Song and a Chat

10 Episodes

By: Pete Pascoe

Be entertained with a song and an extended chat, ranging from off the cuff banter/humour to life observations and song analysis. Welcome to Song and a Chat. This is the podcast where you'll have the pleasure of listening to a new song each week - plus, you'll get to step into the shoes of a songwriter : You'll hear about the background of the song, the inspiration, how/ why the song came into being.  After the song finishes, I'll go over the lyrics and finish each episode by looking at the song from a songwriting point of view. If you just...

Setting Sun
Last Wednesday at 7:18 AM

Episode #204:  The Setting Sun. (Song starts at 4:12)

In the studio, I opened the songbook book and thought ‘Hey, why haven’t I featured Setting Sun on on an episode yet? It’s been sitting there since 2013’. So here we go.

I thought I’d have a sing and play through the song, but I did a quick search of my hard drive and found an old piano vocal demo. It’s got lots of energy. A snapshot of a moment in time. That’s what makes demos great.

So where does a song come fro...

Count On Love

Episode #203: Count On Love     (Song starts at 3:42)

Welcome to a very relaxed episode. Thanks for tuning in, by the way…it’s great that this podcast is being listened by people all around the world. Music is the international language isn’t, it – or perhaps it’s love?

Song #617, Count On Love, started out life as a piano solo piece. You can hear the original piece on my album ‘Peace’ (1 hour of peaceful piano solo pieces).

Somewhat bizarrely (and rather unromantically), it was one of 3 pieces I wrote back to back in about 30mins...

Sideways From A Paper Bag

Episode #202:  Sideways From A Paper Bag   (Song starts at 3:55)

On this episode I’m going to take you back in time, with a demo recorded in the year 2000.

Quite a bizarre title, isn’t it. Something I’ve noticed on this podcast is that as lyricist, if I’m not really too sure what to write about, I’ll look around and see what’s happening around me.

My eyes will generally focus on a object and I’ll just go ahead a describe it. This seems to have the effect of grounding the s...

Sleeping on A Wish

Episode #201: Sleeping On A Wish (Song starts at  4:08)

I’m in a fairly relaxed state of mind. I’ve been holidaying, camping beside a stream In Bright, Vic, Australia.

The sound of the stream is what I’ve brought back with me, it just sort of permeates the whole being, the sounds of the stream and birds.

So when I came into my studio, I thought to myself I’m not going to do a rock n roll song…I’m in a cruisey mood.

‘Sleeping On A Wish’ came from a phras...

One Thing We Know

Episode #200 :  One Thing We Know. (Song starts at 4:26)

Welcome to episode #200! It’s such a great feeling, because I honestly wasn’t sure I’d get past episode #1. It’s become like a ‘Songwriter Speaks’ sort of an online gig for me – something I really look forward to each week.

Whether you’ve been here from the start with me, or a new arrival, or perhaps you pop in from time to time, regardless, thanks so much for tuning in. I hope you’re enjoying this podcast as much as I am.

I wrote this son...

Song for August

Episode #199: Song For August   (Song starts at 3:08)

Welcome to another song – and another 30 mins of observations, humour, with a particular focus on songwriting.

For this episode, as it happens, I found a couple of different of versions of Song #396, Song For August, using the same lyrics. Both done in 1994. One was written on the piano by myself. The version we went with ( and quite rightly) is the one Paul Dredge and myself wrote on guitar (Paul) and voice (me).

This was one of 12 songs which Paul and I decided to record one...

Only Love Is Real

Episode #198:  Only Love Is Real   (Song starts at 4:29)

This one, Song #660, popped up in amongst a dozen or so songs I had a sing and play through, earlier today. I thought ‘Aha!’ this would be a good one to have a look at for the podcast.

It’s a seemingly simple song. A ‘big day’ was the topic of my blog this week. And it was a big day, the day I took the hand of the person who turned out to be my wife…

‘When you took my hand, helped me to understand<...

Let Her Know

Episode #197:   Let Her Know    (Song starts at 5:19)

Song #156, Let Her Know, was composed in 1990. Back then, I was starting to think that’s a reasonable amount of songs.

The demo on this episode was recorded a decade later. And here we are in 2024. Wow. 34 years later, I find myself with 800 songs. It was fun, as always, listening to the demo, playing parts of ‘Let Her Know’, talking about where it came from, how it came together, what inspired the song.

What inspired the song were a series of episodes that obviously happened...

Home Straight

Episode #196: Home Straight  (Song starts at  2:40)

This episode’s song would be a ‘protest song’ about the way we are not looking after the world & how out of touch with nature we have become.

Every now and then a song like this sneaks up on me. When it happens, I just go with the flow. It’s a great way to let off some steam. It’s also a very creative & effective way of dealing with some big feelings.

The trick is, it doesn’t hurt anyone. It’s a great place to put ang...

White Angels

Episode #195: White Angels  (Song starts at 5:51)

On this episode we are looking at the 2nd song I wrote after I arrived in Melbourne in 1997. I’d already written 385 songs in New Zealand before this one. I came to Melbourne as it was a rite of passage, of sorts, for kiwi songwriters to jump the ditch.
I was here to set up camp, to be here for some time, to continue on – or perhaps more accurately start again – on my creative path. I needed to find some more band players, and I really wanted to get cracking again...