Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget with Margaret Josephs

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Do you have big dreams and ambitions but no idea how to achieve them? Then the Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish budget podcast is for you!  You may know Margaret Josephs from Bravo's Real Housewives of New Jersey as the Powerhouse in Pigtails and that's because she's never compromised her personal style or subdued her personality to be taken seriously and succeed in the male dominated business world.  “The Marge" is not from the lucky sperm club, and has had to work hard and hustle her way to achieving her goals but one thing Margaret did always have was caviar dreams on a...

From Wolf of Wall Street's Ex-Wife to Finding Her Best Life with Dr. Nadine Macaulso

Before becoming a world renowned psychologist, Dr. Nadine lived a life you may be familiar with... Nadine Caridi is the real-life woman behind the Duchess of Bay Ridge, ex-wife of the infamous “Wolf of Wall Street,” Jordan Belfort. Nadine had it all: yachts, private jets, a huge estate complete with staff and more money than anyone knew what to do with. Their life looked perfect but behind the affluent lifestyle their eight-year marriage was filled with abuse, greed, drugs, and trauma.  After all her years in therapy and some serious “big girl panties” moments Nadine knew she had to leave her toxic...

Power to the Puss; Cindy Barshop, Founder of Vspot and RHONY Alum

One of the most empowering things a woman can do is invest in self care and Cindy Barshop has made a career out of advocating for women and ensuring we do just that for ourselves! From her Completely Bare medispa, she launched in 1998 in Manhattan, which revolutionized hair removal, women’s grooming and laser services to her newest venture Vspot, which focuses on vaginal rejuvenation, sexual wellness and health for women she is all about Power to the Puss! No stranger to the setback and the even stronger comeback Cindy was at the top of her game with her Completely Ba...

Seas the Day With Kate Chastain

This week's guest is completely above board although you may know her from Bravo's Below Deck. She is everyone’s favorite Chief Stew after joining the show in its second season and staying on for six consecutive years! Kate Chastain is fun, vivacious and extremely motivated! After retiring her skort she has gone on to create shows for Bravo including the recent hit show Chat Room. Join us as we chat, laugh and get totally motivated to smash our goals so we could sail off on a yacht into the sunset together!

Two Girls From Jersey Meet Two Guys From Hollywood with Joey Santos and Alan Nevins

Two girls from New Jersey sit down with podcast hosts Two Guys from Hollywood and discuss everything from their Incredible individual careers on the inside I’ve Hollywood’s A-list celebrities. We touch on pop culture, cancel culture and what it takes to make it! The glitz and glam of Tinseltown isn’t always what it seems Joey and Alan speak to the real grit and dedication it takes to survive.

Judge a Book By HIS Cover with John Vairo Jr

John Vairo Jr is immediately identifiable with his fabulous signature facial hair and incredibly chic and unique sense of style. He exudes creativity and style and in his role as art director at Simon and Schuster he is trusted by authors, celebrities, musicians and models to create a cover that speaks as much to their story as the audience it draws in. Navigating seamlessly between his vision, the author's direction and the constraints of creating a bestseller, John truly is the ultimate! It was always a dream to work with him and Margaret had the opportunity when creating her own...

1-800-Super-Joe, Contractor to the stars and Margaret Josephs - Joe Benigno

Today we have on the podcast the ultimate Risk Taker, Joe Benigno. Not only did he marry The Marge but he entered into the renovation of a 115 year old run down estate in need of serious love. You may call him crazy, we call him Super Joe. While America's sweethearts may be lucky in love and head over heels for each other, the restoration of their home is far from a fairytale... A neverending circus of chaotic surprises and unrealistic deadlines makes for a reality show of it's own at this point. Will Joe survive the process, will he wallpaper...

Justine Santaniello; On Air Lifestyle Host and Executive Producer

Being the go-to girl for all things “lifestyle” is a Caviar Dream for many of people. Sat at home, viewers watch, hanging on the hosts every tip and trick for the perfect Super Bowl party, chic summer outfit or latest tech product trends. It looks so easy. But it’s definitely not as simple as they make it appear. The magic of television may mean you can bake a cake in just seconds but in this industry Justine Santaniello forged her career through perseverance, persistence and perky personality! The instantly likeable host and EP of lifestyle today shares her journey and ju...

Girl With a New Book, Claudia Oshry

She might have started out as “Girl With No Job” but Claudia Oshry is now “Girl With a Huge Career." Host and co-founder of the wildly popular Morning Toast podcast, that amassed a cult-like following of loyal toasters, she is a pop culture aficionado and authority on the latest celeb gossip. No stranger to headlines Claudia proved the comeback stronger than the setback after being canceled in 2018 at what felt like the peak of her career. In true disgraced Queen fashion she snatched back her throne, fixed her crown and came back with a new bigger, better brand! A comedian with s...

A woman’s place is disrupting the workplace; Samantha Ettus, Entrepreneur and Best Selling Author

Samantha Ettus is the true embodiment of an Entrepreneur and Disruptor. She is a Harvard and Harvard Business School Graduate, bestselling author, keynote speaker, on air host and fierce champion of women. So fierce she shook up the male dominated financial processing industry whilst giving women returning to the workplace financial independence, major disruptor! Samantha’s focus on empowerment, achieving goals and living a fulfilling life is more applicable now than ever before as we work from home and try to hit that work life balance. She is everything you need to feel like you can take on the world!

Laughter is the best medicine; Faces by Bravo's Stephen Krugle

Stephen Krugle is a pediatric nurse with a heart of gold and sense of humor like no other! As a self proclaimed "Bravo Historian" (we fact checked that and can confirm it's accurate) he started his @facesbybravo account as a hobby and it has grow into one of the Bravosphere's most popular accounts and he is as adored by his fans as Daddy Cohen and the Bravolebs he pokes fun at. Join us to discuss the contrast of his two worlds and hear us weigh in some iconic Bravo characters and moments. You cannot miss this episode, after all laughter...

Rethink your shrink! Dr Samantha Von Reiche

Now more than ever we all need help in the mental health department. Pandemics and politics have pushed us all to the limit. Dr Samantha Von Reiche wrote an incredible book, drawing feom her own experiences that totally makes you rethink how you approach your own mental health!

Boss in Boots! Dancer, Choreographer, Celebrity Trainer and Philanthropist Isaac Boots

Isaac Boots’ incredible, amazing journey is the epitome of a Caviar Dream. From humble beginnings in Hawaii, with a very young mother on food stamps, he literally chased his dream of being a dancer with a one way ticket to NYC at aged 17 and made it happen. Fast forward; he has danced alongside Liza Minnelli at the Tony’s, danced with his idol Madonna, choreographed the Billboard Music Awards and is the creator of Torch’d the workout celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Ripa and Ariana Grande are obsessed with. As if that’s not enough Isaac has the biggest heart. D...

The Covid Conversational

The Covid’s out of the bag... we’ve been MIA of late because we’ve all been sick. We are finally now negative and back together! This is real people! We didn’t want to dampen anyone’s Christmas spirits with our Covid conversational but we want to share why we’ve been under the radar whilst we were under the weather.

Christmas Conversations With The Marges

What's better than a Marge for the Holidays? Two Marge's! That's what! This week Margaret's blonde bombshell mother Marge Sr pops over to chat by the pink flocked tree about Christmas with the baby Marge, Hungarian family traditions, sex under the tree and if she escaped the naughty list this year!

The higher the hair, the closer to your dream; Nikki Blonsky, Golden Globe Nominated Actress

Golden Globe nominated actress Nikki Blonsky joins us literally straight off the plane from her move to LA for her next exciting project. Nikki grew up on Long Island and was a musical theater triple threat! Her unrivaled talent and pure determination landed her dream acting role when she scored the legendary part of Tracy Turnblad in the 2007 hit musical Hairspray. We talk about the daunting prospect of being cast alongside Hollywood royalty like John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer and Christopher Walken for your first foray into movies (at just 17 no less) and how it felt to walk in the shoes...

Beauty and the Boss; Jessica Richards, Founder of Shen Beauty

Jessica Richards is the founder of Shen Beauty, Brooklyn’s original beauty store. What started out of a need to replace a smashed face cream turned into a beauty empire. For over a decade Shen has been a “must visit” destination for beauty enthusiasts from all over the globe. The carefully curated selection of innovative and exclusive products are handpicked by Jessica, usually amidst bouts of insomnia between 1am and 4am, and has amassed a cult following that includes celebrities and beauty editors.  Jessica is 36. And a single mom of two boys. She is the curator of cool, a major inspira...

Watch What Crappens - LIVE; Ben Mandelker & Ronnie Karam, Legendary Podcasters

If you know anything about Bravo you know that THE #1 place to get all the tea is on the Watch What Crappens podcast with its hilarious hosts, the masters of mockery, Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam. Their outrageously funny impersonations coupled with their hysterical insights and opinions earned them the top spot on Apple Podcasts Film and TV list and they remain a permanent fixture, with 3.5 million downloads a month it’s no shock! But the how did they go from two friends blogging about TV to a #1 Rated podcast, to packing out live shows filled with fans who love th...

Cooking with Chef Capon; Chef Josh Capon, Chef, Restauranteur & TV Personality

The Marge finally has a new kitchen and what better way to celebrate than invite over Chef Josh Capon for some Cooking with the Capon time!  After a couple of years at University of Maryland, having more fun than he should, Chef Capon made the switch to Johnson & Wales culinarily school. After graduating he was discovered by legendary Chef Charlie Palmer and worked at his restaurant Aureole. Chef Capon’s career literally reads like who’s who of the industry. He went on to work for David Burke at the Park Avenue Café and then spent a year traveling in Europe...

Alicia Quarles, Award Winning Journalist, Correspondent & Entrepreneur

You may recognize Alicia Quarles from her celebrity interviews and reporting live from  red carpets at DailyMail TV, ENews and now GMA3 but Alicia's career started way before that at The Associated Press where she was the Global Entertainment and Lifestyles Editor, overseeing a staff of more than 60 people. As an Emmy Award winner Alicia's career has seen her cover some of the most historic moments in recent history; from President Obama's Inaugurations, Whitney Houston’s death, Hurricane Sandy, the death of Michael Jackson and its aftermath, and the Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Sonia Sotomayor. Not just an on-air per...

Positivity Panel with Barbara Kavovit, Anthony Lario, and Brandon aka PetShopBoy

It's a fact these are trying times. Civil unrest, social injustices, challenges of the new normal in a pandemic and the P word... politics. It seems impossible to keep a PMA (positive mental attitude) when life feels like permanent PMS. We pulled together a collective crew of our most fun and fabulous, feel good cheerleaders to bring you a dose of dopamine to lift your spirits and keep your chin up when it all just feels too much. We are the Positivity Panel... Barbara Kavovit, Anthony Lario (Sh*tshow Podcast) and Brandon aka PetShopBoy (B List Podcast)  Keep Dreaming! Keep s...

Live from the Couch with Marge and Lex

This week, Caviar Dreamers, we take a seat on the Marge’s new sofa and take a moment to reflect on the year so far. A year of renovations and rejuvenation’s, a year that saw “normal life” take a pause but had us working all systems go to achieve our own Caviar Dreams... and the Marge has a very special announcement about fulfilling one of hers!

Kara Goldin - Accidentally Entrepreneurial, Deliberately Successful - founder and CEO of Hint Water

Kara Goldin is the Founder and CEO of Hint Water, the leading unsweetened flavored water. Although Kara calls herself an “accidental entrepreneur”, her success is a deliberate result of her work ethic and determination! Never taking no for an answer, turning setbacks into setups for growth and evolving with the changing trends. Tune in to this weeks episode to hear how Kara turned her unhealthy diet soda addiction into a healthy multimillion dollar company. And as if running a huge company and hosting a podcast isn’t enough Kara has written a book! Undaunted is her story and shares the intima...

From Bagels to Basquiat; Michelle Rosenfeld, Art Dealer

Michelle Rosenfeld is one of NYC’s premier art dealers. Over her extensive career she has rubbed shoulders with all the darlings of the art world, had her portrait shot by Andy Warhol and used to climb five flights up to Keith Haring’s Chinatown apartment to buy sketches for $250... now worth $250,000. So how did a girl from Long Beach LI, studying to be a speech pathologist, wind up in one of the world’s most exclusive careers? Tune in to find out how Michelle took the art world by storm and what valuable secrets you can learn from this indust...

Ain't no party like a Larry Party! Lawrence Scott Founder of Lawrence Scott Events

There are parties... and then there's a Larry Party®️! World renowned for his completely immersive special events that take you “From the ridiculous to the sublime” in one event, Lawrence Scott is the A-Listers go to when throwing a party! For 31 years Lawrence Scott events has been the  number one in the business of big bashes! John Legend, Madonna, Janet Jackson to name a few... and of course the Marge all call Larry when they need a celebration like no other. And although Larry is on speed dial with the who's who of the social scene now he came from humble b...

Aim High with Sydney Sadick - On Air Lifestyle and Fashion Expert

At just 26 years old, Sydney Sadick is an on-air fashion and lifestyle expert and host who is regularly seen on the Today Show, E! Daily Pop, Inside Edition, NBC New York Live and Good Morning America. It's clear that nothing stops Sydney from setting her goals and achieving them and she wants to share her methods with everyone and has written a book "Aim High: How to Style Your Life and Achieve Your Goals". Earlier this year Sydney was at the peak of her career traveling to LA weekly as a correspondent for E! She was flying high until Covid...

“Hi, Lo, Lean... Woah girl you look good!” Karina Heinrich - Nutritionist and Celebrity Health Guru and creator of the Karina Method

Not ones to miss a meal and the queens of commitment phobia when it comes to healthy eating it’s safe to say The Marge and Lexi were skeptical when they met Karina Heinrich, Nutritionist, Celebrity Health Guru and the creator of the Karina Method until they started working together and had their mindset and relationship with food forever altered! Put it this way Karina is the girl brave enough to challenge the Marge on her half n half addiction and win... Tune in to find out how Karina started her career, created her method, became the go to girl fo...

Beauty until PROVEN Intelligent - Ming Zhao CEO and Founder of Proven Skincare

Ming Zhao is EVERYTHING we want to be and see represented byr women in business. A Chinese immigrant, Ming moved to Florida aged 12 speaking no English only to start school with a bad haircut, the wrong clothes and placed in ESL classes. With dedication and determination Ming quickly learned English and flourished in school. After graduating with her MBA from Harvard Business School, Ming went into the highly prestigious financial industry working in private equity. The well known burn out industry had Ming aging fast and no amount of money spent on creams and lotions and potions could fix her...

Dr Mark Karolak; Facial Plastic Surgeon Everyone's BFF (Best Face Forward)

It's no secret the public eye brings a whole new world of pressure to look youthful, but let's face we were vain biatches before, so now all bets are off and the only man we would ever trust with our money-makers is Dr Mark Karolak a plastic surgeon specializing only in the face and neck and the man behind the Marge's beyond fabulous facelift revision. We talk to the incredible Dr Karolak about how he discovered his passion, how he became two of your NJ wives BFF and of course interrogate him on all the secrets in the quest to...

The Real Jill Zarin, Mask Maker and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

We all know and love Jill Zarin for welcoming us into her fabulous world as an original cast member on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City but do you know the real Jill Zarin... Jill started her career in fashion at Filene’s NYC and was incredibly successful in the fashion industry even making calls to her buyers from the delivery suite whilst in labor! A born entrepreneur and hustler Jill has grown her own personal brand into many licensed product categories including her best selling rug line. Through Covid Jill has pivoted to combine two of her...

America's Next Bestseller - Jay Manuel, TV Personality, Creative Director and Author

Is there anything Jay Manuel can't do?!... Entrepreneur. Creative Director, TV personality and now Author. Surprisingly, Jay actually moved to New York as a classically trained opera singer yet found himself a career as a Makeup Artist working with some of the industry’s most creative visionaries and beauty icons. A chance he took giving Tyra Banks free glam for a photoshoot turned into an 18 cycle span as Creative Director and Judge on one of the world's most celebrated reality shows "America's Next Top Model".  His extensive career has seen him spend more than 20 years on both sides of the cam...

Kym Gold, “True Jeanius” Founder of True Religion Jeans, Producer and Author

Kym Gold’s mantra, “never settle for a no; always look for a yes,” is what led her to co-create True Religion Brand Jeans, a major retail clothing company that sold for close to a billion dollars in 2013. On Valentine’s Day in 2007, she was served divorce papers by her then husband and had her company ripped from under her—all within an hour. Since then, she has reestablished her place in the industry and catapulted herself into the coveted 1 percent of the richest Americans and pivoted into her new business in the home space; Style Union Home. She achieved all this w...

Dr. Joseph Michaels, Plastic Surgeon

Ever wondered about the man behind the Marge’s new boobs or who gave Dolores Catania those incredibly contoured curves? Wonder no more...we sit down with Dr. Joseph Michaels and discuss his journey to achieving his Caviar Dream; becoming a world renowned plastic surgeon with patients traveling the from all corners of the globe. Known especially for his dramatic weight loss transformations and mommy makeovers, Dr Michaels literally changes his patients lives both physically and emotionally. We put it all on the table and talk about celeb bodies, dangerous plastic surgery trends and of course the Marge's New Melons! He...

Patti Cake Patti Cake Find Me a Man, Patti Stanger

It's a fact Patti Stanger is the original Bravo OG!  A third-generation matchmaker, owner and CEO of and the leading relationship expert in the world, Patti Stanger is most well known as the executive producer and star of the award winning hit BravoTV show The Millionaire Matchmaker, which airs in over 200 countries and is the highest repeated show on Comcast networks. Patti is the ultimate girl boss, entrepreneur and a woman you would absolutely want as your best friend. We are obsessed with her ballsy no nonsense approach and truly authentic kind heart and of course she's a J...

One Funny Mommy, One Strong Mother Lisa Marie Riley, @OneFunnyMommy - Court Stenographer, Comedian & Content Creator

Lisa Marie Riley is a court stenographer turned comedian. She is known and loved on social media as @onefunnymommy and became an almost overnight sensation. She is followed by over 500k fans and her tiktok videos have amassed over 2.7 million views! In her signature hair clip, with her unmistakable Brooklyn accent, Lisa's hysterical daily musings on life and parenthood have kept everyone laughing through Quarantine. Lisa is the ultimate Caviar Dreamer, she started her account when her husband was diagnosed with cancer as a way to keep her chin up, escape with some laughs with her family and deal with...

Jaclyn's Got Talent! Jaclyn Hergott, Talent Manager and Agent @10MGMT

Jaclyn started her career in the entertainment industry in front of the camera as a child actor and musical theater darling. She moved to NYC drawn to the bright lights of Broadway with dreams of starring roles center stage. However, Jaclyn pretty soon realized managing talent was an incredibly lucrative industry and banged on doors to get her start until she landed on the doorstep of the vetran agent Bonnie Shumofsky at Abrams Artists Agency (now with Stewart Talent).   At just 29, Jaclyn now at 10MGMT, is at the top of her game and has all the advice you need if y...

He might be a writer... but he can read a B*tch! Dave Quinn, Entertainment Reporter and Housewife whisperer

Dave Quinn has been working as an entertainment journalist for 20 years now, with bylines in a slew of major publications and outlets including NBC New York and Entertainment Weekly. He’s most known for his work at PEOPLE Magazine, where he broke the most exclusive Housewives stories and earned a reputation among Bravo stars as being “The Housewives Whisper.” Dave’s now on leave from PEOPLE, hard at work on his first book, due out next year. It’s a caviar dream he never imagined he'd attain, especially since his career began in a very usual place: retail. Find out about his...

Recharged Marge and the Girls

As Marge recuperates from a little glow up for her girls (a.k.a. a boob lift) Lexi joins her from the bed and they talk about societal pressure to look good, how they see no shame in the glow up game, the current Covid climate and their Caviar Dreaming of kinder, more positive times ahead.

He's Unbeweaveable! ; Julius Michael, Celebrity Hairstylist

Celebrity hair stylist Julius Michael is literally the man behind the crowning glory of ALL your fave stars and Bravolebs and of course The Marge! From Jenny McCarthy to Kyle Richards, Melissa Gorga to Ramona Singer, Julius is the king of the Clubhouse! Not only does he transform the ladies and turn them OUT on the regular he constantly creates signature looks that grab headlines; Margaret's Power Pony, Lisa Rinna's total hair transformation, the "Fob"; the Julius Michael signature faux bob on Ramona, Kyle and Tamra... he can do it all.   Julius also owns one of New York's busiest and m...

So you wanna be on TV?; Amy Rosenblum, TV Producer and Media Trainer

Emmy Award winning TV Producer and media coach Amy Rosenblum has been a force in the broadcast business for over thirty years. Amy began her career at CBS news, where none other than Andy Cohen was an intern, and won an Emmy for a special report she produced with Dan Rather on “Women and AIDS”. Amy's TV career reads like a who's who in the world of daytime talk... Amy was Senior Producer of “The Joan Rivers Show”. Ratings grew, Joan won a Daytime Emmy and Amy and Joan found a lifelong friendship that was truly a bond more like sisters...

There's No Wrinkles in Team; Gigi Howard, Founder of Sio Beauty

A true entrepreneur, dreamer and total boss in the beauty industry Gigi Howard created a product so many women CANNOT live without (us included) that was truly an inspired innovation and like nothing else on the market; the Sio patch. Marge and Lexi sit down with Gigi to talk about her journey, how she built her brand from an idea in a doctor's office to a revolutionary product in the anti-aging industry. She shares the importance of building a team to fulfill the dream and shares the company policy - no assholes allowed! Preach! We are also joined by Gigi's...