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I am the ONLY Live Past Crazy Specialist so what better place to be than here with me? I know crazy !!! Find out how I stopped the crazy in my life and began a journey to Be Fearless! Here we have confessions and conversations about your everyday life! Let's talk about it- from domestic violence- to mental health- and what self care really means!!

Risky Business-
Last Sunday at 1:00 PM

Sometimes the risk you are taking is NOT ABOUT YOU!!

What is risky business? I share a few examples of risky business in my life.  Let's talk about it ! 

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Bitter Healing
Last Thursday at 12:00 AM

What is bitter healing? Let's talk about it!! This is a thing ya'll - some of us thing we are healing but we are bitter about it. 

Bitter healing will keep you in the same space

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Degrees of Acceptance

There is a science to this think! There are degress to accepting EVERYTHING in your life. 

It is up to us to decide what we are going to accept- and its only when we get honest with this that we can begin to move forward.

Let's talk about it- as always leave your thoughts, ideas and take aways! 

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Standing Still and Moving Forward

Is it possible to stand still and move forward? Of course is it ! Today I share how it was possible for me! 

This past year has been about me standing still and moving forward- at the same time and what that looks like and how I had to anchor myself. 

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Changing what you want to accept what you got

Listen in as I talk about - how in relationships I changed what I wanted to receive and accept only what they could give me! 

AND THEN- I was proud of it!! 

Listen- let's talk  about it- and of course I would love to hear your thoughts


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Deceiving Faith

Sometimes your faith is deceiving ! You really don't believe what you say you believe ! 
Let's talk about it !!!

You can also watch the replay here !

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Your more dangerous when your healed

Dangerous healing- let's talk about it

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Wide Acknowledgement

Wide Acknowledgement - this is a great episode- what is wide acknowledgement? 

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Now that we understand pathways and pathology .. let's talk about outcomes.  What are you expecting - what is the outcome that you are searching for?

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I love a good definition. Look up the definitions of pathways and pathology - its important! 

Once you grasp this- then we are on our way!! 

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Truth Lighting the Way

I love this topic and I am excited to share it with you. The truth lights your way. If you haven't listened to Your Faith is Elastic- go listen- because this will make more sense and help you more! 

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The Law of Things

The Law- 
of attraction
of abundance
of life

There are laws. Let's talk about it! 

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Faith is elastic

Faith is elastic - what does that mean? I'm glad you asked... let's talk about it.. 

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Levels of Thinking

Levels of Thinking- it is important that you understand how you think!  
Let's talk about it. .. as always let me know what you think! 

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See What You Say

... so we are going a little deeper- and we are talking about seeing what you say.  We are keeping it real simple!!! 

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Make a Move

It is time to make a move - we have had time to get ready- it is now time for movement. 

Let's talk about- and make sure to share with a friend!! !

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One Band One Sound

One Band One Sound. Over the past 5 years one thing has been the consistent them of the Live Past Crazy Show- and that our thoughts are vital. 

We must begin to think different thoughts to get different results!! 

When you speak one language and it is aligned with who you are- you create the sound that your soul recognizes!

#bandmusic #onebandonesound

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Your abundance is attached to your level of understanding

Your abundance is attached to your level of understanding. I understand that what I think is directly attached to my abundance.  I have to be introduced  to new thoughts, new mindset in order to increase my abundance.  

#abundance #mindset #thoughtsarereal #personaldevelopment

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Life of a Tree

What does a tree have to do with your life? OMG let's talk about it...  if you listened to the last episode  you now know the difference between seeds and trees. 

Today we are talking about how to live the life of a tree!!

#mustardseedfaith #treelife #tree #mindset 

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Tree Things

Tree Things- there is a difference between a seed and a tree. Let's talk about it

#mustardseedfaith #faithofmustardseed #faith 

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I am Part 2A.1

let's go a little deeper into our I Am statements 

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 I am - 

I Am Statements - what are they? Why are they important.. let's talk about it!!

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself About Self Doubt

We all have experienced this at some point- daily- weekly- it is normal.. Let's talk about self doubt, self love- and the journey of what that looks like

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Your Not Free

Really? Yeap- really!! Let's talk about what I mean. Join me as we talk about what is free and what is not. 

Leave your thoughts- ideas and suggestions for the show!!! 

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Your But is Killing You

Somebody has to talk about your but! Literally- it is killing you- ... let's talk about it. 

Saying the word but- changes our words-  but what does it change them too? 

Of course I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas. 

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4 Tips for Growing

Growth tips- that helped me along the way! 

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Your Breaking Point

We all have one.. right?? So what is your breaking point? What is causing you to stop?

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Abundance Now

Why do we have to wait? 
Who said we have to wait?
Can abundance happen now?

#abundance #abundancemindset

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Is that all you got?

I have questions- let's talk about it!!

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3 Things That Will Go Wrong On This Journey

We always talk about what goes right- let's talk about the things that go wrong!

Leave your comments- thoughts and ideas !!! 

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Your Blocking You

Welp- I stepped on my on toes with this one- I am blocking me- from where I need to be? 

What do you guys think?

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Dominate Your Power

oohh.. I love this topic...  Join in and let me know your thoughts- about power and how you use it and work it!! 

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Gut Check !

I have some things to talk about---- 

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Deep Roots

Why roots are important- and why are they important?

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5 Things You Must Know About Patience

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Grieving and Living

Let's talk about grieving and feeling guilty about having to continue to live... 

I would love to hear your thoughts- and your ideas about grieve and living.. 

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Be Aggressive

Another lesson- from boxing- at some point we have to be aggressive!!!

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5 Things I Learned In Boxing

So I love boxing- and for the past couple of years - it has been my form of workout. I have learned so much while boxing....

I hope you enjoy these series- of things I learned in boxing 

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4 Reasons Why Preparation For the Championship Is Hard

We are Team Abundance- and we are here to win the championship!

Let's Talk about it!!! 

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Why Having a Team Matters

Your team matters- but why is it so important... 

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