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The Engelsberg Ideas Podcast brings together the best writers, thinkers and historians to discuss the biggest issues facing the world today. Hosted by Iain Martin and Mattias Hessérus.

EI Weekly Listen – Johan Hakelius: John Hughes and the making and unmaking of the American Dream
Last Tuesday at 3:50 PM

The films of John Hughes updated the American Dream for a new generation, and his complex legacy helps us understand what went so wrong. Read by Leighton Pugh.

EI Weekly Listen - Iskander Rehman: Why applied history matters

Forget the seduction of grand theories and presentist moral judgments. To learn the lessons of the past, the great foreign policy analysts of our age must rediscover the art of historical discernment. Read by Leighton Pugh.

History Lessons – Margaret Macmillan on war

Mattias Hessérus is in conversation with Margaret Macmillan on how conflict has shaped human society, politics and psychology.

EI Weekly Listen – Gillian Clark: Survival lessons from ancient Rome

The Romans have so much to teach us about what it means to live in a society in crisis. Read by Leighton Pugh.

EI Radio – Peter Frankopan: This crisis has the capacity to be apocalyptic

Covid-19 heralds the end of our interconnected world. We'll need wise leaders to navigate what comes next. Read by Leighton Pugh.

Worldview - China in the 90s: why did it rise?

Niall Ferguson, Helen Thompson and Rana Mitter join Iain Martin to explore what happened to China in the nineties, and what created the conditions for China's spectacular rise in the new millennium.

Maxwell's fall – John Preston on the mysterious demise of a disgraced tycoon

Mattias Hessérus is in conversation with John Preston, author of 'The Dig', on his new biography of British media baron Robert Maxwell.

Can America lead again?

Iain Martin with guests Sir Nigel Sheinwald, Professor Joseph Nye, Karin von Hippel and Tom McTague on the foreign policy change facing the Biden administration

GCHQ – John Ferris on the official history

Mattias Hessérus is in conversation with John Ferris, the historian 'behind the enigma' of Britain's signals intelligence agency.

MI9 – Helen Fry on wartime escape

Mattias Hessérus is in conversation with Helen Fry on the ingenious exploits of MI9 – the secret service for escape and evasion.

David Omand on what it takes to think like a secret agent

Mattias Hessérus is in conversation with David Omand, former director of GCHQ, on how we can all learn to think like a spy.

Fredrik Logevall on JFK

Over 40,000 books have been written on JFK since his assassination, yet none have succeeded in getting behind the myth of Camelot. Join Mattias Hessérus in discussion with Fredrik Logevall on the making of the man who enchanted America.

Covid and reform: can the West fix its governing systems?

Iain Martin with guests Adrian Wooldridge and Vernon Bogdanor discuss the covid crisis and the long-term impact that it might have on the development of the West.

Alexander Lee on Machiavelli

In this episode of History Lessons, Mattias Hesserus is joined by Alexander Lee to discuss Machiavelli’s life and works. Was he always an adept politician?  Was he as immoral as is often claimed?

Asian Philosophies of Rebirth with Jessica Frazier

In this episode of History Lessons, Mattias Hesserus and Jessica Frazier are in conversation about the differences between Eastern and Western philosophies of crisis. Is the desire for a return to ’normal’ inherently western? What can we learn from narratives of rebirth? And, was the global lockdown a mass-participation yogic experiment?

Can the West be revived?

How did the West land in, what we might politely call, a 'sub-optimal' condition? And is a revival of the West feasible? To discuss these questions Iain Martin is joined by Peter Frankopan and David Frum. This is an Engeslberg Ideas podcast.

Leadership in a Crisis with Andrew Roberts

On this episode of History Lessons, Mattias Hessérus is joined by the historian and author Andrew Roberts to look through the careers of great figures like Napoleon Bonaparte, Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher (as well as some of history's great villains, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin) and see how they handled the pressure of a crisis.

History Lessons is an Engelsberg Ideas podcast.

Hosted by Mattias Hessérus.
With Andrew Roberts.
Produced by Nick Hilton for Podot.

The History of Quarantine with Lincoln Paine

On this episode of History Lessons, Mattias Hessérus speaks to the maritime historian Lincoln Paine, author of The Sea and Civilization, about the history of quarantine, how pandemics have affected trade and travel in the past, and whether globalisation can survive the current moment.

Hosted by Mattias Hessérus.
With Lincoln Paine.
Produced by Nick Hilton for Podot.

Art, History and Pandemics with Tom Holland

On this, the first episode of History Lessons, Mattias Hessérus speaks to the historian Tom Holland about the relationship between reality and art in the age of a pandemic.

Hosted by Mattias Hessérus.
With Tom Holland.
Produced by Nick Hilton for Podot.