Messages from the Bridge, Grimsby

15 Episodes

By: Messages from the Bridge, Grimsby

A mixture of real life testimonies and sermons recorded at the Bridge Church, Grimsby

The Lord’s Prayer

What does the Lord's Prayer mean to you?

Psalm 23

One of the best known psalms of the Bible, written by King David this passage of the Bible tells us much about the nature of God and how we can live in response to the hope that He gives.

What Now?

Sometimes our plans don’t seem to go to plan. The breakthrough doesn’t seem to come. Or we think we missed the boat, getting the job or the new home. The Bible is full of these moments, as Jo Smith explains in this message.

Giving Away Our Weakness

Give God your weakness, and He will give you his strength!

The Love Shack 2

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are the model for us of the perfect family

Wishing it could be Christmas Everyday?

Christmas everyday might be fun for a while. Peace everyday however, different matter...

The True Meaning of Christmas
12/13/2020 Love. The perfect expression of that Love is Jesus

Asking for a Friend – Part 1

First part of a new series of messages on the subject of forgiveness

All’s Well That Ends Well – Part 2

Be warned - this message may contain high levels of encouragement

All’s Well That Ends Well – Part 1

First in a Two-Part Study looking at the End Times

God of the Second Chance

Once he had turned back to God, Jonah received a second chance

The Great Invitation

Every invitation has a purpose. God's invitation to us is for reconciliation.

Taking Our VIP Seat

Seated with Christ in Heavenly places, now and in the future

Reunited with the Saviour

Jonah comes back to God, having sunk to his lowest point, literally

Running Away from God

Jonah tried to run away from God. It did not go well...