. Well worth a listen-

Extreme Devotion, China

Incredible growth of China's church in spite of persecution.

The Scroll of Revelation, 10

The measuring of the Temple. Three and one half years. The trampling of Jerusalem seen by Jesus and John.

The Scroll of Revelation, 9

The last three trumpets, aka -woes.- Euphrates dried up. Artificial intelligence comes into play. One third of humans killed. Truly, the GREAT Tribulation. Also, John's future foretold.

The Christian in Complete Armor, 32

Proud of the grace God has given you-- Not good...

Death Threats in Mexico

Much of Mexico is controlled by Romanism and paganism. Christians, especially those who share their faith, are not welcome.-Also a look at Saudi Arabia's hidden persecutions of yesteryear.

The Scroll of Revelation, 8

The Scroll of Revelation, 7

The six seals opened, bringing us to the return of Christ already- Revelation 6.

The Christian in Complete Armor, 31

Excellent description of the harmful pride we have of the gifts God has given us.

Waiting for Death

Delivered from the jaws of death at the hands of Mexican guerillas. An impossible situation interrupted by the Almighty. Must-hear.

The Scroll of Revelation, 6

Praises in Heaven and on earth. The Scroll introduced. The Lamb is worthy-

The Scroll of Revelation, 5

The churches of Philadelphia and Laodicea are examined. Have you found your church in Revelation 2-3--

The Christian in Complete Armor, 30

Gurnall exhorts the believers to guard against pride, in the most urgent words. Excellent message.

Letter from Governor Pliny

The Roman Empire got rid of Christians when they were discovered. Here is a letter from a Roman governor describing the process... Also, a group of testimonies and needs from several modern nations.

The Scroll of Revelation, 4

A look at two more of the churches of Revelation, Thyatira and Sardis, -corrupt- and -dead.-

The Scroll of Revelation, 3

Jesus' personal letter to Ephesus, Smyrna, and Pergamos... and your church--

The Christian in Complete Armor, 29

Spiritual wickedness. One type is the sin in the heart.

A Yemeni, Zamir, finds Jesus

Helped by a Christian, a Yemeni national comes to Jesus, escapes his homeland, and reaches out to his people in a unique way. Also a story of provision in prison in God's untiring care for HIs own.

The Scroll of Revelation, 2

The greetings and addressees of the book of Revelation. Who are the -messengers- of the seven churches-- Part 2 of PDF included.

The Scroll of Revelation, 1

Part one of the third edition of my commentary on the book of Revelation. A quick quiz. 1-1-3 covered. Discussion of angels. Discussion of imminence. PDF of the first 5 chapters included...

Christian in Complete Armor,28

A description of evil spirits and their work in our lives.

Vania and Youssef,then and now

Two young men of two different generations prove the power of the love of God.

Proverbs, 47 (final)

Bridges' commentary on the perfect woman of Proverbs 31 is exquisite-

Proverbs, 46

Chapter 30 of Proverbs, commented on by Charles Bridges.

The Christian in Complete Armor, 27

A serious word to those ignorant of the Word of God.

Dealing with Nazis and Islamists

Whether forgiving the Nazis of World War 2, or standing firm against the Islamists of our own generation, God gives the victory to His People.

Proverbs, 45

Charles Bridges' commentary on Proverbs 29-14-27.

Proverbs, 44

Charles Bridges comments on Proverbs 29, the first half.

Proverbs, 43

Charles Bridges comments on the last half of Proverbs 28.

Proverbs, 42

Bridges comments on Proverbs 28-1-13

Proverbs, 41

Charles Bridges comments on Proverbs 27.

The Christian in Complete Armor, 26

A word to the ignorant, and a discussion of their peril.

Extreme Devotion, 2 church builders

Two women take it upon themselves to build a church in persecuted China.

Proverbs, 40

Charles Bridges of 19th-century England comments on Proverbs 26,

Proverbs, 39

A commentary on Proverbs 25 by an Evangelical leader of the 19th century, Charles Bridges.

Bridges, 38

Charles Bridges' commentary on Proverbs 24.

Proverbs, 37

Charles Bridges' commentary on Proverbs 23

Proverbs, 36

Commentary by Bridges on Proverbs 22-11-29.