Starting Right

40 Episodes

By: DannyMac

Starting Right is a 5 minute Day Starter to help keep you motivated, encouraged, and focused throughout your day. DannyMac is a pastor, teacher, motivational speaker, husband, and father. His years of leading and training people have given him vast experience in helping individuals to accomplish change in their lives and meet their goals. He can help you set the course for your day by offering practical advice from God's Word in a positive and fun way. There is no better way to begin your day than by Starting Right with DannyMac.

The Pump
Last Thursday at 7:00 AM

Lost in the desert with no water, Andrew comes across an abandoned hut with one bottle of water and a message to pour it out in order to get more. What would you have done?

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Big Rocks, Little Rocks
Last Wednesday at 7:00 AM

Have you ever been so busy that you arrive at the end of your day and realize that you did lots of things but never were able to do what was the most important thing?  You climb into bed at night kicking yourself for not accomplishing what should have been your first priority.  We all have been there.  Today's episode deals with the big rocks and the little rocks that we use to fill the jar of our lives each day.  It is a lesson that we all need to be reminded of.

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Carrying Your Bag of Flour
Last Tuesday at 7:00 AM

Are there people that you have refused to forgive?  Maybe you have been carrying that unforgiveness for a long time and you have become so used to it that you don't realize what the weight is really doing to you.  Today's episode is about how Sheila Walsh taught her son Christian, about forgiveness.  

Originally broadcast September 17, 2020

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Last Monday at 7:00 AM

Welcome to Music Monday where today we look at the song, Jireh, from Maverick City Music.  

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Assurance, Complaints, The Best of Times and The List...That's Our Week

Welcome to the Friday Roundup.  Today we share a brief summary of each of our episodes from the past week.  Hopefully, they will encourage you and help you to have a great weekend.

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The List

We all at times feel unworthy of God's love.  We know that we make mistakes and are anything but perfect, so how could God love and accept us?  
Today we look at the Hall of Fame of The Imperfect and Mistake Makers to see how God dealt with them.

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The Worst and Best of Times

What kind of a world will our children inherit? What will their lives be like thirty years from now?  We may not be able to answer those questions, but we can make sure they are ready for it.

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Something to Complain About

Restaurants, hotels, theme parks, travel agencies and retail stores have all seen a major rise in instances of complaints from customers.  Many credit this to the lack of trained staff available. Others have attributed it to a rise of 'entitled' individuals.  Whether complaints are on the rise because of these issues or as a result of pandemic burnout, the truth is that many more people are feeling free to complain and make a scene in public.  It is a very sad thing to see.
Today we talk about some strange complaints and how we can rise above the bai...

Fanny Crosby - Blessed Assurance

Fanny Crosby was one of the most prolific and impactful writers of Christian hymns and music  in the 1800's.  Her work has stood the test of time with her music continuing to be a regular part of Sunday worship even today.  
Today we look at one of her best, Blessed Assurance.  She was a humble lady who God used to impact millions of people around the world.

Here is the youtube link to Blessed Assurance                                                                                     

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Goodness and Showers, A Diary and Dads. It's Been a Good Week

Welcome to the Friday Roundup.  Today we present to you a short review of each of our episodes from this week.  We hope that they will encourage you as you go into your weekend.  Have a great weekend and be sure to celebrate Father's Day on Sunday.

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Fathers Day

This Sunday is Father's Day and we have the opportunity to celebrate and thank our fathers for what they mean to us.  And we have not only our earthly fathers but the greatest father of all, our heavenly Father whom we can thank and celebrate.  
So laugh, love and celebrate this Sunday.

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The Diary

The Bible tells us that we are made in the image of God.  Today we look at how that important fact should determine our views on life and death.

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They Always Come Back When You Need Them

During the Vietnam war, Major Daniel Whittle was shot down and taken prisoner by the North Vietnamese.  He was interred in a camp with many other American prisoners where they faced cruelty, and torture.  Some of the prisoners simply curled up and died, but Major Whittle relied on something he had learned as a child.  He began reciting the Bible verses  and singing they old hymns he had been taught in church.  He said that these two things were the key to his survival.  They may be the keys to our survival as well.

Originally broadcast Feb 15...

The Goodness

Good morning everyone and welcome to Music Monday.  Today we feature a brand new song from TobyMac and Blessing Offer, 'The Goodness.'  This is a great song with music and lyrics that will make you smile and enjoy your day.  

Here is the youtube link to 'The Goodness'                                          

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Music and The Three, A Chair and a Rock. That Was Our Week

Welcome to the Friday Roundup.  Today we present a brief summary of our episodes this week.  We hope you enjoy them and go back to listen to the entire episode of any that you missed.  Have a great weekend everyone.

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The Boulder

A King, a boulder, and a purse full of gold. That is our story today as we look at dealing with obstacles in our lives.  Enjoy  

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The Chair

Sometimes we don't know how or what to pray.  It can be difficult to put the right words together.  Today we share a story that will help you to find the words and the comfort to pray anytime any where.

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The Three

When 3 young men were taken as captives for "re-education" by the King of Babylon, they faced the ultimate test of what they really believed and it wound up changing the entire nation.

Originally broadcast April 28, 2021

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Music Fan Favorites 2022

The K-Love Christian Radio Fan Favorite Music Awards were held on Sunday May 29th this year.  Fan choice awards were presented in several categories.  Today we share who received major awards and the top fan choices for Christian Music in 2022.  It is a fun episode. Enjoy

Here are the links to the award-winning songs in todays episode.
Matthew West - Me on Your Mind.             
Anne Wilson - My Jesus            

Katy Nicole - In Jesus Name.       

for King...

Reasons and Scars, Lamps and a Letter. Its the Roundup.

Welcome to the Friday Roundup.  Today we present a brief summary of our episodes from this week.  We hope you enjoy them.

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The Letter and the Judge

A former judge wrote a letter to the newspaper about what was in his law textbook back in 1954.  You might ask, 'How can that be relevant today?'  Today's episode answers that question and more.  You might be surprised.

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Did You Know?

Many scholars believe that King David wrote the 119th Psalm to help guide his son Solomon in his life.  In verse 105 David wrote that "the word of God is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path."  Today we look at some facts about the Bible that help us to see what an incredible book it really is.  You might be surprised by a couple of things on this list.

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Scars Can Destroy You or Define You

The iconic Viet Nam war photo of a young girl running away from a bombing raid, her clothes burned off and fear and pain on her face speaks untold volumes of the horror of war.  
That girl is now a successful woman and today we tell a part of her story today about how her suffering and scars helped her find God.

Originally broadcast on February 3, 2021

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10 Thousand Reasons

Today on Music Monday we look at Matt Redman's great worship song, '10,000  Reasons.'
Released in 2011 and winning multiple Grammy awards in 2013, this song is based on Psalm 103 and has become a part of the modern worship service in many churches around the world.  
This song, and the original Psalm from which it sprang, both bring us powerful reminders of the need to worship and why we worship.  

Here is the youtube link to '10,000 Reasons'.  

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He's Coming Back, Running, An Elephant, and Stressers...What a Week.

Welcome to the Friday Roundup. Today's episode is all about our week with short reviews of each episode.  I hope you enjoy it and have a great weekend.

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Be an Elephant

Today's story is about a conversation between a dog and an elephant.  You might be surprised at what what we can learn from them.

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I Run For Him

Jarryd Wallace was a standout runner and high school state champion.  He had dreams of running in the Olympics.  But over the next four years, a disease caused him to undergo eleven surgeries and eventually the amputation of his leg.  His hopes and dreams seemed to be gone.

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Do You Need Some Vitameatavegamin?

"Are you tired,  rundown and listless?  Do you poop out at parties?...  This famous line was delivered by Lucy Ricardo, (Lucille Ball) in a hilarious episode of the 1950's 'I Love Lucy' television show.  
Being tired, rundown, and listless is nothing new and many of us easily feel that way today.  
In today's episode we take a look at the ways that actually work to help us deal with those anxiety causing feelings. 
Just a little hint, the answer for your problems is not Vitameatavegamin.
Take a listen, I think you will enjoy it.


Coming Back

Welcome to Music Monday.  Today we check out a great new song from Jordan Feliz, 'Jesus is Coming Back.' This song is filled with joy and hope that reminds us no matter how crazy our lives and our world become, it won't be long until we see Jesus coming back again.  Enjoy

Here is the youtube link to 'Jesus is Coming Back'.                                        

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Brighter Days, Headlines, a Story From Chuck and Making Deals. That's Quite a Week

Welcome to the Friday Roundup where we present short summaries of our episodes from this week.  Have a great weekend everyone.

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Let's Make a Deal

Have you ever tried to make a deal with God?  God, if you will do this for me then I will do that for you. Just a hint, that doesn't work.  
Today we look at a man who felt he had made a good deal with God, but it came back to hurt him in the worst possible way.

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Is He Still God?

Today we tell a story from Chuck Swindoll.  His daughter was a cheerleader in high school and one day he received a phone call from her school that she had fallen from the top of a cheerleader pyramid and landed on the back of her head.  Chuch immediately drove to the school not knowing what he would find when he got there.
His story will inspire you today.  

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The Headlines Say It All

Laughter and joy should be regular participants in our lives and today we look at some strange newspaper headlines that are sure to make you smile.  Enjoy

Originally broadcast September 16, 2020

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Brighter Days

In February, Blessing Offor has released his first Gospel album and the first single from that album is Brighter Days.  It has turned into a giant hit mostly because of its message of hope.  Today we look at Blessing's life in which he faced some major setbacks, but he was able to turn those setbacks into something fantastic and positive.  

Check out his story in our podcast today and listen to Brighter Days by following this link.                  

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Boats and Explosions, Fights and a Moving Church. That Was Our Week

Welcome to the Friday Roundup.  Today we share a short summary of each of our episodes from this week.  We hope that they encourage you and give you some things to smile about and share with someone else this weekend.  

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When The Church is Moved.

God still does miracles. He does them all around us every day.  Many of them we are not even aware of.  But have you ever seen a miracle?  A small church in Swan Quarter North Carolina, has one of the greatest stories of the miraculous hand of God that I have ever heard.  You will be encouraged by this great story.

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It's Not My Fault

"He hit me first."  What parent has not heard that response when breaking up a fight amongst their kids.  We seem to have the built-in idea that when someone does something to us, it immediately justifies a response that is at least equal, and often greater. 
It is not always children who behave that way.  We are seeing more and more adults resorting to the same kind of logic for many disproportionate responses.  
There is help and answers for us when we find ourselves in the middle of these exchanges. 

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Does God Really Care?

Sometimes it seems that God is ignoring us, not listening to what we are saying and seemingly not caring about what is happening to us.  But can that possibly be true?
Today we look at a couple different ways that God shows that he is very much aware of what is happening to us and around us.  You will be encouraged.

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Boat Builders

When God told Noah to build a boat, it required a huge step of faith from Noah to work for over 60 years to construct the Ark surrounded by doubters and nay-sayers.  Yet he did it.  Today on Music Monday we look at this story which was the inspiration for Colton Dixon's newest release, Build a Boat.  Enjoy the story and the music. 

Here is the youtube link to Build a Boat.                                             

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Hope on a Promise. A Mother's Day Special

Today we bring you a special Mother's Day episode of Starting Right.  It is an interview with Peter and Karissa Metcalfe.  As a young couple looking forward to starting a family, they were suddenly faced with some devastating news from their doctor.  Their journey is one of faith and hope on a promise.  

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