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Every week we introduce you to an event in American History, policy, and media, then discuss how that historical event impacts the socio-political issues America faces today. We give you The Dig on US History and offer political commentary and opinion, as well as discussion of current news from Progressive perspectives. DoA is an apparent propaganda arm of The Deep State. Probably financed in some way by George Soros, The Clinton Foundation, Jay-Z, maybe even Joe Rogan. Get the Dig with Big Hass, Dutch, Attorney Anna and Mikey as we explore current events in the good ol' USA, with a...

The Dig on Maebe A. Girl for Congress
Today at 2:30 AM

Maebe A. Girl has gotten a lot of press, but none of that press is about anything other than her identity. We want to focus on her policy and discuss how the media's portraying her is unfair. We also talk about her race with Adam Schiff.

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The Dig on WTF is Patriotism?
Last Wednesday at 5:45 PM

We look at patriotism, nationalism, and listen to some right wing perspectives, breaking them down, as well as some older clips that discuss patriotism. We look at the history of the two terms and ask if it's even necessary to be a patriot. 

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Last Call with Lourin Hubbard: Amane Badhasso & Odessa Kelly
Last Wednesday at 4:46 AM

Lourin sits down with Amane Badhasso, a progressive running for congress in Minnesota, and Odessa Kelly, another progressive running in Tennessee. Jasen Dutch joins the show to sub for Brent Hennrich. 

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Last Call with Lourin Hubbard: Angelica Duenas

Lourin and Brent interview progressive Angelica Duenas. Angelica Dueñas, a mother, wife, activist and community organizer. Born and raised in the San Fernando valley. Raising five children who attend LAUSD schools. BA, in political science. MA, in organizational leadership. Accepts zero corporate PAC money so she is beholden to the people and not special interests. 

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Breaking Barriers: The Breakdown on Brittney Griner

Brittney Yevette Griner is an American professional basketball player for the Phoenix Mercury of the Women's National Basketball Association. She played college basketball for the Baylor Lady Bears in Waco, Texas. She is the only NCAA basketball player to both score 2,000 points and block 500 shots.

After a Russian court sentenced WNBA star Brittney Griner to nine years in prison for a drug smuggling conviction on Thursday, the player's supporters, teammates and numerous US officials swiftly condemned the decision, many concerned that her detention is being used to advance Russia's agenda in the Ukraine war.


Breaking Barriers: Who Are We?

The show where we have the tough conversations and truly show that barriers can be broken. On this episode Dino and Kimberly Kay discuss how they came to know one another in Twitter Spaces, what their background is and what this new show will cover.

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Last Call with Lourin Hubbard: Allen Ellison


Allen L. Ellison founded the Center for Economic & Policy Development. (The Center) to facilitate economic growth throughout Central Florida and rural parts of the country. His vision, core philosophies and strong principles are igniting young future leaders from around the country through The Emerging Leaders Initiative, a project placed under The Center. This initiative facilitates his vision of pairing young bright minds with current leaders in the fields of medicine, science, engineering, law, policy and politics.

In 2018, Allen Ellison, Democratic Nominee for...

The Dig on Socialism and Red Scares

We look at a history of Red Scares and examine communism. Notably absent from this podcast, on purpose, is a deep dive into McCarthyism and of Venezuela, which will get full episodes. We examine some Red Scare tactics used in US History, including some arguments by Jordan Peterson and Dinesh D'Souza and we look at a few definitions of socialism... 

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The Dig on Dr. Chris Jones for Governor of Arkansas

We talk with Arkansas gubernatorial candidate Dr. Chris Jones about his campaign to win back the state for Democrats in a race against Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, who will not debate him, of course. Chris is an MIT educated PhD in Physics. Joining us for the interview is Jessica L. Burbank from The Young Turks (TYT).

@JessicaLBurbank on Twitter

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The Dig on American Interventionism, the CIA & Iran Contra

We welcome in another TYT host as Jessica L. Burbank joins the show to discuss some CIA history, the history of American foreign interventionism and proxy wars, and we take a close look at Iran Contra and the ensuing congressional hearings as they relate to Oliver North, Ronald Reagan, and other actors in the drug running into minority neighborhoods in the US, all in the name of beating communism. Apparently it's better to be a drug lord than a dirty socialist. 

Follow Jessica on Twitter @JessicaLBurbank and subscribe to our Twitch feed to catch us LIVE every W...

The Dig on DoA's New Shows

Just a chill episode this time... come have a beer with us

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The Dig on Cultural Assimilation

Dig on America's newest members join us, as Kimberly Kay Scott and Dino Moore from Breaking Barriers join the show to discuss cultural assimilation and what it means. Should Americans expect immigrants, as well as non-binary or trans Americans to assimilate?

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The Dig on Darlene McDonald for Congress

About Darlene McDonald: A Quaker, she currently serves on the board for the American Friends Service Committee as a member-at-large and on the Friends Relations Committee. Previously, she’s served as Outreach Director for the Utah Women’s Democratic Club — the oldest women’s Democratic club in the country, and on the board for Alliance for a Better Utah. In 2019, Ms. McDonald was elected Chair of the Utah Black Roundtable and served in that role for a one year term. In 2020, Ms. McDonald was elected to serve as the Democratic National Committeewoman for Utah.

Following the summer of prote...

The Dig on a History of Oil and Gas in America

We discuss our relationship with Oil, take a look at the history of oil from starting with our reliance on the Middle East, how it impacts our economy, and why the price is high. Plus we discuss alternatives and look at a few reports with differing views and some fun graphs. 

Some facts for the graphs. 
U.S. gasoline prices jumped from $1.37 to $2.37 per gallon in 2005 as the price of a barrel averaged about $60.
In 2008, oil prices rose to as high as $145 per barrel causing a search for alternate sources, and gas at the pump hi...

The Dig on the 2016 Election: Why Hillary Lost

Bernie Sanders voters and the 2016 Presidential Election and how this narrative that the Bernie Bros cost Hillary Clinton the presidency is not only going on far too long but also is false.  In Mr Humble’s defense, I don’t think he knew the future.

But now, it’s the past, although it certainly seems to be still an ongoing campaign. But lets look at it, starting with outlining the events preceding the DNC convention.

Bernie built a coalition with a populist movement centered around workers rights, healthcare, raising the minimum wage and not accepting money f...

The Dig on Allyship w/ Mark Berrios-Ayala + Fox Goes Woke

Fox News aired a fantastic segment in support of trans rights about trans teen Ryland Whittington, so of course conservatives, such as Matt Walsh lost their minds and scream cancel!

We interview attorney and author Mark Berrios-Ayala on his new book "Let's Get Sincere" set to release in September which talks about allyship to resilient communities. 

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The Dig on Julian Assange & A Free Press

The U.K. government on Friday formally approved the extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the United States to face espionage charges, a decision that human rights groups condemned as a dire threat to journalism worldwide.

Assange, who has been detained in a high-security London prison since 2019, is expected to appeal the move by U.K. Home Secretary Priti Patel, whose office insisted that the publisher's extradition to the U.S. would not be "incompatible with his human rights, including his right to a fair trial and to freedom of expression." The first amendment and freedom...

The Dig on Juneteenth Blowbacks + Politics Girl Enlightened

Allen Ellison switches his campaign from going against Rubio in the Senate Race to running for Congress, and posts a fantastic video about Money in Politics. TJ Johnson gives us an update on what's up in pop culture, Anna and Hass break down Greg Kelly and Newsmax's racist video on Juneteenth, and we look at a good video by Politics Girl from Meidas Touch, but wonder why they are so late to the party... The Texas GOP loses touch with reality, and Lourin Hubbard has an announcement...

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The Dig on Loving vs Virginia, Lauren Boebert and AOC

Lauren Boebert accused of hypocrisy by Muckrakers PAC, AOC unfairly criticized for being divisive, Halo is under fire for a Juneteenth promotion, and we discuss gay marriage, interracial marriage, including the case of Loving vs Virginia, and the history of marriage as a social construct in general. 

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The Dig on Francine Ly for Senate

We talk with Francine Ly, an Asian American immigrant running for the Texas State Senate in District 12. Francine has committed to not taking any money from oil PACs and is an advocate for common sense gun regulations.  

Follow her campaign at https://sites.google.com/view/francine-ly-for-senate/home

Join us weekly on Wednesday nights at 730 pacific for the live stream on YouTube or Twitch. 

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The Dig on What's Causing Inflation + Birds Aren't Real?

Birds Aren't Real is a satirical conspiracy theory which posits that birds are actually drones operated by the United States government to spy on American citizens. In 2018, journalist Rachel Roberts described Birds Aren't Real as "a joke that thousands of people are in on.

Plus Tim Bristol from Speaking from the Center and The Bin Podcast joins to do the Dig and talk inflation.  Is it Joe Biden's fault? 

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The Dig on Jason Call for Congress

We feature another progressive running against a corporate Democrat as we talk to Jason Call, a candidate in Washington State's 2nd congressional district. Jason is running against incumbent Rick Larsen. Follow Jason's campaign below:


Join us for the main show every Wednesday night on YouTube www.youtube.com/DigOnAmerica

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The Dig on SCOTUS Power of Judicial Review

Attorney Anna shows us her chops as we discuss the origins of Supreme Court and discuss the Marbury vs Madison case.  Perhaps the most important case in the history of the court. Plus we discuss Moses Ingram blowback on Star Wars Kenobi. 

Join us for the live stream on YouTube and Twitch on Wednesday nights 730pm pacific. 

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The Dig on Judd Larkins + Another Mass Shooting

Judd Larkin is running to unseat Joe Wilson in South Carolina's 2nd district. We also discuss the Tulsa shooting at a hospital coming on the heels of Buffalo and Uvalde. 

Follow Judd's campaign at www.juddlarkin.com and check out our live stream every Wednesday night at 730pm pacific on YouTube or Twitch. 

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The Dig on Rise of the Tea Party & the GOP Young Guns

We look at how Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan's Young Guns strategy married the rise of the Tea Party, despite having some different views and strategy, especially on social issues.  How did they coalesce and eventually collide?

The Tea Party movement was an American fiscally conservative political movement within the Republican Party. Members of the movement called for lower taxes and for a reduction of the national debt and federal budget deficit through decreased government spending. The movement supported small-government principles and opposed government-sponsored universal healthcare. The Tea Party movement has been described as a p...

The Dig on McConnell and the Senate w/ Ira Shapiro

Ira Shapiro's new book The Betrayal is a look at the McConnell senate and turns his gaze to how the Senate responded to the challenges posed by the Trump administration and its prospects under President Biden. We discuss the book as well as ask our own questions about arguably the most important body in US government.

Get the book here: https://books.google.com/books/about/The_Betrayal.html?id=7qleEAAAQBAJ&source=kp_book_description

In two previous highly regarded books on the U.S. Senate, Ira Shapiro chronicled the institution from its apogee in...

The Dig on Newt Gingrich's Contract With America

We look at GOP political strategy during midterms, the lasting effect, and wonder what the Biden, Pelosi or the DNC is doing, if anything...

Find the whole uncut show on Twitch on Wednesday nights at 730 pacific or listen to it on the audio podcast app of your choice.

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The Dig on Political Infighting + Dr Oz

Dr Oz thinks people with yards are elites, while selling yard signs. Rayvanna is banned then restored to Twitter thanks to Cenk, and we discuss cancel culture, complaint culture, and Democratic infighting vs that on the Republican side with Jackson White of TYT.

Join the live stream on Wednesday nights at 930pm Central on YouTube or Twitch

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The Dig on the States' Rights Debate

In American political discourse, states' rights are political powers held for the state governments rather than the federal government according to the United States Constitution, reflecting especially the enumerated powers of Congress and the Tenth Amendment.  We are joined by author and candidate Catherine Fleming Bruce.

Find us on YouTube at www.youtube.com/digonamerica

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The Dig on Catherine Fleming Bruce for Senate

Catherine Fleming Bruce is a candidate for US Senate 2022 running against Tim Scott. She is a self described Preservationist and the foreperson on South Carolina's longest public corruption investigation.

View her platform here:

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The Dig on Gender Incongruence

Amber joins us to talk about Madison Cawthorne wearing ladies undies and the more important issues surrounding the science and debate around gender incongruence.  Gender incongruence (GI) is defined as a condition in which the gender identity of a person does not align with the gender assigned at birth

Abstract on Amber's book, Hiding from Myself

In nearly an instant I had conquered my lifelong insecurities, fears, and demons by facing them with unapologetic authenticity. I was confidently staring down a societal construct that immersed itself in long-held sexual and gender-related mythology and ignorance. Had I...

The Dig on SCOTUS & Roe v. Wade

The unprecedented leak of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito's draft opinion in a key case striking down Roe v. Wade (1973) has sparked a heated debate... Thousands of people protested across the country after a Supreme Court draft opinion was leaked that shows a majority of the justices ready to overturn the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that established the right to abortion. Justices can change their votes before a final decision, and our own Attorney Anna breaks this down to the granular, with commentary from the gang. 

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Check out o...

The Dig on Politics in Star Wars - Episode 100

The Ginger Geek Matt Delhauer joins us for our 100th show to discuss the political undertones and overtones (and of course some racism and classism) in the Star Wars franchise as a salute to May the Fourth be with you, and happy cinco de mayo too...

Ahead of the release of the “Star Wars” film “Rogue One,” Disney chief executive Bob Iger made an emphatic claim when asked about the movie’s message: “Frankly, this is a film that the world should enjoy. It is not a film that is, in any way, a political film,” he told the Holly...

The Dig on Autism Spectrum Disorder

Special Guest Amber Rose Washington joins DoA to discuss Autism as part of our honoring Autism Acceptance Month during April. We discuss the history of Autism and Dutch gives some anecdotal experiences as the father of a non-verbal autistic. 

According to Oxford, autism is a developmental disorder of variable severity that is characterized by difficulty in social interaction and communication and by restricted or repetitive patterns of thought and behavior.

According to the U.S Department of Labor, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is considered a neurological developmental disability, with the symptoms being measured on a s...

The Dig on BLM HouseGate + Masks & Jackie Robinson

BLM Organization in hot water over how they have not spent the money they have been given, we critique the story and observe how it is being conflated into anti-civil rights, plus we discuss the mask mandate being abruptly ended and offer commentary. Finally, we give you the Dig on Jackie Robinson and talk about his little discussed activity in civil rights as this week is the anniversary of his breaking the color barrier in 1947.

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The Dig on What is a Sovereign Citizen?

We explore the history of Sovereign Citizen groups in the US. Despite the white supremacist origins, it now includes varying racial ideologies, most commonly white, white identifying Hispanics and Blacks, with the latter often belong to the Black Israelites or the Moorish sects. Many of the beliefs are based on a bogus U.S. history lesson, which goes as follows: Since 1933, the U.S. dollar has been backed not by gold, but by the “full faith and credit” of the Federal government, which has pledged its citizenry as collateral, by selling our future earning capabilities to foreign investors, effectively ensl...

The Dig on The Steve Cox Plan for America

Topics covered include Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, Religion, Patriotism, and Parenting. 

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The Dig on Josh Price for Secretary of State

We are joined by Attorney Anna, our new legal analyst to interview Josh Price, who is running to help secure elections and make voting easier for the people in The Natural State.  Support Josh's campaign at https://www.joshforarkansas.com/

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The Dig on the Filibuster + Ketanji Brown Jackson

We are joined by Attorney Anna ( @theregoesanna on twitter and instagram) and Josh Price, who is a candidate for Arkansas Secretary of State in 2022.  Anna breaks down the SCOTUS confirmation process, where Brown-Jackson's hearings are at now, and her prospects for being the first African American woman installed to the highest court in the land.  We then cover the history and impact of the filibuster and discuss whether it should stay or go

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The Dig on Super PAC's

A popular term for a political committee organized for the purpose of raising and spending money to elect and defeat candidates. Most PACs represent business, labor or ideological interests. PACs can give $5,000 to a candidate committee per election (primary, general or special). They can also give up to $15,000 annually to any national party committee, and $5,000 annually to any other PAC. PACs may receive up to $5,000 from any one individual, PAC or party committee per calendar year. A PAC must register with the FEC within 10 days of its formation, providing name and address for the PAC, its treasurer and any...