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“OK Boomer” has become a dismissive act of ignoring a comment a Boomer says. Instead of feeling upset or put off by eye rolls, we are here to gently remind Millennials and Boomers we are all OK! Let’s laugh and lean in together.

Eppy 115: Hallelujah Anyway!
Last Wednesday at 7:25 PM

Hi friends, we are half-way through 2024! We decided that our favorite podcast conversations so far were when we chatted about our fabulous reversible dresses and our big remodeling projects. 

 Remember our "Other Halves", a.k.a. "OH's"? Well, they each experienced some zany calamities and "oopsies". A mysterious gas tank, a runaway iPhone, a missing wallet...easy to laugh about now! But bothersome when it happens, right? And it's not just befuddled Boomers, even the millennials had some mishaps recently.

We are finally (finally!)realizing that life is full of calamities and problems- but we just sa...

Eppy 114: What So Proudly We Hailed

Oh say can you see...just how much fun we are having this summer! July 4 is our beautiful national day of celebration! Laura shares her best holiday quiz ever!

Do you know how President Zachary Taylor died? And how about the big shakeup prior to the upcoming  2024 Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest???

But wait, there's more! Starting July 26, we will be mesmerized by The Games of the XXXIII Olympiad also known as The 2024 Summer Olympics or Paris 2024.

 OK Boomers- do you have trouble operating your smart tv, or is it just Bo...

Eppy 113 goes live on June 13

Drumroll for Dad’s Day!! Fire up the grill and get ready to celebrate Dad. Laura shares a favorite memory of our Dad. We reminisce about our classic TV dads.

Beep … Beep … Beep
Oh my! We just received an emergency broadcast. It appears there’s been another calamity- a Millennial calamity!

Is life too busy for you these days? Jean suggests that summer is the best time to slow down and do something special. Road trip, anyone? Or try a new challenge, like Laura’s daughter, who completed her Open Water Diver Certification.

Here’s to...

Eppy 112: The Key to Fun

We almost called this Eppy “The Key to Calamities.” But with a sunny summer on its way, we focused on fun.(However, we do have several non-Laura calamities to report.)

On Mother’s Day, we had fun with our Gemini dresses, which led us to orchestrate a pretty complicated surprise at the Mother’s Day buffet.

How about having fun at a Costco birthday party? It’s such a sweet story.

Boomer rumors? Dancing like it’s the 1980’s? Let’s all have fun!

We would love to hear from you on Twitter and Inst...

Eppy 111: Junk Drawers and Bandaids

Hello friends! We decided to celebrate one of the first lovely spring days in #BeautifulOhio by sitting outside together, listening to the birds chirping merrily, and savoring the sunshine. (As we chat, you may also hear the sound of a gentle breeze or wind chime.)

We are at the Gateway to Summer! Laura salutes Memorial Day, which you may also know as “Decoration Day”.

Jean has been getting caught up with her doctors appointments. She chats about the cochlea, and Band-Aids. Laura shares another hearing aid story involving a weed sprayer, and her Other Half has an i...

Eppy 110: Hot Rollers!

Pop! Mother's Day is coming and we are ready to celebrate Moms! We start off with memories of raising our own kids- we would do it all over again if we could. 

Pop! Do you have a favorite cookware brand? How about your favorite dinner or dessert recipe for your 9x13 inch pan?

Pop! Laura has an unfortunate incident at Home Depot. 

Pop! Gifts for Moms- how about the new hot rollers (which are like the hot rollers from our day...) Your Mom might also enjoy a home delivery meal plan. Not sure if sh...

Episode 109: Friendship Snacks

Hello! What do you call people who enjoy dining with you?
"Taste Buds!" (Get it?!)

Speaking of friends- Are you too busy to keep up with your friends? Try a "Friendship Snack". Set aside 5 minutes with your pal and chat on the phone or text. (Actually we feel that's rather sad- there's nothing like a good, long talk with a bestie.)

And speaking of friends, part 2-Laura makes friends with a security camera!!! (And she has a great time with family in Illinois!)

Jean and her OH and older son vacationed at Myrtle...

Eppy 108: Total Eclipse of the Sun

Eppy 108: Total Eclipse of the Sun 
Laura and Jean are in the path of the Total Eclipse of the Sun on April 8. Millions are expected to come to Beautiful Ohio to see this event. The next total solar eclipse in Ohio will be September 14, 2099. (All you Boomers may want to make sure you watch the April 8 eclipse...)
We feature an OK Bloomer moment! Do you like hymns, current contemporary songs, or both? Jean highlights the changes in church music from the 1700's to now.  You may be surprised to learn that there are 300 year-old hymns that are st...

Eppy 107: Spring Forward

Days of sun and rain...memories of joy in the Lazy River... a hot tub story...Happy Spring!

Jean's OH has been sucked into the world of Reels. What did we do all day before Social Media? (Perhaps we spent more time fighting our fitted sheets?)
Do you monitor your screen time?

Let's go on a Hot Girl Walk with Laura and her daughter! But don't do the Boomer Zoom!

Laura has no calamities to report this time, but she does share a recipe for "Chickles". 

 We would love to...

Eppy 106: Roast Beef on My Shoulder

Hello, hello from Sunny Florida! (Except it's raining and raining!) But that doesn't stop us "Keenagers" from having fun!We visited the amazing Parkesdale Market Strawberry Festival- featuring the most scrumptious mountain of strawberries on shortcake, with ice cream and whipped cream!

Laura shares a tech discovery and she finally gets acquainted with Siri. "You just call out her name!" Would you survey your friends? Would you ask them, "How could I be better?"

But the best story of all goes to Laura and her roast beef experience!

We would love to...