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By: Cadence Dubus

Busy Body is about being alive and having a body. Every episode I’ll be discussing life and how it affects our bodies with my guests! Our topics range from climate change to top surgery, from Ozempic to Menopause. Busy Body is hosted by Brooklyn Strength Studio founder Cadence Dubus. Brooklyn Strength is a fully virtual Studio! Take class with Cadence live virtually, connect and continue to engage with your body at Brooklyn Strength.com! The second season of Busy Body was co hosted by Jess Testa, the very first season was co-hosted by Francesca Papparone. cadencedubusbrooklynstrength.substack.com

Robe (s) Against the Machine with Activist and Entrepreneur Marina Hayes, Founder of Peridot Robes
Last Wednesday at 7:29 PM

On the newest episode of BUSY BODY, I interview Marina Hayes, founder of Peridot Robes who's company tagline is PROUD FAT SUPREMACISTS! 💘. Peridot Robes is a Fat-Femme Owned and Operated company right down to the seamstresses and is made in LA from remnant fabric. On this episode we hear about the origins of a company created originally to provide the fat community with well fitting and sexy bathrobes ( the brand now includes dresses, caftans ,crop tops and a super cool shoulder bag made especially for large bodies people!) We discuss the power of creating a size exclusive (14-40 ) brand and t...

Shrink it and Pink it, understanding sex inequality in Sports and Athletics with Author, Christine Yu

On this episode of Busy Body Podcast I'm speaking with author and journalist Christine Yu about her new book Up To Speed, The Groundbreaking Science of Women Athletes.

Up To Speed is a must read for anyone who has ever engaged with sports and fitness whether recreationally or at a professional or collegiate level. There are so many mind blowing moments including the realization that cycling could actually be comfortable if anyone created bicycle seats for female anatomy (!)

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Swimsuit subversion with Martha Hudson of Luv Martha

On the newest episode of BUSY BODY, I interview Martha Hudson of Luv Martha Swim. She creates size + gender inclusive custom bikinis and swimwear. A perfectly disruptive combination of female owned small business, activism (visibility!) and slow fashion.

I love everything in this episode! (also I have an overflowing bathing suit collection and swim year round so this topic is especially my jam) - from sustainable fashion, to what 'flattering' means (another favorite topic of mine) Martha's light and energy comes through the mic!

Martha is on a creative mission to help people...

The Strait Jacket of Fat Phobia with Author Kate Manne

What a deep and intense conversation with the incredibly brilliant Kate Manne! There’s so much in this conversation, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Financially Fit with Financial Gym Founder Shannon Mclay Pt 2

Please enjoy part 2 of my conversation with Shannon! I am incredibly grateful for the support I've received from FinGym. So many of us struggle with our relationship to money, just as we do with food or our bodies, and these struggles are connected to each other through access, privilege, education and class. Big thanks to Shannon for breaking the mold and starting a company that seeks to help all of us with our finances.. not just those who already have access to the support money can buy. If you would like to get support from Financial Gym you can si...

Financially Fit with Financial Gym Founder Shannon Mclay Pt 1

This episode is a little departure from our physical bodies.. I wanted to interview Shannon McLay, founder and CEO of Financial Gym. Financial Gym is a completely unique company that I wish existed when I first opened my business. FinGym aims to help people become 'financially fit' no matter their income or current debt. Personally, I am incredibly grateful for the support I've received from FinGym and because so many of us struggle with our relationship to money, just as we do with food or our bodies ...and these struggles are actually so often inter-connected.. I wanted to have...

Creative Fitness with Writer (and my half-brother), Andre Dubus III

Fitness runs in my family, as does insomnia, anxiety and self punishment. I’m thrilled I was finally able to get my exceptionally talented, exceptionally busy half-brother scheduled for an interview. His ongoing relationship with his body and creative output was always part of my experience of what ‘working out’ meant. Instead of mirrored gyms and fancy lycra, fitness in my family was more often, self directed and self expressive… Andre gives us a beautiful, articulate story of his own experience of fitness. Both painful and liberating I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.


How we dress and who we dress for with 'Stylist for Regular People' Sophie Strauss Pt 2

Welcome to this week’s Busy Body Podcast episode!

This is part 2 of my conversation with Sophie Strauss, Stylist for Regular People™

On this episode Sophie and I go deep talking about fitness clothes! We have as many opinions about this niche of the fashion world as I have lycra pants - which is to say A LOT.

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Enrollment is about to open for my coaching program Virtual Run Club and Live Virtual 7 Week Seri...

How we dress and who we dress for with 'Stylist for Regular People' Sophie Strauss Pt 1

Today I'm speaking with Sophie Strauss, Stylist for Regular People! We had such a fun conversation talking about how the way we dress and the way we view our bodies is so intertwined. Listen and enjoy when she blew my mind answering 'what does 'flattering' really mean'...!

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and stay tuned for a little extra mini conversation we recorded all about fitness clothing (of which I have MANY) and of which Sophie and I have many opinions dropping in the future! 


Teaching through Legacy with Maria Earle

Today I'm speaking with my friend, colleague and a beloved teacher of mine Maria Earle! Maria and I met a few years ago in Spain and I have been a regular in her virtual classes for teachers which are a wonderful supportive resource for any Pilates teachers out there!Maria is an expat living outside Barcelona Spain, she is a studio owner, internationally sought out guest teacher and a offers several advanced courses for teachers and movers both virtually an in-person in Spain.

She is also a student of Kathy Grant, who was a direct student of...