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There's more to being a church than just Sunday mornings. In this podcast, the Vertical Team will talk out how we live out being a community that is generous, unpredictable, inclusive, & real.

Episode 0053 - Creativity in the Church ft. Derek Walker (DNubb)
Last Tuesday at 8:05 PM

This week we are incredibly excited to have on our friend Derek Walker to discuss what creativity looks like within the Church.

May 2nd Teaching
Last Sunday at 5:32 PM

April 25th Service

Teaching audio from our April 25th Service

April 18th Service

Teaching audio from our April 18th service

Episode 0052 - Sex Trauma pt. 2

We made it. The road was treacherous but we're finally wrapping up purity culture episodes with part of 2 of Sex Trauma. Jaycee and Shelby are back to help us with some next steps, along with helping us talking the Church's role in sexual trauma.

Episode 0051 - Sex Trauma pt. 1

We've got one more two parter for you. This time we wanted to go further into the effects of not only purity culture, but sex trauma in general. So we decided to bring in our therapist friend, Jaycee Terry, and small group leader extraordinaire, Shelby Maloney.

April 11th Teaching

Teaching audio from our April 11th service

Episode 0050 - Purity Culture pt. 2

Tune in for the second half of the talk on purity culture!

Easter 2021 Service

Episode 0049 - Purity Culture pt. 1

Purity culture was a part of many of our upbringings. Was it bad? Was it good? Was any of it okay? Let's talk about it.

March 28th Service (Partial Audio)

Unfortunately we had some recording issues so we only have a majority of the service uploaded. We hope you enjoy nonetheless!

Episode 0048 - Cammie Derrick pt. 2

Welcome back. Good to see you. Last week we had on Cammie Derrick. This week, we did the same exact thing.

March 31st Teaching

Teaching audio from our March 31st teaching

Episode 0047 - Cammie Derrick pt. 1

We've got one of the most exciting guests we could get for you this week. Cammie Derrick, wife to Benjamin David Derrick, has blessed with the backlog and family/parenting dynamics of hers and Ben's journey to leaders within the Vertical Community. A two-parter that you DO NOT want to miss.

March 14th Teaching

Teaching audio from our March 14th service

Episode 0046 - Fears and Distractions

This week we decide to unpack Austin's teaching for week 1 of our series, A Long Obedience. You can listen to it in the episode before this one!

March 7th Teaching

Teaching audio from our March 7th service

Episode 45 - Getting to Know Your Pastor pt. 2

Take a listen as we wrap our two-part series on Lead Pastor Ben Derrick's story.

February 28th Teaching

Teaching audio from our February 28th service.

Episode 44 - Getting to Know Your Pastor pt. 1

We've heard bits and pieces over the years of Ben's story, but never much of it in one shot. Well here's your chance.

February 21st Teaching

Teaching audio from our February 21st service.

Awake Weekend 2021 - Stephen Ray

Our guest speaker ,Stephen Ray, wraps up Awake Weekend.

Episode 0043 - Awake Weekend

This week we're taking a dive into our upcoming student event, Awake Weekend, along with student ministry as a whole.

February 7th Teaching

Teaching audio from our February 7th service.

Episode 0042 - What Does Jack Page's Story Mean to You?

We had the honor of helping share Jack Page's story. We took some time to discuss what we each got from it.

January 31st Service - Jack Page Story

Episode 0041 - Looking to the Future

The start of a new year, especially after such a hard previous one, makes one eager to see where it will take you. In this episode, we talk about where we see the culture of Vertical Church headed over the next calendar year.

September 24th Teaching

Teaching audio from our January 24th service

Episode 0040 - Church Frustrations

In this episode, we dive into some baggage that we each have from our early years in our respective church pasts.

January 17th Teaching

Teaching audio from our January 17th service.

Episode 0039 - Necessary Conversation

Ben gave his thoughts from the stage this past Sunday on the events that occurred at the American Capitol. We felt there was more to be said.

January 10th Teaching

Teaching audio from our January 10th service.

Episode 0038 - New Year Reflections

2020 was hard but were there some positives to pul from it? Let's find out.

January 3rd Teaching

Teaching audio from our January 3rd service.

A Vertical Christmas 2020 Teaching

Audio from our A Vertical Christmas 2020 Service

Episode 0037 - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The one where they talk about Christmas memories. It's a "Friends" joke.

December 13 Teaching

Teaching from our December 13th service.

Episode 0036 - Seasons of Life

This week we discuss seasons of life, growth within them, and which seasons produce the most growth.

December 6th Teaching

Teaching audio from our December 6th service.

Episode 0035

This week take a look back at Ben's teaching from Sunday and personalize the content.