Happy Farmily

10 Episodes

By: Azure Farm , Annette Thurmon, Jared Thurmon

There is one thing that brings us the most joy in life - great relationships. But if our relationships are unhealthy - life doesn’t have much joy. We have a passion for healthy relationships and getting the most out of life. We record new episodes each week in our barn here at Azure Farm, surrounded by our Farmily of chickens, donkeys, alpacas, goats, and more. In each episode, we dig into a recent story inspired by the farm, family or fun, and use these experiences as inspiration to make real-life applications to help you improve every relationship in your li...

Sabbath - The Secret To Longevity?

Filled with delicious food, family time, and fun activities like hiking, Saturdays, aka Sabbaths, were the norm in both our families. Today, we continue this tradition with our daughter, emphasizing the importance of disconnecting from our hectic lives. The joy, peace, and strength we gain from observing the Sabbath prepare us to face the upcoming week with renewed vigor.

In this episode, we delve into how the Sabbath has enriched our lives and the scientifically proven benefits of treating the Sabbath as a weekly vacation. Rigorous studies show that regular downtime significantly reduces stress, lowers cortisol levels...

The Powerful Impact Of Flowers On Your Emotions

It’s "Blooming Science!" In this episode, we dive into the fascinating world of flowers and their remarkable ability to enhance our well-being and emotions. Whether you're a flower enthusiast or just curious about how nature can improve your day-to-day life, you're in the right place.

Imagine walking into a room and feeling an instant lift in your spirits just because of a beautiful bouquet—there’s actual science behind that magical moment, friend. From boosting your mood to sparking creativity, flowers have a powerful impact on our lives.

Whether it’s the bouquet that made you...

The Benefits Of Eating Seasonally

Have you ever tasted something as delicious as a strawberry milkshake made with real, freshly plucked, juicy, in-season strawberries?? Well, let us tell you, friend, it is SO GOOD.

After a visit to a strawberry farm, Jared and Ava decided to turn fresh strawberries into the best milkshakes we've ever tasted! This experience once again reminded us of the profound difference in taste and quality when enjoying in-season produce.

Moving to the countryside transformed our lifestyle and diet, inspiring us to grow our own veggies and embrace local, seasonal foods. Seasonal eating means enjoying fruits...

How To Silence Your Inner Critic

85% of Americans struggle with self-doubt, the feeling that they don't feel enough about some aspect of their lives or themselves. Are you part of this 85%? Do you have an inner critical voice that holds you back or makes you believe you are not good enough? We sure do!

In this podcast episode, we journey into the depths of self-criticism, a challenge that impacts the lives of so many, including us. We'll explore how self-doubt and anxiety can cast a shadow over our mental and physical well-being.

We share our personal stories of wrestling with our...

The Secrets To Being A Supermom

Let’s talk about the myth of the Supermom. You know, that idea of a mother who effortlessly manages to juggle work, family, and home with perfection, never showing a hint of stress or fatigue. But let's be real, can any of us truly answer yes to all those criteria?

The truth is, there's no such thing as a superhero mother. No Supermom. Sure, we might see glimpses of this ideal in movies, fairy tales, or on social media, but it's just that—a fleeting image, not reality.

So, what does it take to be a "S...

Dopamine and It's Impact on Your Relationships

In this episode, we uncover the fascinating world of dopamine and its profound impact on our relationships. We explore the intricate workings of the brain's dopamine circuits—the desire circuit and the control circuit—and how they shape our desires, pursuits, and connections with others.

Discover how the thrill of anticipation can lead to addiction (the wrong kind), and explore the most efficient dopamine triggers that can easily ensnare us. From alcohol and drugs to video games and social media, we uncover the surprising culprits behind our cravings.

We also reveal the secrets to maintaining the...

The History and Future of Canning

In this week's episode, we’re going old-school and talking about something close to Annette’s heart: the art of canning food!

I've developed a passion for this age-old tradition, inspired by memories of my Aunt Marty's West Virginia home, where shelves were adorned with rows of canned goods. What began as a childhood fascination has evolved into a cornerstone of my homesteading lifestyle, bringing joy and a sense of connection to the food I grow.

Despite the convenience of store-bought options, home canning is a testament to our desire for freshness, flavor, food security, and...

Are You Breathing Correctly?

So, a while back, I picked up this book called "Breath" by James Nestor, and let me tell you, it totally took my breath away😏 . Picture this: I'm on a plane next to Annette, trying out these breathing techniques from the book, and I must've looked like a complete lunatic! But you know what? I felt like I was floating on cloud nine, realizing in just five minutes that I'd been breathing all wrong my entire life.

Nestor's book dives deep into the art of breathing, showing how it's not just about staying alive but about living hea...

Embracing Friendship Beyond "I Do"

As a married couple, we have always believed in maintaining our independence, nurturing our own interests, and, yes, having our own circle of friends. Don't get us wrong, our marriage is our priority, but we've seen firsthand how friendships outside of it can add so much richness to our lives.

Friendships can have a major impact on your health and well-being. And not just your own well-being but the well-being of your marriage or romantic relationship.


Your spouse will not always meet all of your needs. It is important to try to get y...

Why Everyone Should Garden!

It's no secret that we love gardening. It's our thing. And we're so passionate about it that we want it to become everyone's thing, too.


Because let us tell you, friend, once you get dirt under those nails and bite into a juicy, flavorsome homegrown tomato, there is no going back!

In our latest episode, we uncover the secrets of how getting your hands in the soil can elevate your life in ways you never imagined. From reducing stress to boosting brain health, gardening isn't just about growing plants; it's about nurturing your w...