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Exploring the liminal space between science and spirituality, philosophy and politics, art and activism - working towards the Conscious Evolution of humanity: a radical transformation of what it means to be human. We have the choice now, to transform - or to face the chaos of a failing system. Our Choice. Our Chance. Our Future. Join the evolution at:

ReWorlding: Co-Creating a Politics of Wholeness with Eva Schonveld and Justin Kenrick
Last Wednesday at 5:00 AM

How would the world flourish if our politics were based on trust? And how can we make that happen? Eva and Justin are co-creating the 'ReWorlding' online conference in late May and we came together to explore how even the making of this has been an exploration of what it is to be human, to trust, to grow and to dare to be different. More at

Webs of Connection: Rebuilding soil, talking with bees and the magic of fungi with Navona Gallegos

Regenerative Farming - or Agro-ecology - is being widely recognised as one of the best ways to mitigate the climate crisis. But how does it actually work? What can we do with our back gardens, our rooftops, our local verges to make a difference? Navona Gallegos explains the science - and the spirit - of working with the land.

Swimming in a New Sea: creating a different world of money with Jonathan Dawson of Schumacher College

Imagine a world where money works differently. Where there's enough for everyone's needs, not their greed and where we work together for a life we all want. In this week's podcast, Jonathan Dawson, head of the Regenerative Economics program at Schumacher college explores how. More at

Wild Weeds/Living Foods: Katrina Blair of Turtle Lake Refuge on Wild Foraging, Plant Whispering and healing the earth

How can we bring vibrancy, life, diversity and connection back to the land? How would we be if we listened to all the wild plants of our land? Katrina Blair first listened to plants at the age of 11 - and is now transforming her local community. In this inspiring podcast, she leads us through ways we, too, can connect with plants as our teachers. More at

Honouring the Children: We bequeath them the Earth. What do they need from us in this time of transformation?

How would our world be if we based every act on the impact it would have down the generations? What do our children - and their children - need us to do now, to grant them a flourishing future? A simple video asks that question and invites our children to answer. We talk to its makers. More at

Wild Law and Justice in action: Spiritual Activism with Mothiur Rahman, founder of New Economy Law and XR Muslims

Why does the law not protect us? Why does our government not strive every sinew to keep us safe at all levels? What would it look like if the law did protect, care for and sustain common people? Answers on this, and the depths of life from Mothiur Rathman, founder of XR Muslims. More at

ReWilding the Forests of Life: Alan Watson Featherstone, Trees for Life and moving forward

How does it feel to commit - completely, without reservation - to the flow of life? Where do we find the courage and resilience to take the first steps on the path? And how does the world - that same flow of life - support us when we have done so? Part 2 with Alan Watson Featherstone.

Seeds of Change: Growing a different Future with Alan Watson Featherstone

What are we here for? What - exactly - is the purpose of life? Imagine a world where finding our life's purpose - and having the courage to follow it - was at the core of everything we did. In this first of two podcasts, Alan Watson Featherstone, founder of Trees for Life, describes his journey.

Parents for A Future: Creating a world we're proud to bequeath to future generations with Rupert Read

Suppose we all made this year the one where we choose to make a difference? We could take a sabbatical and join in the actions around COP26. Or we could go to work and do whatever it takes to make our business regenerative. Or we could join Parents For Future and build a world that we are proud to leave to our children. Rupert Read on his new book: Parents for a Future and how now is the time to act. More at

Meeting our needs and healing the earth: Donnie Maclurcan of the post growth institute

Suppose we already have all the answers to the crises that assail us? Suppose countless people, companies, non-profit organisations and local community groups were already working to change the way things work? And suppose we could knit these together into a movement for change? Donne Maclurcan of the Post Growth Institute explores the ways we can find a generative future.

Breaking the Austerity Myth: The system is broken - but we can mend it. With Richard Murphy

Imagine a world where we didn’t always feel as if money was tight. Imagine an economy that works for the health and welfare of people and planet rather than all of us working for the health of the economy. Richard Murphy describes where money comes from and how we could use it differently. More at

The Town that shaped its world: Pam Barrett on FlatPack/DIY Democracy and taking charge of politics

We all know national politics is broken beyond all repair. But local governance can be a place of enlivening, inspiring, radical change. Pam Barrett speaks of her work to change the nature of her local town council - what she achieved - and how we can do the same. More at

The Subtle Shaman: Chris Taylor, living our purpose and the Tao of R-evolution

How does it feel to know we're really living our purpose? What's the felt sense inside that tells us to keep going in a particular direction? Or to stop? Radical evolutionary, Chris Taylor explores the pathways to right being that will let us transform what it is to be human. More at

Models of Mind: bringing emotional intelligence into the heart of governance with Rachel Lilley

How different would our world be if we understood how our minds - and feelings - worked? How would our workplaces change if everyone was doing their best to understand how everyone else experienced the world? Dr Rachel Lilley describes how shifting our perspectives changes everything - from work to home to government. More at

Kindness, tribalism, faith, hope: exploring Christianity in the climate crisis with David Blower

Kindness costs nothing and it enhances our lives and those around us. And yet our world is full of random acts of unkindness. How can we change this? How can we extend the boundaries of faith and spirituality to bring the best of ourselves to a world in crisis. Podcaster, musician, writer and theologian David Blower talks about Christianity and kindness and the climate crisis with Accidental Gods. more at

The Ocean is Alive: Ocean-shaman Glenn Edney speaks of the living waters of the Earth.

What if the Ocean were a living thing, in the way that the earth breathes as Gaia? The Maori say that if the Ocean is healthy, so, too, will the people be healthy. And we are not healthy - nor is the Ocean. But we are intimately linked and Glenn Edney, Ocean Deep Ecologist explains how - and what we can do to heal ourselves and the waters of the Earth.

Trust The People: Creating a politics that works

How would our world feel if our local, regional and national politics really listened to all the people, really brought together diverse views, and knew how to listen deeply to whatever was said? How would we be if our politics brought out the best in all of us, and worked for the living planet? We talk to Trust The People, a new movement to bring this about - globally.

Four arrows flying: Alnoor Ladha, activist and visionary on changing the stories we tell ourselves.

What if we could see the nature of the stories that drive us, how would we be? Would we be able to change them? And what would we want in their place? This week, Alnoor Ladha, mystic, visionary, activist and regenerative farmer explores the four ways to change the world. More at

Building Soil: Healing the Earth: Feeding Humanity - Regenerative Farming with Navona Gallegos

What if we had a way to draw carbon out of the air, heal our ecosystems and feed the world? We do: It's called Regenerative Agriculture and the understanding of how we do this is key to a flourishing future. But we need to listen to the land first, as Navona Gallegos describes in this new Accidental Gods podcast. More at

All the Best of 2020: Books and Podcasts that will lift you into the new year - and beyond.

An end-of-year round up of the best fiction and non-fiction books - and podcasts - of 2020. All are my opinion and this is only a tiny selection of the really good stuff out there - but it's good. Enjoy! More at

Birthday/Solstice Celebration: a new Anniversary tradition, with Della Duncan and Nathalie Nahai

It's our Birthday... and it's the December Solstice, the time of transition and potential transformation . In honour of which, we are crafting a new tradition: a PodBoom shared with Della Duncan of UPSTREAM podcast and Nathalie Nahai of THE HIVE. More at

Living to Learn: transforming education with Rachel Musson of ThoughtBox

How can we make learning a genuinely transformational experience? One that's fun, and inspiring and that teaches us HOW to think, not WHAT to think? Rachel Musson had given her life to asking this question and ThoughtBox is her answer. More on

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times: Responding to Climate Change with Dr Paul Behrens

How bad are things really? Is it too late to avert the climate and ecological catastrophe? And if not, how do we pull ourselves back from the brink? Exploring answers with Paul Behrens, author of 'The Best of Times, The Worst of Times'. More at

Breaking the Rules to save the world: How to be More Pirate, with Alex Barker

How can we take the radical, renegade, rule-breaking, revolutionary ideals of the golden age of Pirates and transmute them to gold in our world? Alex Barker, author of 'How to be More Pirate' lays out the maps to the treasure of change. More at

Spiritual Activism, Raw Courage and Being the Change: Sophie Miller of the Red Rebel Brigade

In the midst of nonviolent direct action, is a red thread, holding the liminal space between the old and the new, between action and re-action, between hope and extinction. The Red Rebel Brigade is a distinctive feature of XR Actions and here we have a glimpse from the inside. More at

Codes for a Healthy Earth: New rules for a flourishing world with Shelley Ostroff

‘We cannot save the planet by playing by the rules, so the rules have to be changed’ - so how do we change them? What new rules might we all sign up to? Shelley Ostroff talks of her Earth Codes as a basis for a generative future. More at

Adapting Business: creating jobs that feel worthwhile with Mike Raven of AQai

How do we shift the narratives of business so that it becomes part of the solution, not the core of the problem? Mike Raven of AQAI explores the ways business can adapt - and become part of a genuinely regenerative future. More at

City Repair: Planet Repair: Human Repair. Mark Lakeman on building regenerative cities to heal ourselves and the world.

How can we rebuild our cities to become place of community, connection and coherence? How can we build multi-generational tribes that thrive and support each other in the hearts of our urban areas? Mark Lakeman of the City Repair project explains the changes he has made - and continues to make. Transcript, show notes and more at

The Path of the Trembling Warrior: Gill Coombs on activism, courage and resilience

If we care about the world, how best can we act in ways that are true to ourselves, push our own boundaries, but don't leave us burned out? Gill Coombs, author of The Trembling Warrior: A Guide for Reluctant Activists, explores how we can make our actions count

Trauma, Politics and Empathy: re-democratising democracy with Eva Schonveld and Justin Kenrick

How do we re-democratise democracy? Understanding that our current system is broken is the first step, but then we need to find ways to gather voices and give agency to those with wisdom, so that we re-create our systems of governance from the ground up.

Everybody Now: A PodBoom on The Climate and Ecological Emergency

This is part of a PodBoom - a unified call around the world where multiple podcasts broadcast on the same day (19th October 2020) to amplify the call that the time is now - and we are the answer. This is not specifically an Accidental Gods podcast - it was made by Christian group and is a year in the making. Feel free to share widely.

Dreaming a flourishing future: Rob Hopkins on radical creativity, activism and re-booting our imaginations

At a time when we need to be at our most imaginative, Rob Hopkins of the Transition Town movement, has explored the depths of our imagination and creativity. Our society is a dis-imagination machine. But we can reverse it. More on

Grief Walker and Fire Keeper: Medicine woman Fiona Shaw speaks of Trust, Grief and Emotional Authenticity

If we gather in ceremony, sitting on the land, with a fire-keeper who understands the holding and has trained in the ways of the fire, there is so much healing. Fiona Shaw is one of those people, trained in great depth and absolute integrity, to connect to the spirits of this land, and to hold the space for others to re-connect to the fire, the water, the land, the guides, gods and guardians of our ways. Here, she talks about the new depths and challenges - and, yes, opportunities, of this time. And how we can find authenticity in our...

A New D.E.A.L: The Doughnut Economics Action Lab explained by Rob Shorter

Doughnut Economics is a new, groundbreaking model that lets us see how we can embrace the needs of all within the means of a living, thriving planet. Rob Shorter, Communities Lead, of the Doughnut Economics Action Lab explains what it is, how it works and how we can embrace it at all levels in our communities of people and place and purpose. More at

Hero, Sleepwalker or Manipulator? Our Choice in the Game of Life with Gill Coombs

If we view life as a Game between Light and Dark, where do we stand at any given moment? Hero or Manipulator? Altruist or Cynic? Sleepwalker, Avoider, Traditionalist? We can each be any of these at any given moment. Knowing we have choice is what gives us the power to be different. What do you choose? More at

Communities of Earth Protection: embracing the law with Jozette Khimba

What is the first, simplest and most profound change we can make in our lives? Sign up as an Earth Protector - and then encourage your local schools, hospitals, colleges, councils to sign too. Jozette Khimba of the Earth Protector Communities organisation, explores the ways we can have huge impact on our local communities. More at

Fractal Flourishing in the Symbiocene: Building an Ecological Civilisation with Jeremy Lent

What are we here for? Where does our heritage step into our potential? How can we build a genuinely ecological civilisation that sees people and communities flourish within the means of the living planet? Jeremy Lent, author of 'The Patterning Instinct', explores the answers to life's biggest questions. More at

Hearing our Calling - exploring the world of our soul’s true calling with Gill Coombs.

How can we shape a world where everyone has found and is following their soul’s calling? Gill Coombs, author of The Trembling Warrior and ‘Hearing your Calling’ on ways to discover our soul’s true path. More at

Daring to be Wild: Mary Reynolds of 'We Are The Ark' on reWilding our lands and lives

How would our world feel if we let ourselves follow the wild dreams of our hopes? And how can we reshape the land around us if we let it teach us. Former garden designer and founder of "We are the Ark" (Acts of Regenerative Kindness) explores the wild dreaming of the land that brought her to a place where regeneration is the heart of all she does.

Four steps to transformation - Manda Scott in a podcast Q&A

How can we heal ourselves and the world? So many people ask the question and yet the answers are simple. We know what we need to do, we just don’t know how to do it. In this race through the grounding of Accidental Gods, podcast host, Manda Scott explores the answers. More at