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Azure Farm is located near the tiny town of Adairsville, Georgia about an hour north of Atlanta. We moved out here and started our farm in pursuit of a more simple lifestyle. We wanted to get back to the basics. Our desire for the frills of the city quickly diminished and was replaced by a love for the countryside. We now love playing with animals, working in the garden, quiet evenings with the sounds of frogs and crickets, and sunny azure sky days. We hope sharing peeks into our daily lives can inspire you to live more of your life...

More Winky Emojis Please

Communication today is like never before right? Jared gives his case on why the world needs more emojis and why the brighten anyone's day.

When it Heehaws

Oh boy have we got a fun story this week. Donkey's chasing donkeys, flash floods and more. This is gonna be fun.

Did we prepare for this?

What do you value? Whats really important? We were asking these questions this week during the terrible storms. Did we prepare? Are we prepared? How do you prepare for something you don't really know much about? Join us as we discuss.

Interview w/ Gardener Bailey Van Tassel

We had the pleasure of having a rich discussion with Bailey - @bailey_vantassel She has so many inspiring things to share about the world of gardening and parenting and so much more. Join us for a fun discussion.

Mission Imcluckable

How do you feel about going out of your comfort zone? How about leaving your phone at home or oh I don't know trying to catch a Pterodactyl sized rooster in the middle of the night?

Pursue Your Passion

Anyone can be successful - especially you. We want to share our story on a passion project that we are so excited about.

Interview w/ Angela from @axeandroothomestead

We had so much fun talking about our new plant-based cookbooks and some of the reasons why we decided to join up and do some fun projects together.

Start your Side Hustle

Everyone needs a side hustle. You can learn so much and have so much fun and well maybe even make some moolah. Join us as we talk about 4 things everyone needs to know when starting a business.

Hot Date Love

What is Love? Not the Ace of Base song but for real what is the ingredient for love to work? Join us as we talk about our hot date.

Ava's Got Her Groove

We are learning some spunky lessons from our little girl Ava. We are trying to figure out how to raise her while she teaches us how to be raised.

Jared vs. Annette - Who Will Win?...

Two strong willed individuals come together for one momentous event - who will win? For real ya'll, we have some strong personalities in this house - here's why.

Are Goats Super Spies?

They seem to be able to escape any situation so what is the solution? We jump in with some ideas in light of our newest member of the family.

Cats Rule, Dogs Drool

Annette is a cat lady. Let's just not sugar coat it and be honest. In this episode, Annette shares here top tips for raising cats - 1 or 10 you decide :)


There's perhaps no greater feeling in life than making peace with someone who has had issue with you or with whom you have had issue with. But how do you do it? Like lets be honest - it's really hard.

Breaking the Routine

Routine can be wonderful. But what happens when you want to break your routine? What happens when you want to leave town and you lots of animals that need to be cared for?

When Expectations Don't Meet Reality

What happens when our expectations don't meet reality? Do we lose it or find a way to make the most of the moment?

Leave Yourself Some Margin

Do you ever find yourself always pushing it a little too close? Or how about always running behind? Could it be that you aren't giving yourself enough margin or room for error? Join us as we discuss.

Pilgrims, Indians and...Chickens?

How amazing that we have a holiday completely dedicated to being thankful! My parents have an amazing story of having someone who took them under their wing and looked out for them. I think there are some great lessons here. Hope you enjoy Farmily.

The Hole Enchilada - Part 2

This is a part 2 on our experience of planting fruit trees and how to plant them so you get them to grow a lot faster than they usually would. Jared shares some secrets and Annette is chasing cats.

Everybody was Fruit Tree Fighting

Fruit Trees. We are about to plant 50 of them. But that's only if our marriage survives the drama of laying them out first. If you've ever wanted to plant an orchard or plant some fruit trees, we have done this a few times and want to share what we have learned.

Cockadoodle...Oh No

We were leaders of the Rooster Protest! We didn't want a rooster. Then one day we decided ok why not. Well now we have 8 roosters. What we learned along the way were a few lessons on how to deal with difficult situations. We are back and excited to get our podcast rolling again.

The Jackfruit Sandwich

Jared is no Bobby Flay and when he offered to make someone a fancy sandwich...lets just say it got interesting.

What would you do for a friend?

In this episode we get to talk about a lesson we learned from one of our alpacas and how it can translate to what we are willing to do for our friends.

A Fancy French Miracle

We had us a little miracle or two on the farm that we must tell you about. Also Annette preaches a sermonette about the benefits of ducks and chickens being friends.

Homeschooling...Yay or Nay?

Aren't homeschoolers awkward? strange? Socially inept? Well, Annette and Jared were both homeschooled and share the pros and cons in this episode.

Mama Farm Drama

Girl have we got some drama for you today. In our latest podcast, we jump right into some animal farm drama that you won't want to miss.

Jared Interviews a Foxy Nurse

You're used to seeing Annette as farm mom, but she's also a nurse and in this episode shares about what its like taking care of patients with Covid-19. Join us as we have some fun and learn some things from a Fox also known as Annette. - all words were chosen by Jared for this description :)

5 Ways to Stay Healthy and Happy

Many are concerned about getting sick or are stressed with those they love getting sick. We wanted to share a few ways that we try to stay healthy amidst so much sickness.

Garden Tips

Its that time of year when you realize you need to get to growing :) We are excited to share a few ideas on how we plan our garden each year and some inspiration for you too.

The Secret to Being Human...and Amazing Relationships

There is something that distinguishes humans from animals. On the farm, we learn this lesson daily.

Building your Dream Home - Part 1

We often get asked about what went in to building our home. In this episode, we begin to share what will be a multi-part podcast on how to build your dream home and what things we learned along the way that will make your journey more fun and simple :)

How we published our children's book - and how you can too

We have had a number of questions about our children’s book - Percy’s Big Adventure. We decided to share all of our steps on how we got it published, why and why and how you should publish your own children’s book. In this episode we share all the details. We hope you enjoy :) Apple Podcasts - Spotify - Web -

This Podcast is FIRE

In this episode we jump into the topic of fire. Annette shares a few stories about fires she started, inside people’s homes and the various things she burned up. Jared shares about trying to burn down a forest…or something like that. Apple Podcasts - Spotify - Web -

Homesteading - What is that?

In this episode we jump into the topic of homesteading. What is it? What is it all about? Apple Podcasts - Spotify - Web -

Time for Traditions

How important are traditions? Do you have any? Many? In this episode we talk about why they are important, why we seem to not have many but why we are exploring this idea more and more.

Jared's 8 hours of chaos

Somedays you just think everything will go as planned and then chaos ensues. Jared had one of those days this week and you might laugh at how wild it got.

Cats and Dogs

We love us some cats. But we get the question often, why don't you have any dogs ? Well that is a good question. In this episode, we try to break it down :)

Duck Duck Goose

Play is powerful. We have learned so much about how to enjoy life more by observing our ducks. In this episode, we talk about the benefits of continuing to play through life, playing with kids, and how to handle whatever life throws at you like water off a duck's back.

Making Moments Memorable

We decided to record this in our garden where we have had so many memorable moments. We wanted to share some of our inspiration for making things memorable and how it's the little things that make it all worth it.

Perfection - A Journey not a Destination

We constantly compare ourselves to others and believe perfection is something to be obtained rather than experienced. But not all is as it seems. What many of us say is perfect is really just fantasy.