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Welcome to the one and only Live Past Crazy podcast, where I, as the unrivaled Live Past Crazy Specialist, invite you to join me on an extraordinary journey. If there's anyone who truly comprehends the intricacies of craziness, it's me. Discover how I managed to halt the chaotic whirlwind in my own life and embarked on a fearless path.Here, we delve into confessions and engage in meaningful conversations about the realities of everyday life. From the haunting specter of domestic violence to the delicate subject of mental health, we leave no stone unturned. Together, we explore the true essence...

Parameters of thinking

 intentionally aware of your environment , and is it making you change and shape your thoughts?

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Changing what you want to accept what you got

LISTENNN.... I learned this the hard way. I changed what I was asking for and what I wanted to accept what I got.

I changed my dreams and hopes and moved them around to  accommodate  only what I thought I could get!  

This was the hardest thing- to hold my ground- and truly get what I asked for!! 

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Today- I am talking about a section of my 2nd book - Transition to Freedom. 

When you don't have the strength to speak- to make a change... what do you do?

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Comparison is a hell of a thing!  Let's talk about it- 

Have you ever compared yourself to others, what about the past you ? My goal is to always share what I've learned so you don't have to learn it the hard way!!! 

As always leave your thoughts, ideas and comments! 

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Understanding of Principles

Hey guys- let's jump right into - understanding the principles of things... 

As always- leave a comment, and let me know your thoughts!!

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3 Things I Learned the Hard Way

3 Things I learned the hard way. Let's talk about it 

What have you learned the hard way in life? If you could share them with anyone- what would be your top 3?

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The Learning Process

Welcome to Live Past Crazy Show the show where we explore valuable life lessons through the lens of unique experiences. Today, we have an exciting episode that packs a punch – quite literally! Get ready to step into the world of boxing as we uncover the profound wisdom found within the learning process of this dynamic sport.

Over the years, I've had the privilege of honing my skills in the art of boxing, and amidst the sweat and hard-hitting punches, I've discovered invaluable lessons that extend far beyond the boxing ring. Today, I'm thrilled to share wi...

Are you really protecting your Peace?

How often have you said you are protecting your peace? Let's talk about it!

Episode: "Protecting Your Peace"

In this episode of the "Protecting Your Peace" podcast, we explore the concept of protecting one's peace and shares valuable insights and practical tips for maintaining inner tranquility in various aspects of life.

The episode begins with an introduction to the importance of peace and its impact on overall well-being.  With an emphasizes that protecting one's peace is not about avoiding challenges or conflicts but rather developing the necessary tools and mindset to navigate them w...

Dissolving of Self

The healing journey can be a transformative and complex process, often involving self-reflection, growth, and letting go of old patterns and beliefs. The idea of "dissolving of self" can refer to a shedding or releasing of the ego, attachments, and limiting self-identities in order to connect with a deeper sense of authenticity and inner truth.

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The requirement

To whom much is given- much is required.. Let's talk about it.. and the requirements... 

What we say 
What we believe
The requirements 

To whom much is given, much is required" is a powerful phrase that highlights the responsibility and expectations that come with having abundance, whether it be in the form of resources, opportunities, talents, or privileges. It suggests that those who have been blessed with more are called to use their blessings in a meaningful and responsible way. Let's explore what this means in terms of what we say, what we bel...