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By: Matthew Phifer

The Matt Phifer Experience makes emotional intelligence contagious. Every Monday and Friday, you can listen to new conversations with some of the most insightful people in this world straight from your computer or mobile device! With episodes available for streaming on-demand immediately after they air, there's never been an easier way to learn about what is emotional intelligence. Support this podcast:

Courtroom Strategies, Divorce and Prenups - Lynda Hinkle

Ever wondered how the emotionally charged battlefield of family law can affect the outcome of a divorce? Step behind the legal curtain with Lynda Hinkle of the Law Offices of Linda Hinkle, New Jersey, as we navigate the murky waters of divorce proceedings and prenuptial agreements. Henkel brings to the table a wealth of experience in family law, revealing the critical importance of drafting airtight prenups and post-nups to safeguard assets, and guiding us through the challenges faced by high earners in spousal support cases.The somber truth of family court is that it's not just about right or...

Asylum Seekers and Marital Realities in the U.S - Attorney Shan Potts

Have you ever pondered the profound complexities that intertwine immigration with the emotional threads of family law? Join me, Matthew Phifer, as the Matt Phifer Experience invites the insightful Shan Potts, a Glendale-based attorney, to unravel the legal conundrums faced by Central American asylum seekers. Diving deep, we venture beyond the surface to bust myths and uncover the rich tapestry of family connections that many immigrants bring to the U.S. Tackling tough issues like abusive relationships and the legal intricacies of the Violence Against Women's Act, Shan illuminates the often overlooked avenues that offer protection and a pathway...

Mastering Military Divorce and Entrepreneurship - Amanda J. Hill

Navigating the intricacies of military divorces and business ownership in marriage is no small feat, as my conversation with Amanda, an accomplished family law attorney from San Diego, so vividly reveals. With a compassionate ear and a shrewd legal eye, she shares her experiences guiding clients through the turbulent waters of what can be one of life’s most challenging transitions. Amanda offers a treasure trove of insights, from the importance of setting realistic expectations to understanding the dual role attorneys play in the lives of their clients—as legal advisors and confidants. Her stories, rich with the complexities of h...

Healing from Monetary Betrayal and Building a Secure Future - Carmen Dellutri

Discover the roadmap to financial resiliency as Carmen Dellutri, a financial crisis attorney, unpacks the intricacies of rebuilding your economic foundation after divorce. This episode will leave you equipped with the tools needed to overcome the shift from dual to single-income living, emphasizing the power of financial discipline and prudent estate planning. Carmen's expertise shines a light on the necessity of a comprehensive fiscal analysis, focusing on the intricate balance of income, expenses, assets, and debts, to ensure a secure future for those facing the daunting task of starting anew, particularly for single parents concerned about their children's financial...

Fostering Joint Custody & Complex Divorces with Expert Jacqueline Harounian

Have you ever wondered how the legal system adapts to the ever-changing dynamics of modern families? Family law expert Jackie Harounian from Wisselman, Harounian & Associates Law Firm joins us to unpack the complexities of custody arrangements, child support, and the nuances of New York's surrogacy law. With over two decades of experience, Jackie highlights the transition from 'matrimonial law' to 'family law,' reflecting the diverse forms of contemporary family structures. She passionately discusses the rewarding process of facilitating adoptions and the significant impact lawyers can have during times of family distress.Navigating the delicate balance of co-parenting post-divorce...

Navigating the Stormy Seas of Divorce and Co Parenting - Billie Tarascio

Witnessing the unraveling of my own parents' marriage as a child left me with a suitcase of unanswered questions and emotions. Fast forward to today, and we're joined by Billie, a family attorney from Gilbert, Arizona, who not only lived a similar story but also dedicated her career to guiding others through the choppy seas of family law. In this heart-to-heart talk, she shares valuable insights on how the echoes of divorce resonate with children and young adults, emphasizing that the conflict level is the true culprit of long-lasting scars, not the divorce itself. Billy marries her personal narrative...

Balancing the Scales; Family Law, Custody Battles, and the Impact of Narcissism - Asia Scarlett- Jones

Having walked the tightrope between justice and legal misapprehensions, Asia Scarlett-Jones joins us to unravel the complexities of family law. Her transition from a public defender to championing her own practice in downstate New York showcases a relentless pursuit to mend the chasms within the legal framework, especially when it comes to representing children and marginalized voices. Together, we dissect the often erroneous beliefs that cloud the issues of custody and equitable division of assets post-divorce, reinforcing the notion that all is fair in love and law until the gavel falls.The convoluted web of custodial battles often ensnares...

Navigating Divorce with Dignity; Chief PeaceKeeper - Scott Levin

Have you ever considered the path less taken in the world of divorce? Scott Levin, an esteemed mediator and family law attorney, joins me for a profound conversation on the transformative power of mediation over litigation. Throughout our discussion, Scott, with his extensive knowledge in both finance and law, offers a fresh lens to view divorce resolution. He highlights the ability of mediation to foster a more personalized and less adversarial solution for all involved. We tackle the myths around transparency and the fear of undisclosed assets, reassuring listeners that a fair process is paramount in mediation, with litigation...

Deciphering Family Law Surrogacy, Prenups, and Cohabitation Contracts with Expert Maya Shulman

This chapter welcomes Maya Shulman of the Shulman Family Law Group to share her journey into family law, a field she never planned to pursue but now navigates with expertise. We explore why attorneys often find themselves in family law by chance and the importance of specialized knowledge in this area, given the long-term impact it has on clients' lives. Maya emphasizes the dangers of inexperienced legal representation and the pitfalls of underestimating family law complexities, such as drafting documents without proper legal advice. She offers insights into the first case she handled, the learning curve involved, and the...

Navigating Divorce with a Therapist's Insight - Megan L. Drury

Ever wondered how empathy can be a powerful tool in the courtroom? Join me, Matthew Pfeiffer, as I sit down with Megan L. Drury from GRGB Law, a family law attorney with a heart. With a journey that took her from the world of mental health to the legal landscape of family law, Megan offers us a unique insight into the complexities of navigating clients' emotions during some of the most challenging periods of their lives. Discover how her empathetic approach, coupled with a fierce determination, defies the stereotypes of both lawyers and therapists, providing a distinct advantage in...