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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.

NFL Week 13 Picks: "We got a lot of pride on this!"
Last Thursday at 6:23 PM

(4:50) TNF: Bills at Patriots

(9:30) Steelers at Falcons

(13:30) Broncos at Ravens

(18:40) Packers at Bears

(20:50) Jaguars at Lions

(23:35) Browns at Texans

(26:45) Jets at Vikings

(30:55) Commanders at Giants

(34:30) Titans at Eagles

(39:15) Seahawks at Rams

(41:00) Chargers at Raiders

(43:25) Dolphins at 49ers

(46:25) Chiefs at Bengals

(51:50) SNF: Colts at Cowboys

(53:05) MNF: Saints at Buccaneers

(55:15) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

NFL Week 12 Recap: "Jaxson De Ville is jacked!"
Last Monday at 6:53 PM

(4:30) Eagles def. Packers: Jalen Hurts brings the "tangible intangibles."

(16:30) Aaron Rodgers goes down, but Jordan Love shows promise.

(20:55) Jets def. Bears: Mike White lights it up. Has Zach Wilson played his last game for New York?

(34:40) Bengals def. Titans: Joe Burrow gets "gutty" while Derrick Henry is stopped.

(41:05) 49ers def. Saints: DeMeco Ryans leads "the best defense in football."

(46:20) Commanders def. Falcons: Brian Robinson has a big game & a bigger hat.

(52:30) Jaguars def. Ravens: Trevor Lawrence finally has his signature moment.

(1:00:40) Chargers def. Cardinals: Justin...

NFL Week 12 Picks + Jets bench Zach Wilson

(4:50) Broncos at Panthers

(7:45) Buccaneers at Browns 

(10:45) Ravens at Jaguars

(12:50) Texans at Dolphins

(15:50) Bears at Jets

(21:40) Bengals at Titans

(25:30) Falcons at Commanders

(27:40) BREAKING NEWS: The Jets bench Zach Wilson

(31:30) Chargers at Cardinals

(34:35) Raiders at Seahawks

(38:15) Rams at Chiefs

(41:00) Saints at 49ers

(43:30) SNF: Packers at Eagles

(47:15) MNF: Steelers at Colts

(50:10) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

Thanksgiving Picks: "Down the hachet!"

(1:55) Bills at Lions

(9:10) Giants at Cowboys

(17:10) Vikings at Patriots

(23:30) Best Bet

NFL Week 11 Recap: "You complete me"

(4:10) Chiefs def. Chargers: Patrick Mahomes steals the show from Justin Herbert

(16:50) Eagles def. Colts: Jalen Hurts puts the team on his...legs

(25:10) Patriots def. Jets: Zach Wilson gives the wrong answer to a trap question.

(39:30) Raiders def. Broncos: How did Davante Adams get so wide open?

(48:05) Cowboys def. Vikings: Tony Pollard is one of the most electric RBs in the NFL.

(53:10) Odell Beckham Jr: Chris predicts where he will go.

(56:10) Commanders def. Texans: "This defense can keep them in it vs anybody."

(1:00:50) Lions def. Giants...

NFL Week 11 Picks: "Son's not home!"

(4:15) TNF: Titans at Packers

(8:15) Bears at Falcons

(11:10) Panthers at Ravens

(13:35) Browns at Bills

(17:00) Commanders at Texans

(21:00) Eagles at Colts

(24:50) Jets at Patriots

(28:00) Rams at Saints

(33:30) Lions at Giants

(36:45) Raiders at Broncos

(42:00) Cowboys at Vikings

(45:50) Bengals at Steelers

(48:50) SNF: Chiefs at Chargers

(51:15) MNF: 49ers at Cardinals in Mexico

(54:10) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

Week 10 Film Review w/ Tony Dungy

(2:15) Colts: Jeff Saturday simplified things.

(13:30) Eagles: Is their run defense their kryptonite?

(16:20) Vikings: Kevin O'Connell has brought a new attitude.

(21:00) Bills: Do they need Odell Beckham Jr?

(26:40) Dolphins: How can you stop this offense?

(30:30) Chiefs: Isiah Pacheco is a sign of Kansas City's toughness.

(37:00) Cowboys: Their small D-line is becoming a problem.

(45:00) Seahawks: The Seattle D is missing a playmaker.

(52:30) Buccaneers: Is their run game fixed?

(55:15) Conference Champion odds: Don't sleep on the Titans.

(1:00:00) Big Butt Awards: Denico Autry & Dexter Lawr...

NFL Week 10 Recap w/ Vikings Superfan Mike Florio

(1:15) Vikings def. Bills: Game of the Year

(19:40) Packers def. Cowboys: Christian Watson has Simms smiling

(30:40) Colts def. Raiders: Jeff Saturday shocks the NFL

(40:00) 49ers def. Chargers: Damn! Okay Nick Bosa

(51:10) Buccaneers def. Seahawks: Is an NFL Europe division coming?

(58:10) Chiefs def. Jaguars: "Chris Jones has passed up Aaron Donald"

(1:04:10) Giants def. Texans: "Sexy Dexy" Dexter Lawrence is a beast!

(1:09:20) Dolphins def. Browns: Is Tua Tagovailoa getting too much credit?

(1:15:50) Lions def. Bears: Justin Fields takes a heartbreaking loss.

(1:20:45) Titans def. Broncos...

NFL Week 10 Picks: "I drank from a New Jersey ravine"

(6:00) TNF: Falcons at Panthers

(9:50) Seahawks vs Buccaneers in Germany

(14:20) Vikings at Bills

(19:30) Lions at Bears

(21:40) Jaguars at Chiefs

(24:20) Browns at Dolphins

(28:00) Texans at Giants

(30:15) Saints at Steelers

(34:20) Broncos at Titans

(37:00) Colts at Raiders

(39:40) Cowboys at Packers

(43:55) Cardinals at Rams

(47:00) SNF: Chargers at 49ers

(50:30) MNF: Commanders at Eagles

(53:40) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

Week 9 Film Review + Top 5 Cornerbacks

(4:30) Bills offense: Contrary to popular opinion, Josh Allen needs another weapon.

(15:25) Jets offense: "Zach Wilson can be an elite RPO quarterback."

(22:25) Coach of the Year: Does Robert Saleh deserve it if the Jets make the playoffs?

(25:50) Simms Top 5 Cornerbacks: Have the young guys like Sauce Gardner & Patrick Surtain leapt veterans like Jalen Ramsey?

(56:00) 2 Stats and a Lie: Can you guess the wrong stat on pass defenses for the Chiefs, Jaguars, and Saints?

(59:50) Chiefs offense: Maybe Patrick Mahomes misses Tyreek Hill now?

(1:07:50) Titans offense: What happened to Derrick...

NFL Week 9 Recap + Colts fire Frank Reich

(4:30) Chiefs def. Titans: "This might have been the first time I thought they miss Tyreek Hill."

(17:30) Dolphins def. Bears: "His running is some of the best we've seen in the history of football."

(26:10) Seahawks def. Cardinals: Should Pete Carroll be favorite for Coach of the Year?

(34:30) Jets def. Bills: Is Sauce Gardner & DJ Reed the best CB duo in the NFL?

(44:20) Lions def. Packers: "They're the leader of bad vibes."

(51:15) Buccaneers def. Rams: "If they make the playoffs, I will say the F-word on this podcast."

(59:15) Vikings...

NFL Week 9 Picks: "The year of pasta & meatballs!"

(6:55) TNF: Eagles at Texans

(13:30) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Chargers at Falcons

(16:20) Dolphins at Bears

(19:50) Panthers at Bengals

(22:00) Packers at Lions

(24:45) Raiders at Jaguars

(29:40) Colts at Patriots

(31:50) Bills at Jets

(36:20) Vikings at Commanders

(40:35) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Seahawks at Cardinals

(44:10) Rams at Buccaneers

(51:45) SNF: Titans at Chiefs

(55:10) MNF: Ravens at Saints

(57:30) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

Trade Reactions & Midseason Awards with Phil Simms

(6:50) Trade Acquisitions: Who is this year's Von Miller, that could put a contender over the top?

(15:50) Contenders with Bad Records: Who is this year's 2021 49ers?

(18:20) Pretenders with Good Records: Who is this year's 2021 Cardinals?

(22:40) Chris and Phil narrow down the teams who they think can actually win the Super Bowl. Do the Dolphins and Ravens make the cut?

(32:50) Disappointing Teams: Is there any hope for the Rams, Buccaneers, and Packers?

(46:00) Super Bowl Matchup: Who do Chris & Phil see playing in the big game at this point?

(49:00) NFC...

NFL Week 8 Recap: "Trick or treat! I'm Ahmed Fareed!"

(6:00) Bills def. Packers: Green Bay ran the ball well...and lost.

(17:20) 49ers def. Rams: "Christian McCaffrey is the decoy! Then he's the main-coy!"

(25:40) Seahawks def. Giants: Geno Smith wins one for his former coach & GM.

(34:25) Eagles def. Steelers: Did Chris expect the Philly pass game to be THIS good?

(40:50) Cowboys def. Bears: "Zeke is not as good as Tony Pollard. Do you want to run for 5 or run for 45?"

(46:30) Saints def. Raiders: Alvin Kamara was awesome, but should New Orleans still trade him?

(52:10) Titans def. Texans: Derrick...

NFL Week 8 Picks: "Revenge of the nerds"

(5:20) TNF: Ravens at Buccaneers

(10:15) LONDON: Broncos vs Jaguars

(13:10) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Panthers at Falcons

(16:00) Bears at Cowboys

(19:15) Dolphins at Lions

(23:10) Cardinals at Vikings

(26:45) Raiders at Saints

(30:00) Patriots at Jets

(33:00) Steelers at Eagles

(36:00) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Titans at Texans

(38:20) Commanders at Colts

(44:15) 49ers at Rams

(47:00) Giants at Seahawks

(51:15) SNF: Packers at Bills

(53:20) MNF: Bengals at Browns

(55:30) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

Week 7 Film Review: "But it looks good on you though"

(3:50) Chiefs offense: Is this the best they've ever looked?

(13:50) 49ers offense: "Fake to Deebo, throw to McCaffrey. Fake to McCaffrey..."

(26:50) Ahmed's Big Butt Awards: Chris Jones & Jaelan Phillips take home the big elephant

(31:20) Bears offense: "How did this one-dimensional offense beat a D that looked elite?"

(41:50) Patriots offense: "Bailey Zappe's TD was a worse throw than Mac Jones' INT"

(50:30) Pete's "Peter Peter Peter" Awards: The Jets & Commanders get big plays from their punt team.

(53:00) Zach Wilson: We give viewers a glimpse into Chris' cursive.

(1:05:10) Trevor...

NFL Week 7 Recap: "Moo! Mooo! Oh wait it's a horse!"

(3:20) Chiefs def. 49ers: Is Patrick Mahomes actually BETTER without Tyreek Hill?

(16:30) Panthers def. Buccaneers: Tom Brady's struggles were not the most surprising part of the Tampa loss.

(24:00) Commanders def. Packers: "He's not going to win me back. They're not going to win me back."

(32:30) Giants def. Jaguars: "The 5-legged beast of the East!"

(47:10) Cowboys def. Lions: Dak is back, but the Cowboys didn't change. And that's good.

(52:00) Dolphins def. Steelers: Noah Igbinoghene came up big, and Ahmed knows how to pronounce his name.

(1:00:00) Bengals def. Falcons: "The...

NFL Week 7 Picks: "That photo's from 10 years ago!"

(3:50) TNF: Saints at Cardinals

(8:00) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Browns at Ravens

(10:50) Buccaneers at Panthers

(13:30) Falcons at Bengals

(16:15) Lions at Cowboys

(18:40) Giants at Jaguars

(21:20) Colts at Titans

(23:15) Packers at Commanders

(26:10) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Jets at Broncos

(29:30) Texans at Raiders

(31:25) Seahawks at Chargers

(35:10) Chiefs at 49ers

(37:35) Interlude: Simms has some green conspiracies about paper & cotton

(43:00) SNF: Steelers at Dolphins

(48:10) MNF: Bears at Patriots

(52:15) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

Week 6 Film Review: "Simple" Packers & Allen vs Mahomes

(4:00) Chiefs offense vs Bills defense: "This was the first time in this matchup where the Bills could sit back."

(15:40) Bills offense vs Chiefs defense: "They couldn't play coverage vs him like years past."

(24:30) Falcons offense vs 49ers defense:¬†"Arthur Smith is an unbelievable game manager.‚ÄĚ

(29:50) 49ers offense vs Falcons defense: ‚ÄúI have no problem with the way Jimmy Garoppolo played.‚ÄĚ

(35:40) Buccaneers offense vs Steelers defense: Chris throws cold water on the narrative of turmoil in the TB locker room.

(44:30) Steelers offense vs Buccaneers defense: Mitchell Trubisky came up big vs the bli...

NFL Week 6 Recap: "It's for Chris Simms? Not worth it."

(4:00) Bills def. Chiefs: "It's Brady vs Manning, but with flair."

(12:20) Eagles def. Cowboys: "They need Dak Prescott. We can stop the nonsense."

(20:40) Steelers def. Buccaneers: Simms makes another foot kissing guarantee (who keeps asking for this?).

(26:30) Jets def. Packers: It's time to throw respect on the young Jets defense.

(32:30) Giants def. Ravens: "They just hang around. Hang around. Haaaaaaang around."

(38:20) Falcons def. 49ers: Other than injuries, what's wrong in San Francisco?

(44:00) Colts def. Jaguars: Damn! Okay Matt Ryan. Didn't someone call him frail?

(50:00) Bengals def...

Week 6 NFL Picks: "I got the black lung, Pop"

(3:10) TNF: Commanders at Bears

(6:40) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: 49ers at Falcons

(8:50) Patriots at Browns

(11:15) Jets at Packers

(15:00) Jaguars at Colts

(17:50) Vikings at Dolphins

(21:15) Bengals at Saints

(23:45) Ravens at Giants

(27:20) Buccaneers at Steelers

(30:20) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Panthers at Rams

(32:30) Cardinals at Seahawks

(35:50) Bills at Chiefs

(44:00) SNF: Cowboys at Eagles

(50:30) MNF: Broncos at Chargers

(53:10) Best Bets &  Folsom Prison Blues

Week 5 WTF Happened: "This is why you're the big butt expert"

(2:50) Ravens defense: Baltimore ditches the blitz, and Ja'Marr Chase's route tree is "simple and sh*tty."

(19:30) Giants defense: "That's where Wink Martindale is a mastermind." And the Packers' dink-and-dunk offense flops.

(35:30) Jets defense: How much praise do they deserve for beating a 3rd-string QB?

(45:15) Saints defense: Is Geno Smith a better fit for the Seahawks offense than Russell Wilson? And Tyrann Mathieu doesn't want to tackle anymore.

(56:20) Ahmed's Big Butt Awards: Baron Browning and some guy named Aaron Donald take home the elephant butt.

(1:00:00) Cowboys defense: "Dan Quinn went...

NFL Week 5 Recap + Matt Rhule fired

(5:30) Ravens def. Bengals: "It was actually a team win for the first time this year."

(15:10) Eagles def. Cardinals: Philly is good, but they can still be better.

(22:30) Cowboys def. Rams: "Matthew Stafford has no chance right now."

(30:00) Giants def. Packers: "No way they are where they are without Saquon Barkley."

(39:40) Jets def. Dolphins: "They're super talented, I don't care who is at QB."

(46:00) Texans def. Jaguars: Is it time for Chris to self-scout himself on Derek Stingley Jr?

(51:40) Bills def. Steelers: "You're playing Madden on rookie level."<...

Week 5 NFL Picks: "The edge I brought, holding the clipboard!"

(4:10) TNF: Colts at Broncos

(7:20) LONDON: Giants vs Packers

(10:15) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Steelers at Bills

(14:00) Chargers at Browns

(16:50) Texans at Jaguars

(19:40) Bears at Vikings

(23:20) Lions at Patriots

(26:00) Seahawks at Saints

(28:50) Dolphins at Jets

(32:20) Falcons at Buccaneers

(34:20) Titans at Commanders

(35:45) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: 49ers at Panthers

(40:00) Eagles at Cardinals

(42:40) Cowboys at Rams

(46:00) SNF: Bengals at Ravens

(50:15) MNF: Raiders at Chiefs

(53:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

Week 4 WTF Happened: Coach Dungy texts in

(4:10) Chiefs offense: "One of the best KC gameplans I've seen in a long time."

(18:10) Broncos offense: Russell Wilson "is part of the problem."

(27:45) Ravens offense: Are Baltimore's struggles due to poor scheme or poor talent?

(36:15) Bengals offense: Chris is downright mad at the Cincinnati offense.

(46:45) Tony Dungy: The Hall of Fame coach texts Chris while we're taping with some Chiefs thoughts.

(48:40) Ahmed's Big Butt Awards: Dexter Lawrence & Nick Bosa take home the big elephant butt trophy this week.

(54:00) Eagles offense: The Philly O-line dominates again.

(1:01:15) Jaguars...

NFL Week 4 Recap: "I held a towel around a guy once"

(5:00) Chiefs def. Buccaneers: Did Andy Reid take playcalling duties from Eric Bieniemy?

(17:10) Bills def. Ravens: "There's some teams that can adjust at halftime, and some teams that can't."

(28:25)¬†Eagles def. Jaguars:¬†‚ÄúI am wrong on Jalen Hurts.‚ÄĚ

(35:50)¬†Packers def. Patriots:¬†‚ÄúThey‚Äôre not going to win a Super Bowl this way.‚ÄĚ

(44:00)¬†Vikings def. Saints in London:¬†‚ÄúThe day of the shutdown corner is done.‚ÄĚ

(50:30)¬†Titans def. Colts:¬†‚ÄúTennessee‚Äôs offense is close.‚ÄĚ

(55:30)¬†Chargers def. Texans:¬†Damn! Okay‚Ķ"This is the best Derwin James we‚Äôve seen‚ÄĚ

(1:00:40) Raiders def. Broncos: Maxx...

Week 4 NFL Picks: "Best bets! (oh god)"

(2:20) TNF: Dolphins at Bengals

(6:20) LONDON: Vikings vs Saints

(10:50) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Browns at Falcons

(15:20) Bills at Ravens

(18:00) Commanders at Cowboys

(20:20) Seahawks at Lions

(22:40) Chargers at Texans

(26:10) Titans at Colts

(29:45) Bears at Giants

(32:50) Jaguars at Eagles

(36:20) Jets at Steelers

(39:30) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Cardinals at Panthers

(42:40) Patriots at Packers

(44:50) Broncos at Raiders

(47:40) SNF: Chiefs at Buccaneers

(50:30) MNF: Rams at 49ers

(52:50) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

Week 3 WTF Happened: "A big elephant butt!"

(3:15) Bills offense: After Josh Allen kept beating the blitz, Miami needs to "dial it back."

(13:30) Dolphins offense: Tua Tagovailoa played tough, even though Buffalo "had a plan for the bullsh*t plays."

(22:15) Ravens offense: "Because of Lamar Jackson, they're a pass-first team you have to play like a run-first team"

(32:00) Patriots offense: After facing the shockingly weak Baltimore defense, how will New England adjust with Brian Hoyer?

(40:30) Jaguars offense: Trevor Lawrence is taking a 2nd year leap in Doug Pederson's revamped offense.

(54:05) Ahmed's Big Butt Awards: The self-proclaimed D-line...

NFL Week 3 Recap: "Did you shower?"

(4:00) Dolphins def. Bills: Miami won the gotta-have-it plays, but is Chris worried about Buffalo?

(17:35) Packers def. Buccaneers: Tampa's offensive struggles might not just be about injuries.

(24:40) Eagles def. Commanders: "I should've had Jalen Hurts higher."

(33:40) Colts def. Chiefs: "It's the same worries we've always had, Tyreek Hill or no Tyreek Hill."

(41:10) Titans def. Raiders: Is Derek Carr to blame for Vegas' red zone woes?

(46:00) Bengals def. Jets: Joe Burrow is slippery. And is Robert Saleh on the hot seat?

(49:35) Panthers def. Saints: "Their offense sucks. It sucks."<...

Week 3 NFL Picks: "First instinct! First instinct!"

(2:15) TNF: Steelers at Browns

(7:00) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Saints at Panthers

(11:15) Texans at Bears

(13:40) Chiefs at Colts

(17:00) Bills at Dolphins

(20:30) Lions at Vikings

(24:00) Ravens at Patriots

(26:40) Bengals at Jets

(28:45) Raiders at Titans

(31:25) Eagles at Commanders

(34:25) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Jaguars at Chargers

(37:10) Rams at Cardinals

(40:00) Falcons at Seahawks

(42:20) Packers at Buccaneers

(46:00) SNF: 49ers at Broncos

(50:30) MNF: Cowboys at Giants

(54:50) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

Week 2 WTF Happened: "I do have a man crush."

(6:10) Dolphins O vs Ravens D: "The best game Tua's ever played. There's no doubt."

(19:30) Ravens O vs Dolphins D: "Lamar Jackson played an almost perfect game."

(27:00) Bills O vs Titans D: "It's cheat code time. It's insane."

(36:30) Titans O vs Bills D: "I don't look at Ryan Tannehill as the problem."

(44:50) Chiefs O vs Chargers D: The Chargers D was aggressive...maybe too aggressive?

(53:10) Chargers O vs Chiefs D: "They need to find a way to scare the defense."

(58:50) Eagles O vs Vikings D: "Jalen Hurts is going...

NFL Week 2 Recap: "TuAnon's Alive!"

(3:15) Dolphins def. Ravens: Will Chris finally tell Tuanon that he was wrong?

(17:20) Cardinals def. Raiders: Kyler Murray is a magician.

(23:30) Jets def. Browns: How did Cleveland lose this game?

(30:10) 49ers def. Seahawks: The Jimmy Garoppolo era is back on.

(39:10) Rams def. Falcons: "It's Rams f*ck up time."

(44:10) Packers def. Bears: "Their entire offensive approach bothered me."

(51:00) Lions def. Commanders: Damn! Okay Aidan Hutchinson

(58:15) Cowboys def. Bengals: Was Cincinnati the most disappointing team of the week?

(1:05:15) Jaguars def. Colts: Chris is worried about...

Week 2 NFL Picks: All About the Dogs

(2:10) TNF: Chargers at Chiefs

(7:00) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Dolphins at Ravens

(12:40) Jets at Browns

(16:10) Commanders at Lions

(19:20) Colts at Jaguars

(23:00) Buccaneers at Saints

(26:45) Panthers at Giants

(30:20) Patriots at Steelers

(33:15) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Falcons at Rams

(36:20) Seahawks at 49ers

(39:40) Bengals at Cowboys

(41:30) Texans at Broncos

(44:10) Cardinals at Raiders

(47:00) SNF: Bears at Packers

(50:10) MNF: Titans at Bills

(52:30) MNF: Vikings at Eagles

(54:30) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

Week 1 WTF Happened: Bad Day for Burrow

(5:15) Bengals offense: Was this really a bad day for Joe Burrow? Is the O-line really improved?

(18:20) 49ers offense: How harshly should we judge Trey Lance in a monsoon?

(29:20) Packers offense: Was Aaron Rodgers too cautious (again)?

(36:00) Vikings offense: How was Justin Jefferson so open so often?

(41:10) Cardinals offense: "I don't know if there's rhyme or reason to it."

(48:50) Chiefs offense: Patrick Mahomes' passes were NSFW.

(56:30) Raiders offense: Davante Adams is a perfect fit for the Josh McDaniels offense.

(1:04:15) Patriots offense: Things in New England may...

NFL Week 1 Recap: Big Comebacks & Big Debuts

(5:00) Steelers def. Bengals: "Pittsburgh won, but I feel better about Cincinnati."

(17:30) Bears def. 49ers: "It was a monsoon. But you gotta play the best QB."

(28:50) Giants def. Titans: "Saquon Barkley is back, everybody."

(34:50) Chiefs def. Cardinals: Damn! Okay makes its return with a KC newcomer.

(43:05) Chargers def. Raiders: Khalil Mack is The Closer.

(50:50) Vikings def. Packers: "Damn! WTF were you thinking Green Bay?!"

(55:15) Bills def. Rams: Did Matthew Stafford's arm motion look different to Chris?

(1:00:00) Eagles def. Lions: Chris has praise for Jalen Hurts' deep ball.<...

Week 1 NFL Picks: "I'm not one to gloat"

(2:20) KICKOFF: Bills at Rams

(7:45) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Saints at Falcons

(10:50) Browns at Panthers

(14:00) 49ers at Bears

(17:10) Steelers at Bengals

(20:10) Eagles at Lions

(22:10) Colts at Texans

(24:30) Patriots at Dolphins

(28:00) Ravens at Jets

(30:45) Jaguars at Commanders

(33:30) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Chiefs at Cardinals

(35:40) Raiders at Chargers

(38:00) Packers at Vikings

(40:30) Giants at Titans

(42:35) SNF: Buccaneers at Cowboys

(46:15) MNF: Broncos at Seahawks

(48:35) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

Throwing with Josh Allen: "You know I call you My Boy Blue right?"

(2:00) Little league sports: "Believe it or not, I was pretty small."

(3:20) Mechanics: What did Josh change before his breakout season?

(12:30) Scramble drills: "Do you ever throw balls blind?"

(16:38) Workout regimen: "It's the best I've felt in a long time."

(18:50) Throwing in bad weather

(20:10) Critics: "Do you keep receipts?"

(23:25) Sean McDermott: "When did you know he was all-in on you?"

(27:50) Fame & trash talking with Tom Brady

(32:20) Super Bowl favorites: "We don't care about that."

NFC Playoff Predictions & Win Totals + Super Bowl LVII Pick

(6:00) Roster cuts: Chris tells us some cutdown day stories.

(13:45) Jimmy Garoppolo: How did Chris know he was going to stay with the 49ers?

(20:15) Kellen Mond: Was Chris surprised that the Vikings cut him?

(23:50) Malik Willis: Will he start games this season?

(28:30) Eagles-Saints trade: Why would New Orleans deal DB Chauncey Gardner-Johnson?

(30:30) Kenny Pickett: Did the Steelers manufacture short throws to make him look better?

(32:50) NFC East Win Totals: Chris is "over over over over" on 1 team.

(42:30) NFC North Win Totals: The Lions & Bears could surprise.<...

AFC Playoff Predictions & Win Totals + Jimmy G insurance for 49ers?

(8:20) 49ers: Chris is scared enough about Trey Lance that Jimmy Garoppolo is now looking like a good insurance option.

(21:00) Bears: A homie calls Justin Fields "a stud." Does Simms agree?

(24:00) Panthers: How does Baker Mayfield's "game-changing arm" look?

(26:20) Seahawks: Did Drew Lock blow his last chance to be an NFL starter?

(29:20) Jameis Winston: How healthy did he look in his only preseason appearance?

(30:50) Lions: Has Dan Campbell wound them too tight this offseason?

(33:30) AFC East Win Totals: Can the Bills clear the highest win total in the...

Rodgers vs Mahomes + Top 5 NFL Rosters

(4:50) Buffalo: Chris recaps some of his trip to interview Josh Allen, including the dive bar he went to for wings.

(14:50) Aaron Rodgers: Chris doesn't like Sammy Watkins talking him up over Patrick Mahomes.

(30:00) Tom Brady: Will any of his teammates be upset that he took a break from training camp?

(33:15) Tyron Smith: How much trouble are the Cowboys in after his injury?

(36:10) Ravens: We hit on Tyler Huntley, Isaiah Likely, and the Greg Roman passing game.

(43:10) Patriots offense: Why are they being so "weird" about the playcalling?