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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.

Best QB Duel of the Season + Signs of Life & Death
Yesterday at 5:45 PM

(5:30) Film Review - Eagles def. Bills: Lay off Josh Allen. And what sparked Philly's 2nd half surge?

(40:30) Jaguars def. Texans: Chris self-scouts thyself on the Jacksonville pass rush against C.J. Stroud.

(1:00:30) AFC Wild Card Contenders: Despite the odds, what 3 teams does Chris want to see make it?

(1:05:35) Chiefs offense: They might have found their formula, but someone is out of the trust tree.

(1:13:00) Signs of Life, Signs of Death: The Packers, Vikings, Lions, and Broncos have cause for hope and concern.

(1:25:05) Ahmed's Big Butt Awards: The 49ers, Packers...

NFL Week 12 Recap: Eagles-Bills instant classic
Last Monday at 5:28 AM

(2:55) Eagles def. Bills

(17:00) Jaguars def. Texans

(25:25) Falcons def. Saints

(31:25) Chiefs def. Raiders

(37:10) Steelers def. Bengals

(42:00) Colts def. Buccaneers

(47:45) Broncos def. Browns

(53:30) Rams def. Cardinals

(57:45) SNF: Ravens def. Chargers

(1:01:40) Giants def. Patriots

(1:09:20) Titans def. Panthers

(1:14:30) Thanksgiving: Packers def. Lions

(1:19:45) Cowboys def. Commanders

(1:21:15) 49ers def. Seahawks

(1:23:40) Black Friday: Dolphins def. Jets

(1:26:45) MNF Preview: Bears at Vikings

NFL Week 12 Picks: "My magic flute"

(5:30) BLACK FRIDAY: Dolphins at Jets

(10:20) SUNDAY EARLY: Saints at Falcons

(14:00) Steelers at Bengals

(17:50) Jaguars at Texans

(23:00) Buccaneers at Colts

(26:40) Patriots at Giants

(29:55) Panthers at Titans

(33:30) SUNDAY LATE: Rams at Cardinals

(37:00) Browns at Broncos

(40:05) Chiefs at Raiders

(42:35) Bills at Eagles

(46:20) SNF: Ravens at Chargers

(48:50) MNF: Bears at Vikings

(50:50) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

NFL Thanksgiving Picks: "Football! Family! No gifts!"

(5:55) Packers at Lions

(11:20) Commanders at Cowboys

(17:35) 49ers at Seahawks

(25:40) Thanksgiving Best Bet

NFL Week 11 Recap: Lions come back + Browns win with DTR

(2:40) Lions def. Bears

(11:15) Rams def. Seahawks

(18:50) Packers def. Chargers

(25:00) Browns def. Steelers

(31:50) Texans def. Cardinals

(41:25) Dolphins def. Raiders

(46:40) Giants def. Commanders

(52:10) SNF: Broncos def. Vikings

(56:00) Bills def. Jets

(1:03:15) 49ers def. Buccaneers

(1:08:55) Jaguars def. Titans

(1:13:50) Cowboys def. Panthers

(1:18:20) TNF: Ravens def. Bengals

(1:21:10) MNF Preview: Eagles at Chiefs

NFL Week 11 Picks: "Wait, you hate the Eagles"

(6:10) TNF: Bengals at Ravens

(10:35) SUNDAY EARLY: Cowboys at Panthers

(13:30) Steelers at Browns

(17:25) Bears at Lions

(20:00) Chargers at Packers

(24:15) Cardinals at Texans

(27:20) Titans at Jaguars

(32:20) Raiders at Dolphins

(34:30) Giants at Commanders

(36:00) SUNDAY LATE: Bucs at 49ers

(39:10) Jets at Bills

(43:20) Seahawks at Rams 

(46:05) SNF: Vikings at Broncos

(50:25) MNF: Eagles at Chiefs

(57:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

Browns lose Deshaun, Bills fire OC + Top NFL Coordinators

(:50) Deshaun Watson out for season: Where do Browns go from here?

(14:40) Bills fire Ken Dorsey: But didn't his offense have good stats?

(37:00) NFL's Top Coordinators: The homies nominate Ben Johnson, Bobby Slowik, Lou Anarumo, and more. Plus which OC and DC would Chris hire as a Head Coach?

(1:01:00) Film Review: 49ers D vs Jaguars O: Did Sideline Steve Wilks change his scheme?

(1:17:45) Browns D vs Ravens O: How did they shut down Lamar Jackson in the 4th quarter?

(1:29:25) Ahmed's Big Butt Awards: A repeat Steelers winner and new Texans w...

NFL Week 10 Recap: Buzzer Beaters + 49ers are Back

(2:30) Texans def. Bengals

(15:00) Browns def. Ravens

(22:00) Lions def. Chargers

(28:10) Seahawks def. Commanders

(33:00) Cardinals def. Falcons

(39:40) 49ers def. Jaguars

(48:25) Cowboys def. Giants

(55:00) SNF: Raiders def. Jets

(58:00) Vikings def. Saints

(1:05:00) Steelers def. Packers

(1:09:50) Colts def. Patriots in Germany

(1:15:50) Buccaneers def. Titans

(1:19:00) TNF: Bears def. Panthers

(1:22:00) MNF Preview: Broncos at Bills

NFL Week 10 Picks: "Get us a band!"

(4:55) TNF: Panthers at Bears

(8:20) GERMANY: Colts vs Patriots

(12:25) SUNDAY EARLY: Browns at Ravens

(15:10) Texans at Bengals

(18:30) 49ers at Jaguars

(22:45) Saints at Vikings

(26:20) Packers at Steelers

(29:05) Titans at Buccaneers

(33:30) SUNDAY LATE: Falcons at Cardinals

(36:20) Lions at Chargers

(40:00) Giants at Cowboys

(43:20) Commanders at Seahawks

(47:00) SNF: Jets at Raiders

(53:10) MNF: Broncos at Bills

(54:45) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

NFL Midseason Awards + True Contenders

(3:15) MVP: Could we see our first non-QB MVP in years?

(12:05) Defensive Player of the Year: Should Maxx Crosby join the big 3 favorites?

(17:15) Victory Lap: Best Prediction

(22:40) Self-Scout Thyself: Prediction You Regret The Most

(26:50) Damn! Okay: Most Head-Turning Player

(38:00) "Cheeks to Freaks" Award: Most Improved Player

(43:20) REAL Awards: Which teams can go to the Super Bowl?

(51:30) Leaderhouse Award: Safe Bets to Win Their Division

(53:50) Coach of the Year: Is Dan Campbell a slam dunk?

(57:45) 2024 Draft Power Rankings Award: Team That Needs #1 Pick...

NFL Week 9 Recap: Contenders clash, but Stroud & Dobbs steal the show

(3:25) Chiefs def. Dolphins in Germany

(15:20) Ravens def. Seahawks

(21:05) Eagles def. Cowboys

(29:50) Vikings def. Falcons

(37:25) Texans def. Buccaneers

(44:15) SNF: Bengals def. Bills

(49:00) Browns def. Cardinals

(53:20) Saints def. Bears

(56:45) Raiders def. Giants

(1:01:30) Colts def. Panthers

(1:06:40) Commanders def. Patriots

(1:11:10) Packers def. Rams

(1:14:20) TNF: Steelers def. Titans

(1:16:35) MNF Preview: Chargers at Jets

NFL Week 9 Picks: "I can't enjoy the games!!!"

(6:05) TNF: Titans at Steelers

(9:55) Germany: Dolphins vs Chiefs

(16:15) Sunday Early: Vikings at Falcons

(20:00) Seahawks at Ravens

(23:20) Cardinals at Browns

(25:35) Rams at Packers

(28:25) Buccaneers at Texans

(31:50) Commanders at Patriots

(34:10) Bears at Saints

(36:40) Sunday Late: Colts at Panthers

(40:10) Giants at Raiders

(42:25) Cowboys at Eagles

(46:20) SNF: Bills at Bengals

(49:50) MNF: Chargers at Jets

(54:10) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

Raiders fire Josh McDaniels + Patrick Mahomes' bad game

(3:15) Raiders fire Josh McDaniels: Where is Las Vegas heading? Jim Harbaugh, perhaps?

(12:10) Chase Young to 49ers: Will he "light it up" in San Francisco?

(20:30) Montez Sweat to Bears: Why was Chicago a buyer?

(29:30) Leonard Williams to Seahawks: Why didn't they target Young or Sweat?

(35:40) BREAKING NEWS: Raiders bench Jimmy Garoppolo for Aidan O'Connell.

(37:55) Donovan Peoples-Jones to Lions: What does this say about Jameson Williams?

(41:20) Rasul Douglas to Bills: Was WR a bigger need?

(43:05) Jets & Giants: Should they have made more moves?

(52:10) Film Review...

NFL Week 8 Recap: "Please suspend Chris Simms"

(3:20) SNF: Chargers def. Bears

(5:40) Broncos def. Chiefs

(12:05) Bengals def. 49ers

(22:30) Seahawks def. Browns

(29:35) Jaguars def. Steelers

(34:30) Dolphins def. Patriots

(41:15) Ravens def. Cardinals

(46:15) Eagles def. Commanders

(51:10) Cowboys def. Rams

(55:20) Jets def. Giants

(1:02:45) Vikings def. Packers

(1:07:50) Titans def. Falcons

(1:14:55) Saints def. Colts

(1:19:40) Panthers def. Texans

(1:22:20) TNF: Bills def. Buccaneers

(1:24:45) MNF Preview: Raiders at Lions

NFL Week 8 Picks: "I am preemptively saving us"

(2:50) TNF: Buccaneers at Bills

(6:45) SUNDAY EARLY: Texans at Panthers

(10:05) Rams at Cowboys

(13:30) Vikings at Packers

(17:10) Saints at Colts

(19:20) Patriots at Dolphins

(22:00) Jets at Giants

(26:10) Jaguars at Steelers

(29:50) Falcons at Titans

(32:25) Eagles at Commanders

(34:55) SUNDAY LATE: Browns at Seahawks

(38:25) Ravens at Cardinals

(40:45) Chiefs at Broncos

(42:45) Bengals at 49ers

(47:50) SNF: Bears at Chargers

(52:00) MNF: Raiders at Lions

(54:30) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

NFL Week 7 Film Review + #AskMeAnything

(3:05) Eagles beat up Dolphins: How Philly's their size beat Miami's speed?

(33:40) Ravens crush Lions: Jared Goff struggles under pressure & the Detroit D gets too aggressive.

(58:20) Big Butt Awards: "Sexy Dexy Lawrence and Myles Garrett get on the big butt board.

(1:03:15) Browns Defense: How did Gardner Minshew carve them up?

(1:11:55) AFC North odds: Is it the Ravens' division to lose?

(1:14:05) #AskMeAnything: Why does the NFL still use metal chains to measure first downs?

(1:15:55) Bills & Patriots: Why don't they use some of their most dynamic receivers?

(1:18:40) 49ers...

NFL Week 7 Recap: Ravens & Eagles Fly

(3:20) Ravens def. Lions

(14:45) Patriots def. Bills

(24:30) Browns def. Colts

(33:50) Steelers def. Rams

(39:10) Falcons def. Buccaneers

(44:35) Broncos def. Packers

(50:30) SNF: Eagles def. Dolphins

(58:35) Chiefs def. Chargers

(1:04:50) Seahawks def. Cardinals

(1:09:10) Bears def. Raiders

(1:17:35) Giants def. Commanders

(1:26:45) TNF: Jaguars def. Saints

(1:30:30) MNF Preview: 49ers at Vikings

NFL Week 7 Picks: "Is that a shamrock-ectomy?"

(4:20) TNF: Jaguars at Saints

(10:00) SUNDAY EARLY: Lions at Ravens

(16:15) Raiders at Bears

(18:30) Browns at Colts

(22:40) Bills at Patriots

(27:00) Commanders at Giants

(30:30) Falcons at Buccaneers

(34:10) SUNDAY LATE: Steelers at Rams

(38:40) Cardinals at Seahawks

(41:25) Packers at Broncos

(44:30) Chargers at Chiefs

(50:20) SNF: Dolphins at Eagles

(54:20) MNF: 49ers at Vikings

(56:25) Best Bets & Folsom Prison  Blues

NFL Week 6 Film Review: "#OnePride Man!"

(3:55) Jets Defense: "I was shocked that the Eagles went pass-first."

(30:40) Dolphins & Eagles: Who has the best chance of being a #1 seed?

(33:30) Browns Defense: How did they stop a 49ers offense that torched the Cowboys?

(53:00) Lions Defense: How have they improved so much from last year?

(1:04:00) Big Butt Awards: Love for a Ravens veteran and Cowboys riser.

(1:10:00) Bills Offense: How did the Giants defense contain Josh Allen?

(1:23:30) Seahawks Offense: How did the Bengals stonewall them in the red zone?


NFL Week 6 Recap: 49ers & Eagles Fall

(6:00) Browns def. 49ers

(16:20) Jets def. Eagles

(26:10) Lions def. Buccaneers

(32:40) Jaguars def. Colts

(37:05) Bengals def. Seahawks

(42:00) Ravens def. Titans

(49:05) Dolphins def. Panthers (Part 1)

(51:10) SNF: Bills def. Giants

(56:10) Dolphins def. Panthers (Part 2)

(58:00) Rams def. Cardinals

(1:02:10) Vikings def. Bears

(1:05:45) Raiders def. Patriots

(1:11:15) Texans def. Saints

(1:14:45) Commanders def. Falcons

(1:18:55) TNF: Chiefs def. Broncos

(1:21:55) MNF Preview: Cowboys at Chargers

NFL Week 6 Picks: "I'm doing it, BABY!"

(4:40) TNF: Broncos at Chiefs

(7:00) LONDON: Ravens vs Titans

(10:20) SUNDAY EARLY: Commanders at Falcons

(12:55) Vikings at Bears

(17:05) Seahawks at Bengals

(20:30) 49ers at Browns

(23:30) Saints at Texans

(26:00) Colts at Jaguars

(29:20) Panthers at Dolphins

(32:00) SUNDAY LATE: Patriots at Raiders

(35:45) Cardinals at Rams

(38:25) Eagles at Jets

(42:30) Lions at Buccaneers

(46:10) SNF: Giants at Bills

(48:55) MNF: Cowboys at Chargers

(51:50) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

NFL Week 5 Film Review: "Cowboys are so BASIC"

(2:40) Cowboys Offense: Dak Prescott made mistakes, but is it all on him.

(19:00) 49ers Offense: Where was Micah Parsons?

(31:20) Jaguars Defense slows Bills: Tyson Campbell is doing something we rarely see anymore.

(41:00) Bengals Offense beats Cardinals: Are the Bengals really BACK?

(53:00) Desmond Ridder: Did he turn a corner vs the Texans?

(1:01:25) Eagles Defense: How did they shut down the Rams in the 2nd half?

(1:08:00) Lions creative offense: Ahmed declares Ben Johnson the best playcaller in the NFL.

(1:17:55) Big Butt Awards: Does it count if you're playing...

NFL Week 5 Recap: 49ers flex on SNF

(3:40) Steelers def. Ravens

(11:10) Bengals def. Cardinals

(18:30) Dolphins def. Giants

(28:00) Jaguars def. Bills in London

(35:50) Falcons def. Texans

(42:20) Jets def. Broncos

(49:15) SNF: 49ers def. Cowboys

(56:10) Lions def. Panthers

(1:02:40) Eagles def. Rams

(1:06:05) Chiefs def. Vikings

(1:11:45) Colts def. Titans

(1:17:10) Saints def. Patriots

(1:21:35) TNF: Bears def. Commanders

(1:24:55) MNF preview: Packers at Raiders

NFL Week 5 Picks: "The caca is all over Europe!"

(5:10) TNF: Bears at Commanders

(8:55) LONDON: Jaguars vs Bills

(12:15) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Texans at Falcons

(15:50) Panthers at Lions

(19:55) Titans at Colts

(22:50) Giants at Dolphins

(26:15) Saints at Patriots

(28:35) Ravens at Steelers

(33:00) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Bengals at Cardinals

(36:15) Eagles at Rams

(40:40) Jets at Broncos

(44:30) Chiefs at Vikings

(47:50) SNF: Cowboys at 49ers

(51:35) MNF: Packers at Raiders

(54:05) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

NFL Week 4 Film Review: "Sticking up for Zach Wilson?!"

(5:00) Bills D stops Dolphins: 2 key factors frustrated the Miami offense.

(20:00) Eagles def. Commanders: What got Philly back on track in the 2nd half?

(37:20) Last Undefeated Team: The Eagles are favored, but should the 49ers be?

(40:40) Chiefs def. Jets: Zach Wilson's biggest room for improvement.

(54:50) BREAKING NEWS: The Broncos cut Randy Gregory.

(56:55) Ravens offense: Did they turn a corner vs the Browns stout D?

(1:02:55) Bengals offense: Were there ANY signs of hope vs the Titans?

(1:09:35) CJ Stroud: The Texans showed their identity vs the Steelers.


NFL Week 4 Recap: "Josh Allen is GIFTED"

(3:15) Bills def. Dolphins

(13:35) Eagles def. Commanders

(19:25) Buccaneers def. Saints

(26:30) Ravens def. Browns

(30:45) Chargers def. Raiders

(35:45) Jaguars def. Falcons in London

(40:00) Texans def. Steelers

(46:50) Titans def. Bengals

(52:10) Rams def. Colts

(56:25) SNF: Chiefs def. Jets

(59:35) 49ers def. Cardinals

(1:06:30) Cowboys def. Patriots

(1:11:50) Broncos def. Bears

(1:16:55) Vikings def. Panthers

(1:20:50) TNF: Lions def. Packers

(1:22:55) MNF Preview: Seahawks at Giants

NFL Week 4 Picks: "Maybe it was the duck that bit me!"

(3:55) TNF: Lions at Packers

(6:10) LONDON: Falcons at Jaguars

(8:55) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Dolphins at Bills

(13:10) Vikings at Panthers

(16:00) Broncos at Bears

(18:50) Ravens at Browns

(23:00) Steelers at Texans

(26:00) Rams at Colts

(29:15) Buccaneers at Saints

(32:00) Commanders at Eagles

(34:00) Bengals at Titans

(37:15) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Raiders at Chargers

(39:40) Patriots at Cowboys

(43:10) Cardinals at 49ers

(46:30) SNF: Chiefs at Jets

(49:10) MNF: Seahawks at Giants

(51:20) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

NFL Week 3 Film Review: Cowboys concerns & CJ Stroud is real

(3:00) Cardinals def. Cowboys: "This wasn't just Dallas asleep at the wheel."

(20:00) Texans def. Jaguars: "C.J. Stroud is the REAL DEAL."

(32:20) Colts def. Ravens: Why isn't the Todd Monken offense working?

(39:55) Dolphins def. Broncos: "It was worse than I thought."

(51:00) Coach of the Year odds: Should Mike McDaniel be the favorite?

(53:45) Bills def. Commanders: Buffalo got to Sam Howell at a historic rate.

(59:00) Big Butt Awards: A Seahawks & Browns  pass rusher add the elephant to their trophy case.


NFL Week 3 Recap: "SEVENTY!"

(5:30) Dolphins def. Broncos

(12:35) Cardinals def. Cowboys

(18:45) Colts def. Ravens

(22:30) Texans def. Jaguars

(30:15) Packers def. Saints

(34:30) Chargers def. Vikings

(41:25) Chiefs def. Bears

(45:50) Browns def. Titans

(49:55) Bills def. Commanders

(53:55) Lions def. Falcons

(57:35) Seahawks def. Panthers

(1:00:15) SNF: Steelers def. Raiders

(1:04:35) Patriots def. Jets

(1:10:30) TNF: 49ers def. Giants

(1:15:35) MNF Preview: Eagles at Buccaneers & Rams at Bengals

NFL Week 3 Picks: "Did I say pot-cast?"

(4:30) TNF: Giants at 49ers

(9:20) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Colts at Ravens

(11:55) Titans at Browns

(16:00) Falcons at Lions

(19:25) Saints at Packers

(22:25) Texans at Jaguars

(24:40) Broncos at Dolphins

(28:10) Chargers at Vikings

(31:25) Patriots at Jets

(33:55) Bills at Commanders

(37:45) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Panthers at Seahawks

(41:40) Cowboys at Cardinals

(44:05) Bears at Chiefs

(46:30) SNF: Steelers at Raiders

(50:15) MNF: Eagles at Buccaneers

(52:25) Rams at Bengals

(55:20) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

NFL Week 2 Recap: Redemption!

(3:30) Seahawks def. Lions

(9:15) Titans def. Chargers

(14:25) Chiefs def. Jaguars

(21:30) Bills def. Raiders

(27:40) Giants def. Cardinals

(33:10) Cowboys def. Jets

(42:20) Ravens def. Bengals

(48:00) 49ers def. Rams

(56:00) Falcons def. Packers

(1:02:50) Buccaneers def. Bears

(1:06:55) Commanders def. Broncos

(1:14:25) Colts def. Texans

(1:18:05) TNF: Eagles def. Vikings

(1:19:20) MNF Preview: Saints at Panthers & Browns at Steelers

NFL Week 2 Picks: "Stop torturing yourself"

(3:40) TNF: Vikings at Eagles

(8:20) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Packers at Falcons

(12:35) Raiders at Bills

(17:10) Ravens at Bengals

(21:30) Seahawks at Lions

(24:30) Colts at Texans

(26:55) Chiefs at Jaguars

(30:35) Bears at Buccaneers

(33:40) Chargers at Titans

(36:20) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Giants at Cardinals

(39:20) 49ers at Rams

(42:10) Jets at Cowboys

(45:35) Commanders at Broncos

(47:40) SNF: Dolphins at Patriots

(50:00) MNF: Saints at Panthers

(52:30) Browns at Steelers

(56:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

Aaron Rodgers fallout + NFL Week 1 Film Review

(2:50) MNF recap: Jets def. Bills: "I was distraught about Aaron Rodgers"

(10:45) Dolphins offense vs Chargers defense: Did LA really leave Tyreek Hill & Jaylen Waddle 1-on-1?

(21:30) Eagles offense vs Patriots defense: Does Philly have a weakness vs the blitz?

(34:15) Packers offense vs Bears defense: How much have Green Bay's offense changed with Jordan Love?

(41:15) Packers defense vs Bears offense: "It still feels like they're managing Justin Fields."

(46:20) Bengals offense vs Browns defense: "They gave Joe Burrow NO schematical advantage."

(59:45) Big Butt Awards: TJ Watt and Jalen Carter take...

NFL Week 1 Recap: Tua Thriller & 49ers Statement

(3:00) Dolphins def. Chargers

(10:00) Eagles def. Patriots

(15:30) 49ers def. Steelers

(21:55) Packers def. Bears

(28:00) SNF Cowboys def. Giants

(33:00) Browns def. Bengals

(37:40) Buccaneers def. Vikings

(41:40) Rams def. Seahawks

(46:20) Raiders def. Broncos

(51:45) Jaguars def. Colts

(57:30) Falcons def. Panthers

(1:01:55) Ravens def. Texans

(1:07:10) Commanders def. Cardinals

(1:13:00) Saints def. Titans

(1:17:45) Lions def. Chiefs

(1:24:30) Bills-Jets MNF Preview

NFL Week 1 Picks: "I'm real. He's fugazi."

(4:30) KICKOFF: Lions at Chiefs

(10:20) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Panthers at Falcons

(13:30) Texans at Ravens

(15:20) Bengals at Browns

(17:50) Jaguars at Colts

(20:30) Buccaneers at Vikings

(23:20) Titans at Saints

(25:40) 49ers at Steelers

(29:25) Cardinals at Commanders

(32:00) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Packers at Bears

(36:00) Raiders at Broncos

(38:15) Dolphins at Chargers

(40:30) Eagles at Patriots

(42:50) Rams at Seahawks

(45:00) SNF: Cowboys at Giants

(47:55) MNF: Bills at Jets

(51:10) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

GUEST: Patrick Mahomes

Chris (@CSimmsQB) heads to Kansas City to interview the man and legend, Patrick Mahomes. The guys cover his transition from baseball to football, his heroics in last year's playoff run, how he compares to Steph Curry, and the secret to reaching the Super Bowl once again.

2023 Playoffs & Super Bowl LVIII Predictions

(2:05) Patrick Mahomes: Chris gives us a glimpse of his interview with the reigning MVP.

(15:45) NFC Playoff Predictions: Are we buying the Lions hype?

(32:45) AFC Playoff Predictions: It breaks Chris' heart to leave one team out.

(49:45) Super Bowl LVIII: Chris goes with revenge, and Ahmed goes against the grain.

(55:00) College Football Saturday: Tune in to see Chris and Ahmed on our first Big Ten Saturday.

AFC Win Totals

(5:40) AFC East Win Totals: Bills, Jets, Dolphins, & Patriots

(21:05) AFC North Win Totals: Bengals, Ravens, Browns, & Steelers

(31:50) AFC South Win Totals: Jaguars, Titans, Colts, & Texans

(41:30) AFC West Win Totals: Chiefs, Chargers, Broncos, & Raiders

NFC Win Totals

(3:15) Unbuttoned announcement: Get ready for Sunday night episodes this season.

(7:40) NFC East Win Totals: Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, & Commanders

(20:45) NFC North Win Totals: Lions, Vikings, Bears, & Packers

(33:15) NFC South Win Totals: Saints, Falcons, Panthers, & Buccaneers

(46:10) NFC West Win Totals: 49ers, Seahawks, Rams, & Cardinals

(57:25) Top 5 NFL Rosters: What teams did we leave out? And where does the Chiefs roster rank without Patrick Mahomes?

Bills & Bryce Concerns + Top 5 NFL Rosters

(2:00) Watching Preseason: Chris has finally gotten his wife on board the football train.

(5:00) Browns: Could Dorian Thompson-Robinson take the QB2 role?

(9:30) Eagles: As Marcus Mariota struggles, Tanner McKee  shines.

(14:25) Giants: The Daniel Jones-Darren Waller connection is already strong.

(19:30) Panthers: Has Bryce Young looked like a #1 pick yet?

(25:40) Falcons: Desmond Ridder looked "smooth."

(28:00) Dolphins: What did Tua Tagovailoa see on his INT?

(32:00) Texans: CJ Stroud "looks like he belongs more."

(33:55) Bears: Tyson Bagent shows off...wait who?

(37:35) Steelers: Kenny Pickett keeps the P...